Ipsy March 2019 Add-On Spoilers!

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We have spoilers for the March 2019 Ipsy Add-Ons! Good to know: Sample size Add-Ons are $3 and full-size products are $12. Shipping is free, and any additional products you purchase will arrive with your upcoming Glam Bag. You can buy up to 3 Add-Ons every month.

Here are some of the Add-On options:

  • Wander Beauty Unlashed Mascara

  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

The March Add-Ons should be available starting at 6 AM PT on March 2nd. Are you going to buy any of these?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Is there a way to see the choices again AFTER you chose? I just like to look but can’t seem to see them?

  2. The bum bum cream is still available!!! I added Youth To The People facial cleanser & the Cake cream! On top of that, my Glambag is awesome this month!

  3. I checked 15 minutes ago and the add-ons were available, already got mine! 🙂

  4. Just ordered my ad ons – got hand cream and blush brush.

    • I got the ILLAMASQUA, the Disco Kitten and Bum Bum. BumBum, I already love but want to give it to my daughter so she will stop stealing mine!!!

  5. Hmmm. None of those are tempting to me. Looking forward to seeing what else is offered.

  6. I live in Alabama. The weather is up and down. Rain then cold then 70 next week said would be in the 20s. My face and migraines r going crazy. I cant think right now what time will I get a email. I missed December and Jan. But I looked out for last month and got 3 things . I also got my stuff really fast I was shocked. Thanks
    Does anyone know a good sheet mask? Thanks again

    • My favorite sheet masks were in my first ever Ipsy bag a while back – BioRepublic Aloe Rescue & Green Tea Detox masks. They were the first sheet masks I’d ever tried and they made my skin look and feel so nice that I’ve loved sheet masks ever since.

      I’ve tried quite a few different masks since then, but I still think those rise above the others.

  7. I want the Cake hand cream. I tend to lean towards hand/body creams and face wash/masks. I hope I don’t get another bronzer or lip gloss.

  8. I would love to get some of these, but every time they are offered, it seems to be on a weekend day, and I never get a notification. Bums the neck out of me.

    • It’s on the 2nd of each month

  9. I live in Mi which is Eastern and this month the add ons were there at 7:30 when they were not suppose to be up til 9 Est. So I will be checking at 7:30 for these as well. I felt bad for people who were waiting til time posted when they will sell out but so many people could not get on they didn’t sell out that fast luckily.

  10. The bum bum cream is a $3.00 cream and mostly full of air . The reason you smell buttered popcorn on the other copacobana cream is that they sell popcorn on the beach in Rio and this cream supposed to be reminiscent of the beach experience of Rio. I read this in an article where they mentioned this

    • That’s really cool to know!

  11. I’d really like to try the Illamasqua. It has great reviews online. I did check yes for it on the Improve My Bag quiz. So hopefully it comes in my bag.

    • That’s good to know.

  12. Did anyone not get their add on items in the February bag? Ipsy finally sent me the two replacement items since they were not in my glam bag however one of the items they sent me wasn’t what I purchased. I was sent the Glamglow illuminating moisturizer instead of the brush I ordered. I’m going to email them again this morning and ask for a refund. I did get the Purlisse coconut oil and coffee body butter and I am in love. I will definitely order a full size once this is gone.

    • Yes, that happened to me, too! I ordered two add on items for my February bag–the Tonymoly lipstick and the Hanalei lip[ balm. They sent the Tonymoly, but not the Hanalei. I emailed ipsycare and they replied quickly, saying they’d send the Hanalei out to me. Haven’t received it yet, but I’m sure I will–their customer service is good. Hearing this, I hope they send the right item, though! Hope your situation is resolved quickly and easily!

      • Same here, was missing the Hanalei lip treatment, but got the Purlisse Coconut Coffee lotion.

    • Hi!! This happened go me as well i ordered the dual ennded brush and they sent me an exfoliator instead! I emailed them and they were supose to send me the brush but i recieved the replacement yesterday and it was a HUDABEAUTY fullsize liquid lipstick!! I’m kinda bummed because i really wanted that brush , but I’m just gonna enjoy what i got instead of complaining because they always make it right when something goes wron4even if it’s a different item, at least they sent me something!! A lot of other companies won’t even do that so I’m grateful!! I hope everything works out for ya!!💖💖

      • I received a response from Ipsy and they will issue me a refund for $3.25 the cost of the brush. I really wanted the brush as well. I know exactly what happened. They sold out of the brush and instead of just telling me that in our email conversation they sent me some random item as a replacement. I will give them a pass this time because I have never had this type of issue with them before.

      • I did get a response from Ipsy and they are going to refund me the $3.25 I paid for the brush. I really wanted the brush as well. I’m pretty sure they sold out of the brush and sent some random item in its place. I wish they had been honest and said they no longer have the brush and just let me pick an item. Instead they sent me something I’m not going to use.

      • I never even saw a dual brush. I saw the it brush.

    • I haven’t had any problems with the add-ons. In February I ordered the Pixi glow tonic and received it in my ipsy bag.

    • They sent me 2/3 of the items I ordered. They told me the son & park cream was out of stock so I got a refund for that.

