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Ipsy Glam Bag, Plus, + Ultimate Spring 2020 Spoilers!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus February 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

We have full spoilers for the February 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus(These are all the items they are possibly sending subscribers in February. Every subscriber will receive 5 items. Boxes will vary based on your profile.)

Here are all the items included in February:

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt Nourishing Balm-to-Oil

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

HANALEI Sugar Lip Scrub

TONYMOLY The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence

FINDING FERDINAND Lip Stick in Au Naturel OR Nob Hill Red

IT COSMETICS Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette

IT COSMETICS Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6

TARTE Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette

WANDER BEAUTY Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara

MAELLE BEAUTY Sunkissed Bronzer

PURLISSE Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask + Exfoliant

PARK Beauty Filter Cream Glow

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items do you want?

This subscription is in waitlist mode. It is $25 a month. You need to have a regular $10 glam bag membership in order to upgrade to Plus. Sign up here!

Check out our Ipsy Glam Bag Plus reviews to see what you can expect from this subscription!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (251)

  1. @Liz can someone please write a review for the February box? Many thanks!

  2. I am sooooo disappointed in my box. i got tarte eyeshawdow, lxmi, purlisse, lipstick and it cosmetic eye shadow. NONE of the spoiler items!!! I subbed based on the spoiler reveals. feels so duped!

  3. I am really disappointed with this month’s. i have too many blushes and eye palettes. the lip one i got was nude and doesn’t do anything for me. the lotion type thing is like vaseline and smells bad. the only good thing was the brush which is nice. the rest a big fail! i’m snoozing next month’s.

  4. Did anyone else get an e-mail from Ipsy stating that they are including a 6th bonus item as a thank you gift?

    • Yes, but they sent another one saying it was an error 🙁

    • I did and then I received another message saying that they made a mistake .

  5. Anyone want to trade my son & park for the bronzer?

    • Im interested.

      • Awesome, email me pls! jalexisgreene at

      • Hey Tiffany, are you still interested in trading for the bronzer?:)

  6. Does anyone want to trade my son and park for the bronzer??

  7. I got:

    Tarte Palette

    Lipstick Au Naturale

    Tony Moly Chok Chok

    IT blush/ powder quad

    IT brush ( because there was a problem with an item in an early GBP)

    Son and Park Glow Cream

    I’m 100% HAPPY. I think it’s a fantastic box/ bag.

    • I had problems with 3 of my past boxes.. Whether it be a missing item, Smith and Cult Eyeshadow palette, or damaged items and I was told I’d be getting an extra item this month. I thought it was actually happening with the email that came out yesterday stating an extra item would be sent but then I got anther right after stating the extra item won’t be coming.

  8. I’ve never seen an option on either my Glam Bag Plus or regular Glam Bag to have ADD ON products. How does a subscriber use this feature, please?

    Thank you

    • You click on the reveal email or if you sign in on the morning of the 2nd and share your bag (you can also click cancel) and see your bag the option to add more products is there.

  9. got the tarte & IT palettes, tony moly, son and park and the red lippie. would have been fine w/the LXMI or lip scrub too.

  10. I got tarte, the IT palette, Tony Moly, Son and Park and a red lippie. All good & no repeats this time. I would have been good w/the LXMI tho.

  11. I’ve been an Ipsy subscriber for over 3 yrs and still haven’t got an invite to upgrade to plus. If I don’t get an upgrade soon I’m going to unsubscribe. Sorry I don’t flash everything all over social media but my money is just as good as anyone else’s.

    • You can email them and ask to be placed on the waitlist. I didn’t post anything on social media to upgrade I just signed up for the early waitlist MSA posted.

      • Same here. I never post on my social media accoubt about my sub boxes. Come to think of it, my account is private haha. Anyhow, yes, I signed up through the early waitlist here on MSA. I also received an email from ipsy asking if I wanted to be on the waitlist. I received the ipsy email shortly after I signed up through MSA, so I’m guessing that’s why I got the email from ipsy.

  12. Anyone want to trade for the Son and Park? I got the tarte and It palette?

    • I’ll possibly trade with you. I need to read more about the it pallet. If it’s a powder and blush combo, I’m in. If it’s for color correction or contouring I dont contour. How do I contact you?

