Ipsy Glam Bag Plus February 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the February 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus(These are all the items they are possibly sending subscribers in February. Every subscriber will receive 5 items. Boxes will vary based on your profile.)

Here are all the items included in February:

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

HANALEI Sugar Lip Scrub

TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence

FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel OR Nob Hill Red

IT COSMETICS Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette

IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6

TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette

WANDER BEAUTY Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara

MAELLE BEAUTY Sunkissed Bronzer

PURLISSE Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

PARK Beauty Filter Cream Glow

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

This subscription is in waitlist mode. It is $25 a month. You need to have a regular $10 glam bag membership in order to upgrade to Plus. Sign up here!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Praying to get the palettes mostly. The mascara and that first item I already got.. praying for no repeats.

  2. Also really hoping for the bronzer. Prob the only bronzer ive seen and truly wanted in years.

    • same here. make sure to update your “beauty preferences” TODAY, if You haven’t already.

    • Yes its very beautiful

  3. .

  4. This is a good box. I want to sub but not sure how since I haven’t received an invite to sub.

    • Email Ipsy and ask them, you’ll never get one otherwise. In order to get mine I put my regular glam bag on hold and then came back a month later and told them if I haven’t been happy with my glam bag (which is true) and have only been hanging in there for the Plus and at that point I wasn’t sure how much longer I wanted to play that game. They had no problem sending me an invite and I actually got off the waitlist for February. This was a few weeks ago.

      • Thanks Nicole. I just sent them an email. I’ll see what happens.

      • I got a reply back from Ipsy. I will be added to the waitlist for the waitlist. LOL!

        • Keep bugging them. I was only on the waitlist for 1 day.

    • I’ve been interested in giving the Glam Bag a shot for a few months, so I recently re-started my Ipsy sub. I emailed CS to inquire about how to get the Glam Bag (I know they have a FAQ, but that’s dated from back in August, plus I’ve heard from different people different ways how they got their Glam Bags), and CS replied telling me that they put me in the next bucket of people to get emails to sign up for the waitlist. So essentially they told me that they put me on the waitlist to sign up for *the* waitlist. lol!!! 😀

      • Tbe what they told me. They said id have to unpause *before* they’d put me on the waitist for the wait list! Im thinking of canceling cos im fed up with the normal glam bag. They haven’t resealed my bags properly after adding in my add-ons. I think they’ve fallen out during shipping and I’m tired of emailing customer service constantly

  5. Hoping for the LXMI, the essence and the Tarte!

    • Your picks are mine as well. N since we get 5 products add on the Purlisse mask/exfoliator and the IT brush😊

  6. That lxmi balm to oil is amazing. It might be a repeat, but it’s worth receiving. I may buy it if its available as an add on.

    Really hoping for the son and park, the it brush, the shadow palette, and I’ll be happy with any of the rest. Hopefully I dont get the NYx, but every single glam bag has been perfect for me, so its more than alright to not get a perfect bag one month 🙂

  7. I already got a lot of the repeats so I’ll take what’s New! I’m betting the repeats are for a lot who just got off the wait list. Those finding fernidad lipsticks smell so bad. Hope I don’t get that tho lol

  8. Why are there so many repeats already? That is not a good sign. I skipped last month, but I am kind of regretting that. I hope I get the bronzer, LXMI (I just ran out and I love it), the beauty cream, and the eyeshadow palette.

    • i agree i want to suspend this months subscription again…

    • I thought the ‘repeats’ are products new members are going to get?

  9. I want the brush and the Tony moly green tea 🙂

  10. Nyx??? So glam 🙄. I hope I don’t get the lib scrub again and lxmi makes me break out. I’m cool with everything else though. I’d really love the tarte and it cosmetics palette lol

    • Agree that a brand you can buy at Target should not be part of this sub.

    • NYX is a favorite in Ipsy. They feature a decent amount of their products. Remember, Ipsy’s target demo is pretty young.

  11. They only thing I’d like to avoid is the nyx palette… I want the it brush and the son and park…. everything else I’d be happy with. Oh, except the flesh colored lippie, hell to the no.

