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Coastal Co. Spring 2019 Box SPOILERS + $25 Coupon!

Coastal Co Box

We have what appear to be full spoilers for the Spring Coastal Co. quarterly subscription box! (Thanks for the heads up, Amber and Julie!)

The box includes:

Coastal Co. is a seasonal box of beach-inspired apparel and accessories delivered 4x per year. $180+ retail value inside each box.

For a limited time, use coupon code TRIBE25 to save $25 off your first Coastal Co. box! (Regularly $99)

If you sign up now, your first box will be the Winter box. Check out our review of the Coastal Co Winter Box here.

The Subscription Box: Coastal Co.

The Cost: $99.00/season The Products: 6-8 pieces of premium, beach-inspired apparel, accessories & lifestyle products. Total retail value of $180+

Ships to: U.S. for $4.95

Check out all of our Coastal Co. reviews to learn more about this box.


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (55)

  1. Are there variations to this box? If I sign up, will I get this exact box?

  2. I received my first Coastal Co box today and really love everything in it. Living in MN, where we still have several feet of unmelt snow, this box provided inspiration of warm weather and was themed perfectly for Spring/Summer. I know I can use everything in this box, and the ring that was included was adorable.

    • Don’t know how you and so many others in this country have dealt with all the snow you have been slammed with this winter. At least your box gives you a glimpse of warm weather to come! I’m lucky to live in Florida, where we have been in the low eighties past few weeks. Can’t wait to get my box as I can start using everything now. Mine still has not shipped. This is my first Coastal Co. box so I don’t what carrier they use to ship. Have been stalking my Fed Ex account just in case they use them, but sadly, no label created by Coastal Co.

    • Hi Julie! Can I ask what the kimono is like? Does it have a cut out in the back? My box should be here Monday! Lol.

      • Hi Lisa,

        My Kimono does not have any cut outs in the back. There are a few photos on the company website showing different styles with cut outs. I like the kimono.

      • Hi Lisa — There are no cut outs in the Kimono, which I prefer.

      • I didn’t realize there were any new comments on this thread! Thank you for responding to my question. 🙂 I am also very glad there are no cut outs!

  3. Love the box but the price is high.

  4. is it just me or do others who are from the s/west coast, hawaii, etc tend to look at this box and think its just kind of over priced, curiously hyped and basic? I mean growing up between HI, HBC and SD, and living in CA still, this is the kind of stuff we use/d on the daily and you can get nearly everywhere for a lot less. Havainas aren’t at all and have never been unique- literally the same as any generic flip flop, sold at a crazy tourist premium price… tho some styles the rubber base & strap is a bit denser/tougher, but otherwise, no actual diff.

  5. I love coastal co. I have adored each box I have gotten and I am always impressed with the quality and stylishly made products. If you are on the fence this box has it all it is worth every penny! I love coastal co.!

  6. I’m looking forward to this box! I signed up for the watch initially and just love it! Customer service exchanged mine for the color I wanted. The winter box was a small let down from the first box, but I’ve wore the necklace several times and love the sweatshirt! I would love to see a cute small cross body for my phone and a few beach essentials in a box soon.

  7. We just had yet another snow day yesterday. I’m looking forward to spring and summer so much I just bought this box on impulse.

  8. I’ve gotten a Laguna Salt Company Salt in rosemary before. My husband now orders it from the their website because he can find no substitute to compare. He said it would be a good gift from him.

  9. It seems bizarre that they’re including shoes in this box. I used to sell shoes for a living, and most flip flops only come in whole sizes, which can be very challenging when sizing for a proper fit without trying them on. For example, I’m an 8 1/2, so sometimes I would fit an 8 and sometimes a 9, especially depending on width. Also, flip flops are just terrible for your feet. My uncle was a podiatrist and he always said the worst footwear aside from high heeled pumps we’re flip flops. They provide no support and encourage the toes to unnaturally grip and struggle to keep the shoe on your foot, which is why he saw so many cases of plantar fasciitis, collapsed arches, and back problems in long term flip flop wearers. As someone who is on my feet all day at work, I definitely credit his warnings about both heels and flip flops for keeping my feet healthy!

    • JennR – as someone who lives in Florida and has worn flops wayyyyy too much, I now fear that I have done irreversible damage to my feet. This Coastal Co. spoiler post has taken a DARK turn!

      • I’ve always been told that flip flops are fine as long as you get rid of them when they wear out. As long as they are kind of tight on your foot you should be okay.

