Allure Beauty Box April 2019 Spoiler #1 + Free La Mer Set!

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We have the exclusive first spoiler for the April Allure Beauty Box just for MSA readers!

Each April Allure Beauty Box will include a full-size Natasha Denona eyeshadow from the Sunset Eyeshadow Palette valued at $29!

Your April box will include one of the following shades:

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow in Morgana

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow in Aubade

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow in Bronzage

What do you think of the spoiler? What shade do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the March Box. And you’ll also receive this free La Mer set:

Click here and scroll down to see everything you will receive in your March box.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. Wait I’m am so confused, we got our February box. What was March spoiler? I understand what the April 1st spoiler will be ND eyeshadow.
    But what happened to March ? Those spoilers we got in our February boxes. Aren’t they similar to Feb box ??

    • Only new subscribers are getting February repeats there are whole list of March spoilers in post below this one there are 24 varients .

  2. I signed up for Allure during the Claudelie promotion around Feb 20th. They still haven’t charged my bank so I hope I’m actually subbed.

    I am too broke to buy ND eyeshadow and am super stoked. I’d love the Morgana, but I’d take any warm shade. But I’m an eyeshadow addict. If there was a single eyeshadow delivery box service, I’d be all over that! Love building and depotting into a custom palette collection!

  3. I am so NOT an eyeshadow person.

    • I know, me neither. I gave it up sometime in my 30s. I do occasionally like to get one in a box (or even buy a palette on clearance) if I really like the color, but what is unique about these shades? I could go to CVS or Walgreens right now and pick up multiple palettes with these shades. I know they have to try to please the most people by making things kind of simple and generic and not necessarily send out a teal or hot pink or something, but when every box sends eyeshadow, you have to do something to stand out, I think.

      • Tribe Beauty Box sent out the Suva Blockparty palette. That was like “WHOA” 🙂

        It stood out for sure. I agree with you. I have gotten 3 – 4 palettes recently in boxes that are all brown/pink/nude/orangey neutrals. Makes me yawn. It would be nice to get a single shadow with a cool color like green or something… pinky or purple for spring. You can mix them with neutrals to make a nice fresh look.

        • Those are the kind of colors you’d be more likely to get through Ipsy, I’ve gotten more purple shadows from them than anything and they specifically ask what colors you like to play with. The point of Allure boxes is I think to give subscribers products that might become staples of their everyday routine to boost the chance you’ll repurchase, thats how they get such a high value on these kind of subscription services. And these shadows are known to be the absolute best on the market and these shades look like they’re the most likely to be universally flattering, gotta remember they have no idea what specific tastes subscribers have so they’re going to go for the best bet to satisfy the majority of people.

      • It’s the quality of the eyeshadow… trust me a ND eyeshadow is going to have a ton more pigmentation as well as blend better and wear better than ones you would pick up at a drugstore lol

        • I have to agree. Quality matters. If you just wanna go buy makeup at Walgreens or Walmart why would you even sub boxes? Most of us do it exactly to try beauty brands we couldn’t otherwise afford. Otherwise we would hunt for makeup and skincare online and just buy it. That’s why your justification doesn’t make sense.

  4. Is there a way to transfer your subscription through the Allure website to getting it through Amazon? I signed up on the website a couple days ago and now I’m reading that it’ll be a gamble on when/if I get it and that if you sign up through Amazon they ship it right away and you get it at the same time every month. Can I simply transfer it somehow or do I need to cancel through Allure and re-sign up on Amazon? I’m worried if I do that I won’t get the Le Meur gift set which is what pushed me to sign up. I guess I could wait until receive that, then cancel. But I’m also seeing so many people say it took months to receive their gift, let alone the actual box itself. I was so pumped to sign up for this and all the things people are saying are kinda scaring me lol! In addition to my initial question, are there any people that did sign up through the Allure website and DID have a positive experience and got their box in a timely manner? Help me ease my mind here! Lol

    • Hi Julie
      I ordered my subscription on Jan 5, directly from the Allure website and got my first box with Sunday Riley extra gifts on Feb 1 via USPS. I have been nothing but happy with my Allure subscription now three months in.

