Allure Beauty Box May 2019 Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

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We have the first spoiler for the May Allure Beauty Box! Here’s the spoiler from Allure magazine:

St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Bronzing Gel

What do you think of the first May spoiler?

In case you missed it, here are the April spoilers:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. (Scroll down this page to see exactly what items you’ll receive.) And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just a quick question for anyone who might be able to answer it. My daughter’s March box arrived today. The mamonde rose toner had open up in the Box, and everything is saturated in rose scented liquid. Have any of you ever requested a reshipment and actually had it resent? All the other stuff is still usable, it is just a hot mess. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I just don’t want to waste my time calling them if I’m not going to get any results.

    • Yes. Just give them a call. Most likely they will ask what products are in the box and simply reissue a new box. It will take about 3 weeks to get it. Calling works.

    • I had a nail polish that had opened up and was all over tha other products in the pouch. Allure sent me a whole new kit that arrived about 10 days later. I had emailed them.

    • Yes, I had the Juvia’s place palette with one busted pan; they resent the entire box and I got it before the next month’s box with a tracking number and everything.

      However, I had to call. Email did nothing.

    • I had missing items and after I emailed to request replacement in February! I actually received a bubble envelope a week ago with the missing items. I have been INCREDIBLY disappointed with ALLURE BOXES lately which is sad because they’ve always been one of my all time favorites compared to others. I have had so many issues with boxycharm charging me but sending me emails claiming they couldn’t successfully charge my account and I end up being charged but NEVER RECEIVING ANYTHING, regardless of my ability to prove successful charges to my account. Scandalous! I’m losing faith in the beauty box business all together.

  2. I am fine with this. It makes sense with spring and summer on the way. I’m sure self tanning products will show up in many sub boxes as a seasonal item. Thanks Allure!

  3. Seriously?! How many people actually use this stuff?! You have to be really white for self tanner…

    • I use it. Guess I’m really white. Lol

      • I have olive skin and self tanner improves the color of my skin so I love getting it.

      • Lol me too I’m not allowed in the sun ( cancer survivor) so I live when we get tanning samples

        • …and thank goodness for that! Continued good health Toni!

    • I am pretty pale (not as pale as when I was younger, but still pretty darn pale) and I don’t use self-tanner. It never looks natural on me and I’ve tried several. I’d rather be fair then look orange like a contestant on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ but that’s just me. Self tanners and ‘concealer lips’ (I didn’t come up with that description but it’s so correct I’m borrowing it) look like crap on me so I’m skipping these two and may reinstate if May looks interesting. NOTE to all you self tanner fans- I have several friends who look great with this stuff and if I get it in a box, they get it. My distaste reflects my opinion of myself only.

    • I am far from “really white”, I live in the desert and I use self tanner. Why be so general? If it doesn’t work for you it doesn’t work for anyone??

      • “My distaste reflects my opinion of myself only” I don’t think that’s what she was saying.💁

        • Nicole: I’m afraid that t=her post was sorta-kinda derogatory towards anyone who used or uses self tanner. I amy not use the stuff myself, but understand how many like it. I think it was the tone that got so many responses.

    • Actually people that are “really white” have a difficult time using self tanner.. it looks soooo unnatural on them.

    • I love self tanner and use it year round. I have a lot of redness on my face and a tan helps it look less red. And I wear so much sunblock I never get a natural tan on my face.

    • Sarah: I don’t agree that only those of us who may (or not) be whie use this stuff. Self tanners, although highly controversial on social media, help give a little boost to your face, shoulders or legs when needed. It is not a product you should use to shade those who may like to indulge.

      • I’ve seen MUCH worse comments posted here on MSA. I don’t think she meant it to be derogatory at all. I’m Italian and quiet personally, I could not agree Ms. SarahD anymore! Self tanners are absolutely useless to a whole lot of people. So, yes, unless you’re white, they are useless. Y’all need to find something better to do than troll and be nasty to people because they chose to voice their opinion. What? Yours is fine but hers is not?

  4. This is actually my favorite self tanner when I tan. It smells good, is easy to apply and does not streak. My only advise is to use a tanning mitt. It make such a big difference!! Dont worry, they are pretty cheap. And it’s the only one I’ve tried that doesn’t turn me orange!! Glad to see it.

    • I wonder if the clear formula helps to keep it from going too orangey. I’m looking forward to trying it.

  5. I’m black…tanning products are literally a waste for me…

    • Lol! 🤣 This made me laugh! I don’t know exactly what my ethnic combination is except for my mom’s side, Italian & Jewish doesn’t equal white skinned. The only people I know that actually use this stuff are redheads.

