Macy’s Beauty Box March 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have FULL SPOILERS for the March Macy’s Beauty Box!

Macy's March Spoiler

March’s theme is Galactic Muse:

This month your beauty looks will take a journey out of this world with our cosmic-inspired skin care, makeup and fragrance samples.

The March box will include:

  • Makeup Bag
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Essense
  • Mugler ALIEN Eau de Parfum Spray
  • Mugler Men’s ALIEN MAN Eau de Toilette Spray, Created for Macy’s
  • Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Peeling Gel
  • Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
  • Skin Glow by Skin Gym Hydra-Gel Eye Mask
  • Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow

What do you think of the spoilers for the March 2019 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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  1. I tried to place an order using the $10 coupon, but it only took off $5 (online).. wha?? Anyone else have that issue? I really do love the sub – they have great items and I absolutely love the bags… but I am so bummed about the minimum for free shipping. I have not ordered several impulse buys because of that and now this goofy thing.

    • The same thing happened to me. When I applied my $10 coupon only $5 was taken off my order so I called Macy’s customer service. A nice agent tried to help me and eventually put me on hold to talk to a supervisor. She came back and told me they could only apply the $5. I asked to speak to the supervisor who basically told me there was nothing she could do. She told me the beauty box coupons are $5. I told her that some months Macy’s nicely sends a $10 coupon. I couldn’t believe I was spending all this time arguing for $5 and asked if she thought I was lying, which she denied, because I could send a picture of the coupon. She told me to send the picture and customer service will get back to me. They did and gave me the full $10 in a credit. They didn’t seem to care about my comments about their customer service and made no comment back regarding them.

    • I had the same issue. I called customer service and placed my order over the phone for eyeshadow palette. They did take off the $10 and gave me free shipping too. The item was $35 with coupon.

  2. Is anyone else having issues with their coupon? I entered the code at checkout and only $5 was deducted instead of $10.

    Last month, my flier and coupon was missing altogether. I e-mailed customer service and was told they’d deduct $10 off my next box. I ended up being charged full-price this month and again contacted CS. I was bounced around to 3 different agents and eventually was told they’d e-mail me a $10 code within half an hour, which of course never came. And now I’m having issues yet again this month.

    I almost wish they wouldn’t even offer the coupons if they aren’t going to include them consistently and if they aren’t going to work as stated on the coupon itself.

  3. Does anyone know what size SKII this could be?

    • I was wondering the same thing. My guess is it’s the same size I just received as a gwp from Sephora, which was 10ml, but I’m only guessing!

      • Received my box yesterday.
        Yes, it was that size.

        • Inaccurate! The SK-11 is 30 ml / 1 fl. oz. The Stila Eye Shadow In Fairy Tail was the full size item this month. Includes a $10 beauty coupon.

          • Wow, this really turned out to be an excellent box!

          • Wow, that’s a pretty big size of the SK-ll ! I wish this box were still available for purchase!

  4. So lame that you have to sub so far in advance. They finally put out a box I want and I can’t get it because the month starts as April.

    • I contacted customer service and this was their response “For subscription made after 21st day of the month, you will receive the next month Beauty box which is March.”

      • Ooof, those liars! When I got to the checkout page it says it starts with April.:(

  5. Does anyone know if they try to recharge you if your payment method on file is declined and you update it right away? They tried to charge me today and it crossed with my Macy’s payment (I’ve never been charged this early for my beauty sub). I spent two hours on the phone and with online chat and apparently not a single person in any department knows anything about how this works. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • I noticed that mine was billed today along with my boxycharm i think I wonder if it has anything to do with it being that February is a short month? I’m not sure but did find it weird that I had authorizations for both beauty boxes on the same day.

    • I had a huge argument and didn’t get the first box bc I had it attached to a separate card I have to reload- they bill early and ONCE. I made a lot of calls to their call centers, cs at the store and there is no way you’ll end up getting this, I am so sorry- I wanted that first one!

    • I didn’t get my January shipment because my bank had cancelled my debit card and sent me a new one due to fraud concerns without notifying me. Macy’s charged my old card before I had gotten my new card. The charge didn’t go through they tried once several days before they were supposed to charge and immediately cancelled that month. I’ve been a subscriber since the beginning and I updated my information with another card same day and they wouldn’t reinstate that month.

    • My payment was declined once. My old card expired…new card updated right away but….I did not get that months box…I think if you miss the billing…you are out of luck.

    • I don’t think you will get the March box. My credit card number was stolen right before the February box was billed and I forgot to change my billing information. I called right away when I saw the email and after talking to three people, they were no help at all. They actually had the story changed by the time I got to the third person. I did go online and add a different card, but they never tried to bill again. I did not get the February box.