      I will say I did order a 12-month subscription to maximize savings.

      Hope this helps!

    • My guess is you’re more likely to not get the free gifts through Amazon although it could be fine to sub either way. Allure sometimes offers exclusive extras to their longtime subbers who are signed up through their website only.

  5. Yes! I am so excited! Love Natasha Denona shadows but I can’t afford to buy all of the palettes.

  6. If I subscribe through Amazon I wonder if I will get the little Le Mer?

    • My understanding is no. I have read comments on past posts about signing up on Amazon and not getting the gift. The only way you get the free gift is if it is mentioned on the page you are signing up on, which is the Allure sign up page.

    • No… they won’t send the bonus with Amazon

    • The very weird thing that happened to me is I signed up through Amazon and didn’t get the sign up gift (a nail polish in January); then 10 days later I received it separately!

      • That’s because the polish wasn’t a free gift, it was a bonus item that everyone got in the Jan box. The reason you got it seperate is that Allure didn’t have it yet and Amazon wanted their boxes shipped, so they shipped the polish seperate.😉 Nobody gets new subscriber gifts from Amazon accounts anymore.

  7. Wish boxes would give us shadows that are bolder — purples, navy, hunter, etc. None of the colors listed will really show up on my skin, so it is disappointing.

    Overall, I love Allure, but hoping for better spoilers!

    • Seriously. I have so many neutral beige/champagne/gold/bronze/peach eyeshadows. I got a shimmery purple in Ipsy this month and I was so excited! Same with raisin/nude/berry lips. I think I need to either unsubscribe from some subs or I need to find one that is a little more daring.

    • They are just choosing the most wearable shades in their opinion. I wish we could have more of a say in what we get in this box. The February box for example has more possible products than I’ve ever seen in an Allure box and they say they are choosing them for us based on our “membership history”, whatever that means.

      Ps. Natasha Denona shadows are very pigmented, so hopefully these colors will have no issues showing up on your skin tone.

    • Right? I get sending palettes of wearable shades, but sending a single shadow in a bold color choice would awesome! I’ve been wanting to experiment with color lately, and like someone else said – if they sent bold colors, most people have enough neutrals already to pair it with.

    • What kind of color is “hunter”? Or did I misread your comment?

      • Hunter is a shade of green

    • Medusa makeup boxes are very bold colors and glitters etc. Read their reviews and see if you like.

  8. Are you guys gonna do a review on the last months box? Keep checking and you guys have done it yet?

    • I agree, I have been waiting as well.

  9. I don’t even know what i’m getting in my March bag…I don’t like this new wait and I haven’t even received a tracking number yet…what is going on with allure?

    • I signed up in the middle of February and have been charged twice now and still waiting on tracking info for my Feb and March boxes. 😏 I’m starting to worry I’m not getting either.

    • I usually don’t get the tracking number until about 15th of the month. Wouldn’t expect it any earlier.

      • I get my Amazon bag the first week of the month and my bag from Allure in week 3.

  10. I’m so glad I held out on this box. I finally jumped, got it for the 10 bucks, plus the free La Mer. I’ve always wanted to try it. And March’s box has all new things I’m excited to try! I think I’ll be canceling Ipsy for Allure, they just haven’t had anything I love lately.

  11. Hmm. I hadn’t heard of this brand until this spoiler. I was actually kinda disappointed that it’s just an eyeshadow and I expected the group’s reaction to be the opposite of what I’m reading. Based on the comments, though, it sounds like this is going to be the best, most awesome eyeshadow I’ve ever tried in my life. lol

    I was definitely pumped for a more awesome spoiler after all of Allure’s “we can’t wait for you to see our April collaboration” comments, so maybe I was expecting to be wow’d a bit more. I also have a couple friends that I referred during the Sunday Riley promo who still haven’t received it and have been waiting to cancel until they see what this collab was going to be. I feel like they’re going to be a bit disappointed.

