Sunday Riley Subscription Box Spring 2019 Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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The Spring 2019 Sunday Riley box is available now!

The theme for the second box is Love.

Love is our theme for this box. Specifically, self-love. We are all a little guilty of putting our needs on the back burner, but we think we can all agree that self-love is often exactly what we need. Our hope is that this box will help you celebrate you.

Explore your sensuality, take some time for self-acceptance, and learn to appreciate the moment. This box can help you do all of that and more. We hope you find the time to give yourself a little love this winter.

The Love Box includes:


More info on this box:

The Subscription Box: Sunday Riley Subscription Box

The Cost: $95

Coupon: Use coupon code Welcome10 to save 10% (Thanks Dawn!)

Good to know: The box will begin shipping on February 7, 2019, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

What do you think of the spoilers?

Check out my review of the first Sunday Riley box to see what you can expect from this box!

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  1. I can’t speak on every item as I haven’t tried them all, but I personally think this box is terrible. I’m a 10-12 and the robe is too narrow in the hips. It gapes in the front. It’s also incredibly thin and see through. The deodorant smells so bad. The lipstick is Barbie hot pink. The planner is smaller than my hand. If I could go back in time, I would have never ordered this box.

  2. The XL/XXL (14-20) robe barely closes around me, I’m a 14/16 petite! Good thing I’ve got the V exfoliator, since it’s pretty much hanging out for the world to see in this robe. Sigh, it’s the hero item and reason I purchased. Hopefully the “personal massager” will put me in a better mood, right? They also omitted my Rifle planner, so I’m going to contact them. Did anyone else have an issue with the fit of the robe? Mine’s marked correctly but it feels like it’s a smaller size, based on how the M/L fits the reviewer and her size. 🙁

  3. The Sunday Riley isn’t all it’s hyped to be. Sticking with Tatcha after breaking out. And I don’t break out like never ever. My skin tends to tolerate anything, even peels. This box has only 2 SR items. If I wanted a robe, I’d go buy myself a robe to die for. This one isn’t it.

  4. Dang it, I was trying to eliminate boxes, but gotta have this one. Hoping they increase the number of SR products in the future

  5. Has anyone used the The Perfect V VV Cream Gentle Exfoliator? Any recommendations/comparisons? I got the ExfoliKate from FFF and love it but not the price so I’m looking for a less expensive alternative.

    • Um, the Perfect V VV Cream is not for your face…haha!

      • I just noticed the review, seems excessive, who has time for that?!?

        • Haha, right??

  6. I bought it 🙁

  7. Just sent the link to my husband and had him buy this for me for V-Day. Better than flowers and candy! Plus I like this robe much better than the FFF Spring box one. Thanks for posting!

  8. Purchased. That vibrator gets great reviews.

  9. What are the odds of this selling out quickly, anyone know? I need to think about it…

  10. I purchased an extra Allure box for the Sunday Riley Glow. Josie Maran argan oil was my go to oil at night for years and I loved it. Sunday Riley Glow has now replaced it in my mind. The scent is terrible IMO. However, my skin looks pretty darn amazing in less than a week of using Glow and, despite the scent, I’ll continue to use it.
    This box would have been a win for me if there were more than 2 SR products. But I’m not in love with the $95 price tag nor a few of the products. And I would not be able to pass them along (I’m looking at you massager).
    I hope SR comes out with a box that has more SR products as I would love to try them!

    • Yes, MORE Sunday Riley in the Sunday Riley box, please! There’s as many SR products in the Allure box, for heaven’s sake!

    • If you sign up for the recurring subscription, it costs $85.50 per quarter. I just signed up.

  11. My comments do not show and I’m just trying to help people, Liz. Nothing negative in my posts, please start letting mine through again!

  12. Liz, do we have info on the shade(s) of Lipstick Queen? I know it’s not the marquee item of this box, but I’d love to try a shade other than the Maniac Mauve I got in a decent Popsugar box.

    • Derp. Recent*

    • Lipstick Queen shade is Method in the Madness

      • No, Method in the Madness is the lipstick line in the brand. The Sunday Riley website lists all of the items in this box and the lipstick is one of two shades, Reckless Red OR Peculiar Pink.

