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Boxycharm Limited Edition Skincare Box – Coming Soon!

Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

There’s a new Limited Edition Boxycharm Box launching soon! (Thanks Boxy Baddies for the heads up!) Here are the details we know so far:

  • All Skincare!
  • Launches in April
  • Available for Pre-Purchase in March
  • You must be a current subscriber to purchase
  • New items + brands that haven’t been featured in Boxycharm before

More details to come soon! What do you think of this new Limited Edition Skincare box? Do you plan on purchasing?

(Check out our Boxycharm reviews and Boxycharm spoilers to learn more about this beauty box subscription!)


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (98)

  1. Hey folks, unrelated question here. So I have the 6 month boxy subscription and was just billed in March. However I haven’t been feeling boxy lately and they’ve really missed the mark this year for me, including super late March boxy( not getting until the 25th!) So I forgot to change my 6 month subscription preference to monthly (have been a subscriber for like 2 years). Does anyone know if I cancel my boxy subscription now if I would still receive my boxy every month until the 6 months are up (since I paid in advance)? I’m so done with boxy and want to make sure I don’t forget to cancel in future. I already emailed boxy but no response (no surprise there).

  2. Yosef! Don’t leave us hanging buddy, we need more info on this, it’s been weeks. 🙂

  3. I am in! For the most part, everything I have received in my boxes has been great.
    Even though I had my hopes set on some things, the alternative was better for me! The last Tarte palette, for example: everyone was wanting the Sizzle and I got the highlight one, that no one wanted. Well, I LOVE it! I was almost sucked into the hype of wanting the Sizzle, that I swore I would cancel if I didn’t get it! So dumb! I haven’t had to go through the waitlisting, the “bait and switch” or anything like that. But I do see how that could turn me against Boxycharm, so I don’t blame anyone for that!
    I wish that Boxy would really not have so much variation and we all knew what we were getting at the time of shipping (like Ipsy does it). Many this left to be desired from Boxy. I also cringed at some of the lip products I have received, they have been really gross, metallic purple… ugh!
    But, I am in for the skincare box! I hope I will be as lucky to get it and the products will be amazing!! 🙂

    • Leah it’s so funny how you say “..really gross, metallic purple…ugh!” But I absolutely LOVE metallic purple, any purple, berries n ALWAYS end up with pinks or browns that I CAN’T wear, just shows how different everyone’s tastes are

    • Leah it’s so funny how you say “..really gross, metallic purple…ugh!” But I absolutely LOVE metallic purple, any purple, berries n ALWAYS end up with pinks or browns that I CAN’T wear, just shows how different everyone’s tastes are. I do agree I wish boxy either would cut down on the number of variations or at least make sure everyone’s boxes were at comparable price levels

      • Stacy,
        That is funny, I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s preferences, so I apologize to anyone for that! I shouldn’t have said ugly!! 🙂 I can appreciate the colors, and for the most part, I make most of the things I get, work for me by mixing, blending or using a lighter hand with the product. I just couldn’t do it with that lippie, for the life of me!!! 🙂

      • Stacy,
        That is funny, I didn’t mean to offend anyone’s preferences, so I apologize to anyone for that! I shouldn’t have said “really gross”. :/
        I can appreciate the colors, and for the most part, I make most of the things I get, work for me by mixing, blending or using a lighter hand with the product. I just couldn’t do it with that lippie, for the life of me!!! 🙂

      • Leah no offense taken hun I’m actually trying to remember which metallic purple but either I didn’t get it or it’s mixed in with all my other purple lippies lol I just think it goes to show how varying tastes are. Reading through the comments you can see it too. You’ll have a comment complaining about all the neutrals with a comment right under it complaining about too much color. I do really dislike those “I’m too old to wear bright colors” or the “anyone who wears these colors would look like a clown” comments because I LOVE bright colors n bold lips n don’t think my age should determine what I’m “allowed” to wear. I understand Boxy can’t make everyone happy every month but if they’d mix it up some or maybe use our quizzes it would make people a lot more happy.