  13. Oh good! At least I can add on the one thing I’m actually interested in if I don’t get it in my Glambag.

  14. This time I’ll remember to check out after selecting my add-ons!!!! 😀

    • 😂

  15. Once again… very nice add-on’s! I’ll be adding on the Wander Beauty mascara, Cake Milk cream and the Bum Bum cream. I’m so excited for March… IGP has been such a great experience, thus far.

  16. Bum bum cream comes in three sizes. A sample size,a travel size and a full size. The photo shows the sample size so I am guessing it will be $3 dollars

  17. Any one know that bum bum cream will be 3 or 12 dollars?

    • Looks like the smaller size , so probably $3.

  18. I’m totally going to need a few of those add ons! Can’t wait.

  19. I want the Bum Bum Cream!!!!! Love it! Can’t stand the Sol de Janiero cream. It smells like buttered popcorn! It must be the praline in it.

    • Linda Novak,
      No, actually, I think it is the Popcorn smell of it that is so objectionable. It makes me gag no matter how much I may like the cream…It is totally unusable for me.

      I actually like praline…

  20. I may grab the hydra veil moisturizer if it’s not in my bag already but that’s it so far. I know I’m in the minority here, but I do not like the smell of the bum bum cream. Not even a little. 😄

    • I hate it too. The smell actually makes me nauseous, and I’m not particularly scent sensitive. I got the other SDJ in my Boxycharm and I’m afraid to open it. 😄

    • Same here! I bought the bum bum cream as an add-on one month after seeing all the raving reviews but I just hated it. Such a bummer. Now the hydra veil I am very interested in 🙂

    • Same here!! I tried a tiny sample packet of it not too long ago, and the scent lingered all day, and even made me a bit nauseous after a while. Last year, the Bum Bum cream was even missing from one of the New Beauty LE boxes, and I didn’t even bother to contact them for a replacement. Lol! I think I’m not really a fan though because I’m not really into vanilla scents, but I can see how it would be perfect for those that are! I think I have a very weird sense of smell because I actually do like the new Sol de Janeiro cream that everybody hates and says smells like buttered popcorn. I don’t know what scent I smell when I’ve tried it, but definitely not buttered popcorn. 😀

  21. Guess I’m setting an alarm for 5:50 am Saturday. Thanks Ipsy…

  22. All over that Bum Bum cream!

  23. I predict that the Bum Bum Cream will sell out in less than 30 minutes.

    Being up at 6:00am on Saturday isn’t toooo difficult for me, I just stay up a couple hours later Friday night 😉

    Most of all, I am thrilled that we get these spoilers, THANK YOU Liz and team!!

    • I’m with you on just staying up an extra couple of hours 🙂 also going for the Bum Bum cream.

      • 6:00 am in which time zone please?

  24. 9a.m. Is your 6a.m. We’re up at the same time really! Only the clock is different! 😉

  25. If I see that Morphe bronzer (or any bronzer OR highlighter for that matter) in one more box…well…I guess I’ll deal with it, but I won’t like it.


    • Ipsy will allow you to opt out of two types of items.. My choice was highlighters and bronzers, I have been assured that I will no longer receive either in both my GBP and regular bag. Just email Ipsycare.

      • I’m so happy to hear it will apply for both bags! I opted out of highlighters and bronzers as well several weeks ago before I was able to add Ipsy Plus to my account. I was hoping my opt-outs would be kept out of both subscriptions. I have a ridiculous amount of bronzers which I sometimes wear and even more highlighters that I never wear.

        • I wouldn’t count on your glam bag opt outs extending to your Plus. Mine did not. I recieved bronzer and blush in my first GBP, both of which I was opted out of on my regular glam bag. I had to contact them and tell them I wanted it to apply to my Plus as well.

          • Oh no! Thanks for sharing Nicole! I’ll definitely email them but it’s probably too late for March. I’m assuming they’ve already made our box selections since they’re about to share with us.

          • Oh no! Thanks for sharing Nicole! I’ll definitely email them but it’s probably too late for March. I’m assuming they’ve already made our box selections since they’re about to share them with us.

    • Kinda how i.feel about fake lashes lol but yeah I need another highlighter like i need the flu lol I bought a blush palette and a highlighter palette before sub boxes decided to overload us on them and now I wanna scream .

  26. 6am on a Saturday? Pfft. These will be sold out quick, and I am not setting an alarm to wake up early for these. None of these look worth it.

    • Probably because it’s already 9am for eastern folks. I’m glad I’m central, my kids usually have me up before 8am.

    • I agree that it’s stupid to make people on the west coast have to wake up that early on a Saturday. What does it hurt to push it to 9am PST; then most of the country will be awake (sorry Hawaii) anyway.

      I’m CST, so I guess I have an “advantage” this way, but I agree that these don’t look like they’re worth my day of sleeping in…

      • Maybe giving us easterners the “advantage” is our reward for putting up with this horrible winter weather HAHAHA is it spring yet???

        • Lol

    • would if it were 6am PST. I randomly woke up at 5:10am, and the add-ons were already live. it really screws over those of us who are on the west coast. if I had awaken at my usual 6:30am, all the good stuff would be gone.

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