Universal Standard Mystery Boxes Available Now!

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Universal Standard has a few new mystery boxes available now!

The Box: Universal Standard Mystery Box

The Cost: $50-$90

The Products: Up to a $500 value depending on which box you pick, the mystery box will include one foundation item and two mystery items in the category and size of your choice. (Available in Tops, Activewear, Petites, Bottoms, and Outfitting.)

Are you going to grab a mystery box? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I finally got my boxes (L) today and they all came in one big package, so I sorted out how I think they belonged:

    Luxury box- Kanda Puffer in merlot, Arno sweater dress in Black w/blue trim, grey v-neck short sleeved foundation t-shirt

    Dresses box- Geneva dress in merlot with short sleeves and crew neck, Katy dress in jade crepe, grey v-neck long sleeve foundation tee

    Shirts box- V-rex short sleeve in navy, Phebe sweater in teal, black v-neck short sleeved foundation.

    If this box is added to swaps I’d definitely be listing the Arno dress, Katy dress, and possibly the Geneva.

  2. Has anyone requested they add this box to the swaps site? I’ve requested but it’s still not there. Maybe if more people sent a request?

  3. Just received my bottoms box. Light gray tank top softest thing ever, black crepe gauchos – amazing quality, and black distressed ankle jeans. Loved it all! As said by others if they ever have this deal again………

  4. OMG is their customer service amazing or what???
    I received my box Friday when i got home from work and was dismayed to find that, although I had ordered a medium dresses box, i had received everything in a small. I had filled out the survey about what sizes I wear, and i suppose that maybe they took that and ran with it (I said i wear anywhere from a 14-20 in jeans because brands vary so wildly, and i guess they took the low end). I had also said i want a loose fit and short sleeves because i live in a very warm climate.
    i received a teal geneva, a gray short sleeved foundation top, and…a long sleeved rubicon shirtdress in black. The geneva will fit okay with spanx, and the top is so soft and stretchy it’s not an issue. the rubicon, however, barely fit over my hips and is suffocatingly hot (it is in the 70s where I am already).
    so, i emailed customer service asking why I received a small box when I had ordered a medium, and why, if they followed the size request in any way shape or form, had they ignored the rest of my survey.
    I recieved an email this morning that they are sending me an entirely new mystery box, in medium, with specific warm-weather items chosen for me. I am getting tracking soon!
    easily the best customer service i have ever experienced. I highly recommend them to everyone!

  5. I keep checking the swap site but no go. Did anyone get anything in a S that they don’t want? Or a dress in petite small? I got a tops box and am impressed with the quality. I would love to have more, will buy or swap!

    • I sent a request to have the box added to the swap site but it hasn’t been done yet. I check every day! I really need to swap my XSs and am looking for smalls! Maybe other people should send requests too. Maybe Liz is waiting to judge interest. Here’s the address for the requests.

      [email protected]

      • Julia, what xs items do you need and what s items are you interested in?

        • Michelle,

          I’ve got an XS black foundation cami, striped foundation T and a black pencil skirt. I am looking for a black M foundation T, and a white or black V Rex in a Small. But I’m interested in looking at any tops in a small or jeans in a 14/16.

    • You can check poshmark. I was the same, I was so impressed with the quality I wanted more but can’t afford their prices. I just snagged a Tee Rex in eggplant in my size on poshmark really cheap!

      • Thanks Julie, I checked both eBay and poshmark. Only found in my size, a lady on poshmark selling all 3 items from her mystery box at 80 percent of retail. For that little discount I’ll just buy directly from US! Going to keep checking tho.

      • Lucky you on the tee Rex, I would love to have eggplant!

  6. I think the word “Foundation “ means base layer, as the foundation of an outfit. One would expect these items to be snugnif you are layering a dress, sweater, another T-shirt (tank over T) etc. Does this make sense?

    • I wish there was an edit option like FB. Txting on the fly makes my errors glaring when I reread my comments.

  7. I received the first of my 2 boxes – mystery tops. A very tight black short sleeve t – that I think I’ll still be able to use under another top. A long sleeve black t and a teal cap sleeve tunic. A great deal and as noted excellent quality!