  4. I’m already getting my popcorn ready for the trainwreck that will be another limited edition Boxycharm with furious raging subscribers. Either the website will crash or it will sell out instantly lol

    • Exactly Jen. You’d think they’d learn from their mistakes but it doesn’t seem they do

  5. I feel like they should be taking these brands and vamping up their regular box because it has fallen flat for me. Ipsy plus and beautyfix has been all that I’ve wanted the last 6 months. But maybe that’s a good thing for my drawer space and wallet

    • Nikkim That’s exactly what I said. The boxes have been bombs the last few months even luxe wasn’t very “luxe” this time. I’ve been on the verge of canceling but have been holding out hope, I actually did cancel luxe. If they have these great skincare items why not put them in the regular box instead of risking a train wreck like the last LE box or like the launch of luxe. I’m about done with Boxy

  6. I want to buy the LE Skincare box for my mom but at the same time I have no interest in this month’s box, I don’t wear makeup so I find stuff from Boxycharm sitting my drawers.

  7. I love skincare. Good skincare products though. I look at what’s in it and what it does for my skin. Body don’t let us down! I do kbeauty products more and more but some holy grail products would be amazing !

  8. I hope BC is reading these posts. It’s obvious the true issue with BC is that they’ve lost our trust… but hey.. boxy.., I’m willing to be won over again. I WANT TO BELIEVE!

  9. I have skincare products coming out of my ears from Beautyfix and Allure, plus limited edition boxes like Glossybox. I’m not going to resubscribe to Boxy to get this box. I will look forward to the Glossybox Mother’s Day box, always a favorite of mine. I also remember trying to get the Dec 2017 Limited Edition Boxycharm box and after hours, getting two, only to be cut back to 1. At the time, I had two subs, for my niece and me, and was trying to get two boxes for us. Oh well.

  10. Oh I am DEFINITELY going to try to purchase this Box!!! Oh heck yes!

  11. It seems like it would make more sense to add a good skincare product to the monthly boxes vs doing another LE box.

    I feel like unless they’ve made sure there are limits set and an upgrade to their server it will crash and people will be angry rightfully so.

  12. They will make 100 boxes, one person will buy 50 to sell on ebay and the other 50 will be gone before you can refresh your screen. No thanks

    • Yep! And to the person buying just to turn a profit on ebay, you are no different from a scalper and……. you suck!

      • Yes!

  13. As long as there is NO Dr Brant!

  14. I am in!

  15. Can’t wait to see what’s in the box! I think its great idea! Maybe a really good cleanser, moisturizer, wrinkle cream, and whatever other good stuff! I love BOXY. Can’t wait until they start putting some good eyeshadow palettes back in our boxes. Those are MY favorite!

    • Try Lola beauty box, you get a palette every month!

      • I’ve had so much customer service issues with Lola, I’d advise against them!!

  16. I’m excited about this too and will wait for spoilers. I would even consider switching to just the skin care box if it’s an option. I went ahead and canceled my Boxyluxe for March since the products I’m most excited about are in the regular box.

    • Oooh, wouldn’t that be cool if Boxy did an all skin care box??? I’d be in!

    • An all skincare sub box I mean 😉

  17. Do you have to sub to Luxe or just Boxycharm? So if you are waitlisted then you are out?

    • Just the regular I believe.

      • Thanks!

  18. In my humble opinion, I think Boxy knocks it way out of the park consistently. I love love LOVE palettes whether they’re eyeshadow, contour, or blush and highlighter. The value is always super-duper high in comparison to the price of the box. And my friends and family never complain about being on the receiving end of the few and far between misses. Boxy has me for as long as they’re around!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I love My BoxyCharm!