      • Im a redhead and I dont use self tanners. Careful about stereotyping. Lol.
        With that being said I can certainly understand why a little self Tanner sample would be included in a “Summer” box. No, I wont use it. I lived the past 30 yrs in Florida so my skin has grown well accustomed to the sun and tanning. But I can gift it. From the reviews and feedback I’ve seen on this particular self Tanner its one of the best on the market as well.

      • I’m a pale redhead and even this stuff looks bad fake on me xD

      • Norwegian/German/Irish/English non red head (brown dyed black) and I go from a beautiful golden brown (I have Native Americans asking me if I am Native American) but I turned a GLOWING alabaster white by January here in the pacific NW. If that stuff so much as touched my skin I would look like an Oompa Loompa.

      • I feel like there’s people on this making fun of people that use Self Tanners … If you’ve ever had ice cream scoop sized cuts to your body to remove melanoma (like I have) you wouldn’t make comments like these on public forums. It’s a sample size, it’s a beauty product, if you can’t use it or don’t want to use it gift it away. It’s like someone with oily skin getting a face lotion for dry skin… it happens. Don’t make stereotypical comments on here. If you don’t like it all you have to say it “I don’t like it” leave it at that.

        • Absolutely. My fair skin fries after ten minutes in the sun but ya know what? I turned 49 today and every single person I work with thought I was under 30. Avoiding sun damage is the best skincare routine you can have. I have nothing against self tanning, it’s smart.

          • *40, lol.. that would be a blessed miracle to be 49 and look 29! XD

    • Same here!!! I’m golden brown 365 so I’ll gift it.

  6. No.

  7. My March box had literally none of the spoilers in it. I was really looking forward to finally trying a Natasha Denona eyeshadow too! 🙁 It was still a good box in it’s own right, though….

    • The Natasha Denona eyeshadow will be in the April box – so you will still get it!

    • I found this month I’ve been getting confused too 🙂 I think it’s because I feel like I’ve been seeing April spoilers for so long that my mind keeps thinking that’s what’ll be in my March box, then when it’s not, I’m slightly confused/disappointed, but recover quickly since it’s almost like a new surprise, and I’ve been liking what I’ve received in my March boxes. 🙂

      • I know. I’m excited. I’m confused on which self tanner everyone says they like. April has the tanning towels and may the clear gel tanner. I can’t wait to use both.

    • It’s March, that is for April and may.

    • Yup. I had Nothing they advertised in my March box either and emailed them about the bait and switch. Was pretty annoyed.

      • This is the April box. It was not shipped yet. The March box just went out.

  8. I have this self tanning gel, and it works great…no problems for me.. glad to get it so I want have to buy it…show me the rest of may, allure..loved my march box, can’t wait for april box…and loving may..

    • Me too I’m liking it.

  9. I am so sorry for your diagnosis. Do anything that makes you feel beautiful! But, I am very pale, like no joke- my theory is that anyone can be tan! But not everyone can be as pale as me!! Lol rock it!! It’s hard, people make comments, but doesn’t everyone want that ‘something’ to be different?

    • From one winter alabaster lovely lady to another, AMEN!

  10. This possibly could be jnteeedting if it’s more than one or two uses to try out.

  11. Yeah, self tanning is a no go for me but I will give it away to a friend, probably.

  12. The tan wipes in April’s box were what tempted me to cancel Allure. They offered me a deal to stay, so I did, and then there’s another self-tanning product in the next box?! So useless for so many people.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I think I’m gonna have to cut the cord on this one. Unusable/undesirable shades in the April box and self tanner that a lot of people won’t use in May…I’m just not feeling it anymore. The rest of this box would have to be jaw dropping to get me to keep it.

    • Just an FYI you can put your subscription on hold and skip any month you don’t like. I just give them a call and have them hold a month whenever I don’t want a box. Often times they still send the box and charge me and I just call back and tell them it was supposed to be on hold. They have always reversed the charges if that happens.

      • I am skipping April… The next round of spoilers will help me decide on May.

  13. I’ve been looking into self tanning so I’m happy to get this to try. It sounds easier than trying to cover myself using a mitt already knowing I’ll end up with streaks

  14. Gah, I got this in last year’s Sephora Sun Safety package.

    Don’t use self-tanner in any form.

    Still waiting on my March box, which is somewhere between Glendale Heights IL and here.

  15. I have never used a self tanner but on other hand I just found myself with cancer and I heard I am going to get pretty pale so this might help?

    • I will be praying for a speedy full recovery for you Lisa💗

    • Prayers for you Lisa!