  12. At Sephora, the five shade mini palettes are either $25 or $40+.

    Not a bad deal at $25, overpriced at $40.

    There’s a mini palette that has shades from the Sunset Palette, if you don’t get the shade you want, picking that up might be a thought.

    • The minis are $25, the 5 pan are $48. The 5 pan isn’t the same size as the mine – you get more product. I personally would rather have a $25 mini but the 5 pan has pans the size of what you would get in a palette, just less of them.

  13. Wow, bomb spoiler! Definitely resubbing through Amazon to get my mitts on this!

  14. Can someone with the Amazon Allure sub tell me what variation they got for March?

  15. I’m still waiting for my February box, my welcome gift, and my March box. I’m super frustrated with the Allure website and the fact that there’s zero shipping information to track. When my boxes will arrive is a complete guess.

    • If this makes you feel better – I’m still waiting for my January box, and I don’t have a welcome gift. I called and emailed Allure CS and all I heard is nothing but wait.

      • I had yet to receive my February box so I commented on an Instagram post of theirs that I hadn’t and within 3 minutes or so I got a DM stating that I would be receiving an email so I can get my box. I received it within 2 days of the email – guess you have to publicly shame them to get a fast reply!!

        • I wonder if that’s what I’ll have to do. I’ve heard so many different things about where my feb box is calling the number….

    • I’m waiting on my March box as well.

      No shipping info, and I was charged six calendar days ago.

      • Same here, but I think I was billed 8 or so days 🙁 I think itll be worth their shipping hassles tho. Next month’s box is supposed to be some awesome mystery collaboration so I have high Hope’s for that one.

    • My February box was just delivered today. It takes forever, but I’m almost always happy with this sub.

    • I definitely suggest subscribing through amazon over Allure’s website.

    • Same. I will say that I emailed CS and they responded quickly saying both my Feb & March boxes were in the warehouse and I would get emails with tracking once they shipped. Based on what I’ve read here, I sort of doubt that it’ll happen (or that I’ll get the welcome gift) but as long as I get my boxes eventually I figure it’s worth the wait 🙂

    • Same here.

      • I have had the best “luck” actually calling them, so that might be an option for you as well.

  16. Excited for this 😁 been wanting to try her eyeshadows for a while but it’s out of my budget. I wouldn’t mind a mini eyeshadow or blush palette though.

    Hoping for the Morgana eyeshadow 🤞hope they release more spoilers soon.

  17. I received my January box today…

    • I received my February box but still waiting on January! Probably going to have to try to contact them again.. =/

    • Holy moly, you’re just getting your Jan box in Mar?! That is unacceptable… I bet if they didn’t charge you til it ships, they’d straighten that out in a hurry. I’m still waiting on my Feb and Mar and still havent gotten my Claudalie promo despite being charged.

  18. This is exciting! Can’t wait to see the rest! Allure usually bring it pretty hard after they tick everyone off.😂

    • Ain’t THAT the truth

    • Same here… Come onnn Allure!!! We normally know what we are getting with thwm by now, lol. 😊

  19. This is a wonderful spoiler and I’m looking forward to trying it. Ladies don’t forget to wet your brush eye for more intensity. I love Allure so much that it’s the only sub I’m keeping right now.

    • Careful with wetting your brush. I got the Natasha Denona Tropic palette and 2 of the shimmer shades completely “locked up” after using them with a “wet” brush, I only used maybe half a spray of fix plus to wet my brush so it wasn’t overly saturated just some formulas don’t react well to getting wet. I follow a Youtuber who recommend trying it on a small corner of the shadow so it’s not totally ruined if there is an issue

  20. Great spoiler!! Hoping for the Morgana. The other two colors have Talc and I can’t use Talc.

  21. It’s like they are mailing little nuggets of gold… 🙂

    • Omg LMAO 😂 love it! Thanks for that!