    • Same thing happened to me. I called customer service and they said that the March box was no longer available. Sadly, I missed out on March, but will be getting Aprils. I changed my payment info right away so this will not happen again

  6. I basically just stay subbed to Macy’s for the makeup bags. They are really nice quality. The one that we got in July was blue was silver stars and is my go to bag that I throw in my purse. It was really well made and believe me it has taken a beating and still looks brand new. I have had the sub for a little under a year and I will say that the same are really small, HOWEVER, there are times that they throw in FULL SIZE items. Last month it was a full size ABH red Liquid lip, Dec was a Rituals shower foam. The coupons were great too that is until January where now they have a minimum for purchases. Last year there there was no minimum for beauty purchases and I made out really well using the 5.00 coups on NYX eyeliners that were shipped for free and wound up costing me about 6.50 cash. I am kind of bummed that now there is a $49 minimum for free shipping. My closest store is 95 miles away so unless I have to go to that area for something else my coupons will no longer be used. I was able to use one last coupon when I called customer service to place the order. I will be checking to see if they have updated the wording inside the pamphlet that comes with the box because last month it was still saying free shipping on beauty purchases but on the site there was that minimum so if they have not changed the pamphlet you may be able to call customer service and claim that it says it there to get your free shipping. It will be worth a try. As far as this box is concerned, I have a full size one of the PTR and a travel size one too already it is a great product but I never use it so most likely it will be passed on to someone who can use it. Hoping that the Stila is a color I do not already own cause those are awesome and excited to try the SKII, that is something that is out of my budget to purchase and that bag looks awesome. So while the box does not blow me away like some of my other subs, (BoxyCharm, BoxyLuxe) I keep it for the occasional full size item and the makeup bags that I love.

  7. All I want is the bag too. Click on my name if you would like to swap, thanks

  8. I’ve never disappointed since I subscribed to this beauty box! I’ve tried most of beauty boxes but this one is the best so far! Keep going macys with these amazing boxes and products

  9. All I want is that bag! <3

    • I had this sub for 3-4 months and they do have some nice bags! I thought the quality was, pretty much always, better than Ipsys. I just wasn’t happy with the small products for the $15 cost. If they would allow us to opt out of the coupon, and pay $10, I’d go back.

  10. Does Macy’s allow you to use multiple $5 beauty coupons on a single item?

    • no

    • Nope. One per purchase.

    • No I tried it last week. I had a $10 and a $5.00. I had done the math in my head and knew what it should’ve been. The cashier scanned and entered them both as a coupon. When she told me the amount I said “I don’t think it took both coupons” she said “it did, come look”. When I looked I pointed out that it took one and the other looked as if it had been entered but the amount was not deducted. The point is to be careful if they say yes. Double check that they both went. If I hadn’t been paying attention my $5.00 would’ve been thrown away.

  11. I got an email today…they already charged me for March and says it will ship on 3/4. Super excited.

    • Feb 22nd is too early to charge for a March subscription. This irritates me. I am really liking the contents of this box tho!

  12. Perfect box. I’ve been subscribing to Macy’s box for a few months now and never been disappointed. Customer service is awesome too.

    • You’ve had good luck with their CS? I’ve had absolutely awful experiences! Like, trying not to cry it was so awful. They didn’t include my flyer in this month’s box, and they would not do anything about it. (Well they offered me a 10% off general coupon that doesn’t apply to beauty!) They kept telling me it was already discounted so I couldn’t get a coupon. It was so frustrating. It was the second time I had to call this month. I changed addresses in December, they shipped to the old address, I changed again in January, they sent to the old address again. I changed well before the cutoff too. So I had to have someone mail the box to my school address. When I called about it they told me they couldn’t do anything, not even look up the shipping address. When I complained on their Facebook page they told me to send my order number and they would work on it. I did and they told me I’d have to call CS. Absolute runaround to look like they care.

      I love the subscription so much, one of my favorites! But they CS is so rotten I’m considering unsubscribing.

  13. Yay! Love everything in this box! Can’t wait…

  14. I cancelled a long time ago because their boxes are so disappointing but this one is amazing and of course they won’t let you sign up for it now! Too bad they could have had a new subscriber but since they won’t let me start until April I will not sign up again.

    • That’s the hard part with the Macy’s box…. you’ll always be subbing blind. The good news is that you can get the bags in the actual stores too. I’m not sure if it’s all stores though. But from what I’ve heard from staff is that they sell out super fast. I’ve tried twice in the past, and was told that when they said they no longer had any, so I gave up and decided to take my chances with a sub (fortunately, I’ve never really seen a month that didn’t appeal to me so I’m okay going in blind 🙂 ).

    • Thats what im saying…. i want this box… they would’ve had me back.
      Guess i will wait for april spoilers lol.

  15. Meh…sort of middle of the road for me. I’m having a hard time canceling this one because I can’t see spoilers before ordering. So I’ll keep it for a while…

  16. That SKII… Jealous!

  17. I’m so bummed that we can’t order this now!! 🙁

  18. This is a good one! I already own everything in this box except maybe the cologne/perfume samples (and depending on the exact color of the Stila), but these are all some of the most beloved items out there.

  19. So bummed I wanted to get this box but says first box will be April! What a huge disappointment! It’s still February!

    • That’s how the Macy’s subscription always worked.

    • really? oh man I saw this and wanted to sub as well.

    • Yes, I have the same issues this months.

  20. I don’t even sub to this box and got charged for it today. Btw, their customer service sucks and didn’t want to give me MY money back after admitting it was their fault

  21. I have not been tempted by Macy’s box in a long time I got the first one and quickly canceled but I’m actually interested in this if we sign up today will we get March or February

    • It shows online that subscriptions will start with April 🙁

    • Neither. You’ll get April.

  22. This will be my first Macy’s box in almost a year, and I think my subscription is off to a great start. I’ll gift the Stila item & men’s cologne, but everything else looks good!

    • What color did you get for the Stila???

      • These are March spoilers. She won’t know until next month 🙂

      • I’m assuming I’ll be getting the color pictured, but this will be gifted regardless since I don’t wear eyeshadow. 🙂

        • The color is Fairy Tail – they say it in the Macy’s spoiler vid.

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