      • Many standard flip flops aren’t okay from the get go though, ie any of the many standard/ classic style that are entirely flat w/ no shape. Are they fine for the pool or for short periods of time here & there? For most people, yes. But unless they are the type that actually have some shape & support – aka none of the ones with a straight up flat footbed, regardless of the material or texture – they are without question not good for anyone’s feet for longer periods on a regular basis.
        For those who want to wear a flip-flop type shoe regularly – myself included – it is well worth it to spend the bit of extra time & effort to purchase one’s that do at least have proper arch support and – depending on how much you will be wearing them – are made of more supportive materials overall. They doesn’t necessarily mean they must be expensive but it does mean you will likely need to pay more than $10, which is beyond well worth it to avoid the literal & figurative pain of even minor foot problems down the road!

  10. Are they actually sending the stuff that that preview now or do end up with a bunch of other random products “variation” lol. I ordered their first box after seeing it reviewed here and was beyond disappointed so I cancelled. But I always love these reviewed boxes.

    • I just got my box today and this is actually the exact items I got! No variation in prints or anything. The kimono appears to be an exclusive for the box in the Pipa print. It’s a full back with no buttons, it may be my least favorite thing just bc I have so many others but this box is awesome!! 7 full sized product with a retail value of $229!! Well worth my $100 and it helps me feel like summer is coming 🙌

  11. Aaaarrrrrggghhhh! As many have said, this looks like a lovely, quality box with really thoughtful citation!

    That said, the price tag is high and I only want like half of it. I’m sure the Island Vibes shirt, salt, and ring are very nice, but they’re not exactly my style.

  12. I like this mix (mens). I only got one so far and the value to curation is pretty even so you aren’t getting a windfall but I loved all the men’s things I got. Sizes do run small so size up. The men’s xl was a miserly l on the woven I received. They swapped it and got me squared away. Great service and curation. Value is huge but I like everything I have received.

  13. I loved the winter box. The price is a bit steep but they are nice brands and I prefer them to the ones in Popsugar or FabFitFun. The last couple of those boxes I barely used the items and I use everything from Coastal Co. The shirt from last time was super soft and I haven’t had any issue with piling. I wear the necklace almost every day. I’ve never owned a pair of flip flops that cost more than $4 or $5 so I’m interested to see the difference.

    • I am definitely getting this box – takes me back to when I use to visit Venice Beach 🙂

      • Yes!!!!! I used to live in Virginia Beach and it reminds me of my old home ❤️❤️

  14. I’ve been a subscriber since their first box and their main problem is they need to do a better job of sizing. If they are going to be so heavily clothing heavy. This is the second time they have done the flip-flops & I can’t wear them. I have wide feet, so they don’t work for me.

  15. This box is so tempting but I am petite so the clothing sizes scare me for the price.

    • You may be interested to know that they appear to use junior’s sizing. When I finally saw the size chart, I had to request to size up in everything. So if you’re worried about the clothes being too big, you may be in luck!

      • Where is the size chart? I can’t find.

      • If you click the “get your toes wet” as if you were starting to sign up, the next page asks you for your sizes, etc. Toward the end of that section, there’s a link to the size chart. You’ll notice the sizing is in odd numbers, generally indicating juniors. Good luck!

  16. This looks lovely! Not enough things I would use, but everything is useful and luxurious. I hope someone puts the pouch up to swap 🙂

  17. The post states “if you sign up now your first box will be the winter box” Is that correct? Not trying to be picky just trying to make sure I get the spring box if I order. 🙂

  18. I think I might order this. Unlike other boxes this has traditional “non-subscription” box clothing/accessory brands that are actually sold at regular retail stores and not just produced w/psychotic inflated Mark-ups to be put in the BOS as someone mentioned below. I have Havianas and love them and the ring is really pretty and simple.

    I will actually use everything in the box and with the coupon it will work out to just a little over $10 an item.

    • Tlc, I saw that, do you think it’s the same one? I can’t tell if the one in the spoiler has button holes or not from the photo. The dress wouldn’t work for me, but I think my daughter would like it. Does anyone know if they ask for dress/ring/shoe sizes when you subscribe?

      • Pretty sure that pattern is the exact same as the Will, not sure of the style though. It does look a little different and shorter on the girl above.
        Also, I believe they ask for all those sizes when you sign up.

      • Correction *Willa

  19. I love this box. Quality I’ve quantity. The sweatshirt in last box wasn’t my favorite…but my daughter LOVES it! All natural, organic cotton.

    The shirt from fall is also 100% cotton, thick and well made.
    thx for the spoilers!!

  20. What a ~dreamy~ box. The value’s definitely there, for the quality of the brands. Curation on point. Have been seeing so many boxes lately that are just, whatever products they could get a discount on, thrown together. I live in California, used to live in San Diego, and this takes me back.

  21. This will be my first box and I am excited about the curation. I am curious how the sizing runs for those who have received other clothing items.

