FYI Julep Maven Subscriptions Are Ending

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FYI – Julep Maven subscriptions are over.

It is with heavy hearts that we mark the end of an era. After over seven great years and lots of collaboration and feedback from our loyal customers along the way, we have decided to retire our monthly subscription program effective immediately.

We will no longer run our Julep Beauty Box Subscription Program.
You will not receive another subscription box.
Your subscription account is now cancelled. NO FURTHER ACTION IS REQUIRED.
You get to keep your Maven perks and we increased your discount! All legacy Mavens who are active subscribers as of today’s date now get 25% off full retail price + FREE U.S. standard shipping on all orders.ALL Jules are now expired with no value.
We truly appreciate all of your support and ongoing feedback through the years. We believe that once a Maven, always a Maven. We thank you for being a loyal subscriber!

With gratitude,
The Julep Team

What a bummer! If you’re looking for a beauty subscription box to replace Julep, I’d recommend checking out Ipsy – they often send nail polish, (you can indicate you like nail polish in your profile) and it’s only $10 a month. (Let us know if you have any other recommendations in the comments!)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I was saving my maven points for difficult months. I have/had 4,200. I am extremely disappointed to just have these yanked away with no warning. This is an unfair act, i earned those points! There should be a grace period where we can use them for something, or we should have been given a warning before the last box. This totally sucks!

    • you actually can still use your jules on other things. I too have about 4,000 or more Jules. I am not sure how it works exactly now, but I am going to look into it. Hopefully I can find you so I can let you know what I find out. I am so disappointed that this box is ending.

  2. Well, I am very fortunate I guess, that I used all my Jules and my renewal was up but so sad when I read the earlier letter they sent saying no more monthly subscriptions, but we could still buy monthly boxes. Now this letter! I should have suspected something was up when FedEx delivered my box. The new face wash is great-figures! Bye Julep you truly were my favorite sub box and I will miss you 😢.

    • You can buy their face washes at ulta still!

  3. Well. What a dang bummer. I was going to signup last fall but since I like lighter more pastel colors, I decided I’d wait till spring to get the sub and the free set of polishes in hopes that the colors would be more spring-like. Well that idea sure backfired. Dang.

  4. I figured this was coming so I cancelled last month and used up all my jules. Then the box didn’t ship so I was worried. I emailed them the other day and my box shipped on 2/14 and it actually left the warehouse so I guess I got out of this one okay.

  5. In my opinion when the big companies like Julep start closing up and hosing their customers then it’s a clear sign that the sub box trend is coming to an end. I absolutely don’t ever prepay for subs for this exact reason. No matter how big or popular the company is it can still go under.

    • There are some extenuating circumstances here, in that it was Julep’s parent company, Glanasol that went under entirely.

      Just glancing through a couple articles, it looks like the person who bought Julep a few years back had bigger ideas than they could fulfill, and the fate of Julep was tied into several other beauty brands. Most sub boxes aren’t that way.

    • I’m not so sure I’d say the subscription box world is ending, but that there is a lot more competition now than in years past when Julep started (in 2007, not sure when they started their sub boxes, though). I think companies need to look at their brand more closely and see the competitive world out there for customers.

  6. Is anyone selling their gift cards?

    • I could. Have 19.99

    • Very good article. Clearly, Glansaol had no experience in the beauty industry, and no clue how to make it work. I didn’t know that AS Beauty was E.L.F. Even though it’s a low end brand, they have great products, and already have a wide distribution network in place. This gives me hope that they can be successful with these three brands.

  7. I feel bad for this company and the employees. I had heard about the bankruptcy so expected this was coming. I had some unused Jules but can’t imagine getting mad about losing those. It would have been better probably if they had given a gift card for the jules and refunded the prepaid costs. It’s also possible that they just don’t even have the money to do refunds. For people upset over getting a gift card vs a refund, I’d just dispute the last charge with your credit card company. I’m sure you’ll get your money back that way and it takes minimal effort.

  8. Oh that’s sad. I lost my 1650 jules id saved, not as many as somet, but its a bit annoying, l looked at the only thing left I could buy was a godawful electric coral lipstick – that’s not my colour at all.

    Oh well, mildly annoying, but I feel worse for those who have lost their jobs. 🙁

  9. Pretty uncool that they didn’t give us an opportunity to use up our Jules. I had a hard time applying them last time so figured I’d just use them next time. What a joke, right?

    • That SUCKS! I have enough for 3 free boxes!

    • Hurry! Check the Jule Box!