    The only repeat item for me would be the purlisse mask. I love masks, so I am good with that…

  12. I’m overall happy with this. I loved that oil to balm (and what a great company!) so I might add on another one if available. Perfect bag would include the brush, eyeshadow, either of the k-beauty items,neutral pink lipstick, and that bronzer. I changed my profile to only neutral/pink lip colors so let’s hope that they follow that! I am surprised to see the NYX, but it does look pretty and I do wear blush.

    • Mine says neutral colors on lips too and every time I get dark red colors so frustrated.

  13. I’m really excited about the green tea essence and beauty glow cream. I’m hoping I don’t get the mascara (it’s nice, but I already have it), the blush palette (I already had one and got rid of it), the mask (already received it), and the nude lipstick ( I hate nudes, especially pinky ones like that). Everything else I’d be pleased to receive. They do seem to be going a bit heavy on the repeats, and I’m not a fan of the nyx palette at all, but everything else seems exciting and different. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the items included and love that they include socially conscious brands–like how the LXMI said they pay east African workers 3 times the average wages there. Although, I do bet they’re probably not paying the workers as much as they would in the US and are still making a profit off the lower wages.

  14. This box is way too new to have so many repeats month after month. At least no Eyeko this month.

  15. Why all the repeats already? I have gotten half of those already skin better not get them again.

  16. I really dislike that lipstick, as I’ve had samples from regular Ipsy and thought it was awful!
    For once I’m hoping for no lipstick!
    I’ve received the Mask, lip scrub and mascara already.
    I find the inclusion of NYX odd.
    Overall, I’m hoping for the balm, serum, cream, eyeshadow palette and brush.

  17. I really hope I get that tarte palette. But really as long as I don’t get that blush palette I’ll be happy. The only repeat item for me would be the purlisse. And I actually really loved it and wouldn’t mind an extra.

  18. Well crap lol. I would have skipped. But they charged me last night at 9 PM for the bag.

    Ideal box:
    Tarte Palette
    IT cosmetics palette
    It Cosmentics Brush
    Tony Moly
    Park cream

    I don’t like lip scrubs, not a fan of getting a NYX palette in something like this, dislike lipsticks that aren’t matte, possible be okay with the bronzer, i don’t really use face masks or sheet masks, mascara is repeat and i didn’t enjoy it the first time because of how dry it is. Balm to oil not decided on.

  19. I want that brush to the extent that I removed absolutely everything from my profile except brushes. I don’t even care what else they give me, I’ll just trade what I don’t want. Wonder if Ipsy will listen? I couldn’t have made myself any clearer. The only item I don’t want to see is that blush palette. I will never use it because I don’t care for blush. I could also do without the bronzer. Everything else looks good to me! Was a little surprised to see NYX in the Plus, I’m not a fan of the brand at all, but I know many ppl are.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get it honestly. I hope you do though since you want it so bad.

    • I also hope they won’t send me blush palette. I mean who needs 8 colors of blush?

      • Me, I need 8 colors of blush! I see a lot of repeats, but I’m fine with that, cause I liked the products originally. As for the Nyx blush palette, Yea it’s not high end, but poop thats ok with me as I need ALL the makeups and Nyx products usually work well for me and even if no one else can tell the difference between that shade of peach blush and this shade of peach blush, I CAN. :0)

  20. Dang. Didn’t get off the waitlist. Sadness. Hope some of the items I am
    Eyeballing are available as an add-on.

  21. I know the Wander Beauty mascara is a repeat. What other products are repeats?

    • I just went back through all the past boxes and there are actually 5 repeats. I have only received one of the repeat items, so I really hope that they aren’t going to give me the other 4 repeat items this month! I just really want the Tarte palette and the IT brush!!

    • The lip scrub is the only other repeat.

    • The LXMI product, lip scrub and Purlisse are all repeats.

    • Dont listen to me, listen to Kenley. Lol! I didn’t go back and look, I relied on my poor aging memory.😂 5 repeats is a lot, I just started Plus this month and I’m not sure how I feel about that many repeats. I guess it depends on how good Ipsy is about not sending ppl the same items twice.

      • Honestly as long as I have been subscribed to Ipsy I have never gotten a repeat. It seems to me they are pretty good about it in my case at least however I have never had any issues with their service.

    • The LXMI, lip scrub, Purlisse, and Wander Beauty are all repeats.

