Margot Elena Discovery Box Spring 2019 – Spoiler #2!

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We have the latest spoiler for the Spring 2019 Margot Elena box! (Thanks for the heads up, Wendy!)

Each box will include:

Lollia This Moment Perfumed Shower Gel – Retail Value $22

Orange Blossom & Honey Face Mask ($30)

What do you think of the spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

Check out our Margot Elena Discover Box reviews to learn more about the subscription!

Margot Elena Discovery Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Label created Tuesday, but hasn’t shipped…they have had a lot of snow so shipping may be slow. Looking at shipment info, I was surprised by how much smaller the Spring box is then Winter’s was. It only weighs .5 lbs, winter was 3.5 lbs The other items must be tiny and light weight as the 2 spoilers look like they would be getting close to .5 lbs including the box.

    • Mine is showing 4.6 lbs on the fedex tracking

      • That’s good….probably means FedEx entered shipment weight incorrectly for my box. Dimensions are listed as 12x9x4 inches which would likely weigh more .5 lbs.

  2. OK, so this site is deciding what to disallow now. If double posts show up, I’m sorry,

    Be very careful to get all cancellations in writing. Even after you do, put a ” non-working” but not expired card on file with them.

    Do not make important changes via their phone number. Do it in email. Save the email confirming cancellations or changes made with the date clearly visible for SEVERAL MONTHS TO A YEAR.

    They have double charged me for the past two seasons.

    I finally got an email stating they would refund one of two non-authorized charges, only because I had the email to back up my non-subscriber status. I was charged shortly after they’d shipped out the Winter boxes. January.. for a box that won’t arrive until mid- March.

    • How frustrating. I’m sorry that has happened to you. I have had mainly good experiences in dealing with their customer service by phone, but I have always asked for a screen shot confirming any changes to my account. I hope that approach may help others, too.

  3. Since we share a love of our little hobby, the surprise subscription boxes, we have a bond of sorts, I believe.

    Because of this, I’d like to caution EVERYONE who subscribes to this box to 1) Notify them of your request to cancel the subscription as soon as you possibly can after receiving the last box.

    2) Keep the cancellation email or emails you receive from them, because you may need them.

    They billed me for 2 Winter boxes, and made me accept the 2 boxes, although it was a mistake on their part. I could see how it happened due to an email change at that time, and was giving benefit of doubt.

    They really didn’t work with me regarding the double billing/ shipping, but when I did speak to the right after the holidays and asked that both the accounts be cancelled so I could comfortably start over close to the Spring box selling period, they charged me in January for one email’s box, which I had no time interval between phone call with CS and an email to possibly cancel. The charge was likely put through on the day I spoke with thiem in January.

    I didn’t check my charges that closely on my CC statement, and didn’t find it until this week, when I received not one, but 2 shipping notices.

    They had charged a second closed account for the Spring box.

    I have all the emails, and I am taking this to the proper channels.

    I do want to caution everyone about keeping your emails, and not doing anything important over their toll free phone number. If I didn’t care, I would not bring this to the group.

    In closing, I have loved their products. I think the founder is likely a sharp and capable businesswoman who has no idea of what’s going on with the CS personnel.
    I’ll never feel the same way about the box or the company because of the hassle and the way they called me a liar in emails.

    I wish all of you better luck. The products are usually very nice.

    • I’m pretty sure their exact words were not you’re a liar.

  4. I am so looking forward to this box! I am sooo happy it will be here soon! It is such a beautiful subscription!

    • I was happy to get my shipping email but dealing with their customer service has regretting getting this box. I recently moved and updated my address before there cut off. Well their records did not update and after speaking directly to customer service to fix my address, the box is still being shipped to the wrong address. So disappointed that I may be canceling this box. And ideas on how to reroute the box?

      • Not sure, but I logged into my account too. I am moving next month and have to change my address. I noticed there are multiple links in the account where my address is listed. In the billing tab for my CC and the general link for my account. Once I move, I am going to make sure all are changed to correct address and call/email them as well.

      • Their CS is what I’d call ” impaired”.

        Dispute the charge with your card issuer and never regret not getting the box, is my best advice.

        They are not doing things in anywhere near basic protocols, and it’s not just me. Read other posts here.

    • I have had a tracking number for two days and it hasn’t left the warehouse yet. Still hoping to see some kind of unboxings.

      • On Instagram there is a girl who posted her Spring box. Search #MargotElena (“recent” tab when results show)

        • Thank you 🙂

  5. My Spring box is set to deliver tomorrow!! I am so excited but feel like the suspense is killing me. Has anyone found any unboxing videos or other spoilers yet?? I’m sure some people who live closer to the ME warehouse are getting their boxes today 😊

    • Mine’s supposed to come Friday, but I’m dying to know.

    • Please post spoilers when your box arrives! Mine hasn’t even left the warehouse yet. The anticipation is killing me.

      • On INSTAGRAM a girl hashtagged hers #MargotElena

        • Thanks for sharing the good news!

    • Mine will be here Saturday. Can’t wait!