  8. Received my dress box today…
    I got a gray v neck from the foundation line and am OBSESSED with it. So soft, the sleeves are a great length, and the material is high quality.
    I got the Thames blue Geneva which I am quite pleased with, since I really wanted one.
    The other dress is the Rubicon shirtdress.
    I had received the survey and said very specifically that I don’t wear long sleeves due to the weather where I live…and the Rubicon is long sleeved…
    But my only real complaint is that I ordered the MEDIUM box and all the items I received are size small…physically they fit my body but their website shows all flown loose fits and my items don’t fit that way. On the survey I did mention that I fit anywhere from 14-20 because brands vary so wildly, but I don’t think it’s right that they sent me an entire size down. It’s a mystery box, but not the size I ordered.

  9. I received a tops and premium box and very impressed with both boxes. I also have found customer care to be excellent.

  10. I chatted with their CS bc I couldn’t find the names of my dresses, probably older designs. She was able to pull up the names right away on my order! I appreciated the info because one dress has what I thought was a tie-back sash, but turns out it’s supposed to tie in the front and looks cute that way. I do wish their stuff was more affordable or I’d be buying some items right now.

  11. My small tops box had the camo green split sleeve top, long sleeve t in dark teal and black v neck short sleeve foundation. They all fit and will be worn. For about $17 each, this is a good deal given the high quality. I am envious of other’s orders and would do this again. If it were still available I would order another.

  12. After scouring the site to make sure there were items I’d be thrilled to get, I ordered the outfitting box. Sorry to say that my request for neutral colored, classic items were viewed as modern in their eyes. However… the quality is fantastic, and I was given black, white and gray pieces. I’m not sure of the names of the items, but I’ll be placing them up for swap soon. It was a gray cami that is incredibly soft (I might keep this!), a black pencil skirt that has curves where I don’t (darn it!), a gray sweater that’s an XS but too big, and a white long-sleeved tee with an asymmetrical hem.

  13. Got my premium box! My foundation piece was the long sleeved v-neck in black. I got the merlot puffer and a fab charcoal gray v-neck cashmere/merino sweater. I love the cut of the sweater but I’m not sure if the coat is me. Might sell or swap it. 2xs if anyone is interested!

  14. I received my Tops box today (regular size M). I received the Foundation crew neck T in white, very snug, but very, very soft. Will use for layering or jammies. I also received the forest green ribbed tank; fits perfectly. My final item isn’t on the site anymore. It’s a beautiful, light lilac dolman sleeve top with a banded bottom. Very nice fabric that drapes beautifully. Also a perfect fit.

    • You are right! The too-small foundation pieces would be wonderful for jammies. 🙂
      I do have to say that even though many of mine are too snug for me, the ones that do work are beautiful and cozy and I absolutely feel like I got my money’s worth out of the boxes.

  15. I received my two boxes today. The quality of everything is just outstanding! I would be beside myself with thrill, but all but two things are too small for me. I went by their size chart and I even contacted a rep and asked about the sizing I chose and she assured me I should be fine. But as I feared, I should have sized up one size.

    They did send me an extra top though! Here is what I got:

    1. Foundation Cami in black – I have to struggle to even get into it. But it’s as soft as a kitten. Will be swapping.
    2. Foundation Short Sleeve V Neck T B/W striped. I LOVE THIS. But it’s too tight. I can wear it, but it’s not flattering. Again it’s as soft as a kitten. Will be swapping.
    3. Cutaway Sleeve T in Camo green – LOVE this too. I wish it were one size up. I’ll keep to wear around the house.
    4. Long Sleeve V Rex Forest Green – LOVE THIS. I can wear this one. yayyyyy!

    1. Black Danuble Jersey skirt – 6 inches to long and 2 sizes too small. I’ll be listing this for swap.
    2. Genevette Top in White – LOVE this, but wish it were one size up. 🙁
    3. Mayon Balloon Sleeve Cardi in black. OMG I LOVE THIS SO MUCH AND IT FITS!