  19. I know there’s going to be something in here I want, but we know boxy enough. There’s only going to be like 100 boxes and it’ll be a 5 min sell out. Not gonna subscribe into that mess

  20. I have not liked any palettes from bc with my 1yr sub. The only palette was the vv in bl in dec. I haven’t received any usable lip products except for the pur exfoliating pencil. The only thing I’ve liked was the tatcha masks, sol toush primer & brushes, but now have plentiful of brushes. I’m done with bc. Sounds like this LE box is to combat with all the March canacelled subs.

    • Exactly my thoughts! I don’t want to pay for something only because it’s cheap. Comparing to ABH, huda, J* they sending crap palettes. Cancelling subscription I can buy a star product in 2-3 mothes of economy. The only good palette in last year was alamar

  21. ONLY if there are spoilers. Boxy has no credibility when it comes to LE boxes. I need to see ALL the spoilers before I commit to this nonsense again.

    • 100%

    • Totally agree. I definitely need to see all the spoilers first to decide if I’ll get it.

    • I agree last time was ridiculous,

  22. Hoping for some spoilers. I downgraded from Luxe but I love skincare so I might go for this, but not totally blind because I haven’t been feeling Boxy lately.

    • I’m right there with you. I canceled my lux this month and I’m tired of boxy and the fact that they send me the worst lip colors. I know the lip products are just one item but it’s the beauty product I use the most. Check out test tube beauty subscription, it’s bi-monthly and they have some really great products in this feb-mar. Box. I just subscribed to test tube today after watching “just Anne” on YouTube unbox it. I’m going to keep boxy for a couple weeks to see spoilers for April LE box and regular box and decided if I want to cancel then.

  23. I just cancelled my luxe box for march so I won’t be getting this one either. They have been missing all the way around with their boxes lately. I haven’t received a lip color that even remotely matches my skin tone enough to wear them and the same goes the other products I’ve gotten.. aint work with my skin or don’t use the product as is. Wish they were more mor ipsy plus! I mean Ive been with boxy for 4 years and it’s not like they’ve used our reviews or our profiles when they should be! Let us pick our shades ya know? Let us tell what we don’t like or want. Makes it so much better!

    • I totally agree! If I get one more 90’s brown lippie I’m gonna scream! I canceled Luxe as well and I’m one bad box away from cancelling all

    • I agree what’s up with the yellow orange and other weird colors

  24. I wonder if we can use charms towards it? Thoughts?

    • There is nothing in the charm shop currently 🤷‍♀️

    • Doubtful. The previous LE box they offered had to be purchased. Not charms.

  25. I’ll patiently wait to see some spoilers first. 🙂

  26. Nice idea. I know it says there’s brands that havent been featured yet, BUT, and that’s huge BUT I am not convinced without seeing spoilers first. I’m not gonna just subscribe now for a chance at this box blindly. Sorry Boxycharm, but you have to impress me all over again before I will resub.

  27. YAAASSSSS! I’ve been looking for a skincare box! Boxycharm for the win, take my money 💰🤗

    • If you love good skin care check out test tube beauty! I just subbed today after watching “just Anne” unbox hers, it’s really a good box and it has the new Sunday Riley A+ full size! It’s bi-monthly too which I like.

      • I love Just Anne!

      • I got my box 4 days ago and it is amazing. I have tried almost all the items now and it is the best skin care box I have ever received. It was my first test tube beauty box but I am very excited about the seeing more of what they have to offer.

  28. So I missed the last Limited Edition and hopefully I wont miss this one since I love Skincare and actually need it.

  29. Unsolicited predictions:

    – Its gonna be a good box
    -April’s box, not so much

    With my luck:

    -I’ll get the worst possible monthly variant
    -There won’t enough LE boxes for me to get one.

    *covers crystal ball and sadly walks away…

    • Aaaaand, you’ve just predicted why I don’t mess with Boxy anymore! Why chase unicorns?

    • AC Chen:

      I normally don’t believe in psychics but….do you offer private readings?

      Thanks for a great morning laugh to start my day!
      You too, Geena! 🦄 🦄 🦄 s indeed!