    • I don’t have too much experience with them, but it seems that the clothing comes from multiple retailers. So I think it could be different from box to box. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
      With that being said, the winter box sweatshirt was true to size imo.

    • There is a size chart on Coastal Co. site (where you enter your sizes before subscribing). As I figured, I needed to size up a bit since this box seems to be geared to a younger age group. I usually wear medium in tops, but according to their guide I am a large. Googled the Saltwater Luxe size chart and I was a large in tops with them too, so I’d say Coastal’s size guide is pretty accurate for the type of styles they curate. Love that the Kimono is on the shorter side and it is quite unique with the cut-out low back.

  22. I honestly love this sub. This will be my third box (initially signed up for the Nixon watch) and the I’ve gotten use out of every item I’ve received. The price point is a bit high but the curation is so thought out, which I appreciate.

  23. Ugh, I am so torn on this sub. I like most of these items, a couple are meh, but mostly I like it. But the price… Is it just me or does it just seem too high for what you get? I got the winter one and just wasn’t satisfied with the items for the price. But I like the curation, I want to love this box!!

    • I think the price is too high for what you get, but yes, the curation is lovely!

    • I was just thinking the same thing, Pamela! I like it for my daughter, but it seems pricey. For the price it feels like it needs a higher value hero item or something…I really want to love this box too but just can’t pull the trigger.

    • I’ve thought about this before. Comparing to other $100/season subs, I think that the quality of the items is way better than, say BOS. I can’t speak for HR, as I’ve never gotten one of their boxes, so I haven’t seen any of the products in hand. But this box doesn’t seem to have the “exclusive collaboration” that we often see in other subs that means lower quality pieces. The sweatshirt in the last box was an exclusive print, but printed on the same quality sweatshirt you’d get from the retailer. Havaianas are pretty expensive flipflops and I don’t own any for that reason, so I’m happy to get to try a pair for much less in a sub box. The kimono looks like good quality, and I like that it’s short, so you can wear it as a beach coverup, or like the model is wearing, over a tank with shorts. It’s actually the only one I’ve seen out of what seems like a billion (haha) that I would wear.

      Aaaalllll that being said, I really do wish this was just a tad bit cheaper, BUT I do think that you get your $100 worth (and no makeup, which is great)

      • Ahh, now that’s where I had a problem, in the quality. The sweatshirt pilled after it’s first washing. I’ve tried Haviana’s on and didn’t think they seemed that comfy for the price. So this is where my problem lies with this box.
        Just my opinions. I did give them feedback last time and they were GREAT responding and taking it all in. She also said that that was only their 3rd box (the winter one) and that feedback was good for them. Customer service is awesome and that counts for something 👍

      • My sweatshirt pilled as well, but I used a sweater stone on it and removed the pilling, and haven’t had an issue with it since. Maybe because of how fuzzy and soft the cotton is? I dunno. I’ve never tried on Havaianas but they have to be more comfy than my cheapo Old Navy flops haha.

        Yes, Customer Service is GREAT! Last season, I had already paid for my next box when they came out with the Black Friday discount, and they graciously refunded me the difference. They also swapped out my watch in the first box. Sent me the color I wished for and a prepaid label to send the other one back.

      • I’ve never heard of a sweater stone 🤨 I’ll have to look into that. Those Old Navy flops are exactly that, flops. They’re terrible, but for a couple bucks, I mean really, I don’t know what I was expecting, lol.

      • I got a sweater stone in a Bespoke Post Mystery box when I first signed up. I had it forever before I finally used it, and can’t believe I’ve never had one before. It’s a pumice stone

      • Yes, the sweatshirt in the winter box was cute, but after only one wash it looked horrible. So, I don’t know that these are high quality products.

      • Mine is fine I washed on cold though and hung to dry

      • I have washed and worn my sweatshirt at least 10-12 times and it is still in great shape. Threw it in washed and dried it with everything and it didn’t shrink or look used at all. I have a few items that seemed a bit small shirt wise and I gave them as gifts, but quality is good in my opinion. Havainas are my least favorite flip flops as they are super stiff and uncomfortable, but they make a water resistant bag that you can zip up for the beach. I just got one in Hawaii and it’s the best!

    • I went the on website for the Kimono. I dont know if it is the one I saw or not, but everything is 99.00 or more on the site. If it is the Willa kimono, it looks gorgeous.

      That being said, I love this box but agree it’s quite expensive. If it were maybe 75 I’d be in. Or if I made more money. Haha.

    • Pamela – I feel exactly the same way. Price is a bit high considering most other subs are half that. I also wasn’t impressed with the winter box. After seeing the fall box with the Nixon box and S’well bottle, I had high hopes for winter and was totally let down. Still not sure how I feel about the Spring box yet.

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