      • @Megan I think Method in the Madness is that line of Lipstick Queen – the marbled lipsticks. But there are many shades.

        • From Sunday Riley: You will find either Reckless Red or Peculiar Pink in your box.

  13. Could we PLEASE get measurements on the robe? Sizes mean nothing in women’s clothing!!

  14. A box name Sunday Riley has only 2 Sunday Riley products in it, some odd unrelated extra throw ins, and a vibrator?! This feels more like a grab bag to me.

    • A Sunday Riley box should have only Sunday Riley products. Why the vibrator? Seems random.

  15. Hmmm…I’m only really interested in the robe, vibrator and deodorant. I miss being able to do box splits. 🙁

  16. Is it the “Florence Robe – Dark Navy” that is included in the box?

    • Hey Jen! It is not the exact same robe, but the most similar. The one included doesn’t have pockets and has slightly different details (also not available on their site). Look out for my review that should be posting soon!

      • Oh, soon like today or not today?

        I guess it really doesn’t matter, I clicked on the link to see the box then worried my size would sell out, so I just bought it. Should have waited to see the robe and the comment with the coupon code below lol. Oh well, looks like a great box even though I don’t need the SR products or lippie.

        • It’ll be going up tonight, very soon! 🙂

      • Thanks for the inf.

        It is navy color?

        • Hey Belen,

          The robe comes in black. Hope this helps!

          • Thanks ❤️

        • I want to know this too. I would love a black robe, but it’s hard to tell from the photo!

  17. That robe sizing is ridiculous lol. One size for 0-4, then suddenly the next size up covers 4-14 and 14-20. Hmmmm yeah no.

    • To be fair, robes are very different from something fitted like pants or a dress. They typically can fit a wider size range with one size.

    • Not ridiculous. For robes, this works just fine.

  18. Crossing my fingers it goes on sale. For everyone who has tried the Sunday reiley products in this box, have you had positive experiences?

    • LOVE everything I’ve tried so far (CEO, Good Genes are my faves). Even the Martian toner works well, while pretty stinky. My bf even commented on it, haha.

      • Ooooh will try, THANK YOU!

    • The CEO GLOW has not been released yet.

      I have not tried the CEO RAPID FLASH but my sister did and it made her break out.

      • The CEO GLow was in the January Allure beauty box. It felt luxurious going on but my skin has definitely broken out and I don’t tend to break out anymore.

        • Sorry to hear that! I got the CEO glow in my Allure box and I feel like it has taken 5 years off my face and neck in 3 weeks!

        • Bummer, I got 2 Allure boxes just for the extra Sunday Riley, but haven’t tried the CEO Glow. I have oily/acne prone skin and while I keep hearing oils are good for oily skin, they ALWAYS seem to make me break out. I haven’t tried this because even though it’s SR, I’m worried.

          • The only oil that doesn’t break me out is the Josie Maran argan oil. Everything else is a no go. Unfortunately, that includes most SR products.

          • I know where you are coming from. Luna oil from SR breaks me out. I think even the green kind meant for oily skin isn’t doing me any favors. I haven’t tried the Glow yet but really wanted to try the A+ (which seems to be working great, btw). I’m just sticking to using light moisturizers…I seem to have better luck with those than oils.

          • By the way, the Rapid Flash also included in this box definitely broke me out and was way too heavy for my skin…if you haven’t tried it yet.

          • Thank you, ladies! I love this site for this very reason (among many others!). I so appreciate the info!

    • I have tried so many different brands of serums and creams (I am addicted to subscription boxes). Sunday Riley are my favorite products. I have been using CEO for a year and it makes my skin so nice and it smells good and absorbs quickly. I got the glow oil in my last allure box and I love it. I also use Luna oil combined with good genes at night. Love! Hope this helps.

  19. Welcome10

    • YES, that works for 10% off, just tried it. THANK YOU!

      • Also, free shipping, just fyi.

  20. I love that they included a vibrator in their box! Go SR!!

  21. Want it, but does anyone have a coupon code???

    • Same

      • They were offering 10% off to do subscriptions versus one time box but I don’t see the option anymore?

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