    • Pleaseeee let us know what you get! I’m dying for spoilers that it’s hard for me to focus at work LOL

      I keep annoying my boyfriend and now I’ve made “Margot Elena” a household name LOL

      • Go to Instagram and search for #margotelena! If you click recent posts there’s a picture of the Spring box ❤️❤️❤️

        • It looks really good to me! I just received a message telling me that the boxes are delayed due to snow storms, but I don’t mind it too much now that I’m excited about the contents!

          • Yes! I think it looks amazing! It’s full of actual bath/body products instead of fillers (kissing bell I’m looking at you lol!) 😍

  6. They’re sending out shipping emails already 😮 no 3rd spoiler, not sold out — it’s just so odd. It’s not that i want the spoiler, it’s just that it deviates from their usual pattern.

  7. Yay! Just got my shipping email! I am so excited! I don’t live in The States, so I have to wait for the box to be spoiled to see what’s in it! Then I have to wait for the box to be brought back to me, then I have to wait for the box to get bright to me in April, to use the products!

  8. I check multiple reviews before I subscribe to any box but once I subscribe, I want the surprise factor. The boxes are my present to myself & I want the fun of opening a present. Spoilers ruin the fun once I commit.

    • Then you probably shouldn’t be frequenting the spoiler sight.

  9. I’m getting a popup ad for Margot Elena, which shows the contents of a Spring box. My annual sub started with last year’s Summer box, so I don’t know if this would be last year’s Spring box, or the coming one. But, two of the items in it look as if they could be these two spoilers, so maybe it’s this year’s. I took a screenshot.

    Question: If they renew my sub, does anyone know if they renew it as another annual, or do they switch it to seasonal?

    • I thought the same thing and came to investigate but it’s last years Spring box! Very similar shapes to the released Spoilers. You can see it on MSA if you search Margot Elena Spring 2018. Dyeing to know what we are getting!

  10. Any idea when this is supposed to ship?

    • I’ve been told they typically ship their boxes mid-month… so not too long to go! 🙂

    • I got an email that said March 11, when I was discussing a payment inquiry. So, let’s see!! I also thinks it’s weird there is no other spoiler!! This is only my second box and I was hoping for one by now!

      • *think
        Lol, I felt like JarJar for a second! 😀

    • I just got my shipping notice today

  11. I’m completely surprised there’s no 3rd spoiler yet nor is the box sold out almost a week into march. I missed out twice on this box since i have to save up for it and always sells out by the time i got the extra money. Now i managed to subscribe and just radio silence

    • I almost want to be “that” person who asks CS for updates… its just a bit weird paying 50.00 and not having spoilers since a month ago! Its nice supporting smaller companies but also worries me a lil 😬😬😬

  12. I would love another spoiler. PLEASE!!!!!

    • This is the first time this box wasn’t sold out this close to the shipping date. Maybe they added more boxes.

  13. I canceled a while ago and was just billed

    • If you have proof of cancelation you can dispute the charge with your credit card company. A lot of people have reported these issues with Margot Elena.

    • Thanks for sharing because the same thing happened to me! I emailed them and should be getting a refund. I hope you are also able to get a refund.

  14. I know a lot of you did not like the kissing bell, however, I was able to hang it from my office door which allows me to hear when my kids go into my office. So there may not be any “kissing under the bell” but its a great alarm system. 🙂

    • Great idea! Thanks.

    • I used mine for a tinker bell for my dog. She was used to a dog door but we’ve moved she rings it to go outside.

  15. I need another spoiler!!! I can’t wait for my Spring box!!!!

  16. I thought the Kimono was beautiful and loved it. The only thing I didn’t like was the Kissing Bell, and I gave that away.

  17. This box is so nice, but yes…the ‘fake’ smells are starting to turn me off. I do like some Cottage Greenhouse, and some of the Tokyo Milk… I loved the print on the kimono, but it’s huge and wish it came with a robe style belt. The turkish towel from a previous box was nice.

    • Hi, if you’d like to sell it.. please let me know. I would be interested. TIA

      • I’ll sell you my kimono.

      • Hi Evelyn,
        do you the box itself or the kimono?
        Kimono is not my style.

        • Just the kimono.

          • I would sell mine
            Let me know

  18. Did anyone figure out a way to use or wear the kimono? It seemed to slide right off. I thought it needed a belt at least, and still isn’t my style.

    • I turned it into 2 scarves. It cost me $15, but at least now it’s wearable :))

      • What did you do to it? Can you explain what was done? Thanks.

    • I used a stretchy clasp belt to close it under a cami and wore it with skinny jeans.

    • Today I wore mine over a coral sundress! It’s so slinky and gorgeous! Everyone compliments me everywhere I go and one person wanted to know where I got it. I’m okay with the large size because I love the billowing when it’s windy! The dress I wore underneath it was tight enough to compliment my body curves so it’s fine to be loose.

    • I use it as a scarf. I just kind of twist it up and wrap it around my neck.