      • Thanks. I picked up a creme to powder blush.

    • I think it has been well litigated that points, etc. Have to be able to be used by customers…will be interesting to see where this goes…in the meantime, I am wondering if we should stock up on favs before the company completely shutters it’s doors

      • I did that last night as soon as I heard. I got an email order confirmation, so I’ll be holding my breath until I get a shipping notification. I hate that Laura Geller is involved in this mess, too. I really liked some of her products.

        • I just got my email confirmation that my Jule box order has shipped. I was able to use most of my Jules and got 3 different products, although they are ones I already have. But I can keep them for backups, gift them, or swap them. At least not all was lost, for me anyway.

      • I doubt most people will bother trying to litigate to get their points but I agree about stocking up on favorites!

  10. This was one of my very first subs, but I only received a few boxes. I found the CS to be quite rude when I had a couple of problems with my box items. They replaced one item, but they said they ‘won’t do it again.’ I cancelled after that. I was like WON’T DO IT AGAIN! LOL :p Sorry about the mavens that are being screwed over.

    • Really? Julep was my first sub box and ive only ever had amazing experiences with their CS.

      • Maybe they’ve gotten better when the new company bought it. This happened years ago.

  11. I knew it. I received this email a few hours ago too. Sooooo glad I cashed in my jules for January’s box. It would have been a bummer to have lost them all. They should have credited the jules as some type of consolation prize or something.

  12. I loved juleps colors, but honestly hated their formula. I stoped purchasing from them, even though i was highly tempted, because their nail polish just didnt stay on.

    • Same here.

  13. Got my last prepaid box refunded as a giftcard, which worked. The promo codes Stars or Thefuture still work for a free polish. If you use Thefuture promo code with a $4.99 add-on polish (i.e. go to check out first, add the add-on polish, and then go back to your cart to use the promo) you’ll get $11.20 off your order. Stars might do the same but I already used it so I cannot test.

    • Thank you! I was able to use up 1600 of my points for an “its balm” lipstick and also get an add on polish and eyeliner for $1.98!

    • Thank you, I got a free brow gel with my Jules (of course a free box would be better but I am glad not to lose them all). And then I added a polish and applied the code stars. I paid $0.00 for both items

  14. Anticipating this, I luckily got my last box of my prepaid subscription last month. I got their new moisturizer. Tbh I was never that thrilled with their nail polish formulas though I will use up all the ones I have.

  15. I was shocked by the news today. I will say December I’m busy with holiday stuff and January is crazy busy at work for me. I’m sorry MSA didn’t send a warning, but I don’t know that I would have noticed it either. I certainly would have made earlier purchases instead of skipping the last couple months and used my 4600 Jules!
    I was happy with many of their products and certainly feel caught in the loss, financially & product wise. I just made a purchase with my gift card successfully. We will see if it is actually delivered. Fingers crossed.
    Perhaps with the bankruptcy there will be a hand-off of some of the more popular products and we will be able to continue to enjoy them.

  16. Hello everyone…. If you have Jules left I was able to spend my just now. Put your curser over beauty box and select jule box. They don’t have much of a selection but it’s better then losing the jules.

    • Sadly I had 1550 jules, juuuust under the amount to get something!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I was bummed that I had almost enough saved up for a free box, so at least I was able to get something out of it.

      • I’m glad you were able to get something.

    • This isn’t working for me. I have 3,000 jules, but when I try to buy anything, it says “You don’t have enough points to use this redemption rule.” Even though I clearly have enough to buy any of the items there. I’m so pissed off about this.

      • They stopped accepting point orders as of February 15th so it’s too late. Some people have had orders they placed using points yesterday cancelled.

  17. I’m really sad about this. My daughters and I love their nail polish; but what I will really miss is the Way Butter lip balm/gloss. I did receive my prepaid balance back in a gift card – so off to use it now.

  18. Stop prepaying for subs people! That can’t be made any clearer.

    • I mean, I don’t disagree with you but Julep was a really reliable subscription until the last 2 or 3 months. I can see why people would pre-pay considering they had been around for so long and seemed to be very stable.

      • Exactly why people shouldn’t trust these companies big or small

      • I’ve been subscribing to julep for a while now – I don’t use a lot of nail polish but I’d get their 3 month package and skip as needed. I would always sub out and just pick the skin care and makeup that I liked. I have tried so many different things from them and really enjoyed them all. I just went to their site and grabbed a couple things with my gift card code. It processed- hopefully it’ll deliver. Make sure that you copy your code to the gift card box not the promo code box (which I accidentally did the first time)

      • I have had nothing but good experiences with Julep and I’m very disappointed that we won’t have the subscription box option any longer. Every time I’ve called to change my payment method, ask about a product, seriously ANY issue, I’ve either gotten a replacement or a wonderful customer service experience; that just doesn’t happen these days!