    • Sending positive vibes hon. <3

  16. Not into tanning, so might need to cancel. Liked my boxes so far this year though!

  17. No. Just no.
    This is shaping up to be a bad year for me and Allure. 🙁

  18. I don’t use self tanners, I would rather have sunscreen to protect my skin. Hope the rest of the box is good!

    • Right! I thought summer would be prime time to stock up on sunscreen in boxes (I live where I need it year round).

      • Most sub boxes have fake tan during the spring and summer which is great for me as long as they aren’t tan towels. I tend to stockpile from the swap side as I use year round. Sorry to say you’ll be seeing more if you have multiple subs.

      • Fortunately, a handful of boxes also include sunscreen during the Summer months. Maybe not as much as self-tanners, but I do tend to get a little stockpile going throughout the Summer. 🙂

  19. 2 of the 3 pouches received in past 3 months had tears in the side making them useless. Poor quality. Ipsy’s are much better.

    • Mine have been fine, and I just discovered they are great for holding babywipes. So I’m ok with them now, might start passing them off to other moms.

    • I’m not excited about the pouches.
      I have tons of bags of various sizes from gift with purchase offers (Clinique), so I really do not need more. I tolerate Ipsy’s, and kind of liked the December bag (sparkly).

      The first Allure bag arrived undamaged, the second with a small tear in one side.

    • So far I’m 3 for 3 ripped…..

    • About half of my Allure plastic pouches have been open on one side but i just used a stapler to close it right along the edge. It doesn’t show much and I can put them in the donation boxes i drop off at charities. I think they can use them to put together toothpaste, brushes, soap, etc. for people who will appreciate such things. The shipping box is recyclable so I’m ok with the new packaging. I recycled the old boxes.

      • That’s a great idea! They would be perfect for little hygiene kits! Mine haven’t been ripped and now I have a good use for them! I can just donate them every 6 months or so. I probably even have enough samples that I can put something in each one. Thanks!

  20. My anticipation for this box is at a very low ebb.

  21. No offense to anybody, but is this box designed for really light skinned people specifically??? 2 different self tanners and those really pale shades. It’s a solid box as far as brand names, quality and value, but I don’t see anything I will use. I’m not canceling. I see a box of gifts!

    • Allure seems to be a good fit for many skin tones (in my opinion). I think since we’re rolling into warmer weather, tanning is on the mind of those who have spent months using long sleeved clothing and staying out of the sun… that’s why we’ve seen tanning products make their way into the beauty boxes. Other than that, Allure has been very good with including a wide range of makeup shades- to satisfy all of their subscribers. 🙂

      • Thrilled to see some self-tanning products to try and we enter into spring. The sun and I don’t get along and I am always trying to find good self-tanners.

    • I love allure but they should have another option for the tanners and maybe another lipstick shade for darker complexions. Everything else is great.

      • That Anastasia lippie shade isn’t a good shade for anyone. I’m sure Allure got a great deal on it because nobody else wanted it. I’m very pale and I guarantee it would look horrible on me, colors that light completely wash me out.

        • I agree 100% with you! Like where are all the pretty in pink shades that give us a hint of spring color!!??!

        • I agree. Frankly, I think these pasty lipsticks look best on dark skin tones.

    • I feel like all beauty boxes are targeted towards light skin toned people…The Burt’s Bees lippie this month & red lippies are pretty universal. So those aren’t too bad.

      But I commonly see HOT PINK lippies all the time. Light blonde or brunette eyebrow pencils & the such. Pink blushes that work better for lighter tones. Yup lol This is why I like spoilers.

      • I’m super pale and I want nothing to do with hot pink lipstick or tanning products. I don’t know anyone in my life either of those would appeal to, so they’re also worthless for gifting.

        • I have olive skin and loooove hot pink lipstick. But I’m totally a lipstick person so there aren’t many shades I wouldn’t wear.

      • Really All beauty boxes?

  22. I hope sending out self tanning products doesn’t become a thing throughout all of the warm months because I will use zero of them.

    • Totally agree.

  23. I AM HAPPY about this sample! I am running low so between the tan wipes this month and now May sample I may like the new stuff better then what I spray tan at home now! YAY!😁

  24. That made me laugh ! Maybe if we all put our samples together one of us can have a full tan body and face 🙂 loolios !! @[email protected]

  25. How do I cancel my allure beauty box sub? I don’t see any contact info for customer care on the account info site.

    • I get 2 boxes and just emailed them this morning to cancel one of them. I actually received an email reply offering the “4 months for $10” deal. TBH, I read so many poor customer service reviews I was amazed to get an email response. I’ll see if they actually cancel it.I used the email us tab on the allure site.