  30. I’m excited for this! Beautyfix doesn’t ship to Canada so this is nice to see🙂

  31. While I do love the Elemis from the Jan Luxe, BeautyFix and Allure more than take care of my skincare needs. Boxy would really have to hit it out of the park to draw me in.

  32. I love skincare boxes! But I’m not subscribing just so I can buy this. I’ll stick to BeautyFix

    • Agreed.

  33. Cannot wait! So super excited for change! 🙂

  34. I cannot wait to see what’s in it! I ha e been subscribed for a few years and all I have had to buy is foundation and setting powder!! I love boxycharm! I have never been disappointed in a box!

    • Amen to that! 🙂

  35. Nope. I’m not going to blindly sub to anything else from them after the luxe fiasco. I’m really not inclined to give them any more of my money, unless they have some amazing spoilers and everyone is guaranteed to get those items. No 15 variations with huge differences in retail values. So we shall see.

    • What was the Luxe fiasco? I only ask because I’m a new sunscriber and don’t know much about the company.

      • I’m curious too! What was the fiasco?

      • I wanna guess she’s talking about things like how the reg boxes got things like the pretty vulgar setting powder and majority of us with December’s luxe box, basically got the wander palette instead of the POV powder..
        I personally HATE all the “variation” bs with them & Ipsy glambag plus…though maybe it’s bc never get the better variations…I’d be happy if I got those!😂
        I feel we should all get the same thing so no ones left disappointed🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I love boxy luxe and totally think it’s worth it

      • No Ryan, that’s most definitely not all. That is an issue, but a minor one compared to the first BoxyLuxe available to the public (Boxy customers only, including the ones that signed up that same month just to get Luxe) after the one they sent to Influencers, vloggers, etc. to advertise for them.
        So here’s the necessary background info first. Many months before this they released their first Limited Edition box. They were completely unprepared for the server traffic and the customers that were able to log on snatching up several boxes at a time. They’d promoted the heck out of it all over social media, emails, etc. So LOTS of people wasted their time for nothing because it sold out pretty quickly. The site would fool you by allowing you to put it in your cart but then not let you complete checkout. So when they blasted the amazing new quarterly BoxyLuxe all over the place they claimed they were prepared this time. They’d taken the step of gauging how many boxes they might need through surveys and such. They even sent current subscribers an offer to go ahead and get on the list. But on the big day it all fell apart again, only worse. Lots of people spent hours and hours trying to log on or logging on and getting to the very last step and getting kicked off. Some lucky folks got waitlisted after a few tries then hours or minutes later got emailed that they were no longer waitlisted so they were getting BoxyLuxe!!! Others like me didn’t get on the waitlist until several busy and frustrating hours later and stayed there, so they ultimately never got the box. Some people were waitlisted AFTER me but still got taken off waitlist and got a box. For people like me that had been sending Boxy our money for YEARS, this was infuriating. It was to everyone but especially us since brand new people got a box without a problem. Social media was going crazy, we weren’t getting straight answers from Boxy…total nightmare. To make matters worse those of us that got waitlisted got an email notice including a video clip showing Boxy’s owner snatching a Boxyluxe box from (presumably) a Boxy customer. Hahaha, right? Eventually apology videos were released, particularly addressing us long time subscribers that already had our names on a waitlist BEFORE the release day. They were so sorry they know it’s not okay they’re working on a way to make it up to us…blah blah blah. That never happened btw. The next luxe box released in December went to MOST of the people on the waitlist, especially those on it those last 3 months. But there have been other issues of too many “unwearable” colors and disparate valued products in both, but regular Boxycharm boxes especially since Luxe began. For me that wasn’t a huge deal. Then last month my box arrived in horrible shape and they made it very difficult to resolve so I removed Luxe from my account and planned to cancel regular Boxy too. But I finally got a nice email and decided to stick around for my 5th year and even re-upgraded to Luxe. Yes I was waitlisted again but also was assured via the website and a direct email that if I stayed subscribed and the money was in my account I WOULD get a March BoxyLuxe. For sure. Scroll down to read what happened instead (this comment is already so long it likely won’t get posted). It’s a response to Shawna’s post about it all being good now.