    • Sara, your attitude sucks. Move along. No one cares what you think.

      • I second that. All over this site, shaming people by saying there are more important things to worry about, but you’re on here chiding complete strangers who have zero effect on you. Get a life instead of getting your kicks by trying to make other people feel bad.

        • Maybe she’s a disgruntled employee laid off by Glansaol.

      • Jeannette speak for yourself please. I care about what everyone thinks because everyone is allowed an opinion. You aren’t the msa hall monitor.

        • Well said.

          • So I can’t voice my opinion? She literally responded to every comment with a rude response. I don’t care what you think either. I will call out someone who is a jerk. Like I said to her…move along.

        • this is why i have almost stopped coming to this site–i want us to be real with each other, have real conversations and speak frankly about products and subs…AND reviews…

          some on here are so…”suck-up”–as if this wasn’t a business, and a job…and ms. cadman were their personal friend…

          very high-school clique-ish

          • There’s being real (which is fine), and then there is just posting comments full of nasty schadenfreude, simply because you can.

            The latter is why I’ve almost stopped coming here.

          • There’s a big difference between being honest and real regarding your opinion of companies and their products and services versus being just plain rude and insulting to other members of this forum. Are you honestly not able to tell the difference? As for high school behavior, I think being so dramatic and judgmental of other people’s feelings an thoughts is the more immature behavior. Kind of like what you might think a
            “mean-girl” would act towards her peers. Especially since she feels the need to confront so many people in such a short amount of time. It’s kind of sad actually. That kind of petty and insecure behavior is often a sign of someone that feels terrible about themselves and/or their life.

            I agree that this site does often seem to lack true, unbiased opinions opting instead to only say positive things. Even when it’s absolutely not reasonable or logical to do so.
            We sometimes see this in reviews (on some level, depending on the reviewer though there are a few that seem truly objective most of the time) and we see it in comments too. For example, if you criticize a sub or simply express some disappointment or frustration, some folks will jump all over you for not being grateful enough for the value or taking sub boxes too seriously. Do you not see that that’s exactly what Sara is doing here?

    • They still got they money back though even if it was a credit. They were going to spend that money on their products with the sub anyway.

      • Exactly Judy! Nobody lost money. Losing points is annoying but some people are acting like they just lost their life savings. Move on.

      • Exactly Judy! Nobody lost any money. Yes losing points is a bummer but it’s not like you just lost your life savings. It’s just points. Some of these reactions are extreme.

      • Exactly Judy! Nobody is out anything. All this fuss over points is laughable.

        • I had enough Jules (points) for 3 free boxes, which equals $60. So, no, I’m not technically out $60, but I am out of the 3 free boxes that I was *anticipating* being able to save $60 on.

    • I prepaid to get a much cheaper price. I paid $16.66 a month for Julep on a six month sub that hadn’t been offered in years but they kept renewing.

  19. I found this online from 12/2018…Online cosmetics retailer Julep lays off 102 employees as parent company files for bankruptcy. I missed this too.

  20. This thread is gold! C’mon everybody, let’s get real: this company will not exist in a couple of months. Companies can emerge from bankruptcy, but all signs point to that NOT happening here. So they do not care about customer loyalty. They do not care if you are mad. There is no future business from you that they are losing. We’re all on the Julep Titanic and they are throwing you a life jacket; take it, and stop worrying about the free champagne you were promised at dinner.

    • I know this is true but I dont want to imagine a world without their eye pencils 😭

      • i’m also sad about their eye liners! if i’d known i would have stocked up. i don’t see how they’re planning on keeping the online store open if this is how they are going to treat their former subbers. i would have stayed a customer for their eye liners alone.

      • Same… need their eyeliners in my life… I have a good 150 of their polishes… so not too sad about that.

      • I liked the old formula of the eye pencils better. The new ones are OK but not quite as smooth as the old ones. But I find Urban Decay ones to work just about as well.

    • LOVE IT! That’s an awesome metaphor!

    • Lol totally agree. People love having something silly to be outraged about.

      • Sara-Yeah. Losing money is always hilarious. Especially when it’s other people who lost their money and not you.

        • Except nobody lost money. They all got credit.

          • Yeah, credit nobody wants and a hostile takeover over everyone’s accrued points.