    • LMAO love it…… 😂

  22. I have not tried ND before. This will be a treat. Feeling relieved that the first spoiler is a good one.

  23. I’m super stoked! I received her Camel palette in my Beautylish Lucky Bag, and I will say it is the best eyeshadow I’ve ever used. Super long lasting, and the consistency is super creamy and buttery (but dry, if this makes sense 🤣) No fallout, either. And the pigment is superb. I’m so happy I forgot to cancel for March!

  24. I’m so glad we’ll all get this for April. I don’t know if I’ll like March or not because there are so many variables. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Allure have so many. Hopefully it’s not a preview of what’s to come.

    I hope I get the Audabe shade but I’ll be glad to try any of them. I tried her duochrome blush when it was on sale at Sephora and wasn’t that impressed. At least not for the price. I’m anxious to see if the eyeshadow does live up to the hype.

  25. I’ve been wanting to try this brand … I’ll take any color …. 😄

  26. Yesssss I have been wanting to try ND shadows for forever. I am thinking about getting one of her $25 mini palettes the New Nudes is supposed to be the best one. I can’t wait to get this. I love Allure!

    • I have the mini nude palette and love it. The shimmer shades I do usually apply with my fingertip but the pigment is amazing on them with no noticeable fallout on me. They blend super easy and the colors go together great. I don’t own any of her other palettes so can’t compare it to the larger ones. But this is my go to palette.

    • I grabbed the mini star palette. The quality is amazing.

      • No, no it’s not. The quality on the mini Star is terrible compared to regular sized ND shadows . . .

  27. okay allure may lure me back with this haha – but if i sub again I’m doing it through amazon

  28. Yay! I’m excited. This is a great spoiler. I love brands that aren’t regularly in sub boxes, that makes getting them feel more special. I’m hoping the rest of the box is this good!

  29. I had hoped for a better first spoiler. I’ve been anticipating it since it was first announced a few months back. Hope the next spoiler is better. 🤞

  30. I like the colors but not in shimmer.

    • Me too. Swaps it is.

  31. Looks like this eyeshadow was an Allure Beauty award winner, maybe that’s the theme? Off to look up all of last year’s winners 🙂

    • Ooooooo that would be such an amazing box!!! All allure best of winners!!! But I think they said the box was a special collaboration zo maybe it’s all ND products, or ND approved/curated items? Really anxious for the next round of spoilers.

  32. Super excited to try the formula but not thrilled about these bland neutral colors. I have soooooo many of these shades in my collection. Regardless it’s a great addition. Loving Allure lately!

    • I agree, but I guess they’re nice “safe” colors that anyone can use.

      • Regular bronzes tend to make me look sick.

        This one’s light enough that it might not be that bad.

  33. Lol the best Allure spoiler would be them announcing that they’re get rid of the stupid new plastic “makeup bag.” What a useless waste of plastic.

    • YES! That bag blows.

      • Yes. In hate it!

    • The bags are horrible both of mine have came ripped on one side junk.

    • Yup, right up there with Sephora trying to convince me the plastic junk bag is better than the cloth. Um, nope.

    • Agree! It’s flimsy and breaks! Thought I could pull it off as a makeup bag in my purse…. Nope! It’s not quality.

    • I emailed customer service about this! It’s ridiculous, everyone else is moving away from plastic and they’re barreling toward it? All these bags will eventually end up in a landfill—or worse, the ocean.

  34. Wow! And this will be the Special Edition Box, correct? I can’t wait to see the rest 🥰

  35. I have her Duo Glow as well as the Pore Vanishing foundation and absolutely love them both. This will be my first time trying her eyeshadows. Very excited to receive any shade, what a great first spoiler for the box!!

  36. I’ve been waiting for these spoilers! I’m so excited for this item, I’d be happy with any shade!!!! Seriously cannot wait!

  37. I have never heard of this brand. Isn’t this month supposed to be a collaboration of some sort? Maybe the whole box will be this brand. Works for me I am down to try new stuff 🙂

    • Wooo if this whole box was ND that would be amazing. It’s a high end brand and she’s well known for her eyeshadows and blushes. The cost of the palette these eyeshadows come from is $129. I’ve been wanting to try her stuff for a while but a girl is too broke for all that 😂

      • I only pay triple digits for suits, coats, and medication.