    I would absolutely buy from this company based on the quality alone. I will jump on more mystery boxes knowing how the sizing works a little better now. My advice to anyone who is between sizes is to go up a size unless you like your clothes skin tight.

    • Especially if you chatted with them about fit, I think it would be worth contacting Universal Standard to see if they’d be willing to do any size exchanges for you. I get the sense they really want their customers to be happy. The worst they could say is no.

      • None of the tops that I received except the foundation cami and striped T are available on their website. The skirt I would never wear – it just isn’t my lifestyle or style. So that really just left the two foundation tops I could replace. I sent them an email last night and this morning they sent me a $50 coupon! So I was able to replace the foundation top and I picked up another top for $15 off. I’m happy with that considering they aren’t under any obligation on these mystery boxes. Really the customer service has been the best I’ve found anywhere. I plan to buy more pieces from them and will pick up any mystery boxes they put out. New fan here. 🙂

        If anyone wants a striped foundation T, a black foundation cami and a black pencil skirt in a size XS (10/12), I will have those on the swap site as soon as MSA makes Universal Standard available. I sent in a request for them to add it.

  16. I got 3 (2XS) tops boxes.

    3 foundation pieces (black camisole, black v-neck tee, heathered grey crew-neck tee)
    2 black knot tops (can’t find on the US website), black neck genevette top (this doesn’t work with my figure…but I think this is a piece from their collab with jcrew), white safra poplin tunic (big), surprisingly a pair of grey high-waisted cigarette pants (love! Need to buy new loafers now), and a weird black sweater with balloon sleeves that start a quarter way down from my shoulders. Is it just my items, but I think some of these are from old stock (not surprised, but I would have liked to know the names of each piece as there’s no packing list, nor is it written in the clothing tags).

    So most of my mystery items are like most what others are saying, mostly basics (I think the variety in my boxes is due to the fact that I brought 3…). Considering the pieces I will keep (6 out of 9) and their regular price, the mystery box is a steal. BUT, I am not sure if I would have paid full price for some of the pieces I got.

    The fabric for the foundation pieces are just so comfy. I will probably pick up a foundation turtleneck.

    My main complaint is that the fit of the foundation pieces is quite different from the other pieces, so when a box/kit is one size, my foundation pieces are skin tight (I’m starting to think that on US’ website, most models with the foundation pieces must be wearing shapewear…) but others are a little too relaxed…(like I could have gone down another size and still have a relaxed fit).

    I still have an outfit box on the way, looking forward to it!

    • That’s nice that they give you different pieces if you ordered multiple boxes. I’m already thinking if they do this again, I’d get a couple of dresses boxes. I loved one out of the two this time. That’s a good point about the shapewear, I hadn’t thought of it, but probably true.

  17. My Tops box arrived today. I received a grey short sleeve foundation tee, an olive cutaway sleeve tee (I’m in love!), and an eggplant genevette 3/4 sleeve tee in eggplant. The quality is wonderful. I would definitely purchase a mystery box again.

  18. Petite M Box – yellow Geneva, slate V Rex, grey V foundation tee, all short sleeve. I already have the foundation tee, but feel like maybe I got it under a different email address? but am glad to have another because it’s great. The slate tee will get used a ton too. The Geneva dress made me look like a banana that has been run over. I am thrilled to have gotten it, because I wanted to try a Geneva. But it’ll go up for sale or swap.

    • I’m actually hoping to get the yellow Geneva! Maybe try it with a denim jacket to tone down the yellow a bit? That’s how i’m planning to wear mine if I get it.
      My Tops box is arriving today and my dress box shipped yesterday.

      • AmyM,
        I thought about it but the particular shade of yellow is a bad one for me. I hope you get one though because it’s really a cool dress!

    • “A banana that had been run over” LOLOL. Made me laugh all day. I told them no yellow for exactly that reason- I’m SURE that’s what I would look like in one of those.

    • Ericka if you want to get rid of the Geneva dress I’d totally buy it for a reasonable price plus shipping.

      AnnaSta at mail dot com

      • Anna, I sent an email.

        • Thanks I replied.