        • And seriously: shouldn’t people have compassion that a company went bankrupt?

          • Lanic unfortunately this is a very “only I matter” attitude group of people that come here.

          • Wow, we’re not saying “only I matter” but noting how many of us are out. Yes, I feel bad for those who lost their jobs but I am also allowed to feel bad for all Julep customers(which yes, does include myself).
            Quit acting all above us all. It is true that the comment section is a place for many of us to vent, but please don’t come with the intent to chew us out for that.

          • Marina 🙄 yeah you lost points vs employees who lost their regular paycheck. Your points simply don’t matter. They aren’t important in the grand scheme of things.

    • Hahaha… love this 🙂

    • Hahahaa, Julep Titanic… 😀

  21. Whoa. I thought it was bizarre last month that there were no spoilers released and really no curated boxes. I read the news and consider myself well-informed but totally missed the Juelp bankruptcy. It would have been nice for MSA to provide a heads-up about this news. I don’t exactly think it was their responsibility, but it’s a subscription box site, this is subscription box news, it just would have made sense. It’s too bad because this was started out as a small woman-owned business, they had some really great products, and this just seems like a sad ending.

    • I took Feb for the new cleanser and moisturizer but the cleanser was left out of my box.

    • I don’t think MSA knew. Most people didn’t unless they happened to see the article about the bankruptcy. They were already losing money so if they released the news in advance everyone would have used their Jules and then they would have been out more money. Of course the company didn’t want to do that.

      • Sorry Judy but MSA did know. Numerous people sent her the links about it and she chose not to share. Some people had their comments in the recent Julep review warning about the bankruptcy removed as well. So yea they knew.

        • so, what you’re saying, is…maybe subscribers to this site should stop fantasizing that ms. cadman is their friend, and that this is a business with an agenda…?

          • Tammy lol exactly! So many fan girls who can’t understand that this isn’t a personal blog written by their best friend but a business written by a business owner whose sole objective is to make money not make friends.

          • Tammy exactly! Too many fan girls here who can’t understand that.

  22. And now they’ve disabled all comments on their official Facebook page because people were posting about what BS this whole situation is.

    • They are allowed to do that. No law against disabling Facebook comments.

    • Their Facebook account will probably be deleted in a few days anyway.

  23. My gift card just worked. I used it in the gift card box (not the promo code box). I figured use it right away or lose it. I used my Jules in January but I had to email them 4x because my box never shipped. I have tracking now, but we’ll see if it comes

  24. They don’t have the money. I’m a little rusty on this, but I believe that with bankruptcy (and especially liquidation) their creditors are first in line for repayment. They legally can’t pay subscribers out till they pay off their creditors. Rant all you want, but any time you prepay you’re taking a risk. That’s part of why you get a discount.

    • Cheers

    • That’s why I never prepay, because there is always a risk factor. Funny, I keep getting e-mails weekly or monthly about buying items from them, so it sounds like they’re keeping something (their shop?) open for a while.

  25. I had 2600 joules and at least one month left on prepaid. No gift card emailed to me. This is absolutely unacceptable. I’m livid.

    • Is it worth the energy? Annoyed is understandable but livid? First world.

      • LOL

      • Sara, is it really worth all the energy to leave sooo many snippy comments?

        • Check the Jule box.

        • Sara is a sad person who is experiencing a little taste of schadenfreude.

          • Agree.

      • Yes. Some of us work hard for our money and when we give it to a company expecting something in return we not only want that but deserve it. So absolutely Sara, I’m going with livid as my answer.

        • You must be new to sub boxes this won’t be the last sub box to go under and screw their customers, sadly.

          • I had birchbox in 2011 so no, not new to subs. And it really wouldn’t matter if I was considering it never feels good to get your money used without return. I’ve had like 12 different boxes but this will still hurt. Now I’m down to 3.

      • Seriously.

    • That’s terrible! I’d be “livid” too. I thought it was pretty crappy when I read they just took all your points away with no notice. Those are to reward you for your business. They definitely should’ve given people at least a couple of days to use them. As for the month you already paid for I would make one attempt to contact them and if no refund or resolution is offered (or they just simply ignore you which seems very likely) , contact your bank or credit card company. They will likely give you a partial refund if you have the records to back you up.

      Don’t listen to anyone like Sara, who responded to your rightful concerns rather rudely. To some of us, even $20 means something. It must be nice to not care about throwing $20+ in the trash or rather practically having it stolen from you on top of feeling free to be rude and judgmental without knowing a person’s circumstances. I mean, you’re wealthy and have money to burn or even lose haphazardly. Cool. We get it. Go spend some more of your endless supply and keep your thoughtless and unnecessary remarks to yourself.