    • I sent an email to cancel and got a “Sorry to see you go … offer 4 months for $10 each”. Sure!

      I like this spoiler. I am all about a fake tan!

      • Got the same email. I am a sucker for deals. I guess I’ll try this. Can always throw it away.

        • same here, went to cancel because I just prefer the ease of subscribing via Amazon but they offered the “4 for $10” deal and I’m a sucker for deals.

        • Be careful with that deal! I emailed to get 4 for $10 and they never processed it. I caught it a month later (today!) and had to call to get everything worked out and at first they weren’t going to honor the deal but then after they looked and saw my emails to them they did. The girl at Allure was helpful but basically said emails aren’t that reliable. You may want to call to confirm they received after you email.

          I’m worried I’m going to get the dregs for my March box since they never processed my renewal with that deal.

          • I emailed to cancel and I don’t even get the 4/$10 offer after over a year with them and never having a complaint. It’s insulting when they pick and choose. This inconsistency is what’s killing people’s experience with this box! I wasn’t just looking for a good deal either, I’m legit unhappy but would have stuck it out had they thrown me a bone. Ok Allure, I’ll just order off of Amazon and get my box before the 10th…no problem!

    • Call the toll free number. 1 800 274 1603

      • Thanks Dawn, I called and they gave me the 4/$10. I don’t normally complain because I usually feel like the value is still there, but I’ve found myself trading more items than I’m keeping lately. I appreciate the suggestion, Allure seems much more helpful over the phone.😊

  26. They usually lead with the best spoiler so I am terrified! lol

    • Lol! But they actually released the Briogio Rosarco leave-in conditioner as their first March spoiler in the March magazine (MSA didn’t post about it, but I did mention it a couple of times in different Allure posts) well before the Natasha Denona (sp) eyeshadow was spoiled, so hopefully we’re safe, and better spoilers will come out. 😉

    • Ooops! I should have said April spoiler, not March 🙂

      • Luna calming our fears as always 🙂 Thanks for the info! *sips tea* 🙂

        • Lol! No problem! 😀

    • LOL!!

  27. Allure gave out a tanning mousse from the same company last summer. It was full size and actually worked pretty well in a pinch. This one appears to be the gel, hopefully full size as well.

  28. Why send a product that a sizable percentage of their subscribers won’t/can’t use? For POC or even Caucasians that don’t care to tan- this is rather useless.

    • Right? I’m caucasian, but tanning is a no. We’re supposed to use sunblock to keep from pre-mature aging, right?

      • This is actually a self-tanning product, no sun required.

  29. I’ve received this item before (maybe boxyluxe?) … along with mousse, wipes, and creams from various brands. I loved January, but I’m getting overloaded. It might be time for a break.

  30. Ughhhhh the worst first spoiler ever lol common allure, may is my bday month gimme something good!

  31. Still hoping for a February box review!? Think you will be posting one? 😉

  32. I swear we got this last summer.

  33. More tanning product I won’t use. I’m pale. I embrace it. And two months in a row. UGH.

  34. I just dont understand sending tanning products because so many don’t want or need this. This is akin to sending a foundation in one shade that only some will get use of. And i know it’s to sample new things but what are we supposed to do walk around with one arm tan ? Lol.

    • Hahaha this made me burst out laughing. Really though, what can you even do with a sample size of tanning product?! A tan face and pale arms and legs lol. One tanned arm hahaha

      • And if I put it on my face all my sun damaged spots get darker. I’m always trying to fade them.

        • That is exactly what I am fighting with my skincare products. I can tell you that the Sunday Riley Luna Oil and their new A+ serum, also the lactic acid serum from The Ordinary (so cheap but SO GOOD) have completely transformed my face. I had hundreds of tiny sun damage spots and age spots covering my face, 6 months of high dose retinol paired with the lactic acid and/or glycolic acid has made my skin RADIANT! You should definitely give those products a try 🙂 oh, and stay away from the self tanning sample size products hahahaha 😉

          • Thanks so much for this info Alexis! I’m 43 and I don’t have many wrinkles but in the past year or so, almost overnight it seemed like, I’ve had a TON of age/sun spots appear! I was pretty good about sunscreen most of my life but I am pretty pale and would still burn a little on occasion. Plus my face always freckled a bit every summer. Then the spots would disappear when the weather turned cold. I guess they decided to stick around and multiply now. I wish I had known more about how often to reapply sunscreen in those earlier years. Anyway…all I can do now is try to get rid of some of the discoloration so thanks again for the info! I’m definitely going to try your advice!