    • Yep, just looked at it on the it website. I’ll trade for my son and park

  13. I’m getting the Tarte palette and an it cosmetic eye shadow palette. I really wanted the it brush but its sold out. Anyone down to trade? I’m at mbrossmale at gmail

  14. I’m still waiting to see what I’m getting.

  15. I wish they wouldn’t bill right at midnight on the 1st. My dirsect deposit doesn’t always hit then, sometimes takes until 130 and this is the 2nd time it has made me ineligible for add-ons and unable to see my spoliers. Grr…

    • They always bill me on the 31st in the early evening hours.

  16. Mine is Tony Moly, Finding Ferdinand, It Palette, Tarte Palette and Park Cream! Very Happy!


    I could not have chosen a more perfect group of products from the full spoilers. 🙂

    I’m getting:


    Dream Big Eyeshadow Palette


    The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence


    Lip Stick in Au Naturel


    Your Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection Face Palette


    Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6

    This might be the best ” total box/ bag” I’ve ever had picked out for my needs, profile preferences, age and skin complexion. 🙂

    ( I have 2 of the LMXI balms, which is a Grail product at my age, from past GBP or I’d be REALLY upset not to get it. They absolutely are paying attention to our past shipments, IMO)

    I also got the Hanalei Lip Scrub in some box recently ( not sure which one).

    So, no repeats, and all products are perfectly suited for me. The last IT brush I bought was over $60!

  18. I am getting
    The Tarte pallette
    Lip scrub
    IT pallette and
    Son and park cream
    I was able to add the brush so I am extremely happy with this box

  19. I’m happy with my bag…I received the lip scrub last month.
    This month I’m getting
    Tarte Palette
    IT contour palette
    Lipstick in in nobhill Red
    IT contour brush
    LXMI Balm to oil. Very excited to try this.

  20. So I’m getting. The tarte and it cosmetics palette, wander lash .The balm and the red lip .Not bad .oh and I added the brush . I think the only thing I won’t use is the lipstick

  21. I am unable to see my spoilers for the glam bag plus items. I can see the regular glam products and the add ions but the glam bag plus keeps saying that they are reviewing my profile… I uninstalled and reinstalled the ipsy app and refreshed a few times and there is still no products to be announced on my page.

  22. I was finally able to see my bag, and am okay with it, since I got the IT palette, which was one of the two things I hoped for (I added the brush; since it was available, I assumed it wasn’t in my bag). My other items were the Ferdinand red (prefer the natural), Son & Park (could be cool), Hanalei (used before and it is fine), and the Tarte palette (swapping/gifting). I’m happy not to get the bronzer.

  23. LXMI balm to oil
    IT brush
    Tarte Palette
    Maelle Beauty bronzer
    Finding Ferdinand

  24. Here’s what I got

    • Tarte Palette
    • IT face palette
    • Hanalei lip scrub
    • Tony Moly essence
    • The lipstick (I opted out of these but I guess everyone is getting one)

    My ideal box was, beauty filter cream, tarte, IT brush, maelle bronzer, and lip scrub or essence as 5th item. I’m a little disappointed but it could be worse. The app wasn’t working, by the time it did the beauty filter cream add-on was sold out. Wish the maelle bronzer was available as an add-on too.

    • Omg I’m so bummed the bronzer was not available as an add on!!!!! I’m getting the brush, the tarte palette and the son and park cream which I truly wanted, but I do not care for the lipstick or the blush pallete I’m getting.

      Ipsy has been knocking it out of the park for me tho, so I’m trying to keep that in mind and not act like a spoiled little brat throwing a temper tantrum bc this one box wasnt PERFECT. it’s still an Incredible deal and great products. Life will go on haha

      Now, if I could just gain access to the swap site I could likely get one of the bronzers in return for one of the many many unused items I have from various sub boxes. 🙁

    • Omg I am so bummed the bronzer was not available for an add on!

      If I could finally gain access to the swap site I have so many items from various sub boxes i could trade for and likely get the bronzer.

      I wonder when they will let new users join the swap site. Been trying for months and months.

      • They have a swap site?

      • Yes! But it is by invitation only. I have emailed asking about it but have not yet received a response. If you click on the link at the top right of the MSA site there is a link to it.

        There are tons of items from every sub box you can imagine. But you cant buy/swap unless you’ve been invited as a user. I really need access!

      • You’ll get on eventually. It took almost 3 months and 2 requests to get on there. I think what they might do is go in and clear out inactive ppl, then add a bunch of new. I could be wrong, maybe it just takes them that long. I am willing to trade with those not on the site. I don’t have a ton of stuff, but I’ll send a list if you are interested. Just send me an email at tetreau.nicole at yahoo.