      Good luck Marissa!

    • Check the Jule box.

  26. I had enough Jules for a free box, I was so excited. This seems like a very shady thing to do to their customers. Why not give us all a credit for the Jules we had, like 2,000 jules = $20 store credit and so on? This really makes me question whether or not I want to continue purchasing from this company.

  27. I knew this could happen, I just wish they would let us know in advance so we could use our Jules. Like, if they said this would be the last box, or something like that. Ending everything like this is just shady.

  28. I emailed them, requesting a refund instead of store credit, saying I no longer wish to purchase from their company. I doubt I’ll get it, but I tried!

    • You might be able to try getting a chargeback through your credit card company. Not sure if it will work, but it is worth a try.

      • Thanks! Probably won’t go through the trouble, considering I actually do like their products, but good luck to anyone who tries to go that route!

  29. Wow! I’m sad. Julep was my first sub!

  30. Terribly sad at the fall of a once favorite nail parlor and brand. As the parent company, Glansaol should take public responsibility for lack of intentional planning for their plans with Julep.

  31. i had enough jules for a free month, and they are wiped out just like that? they wont even give people the opportunity to cash out? SUPER SHADY. im sorry, but that’s just bad for business.

    • Wow, me too. I am so mad.

    • I agree. I had enough Jules for a free box and I also had a free box from purchasing a 3 month subscription recently and it looks like they’ve taken that away from me too. I only got one box out of the 5 I was supposed to get and now I just get a crappy “gift card” for $39.98 to buy their products at substantially higher prices than I committed to when I purchased the sub. I was supposed to be getting 4 more boxes which would have cost $100 and should have been valued closer to $200. Really disappointed. I feel I should have gotten a refund, not a gift card if they weren’t going to honor my purchase. While I will spend the gift card, probably ASAP in case they try to take that away too. I will never purchase from this company again.

      • is it possible to dispute the charge with your credit card?

        • It’s possible but the bank might decide that a store credit is good enough. I mean the company is bankrupt. What are people expecting?

        • Can’t dispute with cc because I used the skip a month option last month which means it’s now been over 60 days since the charge. Unfortunately, you only have 60 days to dispute a charge. 🙁

          I completely missed the bankruptcy news of I definitely would have gotten my box last month and at least gotten the value for that one.

      • I would do a chargeback if I were you. Not worth dealing with Julep!

  32. Wait a second…they owe me 2 boxes that I already paid for when I signed up for a 3 month subscription….do I get a refund then?

    • Nope. You might get a store credit though.

      • The store credit number they gave me wasn’t valid. Anyone else have this problem?

        • Lol that’s funny in a sad way to give you an invalid gift card!

        • It goes in the gift card spot not promo.

          • I did put it in the gift card and they tell me it’s expired or not valid.

      • Thank you for posting this link!

  33. Ipsy completely sucks. You get what they have, which is RARELY what you want, despite the fact that you mark your preferences. I found two items out of six months of subscriptions that I liked. All the rest were farmed out to friends and thrown away.

    However, the least they could have done was allow us to cash in our Jules.

    Good company gone bad.

    • Sorry but I have to TOTALLY disagree. Well, at least as far as the newer option, Ipsy PLUS is concerned. They’ve been doing a phenomenal job! I agree that when it comes to the regular $10 bag if you don’t know how to set up and frequently tweek your profile to get more of what you like (which is kind of a hassle for many people) it’s often disappointing. It certainly was for me the first time I subscribed a few years back. And I was also a die-hard Julep subscriber (even had multiple subscriptions to it) for years. But if you compare $20-25 a month for Julep vs the more appropriately matched $25 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus, there is simply no contest. I replaced 2-3 other boxes by subscribing to Ipsy Plus. I receive very few wasted or unwanted products now. Plus I save quite a bit of money.

      My point is, if you haven’t tried Ipsy Plus you should check it out. Especially if you’re looking for a box around that price point. It’s a tremendous value. No, I don’t work for them, this is honestly how I feel. I don’t normally get nearly this excited about any sub box. Trust me when I say I criticize more boxes than I praise most of the time. 😄

  34. Well no wonder the site would not work for signing up for a box. I kept trying the past 3 weeks. It figures, when I truly find a great nail polish that doesn’t chip for me!