  35. I love getting earlier spoilers , but self tanning is not for everyone . That should be an option even though I know they have no profile opt on their page. I don’t need my face looking tan , and the rest of my body not tan , sound alike a bad 80’s flick lol, if I want some color I’ll use highlighters for a more natural glow. Hope the rest of the spoilers are better ! Still love ya Allure <3

  36. Oh no! Every summer sub boxes keep adding tanning product. I am white as a ghost and have no interest to tan. Why company think that tanning is a mandatory for summer?

    • Doesn’t the April Allure box come with tanning cloths too? Maybe not… I can’t remember, but regardless I have a feeling this is the just the beginning of seeing self tanners in boxes until ohhhh… the September boxes come out?

  37. 2 months of fake tanning products?? LOL Not my thing at all, but I’m sure there are people that will be thrilled.

    Thankfully my youngest is big on the vlogger chicks, so she will snag the makeup I don’t like, though even she has no interest in fake tans. 🙂

    Overall I still find Allure to be a good deal, just some months are much better for me personally than others.

    There truly is no way to please everyone with a sub box, I don’t expect to be happy every time. Maybe June will be a clear win for me LOL

  38. What do I think? One word: Underwhelming. Was going to cancel after seeing spoilers for April. Allure talked me into staying for 4 boxes for $10 each. I hope the other spoilers are better

    • Same thing happened to me when I emailed to cancel before the April Box. :/

  39. Does anyone know if they are sticking with the plan to send everyone different boxes?

  40. Ugh, I never complain but what about us black girls. 😭 We’re always an afterthought.

    • Sunscreen would be so much more universal! 🧴I just realized why boxes send out soooooo much highlighter…🤯

  41. I normally don’t mind an off month and maybe even 2 is kinda iffy as long as there’s some redeeming item there for that month. I’ll need more incentive than this to keep subscribing until May.

  42. St. Tropez is my fave self tanning brand! I usually stay out of the sun, but love a summer glow! Currently using the st. Tropez whipped marshmallow bronzing mousse from Ulta, but super excited to try this one!!

    • Me too! I use this same tanner in the foam – can’t wait to try the gel!!!

  43. It’d be nice if there were an option for some of us who were born tan year round and don’t need such a product. Looking forward to seeing what the other products will be.

  44. Ick, not another tanning product!! I have received a ton of tanning products from Allure and would never use them. I have them listed on the swap site and no one who has anything I can even slightly use ever requests any of them.

  45. What about those of us who are already tan? 😩 I don’t complain much but come on, I already have no use for the tanning wipes coming in April 😓

  46. Love it I need all the help I can get.❤️❤️❤️

    • Me too. I’m excited to try it! It looks like a sample size, but hopefully will be big enough to try several applications.

  47. Didn’t we receive this before? I know I have and I thought it was from Allure. Not a fan of tanning products but if the other items are good I won’t be too bothered about it.

    • No, it looks similar, but we received a self tanning mousse last year. This is something new. I’m always up for trying new products, and I love that Allure doesn’t make us wait for spoilers!! 😊

  48. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see people complain about this.

    • Right!? I get that not everyone self-tans, but not everyone wears lipstick, and I still have like a gazillion.. I don’t complain, it’s part of getting sub boxes. I just gift them and move on. The products that I do use more than make up the cost of the subscription itself.

      • That is a really good point. I won’t use the self tanner but I’ll wait to see what other items will be in the box before I decide if this is a good or meh box. I very rarely use all of the items.

        • I NEVER use all the products I get from sub boxes. I usually take the ones I won’t use and either gift/donate them, or bundle them and sell them for cheap, to offset the cost of my subscription. It’s never a win/win

      • A whole demographic of people already have dark skin and can’t tanning products, aside from the fact tanning is a contributing factor to skin cancer. Seems a little different than lipstick, which is a staple product in the makeup community.

        • it’s a self-tanner, you don’t go out in the sun. it replaces tanning.

    • Rofl! Yeppers!

  49. 2 months of tanning products ? 🤨

    • 😞 Not liking this. I have no use for either tanning product. 👎🏼

    • Ya not everyone likes tanning products.

      • Well, they can’t please everyone.

        • No, they can’t please everyone, you’re right. They could however give at least a 1-2 month break between sending pretty much the same product that clearly not everyone will use.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. I don’t use self tanner and actually enjoy being extremely pale. Lol.

  50. I hope these spoilers get better. Usually love Allure. Not this month’s, going to skip next month and not sure about the next. I don’t use self tanners.

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