  19. Two spoilers and I’m already super excited about this box! December was my first ME box and though the robe and that weird kissing bell were disappointing I absolutely loved everything else (that Lollia bubble bath is amazing). I actually just cancelled my FFF box in favor of this one since after turning 40 FFF doesn’t seem to appeal to me as much anymore (also I feel their curation has become less cohesive and more just random items thrown together). So happy I found this box through MSA ❤️

  20. I love this box so much. Even if a lifestyle item is a Miss for me it’s usually swapable. Anyone who doesn’t want their shower gel; I’ll happily swap for it!

    • There are 71 kimonos on the swap site. 🙂

  21. Hoping for more Cottage Greenhouse. Lollia is too perfumey for me.

    • Everything I have tried from Margo Elena is too perfumey for me even the Cottage Greenhouse. It’s not what I think of as natural scents even in the botanical sense, my nose says it’s synthesized. The packaging and concept seem inviting but the perfumed fragrance…give me a headache. I guess enough other folks enjoy it without issue so that’s nice.

      • I needed to see this info. I have wanted desperately (or so I thought) to sub to this box. I can’t justify the cost for what comes in it. I am very picky about scents.

        I just received a swap last week where the swapper included a ToyoMilk French Kiss No 15 Bon Bon Shea Butter Lotion sample (actually two small ones). I opened one and put it on the back of my hands. It was too strong. I thought it was powdery scented at first. Then I realized there was something more behind the scent. It was odd.

        Anyway, I’ll just keep watching everyone’s fun boxes, and keep my money for something else.

  22. I cancelled my subscription but only the day before billing so they still billed me and I’ll get the box. I’m happy to see some shower gel since that’s my favorite thing of their products. I’ve cancelled since I really don’t *need* more products but I’m excited to see what else is in there.

  23. I loved the scented items in the Winter box, but I was disappointed with the robe, mug, kissing bell, etc. If anyone from Margot Elena is reading this, can you tell me how many items will be scented vs. “lifestyle”?

    • I agree 100%!!!

    • I loved the mug. It’s holding my eye liners.

      • The problem with the winter box’s lifestyle items was that they were kind of fussy. For example, the mug is pretty but cannot go in the microwave. It’s too cold to even wear the robe indoors where I live.

      • To be fair, my mother-in-law loved it (and the kimono), but it really doesn’t match my taste, and I subscribed to Margot Elena in winter because I really love the scents! For those who love the lifestyle items and/or are on scented product overload, I think it would also be good to know how many to expect 🙂

      • I love the mug.. I use it to hold my makeup brushes.. and the robe is folded over and on top of my dresser, kind of like a little scarf on the dresser, I added a tray, the candle, and a framed picture .. It is a pop a color for the room … Love it.. Kissing bell was odd, but I kept it..

    • Yeah the winter box had me questioning whether I should my annual or if I’m losing interest. I’ll see how the spring one is before deciding whether to do one at a time boxes or annual.

      • Ditto – that kimono was a huge disappointment for me, this is the 2nd box where I did not care for the priciest item in the box. I think this box will be the deciding factor for me. Please make it good, so far so good. I was starting to think I should just get what I would choose when they have a sale..

    • Aside from the kissing bell I LOVED the winter box but it does seem like a lot of other people didn’t. One thing I do appreciate about the lifestyle items in ME is that the assigned retail doesn’t seem at ridiculous as some other boxes. Even if the kimono, mug, bell, and cards weren’t your style there was still over $100 in body and bath products in the box which was still a good deal in my opinion. Hoping to see a lot of Cottage Greenhouse items in this box as they are by far my favorite of hers.

  24. Yay I love shower gels

  25. I would love to know how to log in also! I am very excited about this box. However, I am always excited to get Margo Elena.💗

  26. I loved the winter box and I can’t wait to receive the spring one. When I open the Margot Elena box it is so well themed and everything goes together. It really is my personal splurge and has such a lux feel. Can’t wait to receive it and see what else they include.

  27. I’m so glad they are including this scent. I’ve been wanting to try it! ❤️

  28. Ordered as my birthday gift and loving it!

  29. I like both spoilers so far! The scents sound lovely and I haven’t tried them yet.

  30. Yay!!! Shower products are my favorite, and this is a brand new scent. Perfect product for a discovery box.

    • Me too! I tend to burn through shower/bath items pretty quickly so I don’t have a massive, multi-year sub box stash lying around like I do with makeup and skincare (how many palettes and mascaras can one girl own!!???!!!).

      This box can do no wrong in my eyes, but these spoilers look right up my alley. Yay!

  31. Does anyone know how to log into your account at Margot Elena? I have an annual account (and love it), but I can’t remember how to log in to see my account. Thanks in advance!! @lizcadman

    • Tap / click on the top left corner of the main page (3 lines). At the very end of the list, there is a link for “Account.” Hope that makes sense!

      • Thank you!!

    • And if you don’t see it (it doesn’t show on my phone), tap any of the right arrows on the list, and “My Account” is the first thing you see.

    • Click on the three parallel lines on the top left then click on Shop By and then My Account. 🙂

      • Thank you!!

  32. Margot Elena boxes are always so luxurious and the fragrances are so feminine! I have been subscribed over a year now and love this box!

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