    • Oddly enough, I canceled Julep a few years back because their formulas dried out too quick or got too thick and some of the colors would chip. I switched to Zoya and never really looked back. I have Zoya nail polishes that I’ve kept for 5+ years and they haven’t separated (or if they do, a quick shake fixes it). You can find them at Ulta (and they aren’t excluded from Ulta coupons either). If you join their email list, they send you deals (like BOGO green day, free shipping, etc.). And they aren’t very expensive either ($8-$10 per bottle), but I’ve gotten deals where it came out to $3-$4 each.

      • I think Zoya offers a seasonal subscription too. I could be wrong but I thought I’d read a review for it here on MSA. I know OPI has one. I thonk Jessica reviwed it recently.

        • I wish Zoya has a sub box but I’ve never seen one. They do occasionally have mystery boxes that are a great value too. I’ve purchased those before.

        • I think you’re thinking of Orly, with the seasonal nail color box.

      • I’ve tried many nail polishes from sub boxes and just purchasing. The absolute best I’ve found is Oribe. It lasts almost 2 weeks and I wash my hands frequently. I also use an Essie topcoat. Oribe colors are very limited but very pretty.

        • I haven’t tried Oribe so I cannot compare…and at $32 each, my cheap wallet will protest. I guess I’ll have to luck into it from a sub lol

    • I love Zoya too. And Butter hardly ever chips for me. The only reason I liked Julep was some of the colors were really unique. But they would dry up in the tiny tubes.

  35. Noo! I had enough for three free boxes! They should at least have given us a chance to get the rewards we have been saving for(they even said on their site – it will not expire so feel free to stockpile them 😉 )

    • Omg I would be so mad!! I would email them. That’s unacceptable.

  36. I’m not surprised, but I’m definitely annoyed. They would obviously not tell the subscribers jules were ending because they didn’t want to lose more money by sending people “free” items.

    I think that was a mistake on their part though, because now they’ve upset subscribers who would potentially have remained customers. The whole point of a loyalty program is that people stay with your company – those same people would probably have continued purchasing if they were given warning. Whoever is at the top clearly has poor business planning.

    • Well, since it appears they are filing bankruptcy, clearly poor business decisions were made.

  37. Your order will not ship if you used your points today. Just an fyi. It might look like it went through but it will be cancelled.

  38. Oh how sad … I just reached 2000 points last month and was looking forward to the free box next month. Now I can’t even use the Jules points on any of the items; I just get the message “you don’t have enough points.”

    • Same here.

  39. I ordered 1 of everything from the Jule Box. Who knows if it will ship.

    • It will not ship.

      • What’s your basis for saying this?

        • I was told by Julep that any orders placed with points after 11:59pm 2/14 would not be honored.

          • Well I got my shipping confirmation today, so 😛

        • They cancel it is the basis.

          • I placed an order and it was confirmed. How long does it take them to cancel it?

      • And you would know this, how? We’re all waiting for the “sauce” with bated breath, oh all-knowing one!

        • Terry was your snotty post neccessary? Sara posted what she was told. I have also been hearing from some women that they had their joule order that was placed on February 15th cancelled by the company. Maybe some people are getting lucky and others aren’t.

    • Melissa are you really bragging about your order being shipped when others had their point orders cancelled? Wow…just wow. Very unnecessary.

      • There was some question of whether or not point orders would go through so I think she is just letting us know they might.
        I am grateful for the update and for others who also want to know if jule orders might go through – I placed three separate jule point orders (each I thought was my last or I would have joined them) and the first shipped out. No idea if the others will, but I will take anything as a consolation prize at this point.

        • Marina I would believe that if she hadn’t included the emoji. That felt very haha in your face people who had their point orders cancelled. Like haha I got mine and you didn’t. Very unnecessary.

          • Ah, did not see an emoji on my side. I never can understand why people need to be like that if that’s the case, but some really do seem to enjoy going after people in comments.

      • Actually I was glad to know that someone got a shipping notice – that gave me hope for my order coming too, and sure enough this morning I did receive a shipping confirmation this morning. I ordered using my points the day after the big announcement.

        • “Very unnecessary” comment…

  40. This is exactly why I was upset at MSA and other subscription sites that didn’t write any warnings about what was obviously happening at Julep. The writing was on the wall that everyone’s subscriptions/points were going to get cancelled, and you saw December/January monthly reviews like nothing was happening. But now that it’s official, I urge everyone to buy anything that you depend on from Julep in bulk, because once the old stock is gone, that’s it.

    • Not sure why you say the writing was on the wall – long time customer and I had no idea! I doubt MSA has much inside intel.