        Not for makeup.

      • LOVE your game of thrones reference “a girl is too broke..
        ” haha!

  38. Wow, super excited!

  39. April’s box looks good so far 😍

  40. Omg! It’s just a single eyeshadow but I’d nvr fork over the $100+ for a ND palette, lol. I’m excited, I’d love to get 2 boxes for different the colors 🙂

  41. 😍💕😍💕Excited & happy with any of colors! Thanks for the peek 👀

  42. This is a great way to try natasha denona’s formula without paying full price for a palette! What a cool inclusion for the box.

  43. 😍💕😍💕😍💕

  44. Wait, why are people excited about this?

    • Because it’s a brand that costs a lot of money. I guess.

      An eyeshadow is always an item I’m happy to get in a sub box. Just never heard of this woman.

    • Probably because her palettes sell for $129 or more so most of us have never tried them.

    • Natasha Denona eye shadows are quite expensive and high quality. To receive them in a beauty box subscription is pretty rare, too.

    • The brand is not just expensive, but is supposed to have incredible formulas…particularly the eye shadows.

      I am beyond thrilled with this inclusion and since its a Special Edition box, I have fingers crossed that this collab is with Natasha.😍😍

    • Haha. I wondered the same thing! I have 47 million eyeshadows, and a few are from Allure over the past few months, so it’s hard for me to get super-excited about one, regardless of the brand. Hopefully the color works better for me than the pinks in the Model Co trio we recently received!

  45. Even though this will be gifted since I don’t wear eye shadow, I still think this is an exciting spoiler 🙂

  46. Well I was going to cancel but this is enough to keep me!

  47. they’ve taken my money for february and march and i have still have received neither box, nor the claudalie promotion from february. no tracking numbers, no communication. this sub is horrible.

    • Instead of complaining here, why not do something about it and contact them via phone? I’ve never had an issue getting a hold of them.

    • Omg ya. It takes FOR-ever to get your first box, and I don’t think I got a tracking email. It just shows up out of the blue super late. They at least have a CS number you can call though. They will give you an idea of when you’ll receive your boxes

    • Dude, same. No communication whatsoever and have not received my February or March box. 😠

      • I don’t think anyone has gotten March yet. I’d call them and ask for the status of your February box

        • I have received March actually. Am really happy with it!

    • I dont think u will ever get a gift from them. I have tried since November. I didn’t get my Sunday Riley CEO nor the drunk elephant. There is more they told me they was sending but I never got anything. Not even when I got a friend to sign up. I did get the black allure bag blahhaha but that was after I called. I love there bags every month but there offers they only send a few out I bet. I cant wait to try this eye shadow!!!!!!! This bag is well worth my 15 bucks!!!

      • I have always gotten my promo and free referral gifts. Referral gifts come separate from the bag. Promo gifts can either be included in the box (I got my Caudalie and a CLE lip powder this way) or separately. They do take a while to get to you but they do send them (with the exception of the Sunday Riley serum that so many people had issues with)

    • Yeah, I sent them an email and their response was that it takes 20 business days for the first box to arrive and since my second box sign up was Feb 22, it will be another week before I should expect February box.

    • Did it occur to you that someone may be swiping your boxes? Have you reported to the post office? We actually had a mail carrier who the PO kept getting calls about packages gone missing. It would be unfair to blame the company without first checking all the other possibilities. Is your address correct? Have you gotten tracking info (sign up for text updates)? Just a few suggestions.

    • Same here! Worried if I will receive my Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum promo given that they frequently change up their promos. I checked their FAQs and confirmed that it takes up to 20 days for delivery of your first box.

  48. 😍

  49. Wow! I like that!

  50. Yay! This will be my first ND eye shadow. Very exciting. Thanks for the sneak peek. 🙂

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