      • Yeah that’s a lot of repeats! I’ve already gotten them all so I’d like to try something new. I’m not sure how much they keep track of duplicate items though.

    • The lip scrub is a repeat as well

      • It’s not a repeat for others

    • LXMI, HANALEI, purlisse

  22. Not as great as Jan, but I’m still excited. I’m hoping for the it pallet and brush, essence, moisturizer, and Tarte. I absolutely love NYX but have never tried it pallet and would like to. I would actually love receiving the lxmi again because that product is TO DIE for on a winter face!! I got it in a past box and was not excited at all!! I tried it, and it is now one of my must haves!!! I put it on at night and sleep with it… it feels super heavy at first but in the morning, my skin is baby soft!!! I even started using it on my sons eczema!

    • Same here, really hoping for a repeat on the LXMI!

    • I’ve previously owned the Nyx palette and I got rid of it. I don’t know that it’s horrible quality, but it wasn’t that pigmented and the shades didn’t differentiate that much from each other. I just have other blush palettes that I prefer.

  23. Hoping I don’t get repeats!!! No Wander… DISLIKE that brand!!! Ipsy, NO MORE RED LIPSTICK!!!
    I’d LOVE to receive the tart palette, filter cream, bronzer, brush, and nude lipstick.
    I’d be ecstatic if I managed to receive all these items in one box!!!

  24. Glad I skipped this month. I see 3 repeats. I would have only been interested in the Tarte palette but not enough to want this month’s box. GBP is starting to slip already….smh

    • I’m sorry, there are 4 repeats…..

  25. That NYX palette reminds me of makeup from my childhood I’d like to forget. 😂

  26. I’m a pretty new ipsy customer so I’d love to get any of these. People subscribe all the time that are new so this is new to us. I get that you want non repeats but there’s probably a reason behind who/how/what/why they get certain things. Perhaps the brand itself has a lot of a certain item so that’s the one they send. IDK, I didn’t get the email to upgrade so I guess I’m outa luck!

  27. I’ve noticed that there are items from past boxes. I think that people who didn’t get them the first time around may get them now. It ensures that there are no overstock items and more people get to experience the products. Pretty slick of Ipsy I admit. My ideal box items for February: Tarte palette, Son and Park cream, Purlisse mask, It complexion palette and the bronzer.

  28. I got charged yesterday so it’s too late for me to skip lol. As long as I don’t get the Purlisse (I haven’t even used the tube I got last year yet), I’m good. Honestly I really hope the Tony Moly item is in my box. That and the brush are the only 2 items I really want. The rest will just be a bonus.

    • You should give that mask a try, it’s one of my favorites and actually one of the only masks I’ve ever used that I noticed a visible change in my skin right away. I use it on any little bumps i get from using highlighter and BAM they are almost instantly gone. It gets really hot at first on the skin, which I like, and it goes away quickly.

    • I agree! I really want the Tony Moly one <3

    • The same thing happened to me last month; I was charged the last day of the month instead of first day. I was pissed but the bag turned out to be perfect so I survived haha.

      • That’s me every time… i end up loving the products i prayed not to get 😳❤️

    • I used my purlisse mask once and it gave me a rash on my face that took like a week to go away 😪 I really wanted to like it but my skin is apparently too sensitive.

  29. does anyone know if I can unskip if I changed my mind and want this month ?

    • I was told I could do that last month. Once I saw last month was great (on the 1st) I wanted to buy it and it was hell. Never got the box, lied to by employees, one erased my emails for a week.. It was horrible. And of course this month isnt as good.

      • Oh no. The same thing happened to my sister. Like literally exactly the same thing

    • I doubt it because they have already billed ppl, but try sending them an e-mail asking if there is anything they can do to get you back on for February. Never hurts to try and their CS has always been good (at least they have for me). Good Luck!

    • If you email them they should let you get it, but you won’t be able to see your spoilers until the middle of the month or later, which is a little frustrating.

    • I was able to last month.

  30. The only thing I’m not down for is the res lipstick ! So if I get one of the lippies I’m hoping it’s the nude one ! I did receive the lip scrub and face mask in previous boxes but tbh I loved them both so I won’t be terribly disappointed at those if I get them; hopefully if I do have to get a repeat though it’s onlt one item. Fingers crossed for the brush and the bronzer but quite frankly I’m gonna be happy with any of these items it seems ! So excited to see my reveal tomorrow !

