The 2019 Subscription Box Awards Are Here – Vote Now!

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Vote Now for the 2019 Subscription Box Awards

It’s time for our third annual Subscription Box Awards!

Each year, we survey our readers for their favorite subscription boxes for women, men, kids, beauty, and more.

We heard your feedback on last year’s voting, so we’ve shortened the list to the categories that you care about most. We’ve added a few fun prompts at the end, too!

You can also add an optional comment to each vote, so you can tell us exactly why you think each box deserves to win.

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Voting will be open through February 17th, and winners will be announced in March. Will past winners keep their crown? Look back on the top boxes of 2017 and 2018!

Thank you for being a part of the MSA community!

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  1. Beauty Fix and New Beauty TestTube are by far my favorites. I like FFF but mostly for the good deals on the add ones.

  2. Lots of categories missing. Sad to see this really. There are a bunch of great smaller boxes that deserve votes, but one get them die to how general these categories are.

    I mean really, how about best bath box, best book box, best period box, best baby box, best box for mommas, best shaving box, best mens clothes box, etc.

    • Hi Darla,

      Thanks for the feedback. Based on the voting in previous years, many of the smaller categories didn’t get enough votes, and that’s why we’ve edited the categories a bit this year. We’ll work on other ways to highlight these smaller niche categories on the site, though!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed my Pearlesque, Boxwalla, Glossybox, Bespoke, Allure (loved January and was fast since I ordered through Amazon) and Earfleek. Ipsy has been a miss lately but their customer service is still top notch. I ordered the winter FFF and edit boxes but am not all tempted by the spoilers. My DH loves his FuegoBox and my daughter loves her Pusheen Box. I’m still waiting on my LuxeBox and TestTube but I purchased those due to the excellent MSA reviews.

    The boxes I’ve been really tempted by lately are: MINTD, Nourish, Beauty Heroes, PinkSeoul are all on my list to try once I’ve worked through the glut of skincare I already have.

  4. I wish there was an eco-friendly sub box category! Green Chef, Green Kid Crafts, Eco-friendly Mom – I appreciate theboxes that are more values-based and would love to see these type of boxes recognized

  5. It seems the current competition will be dominated by the same “Big Boxes” that we hear about all the time: e.g., PSMH, FFF, Boxy, Allure, etc., etc. It’s unfortunate there are hardly any categories where some of the smaller, newer, and/or really unique boxes (e.g., California found, Papergang, etc) will have a chance to shine.

    Plus, even though some topics have a lot of overlap (one on beauty, one on makeup, one on skincare), a lot of other topics have been left out. No eco-friendly category? Nothing about pets? Stationary? Spiritual? Geek? I hope next year the survey will have some of those, as I think those provide some of the most interesting and useful results.

    • Yes!!! Agreed!!!! But alas, my voice will not be heard. I can’t get the form to work on my iPad! ☹️ Will give it a go tomorrow on my phone and/or PC. I hope it will allow me to vote and not get kicked out because I’ve entered my email each time I’ve tried to get it to work. Either way, good luck to all the competitors!!!

    • I agree, with the general categories they chose it will be all big boxes with zero room for anything small. Seems as if what is the point if they are not going to expand the categories. Just looks like paid promos by the big boxes.

  6. I wish you’d had stationery, geek and arts & crafts categories but I enjoyed voting in some of the others.

    • Last year, there were only negative comments on the geek box results, because somehow LootCrate had won, and they are notoriously terrible. I imagine that MSA is trying to avoid another such situation.

  7. I was hoping for a stationery category! And maybe also a special edition category. The New Beauty box was really good this year!

  8. For some of the categories, it was hard to choose a favorite. Usually my favorite is whatever’s in the mail that day.

    The beginning of every year I’m determined to cut back to just a couple boxes. It’s February and I’m already back up to 9… maybe next year I’ll do better.

    • Heather, I know!! And your comment made me feel less alone in my inability to cut down. Thank You.

  9. I started to vote, but realized I haven’t subscribed to that many boxes that I loved. Should I still vote?

    • I did. I nominated a box or two that I used to sub to but don’t anymore. Usually it’s for budget reasons or because I’m on overload. But I still think highly of the company!

      • Thank you for the feedback, Victoria. I did vote, but skipped quite a few categories due to lack of knowledge.

  10. Allure, Glossybox, Popsugar, Margot Elena, Target.

  11. I wanted to list my first sub, but it was from the 1980’s. Pretty sure it was called beautique..

    • I had that too!! It was a long time ago and I had forgotten the name of it. It was crappy sometimes but I just enjoyed the little surprises every month and they were cheap too!

    • I remember Cosmetic !!!!

    • Cosmetique. They’re still around. I love the Sara St. James herbal toner, the Diandra perfume, and the Princess Livia scrub.

  12. Liz, I feel like a new category was missing. I wanted to vote for the new tea box I discovered on here. It is called Amoda tea. It is truly wonderful.

    • I haven’t tried that tea sub yet, but I do enjoy Field to Cup!

  13. I love that you do this! Thank you!

    I have one request that perhaps you might consider when you reveal the results…in addition to the winners, I would also love to know which lesser known boxes received a notable number of votes. Everyone who has been in this world for awhile knows about Popsugar, FabFitFun, boxycharm, etc. and the many other boxes with wide subscriber bases – those larger, popular boxes will probably win most of the categories. But I would love to see something like a “worth noting” comment for some of the categories, noting when one of smaller, lesser known boxes received a lot of votes for a category (but not enough to win, of course). It could be a great way to highlight for your readers some of the smaller boxes that have made a strong, positive impression on their subscribers. Those are the types of boxes I would like to add to my sub box repertoire but with so many boxes out there it can be hard to identify them. (I’m thinking of boxes like Margot Elena or California Found, for example). Just a thought. Thanks again for conducting the poll. I’m excited to see the results!

    • Great suggestion – thank you!

    • Yes, please!

  14. I bet Allure features heavily in the responses. They’ve had an amazing run for value over the past year!

    • It’s my fav box, hands-down, and has been for a few years. There can be a few bloopers but it’s pretty consistent. A nice selection of brands and the sample sizes are generous.

    • I voted for allure❤️

  15. I thought this new voting format was great!

  16. This is kind of off the topic of this post, but it reminded me of the Beauty Report Box and the winner items they put in the box every quarter. We are already in February and I noticed they never put out a winter edition like they do every year. Anyone know if they discontinued this great box??

    • From what I recall, Beauty Report only put out two boxes each year… one in the Spring & one in the Fall, and New Beauty puts their awards box out in the Summer.

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