      • Because the company went bankrupt months ago and was bought out. Several people emailed Msa the links to the story and it was never shared. Look at past Julep posts and many people warned that this was coming so it definitely wasn’t out of nowhere.

        • MSA often walks the line between being an advertising/promotional service for all these boxes and being true reviewers. That can become problematic in a situation like this. If they are not paid shills for Julep they should have noted in their reviews that the parent company had gone bankrupt and closed stores.

          • Sad but true. Msa is loyal to the sub boxes not the readers. That’s why people shouldn’t put so much trust in this site.

        • MSA has no responsibility to speculate on news. Their primary purpose is to review boxes. Don’t you think it is customers responsibility to read the news about the company they invested money in and make educated decision and inferences? I see no sense to blame MSA.

          • Completely agree Svetlana. That’s why I say people put way too much trust in Msa to babysit them.

          • MSA’s primary purpose is to review boxes and tell us if they’re bad or good or having shipping or other issues. This is an “other” issue. Who do they have a responsibility to, their readers or the companies?

          • Sharing information that a company has filed bankruptcy isn’t speculation. It’s news related to the sub. Had MSA honestly reported Julep’s bankruptcy filing instead of reviewing the box as if it was business as usual, I would have gotten my boxes the past 2 months instead of skipping the boxes due to being overstocked on products. Now I’m stuck with credits that will get me much less product than if I had taken my boxes.

            They had news that showed a company that was in danger and instead of sharing that, they encouraged people to sign up for new subs, raving about the value of the subscription instead of honestly reporting the info they had.

            Is it their responsibility to tell us everything – no. But is it honest to encourage people to sign up for a sub and even recommend people sign up for a 3 month sub when they know there are serious issues – not at all!

        • Interesting! Wish I read the reviews now! Sad MSA didn’t share the concerns of their readers. I would have added on a few more items last month then.

      • No inside Intel needed. It’s called reading the news.

        • Good grief, Sara. Another snippy comment. Thanks so much for the monday morning quarterbacking.

        • Why are half of this Sara persons comments even being posted? What kind of contribution to a kinder place is one snarky comment after another, merely laughing at other peoples expense? SMH. Disappointing.

          • LOL if you think the MSA boards are a “kinder place.” Clearly you haven’t been on enough of them. I refer to them as the bitch boards because there is SO MUCH negativity on them.

          • Tracy newsflash…MSA is not a kind or nice place. You need a thick skin to come here.

  41. I had almost 4,000 Jules, and I was able to get a couple things from the “Jule Box” just now to use up part of my Jules. If you still have some left, check on the site before they pull it down — I think there are only 4 things to choose from, unfortunately.

  42. As someone who was a subscriber for many many years – in large part b/c of being able to skip anytime & fully customize – this is a disappointment.
    It most of all I am SO glad I just redeemed most of my points to get a free box b/c I would be TICKED if I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so. Im sure many have points accumulate & to me that’s really rotten that they aren’t offering anything in that regard; even though I have very few left if just doesn’t sit well with me out of principle.
    B/c of the flexibility I largely stayed supscribed to be able to restock my few Julep faves at a great price – ironically none of which are nail polish (though do include some nail tools & treatments) – but ah well. Thankful to have just grabbed two of my go to 5-in-1 skin perfectors at the great deal one last time.

  43. I’m a little upset they didn’t offer the option to be refunded for prepaid- I don’t know if I will purchase from their store but now have a gift card. Also ditto on all my points gone….

    • SO thankful that I just used up most of my Jules to get this box free & do think it’s really rotten the way they’re handling – or rather not handling – Jules & also pretty crummy to not automatically offer refunds & only credit for prepaid plans. I thankfully don’t have any prepaid atm – used my Jules instead of doing my 3 month renew this past month – but if I did you bet I’d be calling & insisting on cash refund, & then taking it up w/ the bank if they refused. That said credit is NOT what anyone agreed to purchase so unless there was VERY SPECIFIC fine print somewhere that they can point to they should be obliged to refund upon request.

  44. Wow. What a pile of….

    Not alerting Mavens to use their Jules before they did away with them is SUCHH a…. a Julep thing to do.

  45. All points are expired! What on earth? Can they do that?

    • Yeah, they can, unfortunately. A bankrupt company by definition cannot sufficiently pay its creditors by doing business as usual — creditors who are owed real money. So while it does stink to lose our fake money, it’s still fake money. We gotta let it go.

    • Of course they can do that. There’s way more important things going on in the world to spend any time crying about sub box points.