    • That’s why I went back to regular ipsy. Now with those items as add uns I can add 2 I pick for 12 each. Better than random to me specifically. I actually have two accounts and plus is always on skip unless I want multiple items from them

    • I’m really hoping I don’t get the red lipstick as well. That’s the color (Berry First Kiss) I received for January. A lot of the skincare are repeats for me. I would love to get the skincare again. 🤞🏻

  31. Wish I had skipped! 🙁

  32. The Tarte palette looks like totally different shades from a previous spoiler! Violets & pinks I keep.

    I really like the NYX palette too. It doesn’t matter to me that not all products are higher-end, as long as they’re quality, and NYX is.

    Lately I’ve been trying to experiment more with products I previously wouldn’t have kept. I love how much info ipsy gives in that arena. I’m also all about multi-purposing. Instead of thinking “Ugh, bronzer!” I try it as eyeshadow.

  33. Didn’t we get the Purlisse in the October box? Looks like several repeats hopefully I don’t get those.
    Hope I get the pink shade if I get the a Finding Ferdinand lipstick. I don’t need blush but I’d love the It brush. Kinda wishing I had skipped this month now

    Need full spoilers earlier Ipsy!

    • You won’t get it if you already recieved it. Some people haven’t recieved it. Just remember if you see spoilers and some of them you’ve already recieved, it’s for the people who haven’t received that same as you.

  34. Really hoping to get the tarte and it ..luv them both

  35. Yeah I’m really hoping I don’t get that Nyx palette. I don’t like their products at all. I wouldn’t purchase or even like to sample them. If they don’t give out repeats, then I guess I can kind of figure out what I’ll be getting though lol

  36. My accounts had to be updated and how I wish I checked out the spoilers before I updated my account t… oh well hopefully I get some good spoilers.

  37. I just skipped based on these.

    The brush is nice but recommended for powder foundations. I use cream or liquid. I would be amenable to trying a powder foundation so why not bundle a specialized brush with a powder foundation.

    Don’t need any komd of bronzer and NYXX in any form is not a brand I need to sample. I can do that for cheap if I wanted to at the drugstore.

    I don’t need another Tarte palette and none of the other options seem exciting. The Tomu Molu is widely available for about $10 and doesn’t seem to be that fabulous or unique. Not sure what niche it fills in terms of skin care.

  38. My perfect combo would be the lip scrub, Essence, moisturizer, brush and blush palette.

  39. Wow that’s a lot of repeats for February month I’m hoping Ipsy only gives us items we haven’t already received in our previous plus boxes. Crossing fingers for tarte palette and I’m digging the NYX blush palette since im blush junky.

  40. So glad I skipped! No FOMO here. Way too many repeats.

  41. So glad I skipped! No FOMO here. Way too many repeats.

  42. are we getting 5 or 6 items this month, does anyone know?

  43. Still pissed at Ipsy. They billed me on 1/3, never updated my sneak previews for almost 2 weeks. By the time they showed me, I was supposed to get a Murad Skin oil that was missing from my box. I just received my box 1 week ago. Now they tell me they may have to substitute the item for something (Just as awesome) according to the email. Doubt it. I’ve been with them for 3 yrs. I love Ipsy & I’ve never had a problem. I’m still waiting for my missing Ipsy Glam Bag Plus item too. I know they’ve got a ton of subscribers but if you mess up, just admit it & fix the problem.

  44. 4 items are repeats… and 2 are from only last month! I love GBP and still think it’s a great value, but these repeats are getting a little TOO repetitive. Still, I’d pay $25 for that It brush alone so if I do get it, I’m good.

    PS. and NYX seems a little out of place, tbh

  45. Glad I skipped!

  46. Don’t like half of the variation. January was great, not too happy with this month’s though.

  47. NYX is not “glam”, but it’s still a nice palette. All in all, the spoilers are great. I’m hoping for either the Maelle or It Cosmetics palettes.

  48. The Tarte palette is a variant?? 😭 I just hope I don’t get highlighters or bronzer. I want that Tarte!🤞🏻

  49. So sad to see so many repeats. What a downturn this month took. But… maybe they’ll add items like they did in previous months to avoid repeats.

  50. Idk about that nyx

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