      • See both of Danielle’s comments below. She’s spot on why so many of us are angry. And Ryan also was correct about the variations.
        And if you love Boxycharm that’s awesome! I have been subbed for just about a year, and only recently not been particularly happy with them. I’m hoping they will once again be the box I loved the best. But if you’re happy then enjoy it in good health! Getting new sub boxes is ridiculously fun. 😊

    • The Luxe fiasco only lasted that first month it was released. Every one after that has been smooth and organized.

      • WRONG. Despite the droves of people on this and every other Boxy post sharing how they cancelled March Luxe, It happened again this month. The very same fiasco. Several people including myself were guaranteed March Luxes so long as we stayed subscribed. I have the email to prove it. Come March 1st I was only charged $21 so I emailed them. Three days later got an email claiming it was because the 2nd charge ($28.99) didn’t go through. LIES. Knew that because it’s the card I use for all autopays including all my bulls and many sub boxes, but confirmed with credit card company anyway. Replied again with proof. Last night they emailed me and I presume the other folks that they lied to and cheated out of a box saying that they were sorry but actually they sold out. AGAIN. “Oh but don’t leave! June’s box will be GREAT! And you’ll definitely get that one!”
        So, NO they haven’t worked anything out yet. Smooth and organized???? HA! Still the same old dirty tricks and this time they made it even worse by trying to blame customers and accuse them of insufficient funds!

    • I agree. I cancelled due to budget reasons but I’m really interested in skin care. I’m getting older. So any jump on Father Time would be nice.
      I need to see some spoilers first before in recommitted to them

  36. Oooh! I can’t wait for some spoilers. 🙂

  37. Pretty pumped for an all skin care box. Please have some Elemis! Either way I will be trying to get my hands on it!

    • Elemis and Drunk Elephant? Says we can preorder this month! Can’t wait for spoilers and price info

  38. I’m in I love skincare can’t wait.

  39. Yup, I’m down!

  40. I WOULD buy it but I’m not a subscriber and I’m not going to subscribe just to buy this box.

    • Same. I canceled because they sent too many palettes. I don’t need that much make up. I would have purchased this though.

  41. I’m loving this, but want to see some spoilers before committing. Like another person said, I am generally pretty set between BeautyFix and New Beauty Test Tube. I am a skincare junkie, though…..

  42. “must be a current subscriber” … trying to stop the exodus. Maybe it is just me but I do not see that March was Lux and worth much more than regular Boxy. Hopefully I feel different when I receive my box!! Not sure that this is enough to keep me signed up.

    • Agreed

    • ipsy plus is like kicking their butt.

  43. After the last limited edition box and how they handled the very first luxe box, I’m not going to put myself through that again! Regardless of the price , I’m not optimistic that this LE box will run any smoother. Especially with how many subscribers they have. However I do love my monthly box and my luxe.

  44. I am in if it is within reasonable price range.

    • Same! It will certainly give us a peak at their brand relations and possible more skin care in our future Boxy Luxe. I’ve hung with Ipsy and boxy through the good and bad. They are still top subscription boxes to have. Now its getting competitive and that’s great for me! I love them both!

  45. Eh.. between BeautyFix, Allure and New Beauty Test Tube my skincare needs are met. I suppose I’ll wait to see the kind of value this box promises however. Might be worth it 😀

  46. Definitely – I am all in for skincare!

  47. Yesss I can’t wait! Hopefully they let us know what is in the box first

  48. I’m here for this! Hopefully there will be enough spoilers ahead of time to figure if it’s worth getting or not

  49. I will probably buy it unless it’s crazy expensive

  50. YES!!!

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