      • Not Ipsy but MSA use the link in the top menu to join waitlist.

      • Oh ok. Thank you!

      • Right?! I just said this in a comment in a different post on here. Plus I emailed Liz. I applied like last fall. I have a box full of stuff I don’t want and would rather swap. I haven’t heard a thing yet 😕 kind of a bummer

      • I’m getting the bronzer in my box, I’m down to swap if you have something interesting

      • Im getting the bronzer, I’m down to swap if ya have something interesting

      • Hey Tiffany, how do I contact you? I have some goodies I’m open to trade for, in return for the bronzer 🙂

    • I’ve been subscribing over a year, yet I have not been invited to upgrade to the plus box. I know i’m On the waiting list but it’s odd they haven’t invited me to upgrade? Any clue how I can get invited?

      • E-mail them and press the issue. I did that last month and was put on the waitlist and taken off to recieve Plus for February. I was kind, but basically told them I’m not happy with my reg glam bag and was only holding on waiting for my Plus invite. I told them I wasn’t sure if it was worth waiting anymore. I pointed out that they promised it to current subscribers first and that’s not what is happening. I referenced the facts that brand new subscribers have been given Plus and that some ppl even have 2, while I hadn’t had the chance for one yet. I just told them I’m feeling really disappointed with Ipsy and how they have handled this. I’ve learned that you kind of have to grab the bull by the horns with Ipsy to get what you want. Put a little pressure on them to do the right thing.😉 Good Luck!

      • I left you a detailed reply that is not showing. That always seems to happen on this site when I take the time to go into detail. Email them and tell them you are unhappy. I used the facts that new subs have gotten the Plus and some ppl have two while I was still waiting for an invite. Remind them that they said current subs first and it hasn’t escaped you that, that isn’t what’s happening, etc. This is what worked for me. I did also put my reg glam bag on hold the month prior to contacting them, not sure if that helped my case but I did not want anymore sample sizes…I told them that too. 😉 Good Luck!

      • When did you get on the waitlist? If you’ve not emailed them and asked to be upgraded I’d try that. If you’ve just been added to the waitlist you’ll probably be upgraded for March, most have said they’re.been upgraded after one month of being on the waitlist.

  25. Pleased with my box, because I have Cover FX, Anastasia BH, Park Ave Princess, Marc Jacobs Omega, and Kat von D, just to name a few contour palettes. Unfortunately, I already have that exact blush palette for when I travel, so that I don’t have to worry about it breaking. Otherwise, pretty happy.

    It Brush
    Nyx Palette (a duplicate on my end)
    Tarte eye shadow palette
    Finding Ferdinand (showed in Au Natural, but Knob Hill will be a warm red, and I’m cool)
    Son & Park Beauty Filter Cream (I absolutely love their Beauty Water)

    Glad they didn’t send the lip scrub, since I got that in a box last month–either Boxy Luxe or Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. Added the darker Huda Beauty lip liner, but wish that I had added the face balm, because it sounds absolutely wonderful in the comments. I won’t let that pass me by, next time. Thank you all for adding tips on what is good!

  26. FINALLY got to see my spoilers:

    LXMI Balm-to-Oil
    Tarte palette
    Tony Moly
    Finding Ferdinand (hoping for the pink)
    It face palette

    I’m not getting any add one. I’m happy with this month’s GBP

    • I’ll trade you if you get the nude and I get the red!! 😁

  27. I got the blush palette, the tony moly, lipstick, brush, and tarts palette

  28. I got the
    1- Tony Moly essence
    2- lip scrub
    3-Tarte Eyeshadow- I wanted this
    4-IT palette
    5- Lipstick in red

    I added on the LXMI, Purlisse mask and a red Tony Moly lip balm. I was up at 4 something am Alaska time, which is four hours earlier than the East Coast. Ipsy will no longer ship to Alaska so I buy all my add one. I have two regular ipsy accounts. I used my add one for more of the Purlisse mask and LXMI. It gets so dry here that my skin itches even after body oil.

  29. I still can’t get it!😭 shows making glam bag come back 2/2.😆

  30. Site is undergoing maintenance!😭

  31. Has anyone had trouble getting on Ipsy to see their spoilers ? I can not get on.

    • Their site had crashed, but I was able to get in just now.

      • Thanks, I still can not get on.

      • It’s had a message it was down for updates.

    • I still cant see my spoilers.

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