  19. Got my Dress box today. They’re not styles I would have chosen, but at least everything fits. The foundation piece I got is a grey V-neck tee. One dress is a jersey tie-back short sleeve. I really like it. The other is a long sleeve button down poplin. There’s no denying the quality and value. And The gift box Is great for storage.

  20. I just asked via their chat about my order and was told that all Mystery boxes would be shipping today.

    • Mine is out for delivery! Fingers crossed.

      • Mine is supposed to be delivered by Friday…I’m kind of nervous! I said i definitely wanted short sleeves because of the climate where I am. Hoping for a Geneva and a Sheath dress, but that’s probably too much to ask for. Anyone receive a dress box yet?

        • I saw a dress box someone received on Instagram. She got a Geneva dress and a Danielle shirt dress- both were beautiful.

        • Katie that’s what I’m getting, the dress box so I will report back later today. I told them I’m short so prefer short vs. long and don’t like white.

    • I hope everyone’s box is worth the wait! And I hope that folks continue to share their mystery box contents here as they arrive 🙂

      • Same here! My premium box comes tomorrow. I can’t wait!

    • Thanks for doing that, and for sharing it. I was wondering…

  21. Great to hear what everyone has received! Sorry I didn’t take the plunge on the premium box – I had it in my cart…..I did order the tops and bottoms. No shipping dates yet.

  22. I received my box today and am very happy. I ordered the premium box and received the puff coat in burgundy (it is fabulous), a color blocked wool sweater and a great vneck long sleeved tee in grey. The fabric on everything is so soft and great quality. I will definitely be ordering again.

    • Sounds like you got an amazing box! I ordered the Tops box and it will come next week—the suspense is killing me 😂

      • I also got a tops box coming next week. I can hardly wait as the quality is amazing. I’ve already started my wish list. I hope your box is wonderful.

    • I ordered a premium box on 2/15, but my status is still “unfulfilled”. I hope my box is as good as yours so it’s worth the wait!

      • Finally got a tracking number, but it’s not due to arrive until 3/12. That’s a really long turn around time for an order placed on 2/15.

        • Yeah, mine is arriving today. I am not complaining though. The boxes are an insanely good deal, and they did not expect the response they got. even if you don’t like the items, you can easily re-sell them on poshmark or a similar site for a good profit (not that I recommend taking advantage of their sale).

    • I got the premium box too and I got the puffer jacket in black, a colorblocked black and purple sweater and a long sleeved black v neck. I love everything, the sleeves on the jacket are a little tight but I am losing weight so I hope by next winter it fits better because I love it and I have wanted it forever, just couldn’t justify $260 on a jacket when I’m changing sizes.

      And I got tops also, I got a short sleeve black V neck foundation t shirt and a long sleeve black shirt with leather at the shoulders and a pale pink relaxed t. I never wear pale pink but it’s a good quality shirt, maybe I’ll try it out this summer.

  23. My box was supposed to arrive yesterday but was delayed. Is there anyone who got the Dresses box who would like to share what’s in it?

  24. I got my petites box today. One black v-neck foundation tee, one grey petite v-Rex, one pair of black petite pants that look great for work. I’m really happy with my box. I was a little worried about getting wacky colors, so it was really great to get more black + grey that can go with everything.

  25. Any idea when these will ship?

    • I got a ship notice last night. No movement on tracking yet.

      • I got an email this morning/last night that they got a bigger response than expected so they’re taking a little longer to ship. They said all orders should be packed and ready to ship/ will be shipped within the week.

    • I got an email today saying they’re still working on it. I’m guessing it’s taking a bit more time since they check our sales histories to try not to give us repeats. From the email:

      “We made a big dent, but we’re still working on it. We promise you’ll get your box in the next week or so. Please look out for a separate email in your inbox that tells you when it ships.”

    • Mine was delivered today – I ordered the Petite Mystery Box and received a petite t-shirt, a petite ribbed tank top, and another t shirt that was not petite. I’m super disappointed.

      • Oh sorry to hear, that does sound disappointing. With the questionnaire they sent and the email about the staff trying hard to fulfill the orders, I was hoping these are going to be awesome boxes.

      • The not petite piece was the foundation item. I think getting all basics is a total bummer though. I expected a better variety =( I wonder if I will get the same.