      • More important things than being needlessly rude on a blog about boxes too.

      • Just like there’s more important things going on in the world than making snarky replies to other people’s comments?

      • Like trolling a thread with snarky comments all day? Enough already Sara!

  46. Wow, that stinks. I wish we had been given a week or 2 to use our Jules instead of them just being eliminated. I would have used them last month if I had known.

    I wonder if they’ll still be doing mystery boxes in the future.

    • I think that’s why they didn’t announce it…so people won’t have a chance to use up points 🙁

  47. What about prepaid boxes?? Do we get a refund???

    • Yes…Do we get a refund?

      • I got an online gift card for mine, which I have no desire to use so I’m pretty grumpy.

        • I tried to use the $19.99 prepaid email gift card number and it tells me the gift card is not valid. Think we may be screwed out of prepaid money as well as the jules rewards.

          • I was able to use my gift card, but it showed up invalid the first 2 times, 3rd time it worked perfectly and covered the cost of tax.

      • It’s definitely pretty crummy to not automatically offer refunds & only credit for prepaid plans. I thankfully don’t have any prepaid atm – used my Jules instead of doing my 3 month renew this past month – but if I did you bet I’d be calling & insisting on cash refund, & then taking it up w/ the bank if they refused. Credit is NOT what anyone agreed to purchase so unless there was VERY SPECIFIC fine print somewhere that they can point to they should be obliged to refund upon request. Call or email them first & if they say no tell them you’ll be calling your bank or card. You have every right to do so. For Jules, as rotten as it is they have the right to do whatever they want. For cash on the other hand they do not.

        • Bankruptcy means they don’t have money to refund. It also means demanding a refund might be harder depending on how much protection they have from the court.

    • What is happening to my prepaid boxes?

      If you have a prepaid account balance, you will receive an email February 15th, 2019 with a gift card containing an equivalent dollar amount to your outstanding prepaid credit.

      Gift cards can be used on

      • Thank you!

      • I just tried to use the gift card to get at least something for my prepaid account. It tells me that number is not valid.

        • I had the same thing happen to me I tried a bunch of times and still wouldn’t work. I finally tried the check balance link, it showed my 16.66 or whatever I had and then hit apply while that balance check line was showing, and it worked.

          • Thank you. That worked and I at least was able to use my last month’s prepay.

  48. Pretty messed up that ALL Jules are now expired with no value. Way to say thanks to your loyal customers!

    • It looks like there are 4 items in the “Jule Box” still available to purchase with Jules. I was able to use almost all of mine on 2 things just now. Hopefully it ships!

      • I had enough to get one thing, but even though I had exactly the right amount, it said I didn’t have enough and refused to add to cart. Wow, thanks a lot Julep. What a sh*tty way to end things with your customers.

    • That totally sucks!! I had over 7000!!! I’m so pissed off. I will never buy from them again.

      • I totally agree! I can’t believe they can just take the Jules without any prior notice — I would have spent them in much better way (I was saving up for a few things, ugh!)

      • Jeez relax. Isn’t there anything more important going on in your life to be outraged about? If this is the worst thing to happen to you today then you have no reason to be so furious. Calm down.

        • @Sara- please go away. This is not 4chan. People have a right to be upset.

          • She clearly feeds off of other people’s misery, the sign of a truly unhappy person. I feel sorry for her.

        • Jeez, Sara, self-righteous much? Did YOU lose anything in this deal? If not, then kindly keep your comments to yourself.

  49. I wonder if we’ll get our boxes this month. I got a shipping notice but it says that the package hasn’t been received by the shipping company yet. 🙁

    • I did receive my box this week, so I would hope they’ll honor existing orders.

      I do wish they would have given some notice as I had nearly enough Jules saved up for a free box. I would have used them for some add ons had I known. Definitely disappointing.

    • I just received mine yesterday so you should get it. SO thankful that I just used up most of my Jules to get this box free & do think it’s really rotten the way they’re handling – or rather not handling – Jules & also pretty crummy to not offer refunds & only credit for prepaid plans. I thankfully don’t have any prepaid atm – used my Jules instead of doing my 3 month renew this past month – but if I did you bet I’d be calling & insisting on cash refund, & then taking it up w/ the bank if they refused. Store credit is NOT what anyone agreed to purchase so they should be obliged to refund upon request.

    • I haven’t even gotten a shipping notice. I emailed them twice about it with no reponse. If I don’t see it by the 19th, I’ll just dispute it with my cc company. Annoying.

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