      • This is exactly what I received in my petite box, and I’m disappointed too. Two grey tees and a green ribbed tank. I mean, they are basics I will use, but I’m not sure they are worth the price of the box. I was hoping for a little variety. They threw in a cloth bag too, but my box was mainly filler paper. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

    • My premium box shipped last night. Not due to arrive until March 5, though 😞

      • I’m getting a little concerned about when mine will ship. I’m going out of the country and I was hoping to bring my new dresses with me (if they work for me, of course). Further than that, I don’t really like the possibility of $300 worth of clothing just sitting around. i have someone checking the mail but it’s never as good as when i can make sure to get it when it arrives!

  26. I just ordered the tops. Has anyone worn their activewear? How is it? They have free shipping right now.

  27. I snagged a dress box! I’m usually a 10 in dresses, so I’m hoping the XS will work. Really hoping to get a geneva dress in black (though I realize it’s a long shot). MSA: please add Universal Standard to the swap site so we can swap our mystery box items if they don’t fit!

    • Yes please MSA! I ordered two mystery boxes and since I’m kind of between their sizes, I have a feeling I ordered the wrong size so I’m guessing some of it isn’t going to fit me. It would be nice to be able to swap them or swap for something in my size.

      Have you seen the hi low dress on their website? Oh my gosh it’s gorgeous!! It’s going to be a gift to myself next month once I know for sure what size I wear with them.

  28. Hey! I just saw this morning that most of the boxes (and sizes) are back in stock again. I managed to snag the dresses box in my size, which was sold out earlier. Never bought this brand before, but I love the concept and the approach. Can’t wait to see what I get in my boxes!

    • Thanks Veronica E! After seeing your comment I went and got a Dresses box too. I am a bit worried since I’m short and they might be too long, but there are some dresses on their site that I would love to try so fingers crossed for shorter dresses. Please post after you get yours so we can compare!

      • Yay! I’m so glad it helped you get the box you wanted! I was so excited to see that one back in stock. (I’m short, too, so fingers crossed!) I’d definitely love it if we could swap from this box here on MSA if things don’t fit!

  29. Probably a good thing that a couple of the categories were sold out when I went to the site. I did order the tops and pants – very excited! I was impressed they sent a questionnaire to get a better idea of what I like. I don’t really want a tube top.

    • I didn’t get a questionnaire. Weird.

      • If you’ve purchased from them they didn’t send the questionnaire. I think it’s because they’re looking at what you’ve ordered in the past to keep from sending duplicates to you.

        If you have ordered in the past you should just get the we’re curating your box email.

      • I just got my questionnaire by email this morning!

      • I’ve ordered from them a lot in the past and bought three boxes and I received no questionnaire. I assumed they’re only send it to new customers. I also have a wishlist attached to my account but don’t know if they’ll use it.

        • Yes it specifically said in my questionnaire they were sending it bc I’d never shopped with them before. I can’t wait to see what I get and if they use the answers. For instance I said I don’t like to wear white and prefer short or petite dresses.

  30. I’m so glad I saw this in time (indulge me)! It’s so hard to pick out business/casual wear as a female academic in the physical sciences that is both deemed “professional”, practical, classic, yet still feminine (yes, I want to achieve all these things!). I have been on the outlook for a great company to invest in some quality, essential pieces.

    As a gift to myself (after 2 years of a permanent job hunt and multiple times of being a second choice. I finally landed a tenured faculty position!), I got an outfitting box, and 3 tops boxes (lol!). I am soo excited about this find… and of course finally moving beyond the post-doc phase.I can feel the excitement bursting out of my chest!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo! Thanks for letting me share this! 😀

    • Thank you for sharing and congratulations. Hoping your boxes are great. Enjoy your new position as you should be very proud.

      • Thank-you very much!

    • Congratultions, Jen! You are going to look like a million bucks!

      • Thank-you! I’m looking forward to getting the boxes!

    • Jen you may want to look at their kits. Congratulations and you can have it all. I have some US pieces that are a couple of years old and they’re still in good condition. I don’t like fast fashion and prefer staple wardrobe pieces. Eshakti has some nice cotton pieces too and customize for you for a few bucks.

      • Anna, thanks! I did look at their kits. I thought the mystery boxes was a fun way to get introduced to the brand. I’m looking forward to seeing the quality and the fit of the pieces! Also, thanks for mentioning Eshakti. Really dig their concept!

  31. Would love to see a review!!

  32. I would love to write a review for the brand. I bought a $50 Tops Mystery box.

  33. I’ve never even heard of this brand but I can’t pass up a mystery box! Are their sizing charts for real? I’m a size 12 but on their site I’m an XS? I’m wary; can anyone here confirm?

    • I’m a 10-12 and very excited about being called XS! Love that they have realistic models (Hurray for curvy ladies!).
      Also love that u can text n they answer quickly. They were out of petites in my size and asked if they could find just one extra box. Nope, but gave me a free tee Rex!
      Got outfit box and the bottoms one; peeked in closet n am overloaded with tops n winter jackets.
      Please review the boxes, Liz and y’all please post what u receive.

  34. I’ve been eyeballing this company for months. Definitely going to jump on this mystery box!

    • I take that back. No box for me. Everything in my size is already sold out except for the Active and Petites box, which I have no interest in. Oh well….my wallet is happy but I am not LOL.

      • FYI- I was sad because they sold out on dresses, but today I clicked on their ad just in case– They restocked a TON of sizes in a bunch of the boxes.

      • If you check back some are back in stock, that’s how I got the dress one.

  35. I would have loved to get the dress or premium box but both were sold out. Guess I will pass for now. I have never purchased before and just not sure if I should try the $90.00 box which is only one available in my size. Does anyone know the fiber content?

  36. Never heard of them before, but I was amazed by what they said on their website about their “fit liberty” line:

    “ we’ll replace any piece in the Fit Liberty collection that doesn’t fit anymore within a year of purchase.”

    Holy cow! That’s pretty awesome for people who fluctuate in weight or are dieting!

    (Don’t know if any of those would be included in the mystery boxes, though.)

  37. Does this mean we can swap items from this box on the swap site? That would make the mystery much less scary. 😬

    • I can’t imagine why not. Items from any of the boxes MSA posts about is swappable. However, the box is not currently listed on the swap site, so you’d just need to email them ([email protected]) and ask them to add that box to the swap site. Sometimes that can take a while, so you might want to email them now if you anticipate wanting to swap something from the box.

  38. How do their sizes run? I am under a size 6.

    • TTS to their size chart.

  39. I bought the premium box on Saturday. I’ve ever bought this brand before but I’m so excited!

  40. I’ve got three tops so far – a Tee Rex, a petite lite tank and a foundations tee – and one pair of jeans. I’ve ordered a petite mystery box and am really excited to see what I end up with!!

    For those who didn’t see yet, they said on a few of their posts that they will look at your previous orders and returns so you don’t get doubled up.

    • I’m glad you commented because I didn’t realize they also had petite boxes! Ordered one!

      • Beth – please share what you receive!!

  41. They had these mystery boxes for $50, $75, $90, $140. They all include one Foundation piece, plus… The $75 (two dresses) and $140 (two premium pieces) are sold out.

  42. How do their sizes run? I am a 4 and they start at 6. I prefer more fitted styles and am not petit. Am I out of luck?

    • TTS with typically-looser fit.

  43. SWOONING! Love this brand!

  44. I’ve already bought two a few days ago. I really love their clothing.

    • Same! I ordered tops and dresses. Was really tempted to get one of each. Can’t wait to see what we get!

      • I also bought the tops and dresses. I already a lot of of their dresses and shirts and they’re my favorites. I’m still thinking of ordering a third.

        I’m sort of hoping for another Geneva.

        • Me too! the Geneva is gorgeous, flattering and versatile. I wouldn’t mind getting it in one of the bolder colors they have. I told myself I would buy one more box today, but then LOFT is doing and additional 70% off sale items so that’s where my remaining discretionary funds went. 🙂

      • Amy I couldn’t resist another so I bought the activewear one too.

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