CAUSEBOX Spring 2019 Box SPOILER #2 + Coupon!

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Causebox spring 2019

The Spring 2019 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now! And we have the first two spoilers!

Each box will include:

Glass Ladder & Co Megan Portfolio Clutch – Retail Value $120

If you missed the first spoiler, this box will also include:

Cleobella X CAUSEBOX Silky Scarf

What do you think of the spoilers so far? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, this will be your first box. Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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  1. I love this clutch so much, I checked it out on the Glass LLadde Co website but it is a little bit out of my price range, I am debating subscribing just to get it, but then I couldn’t pick a color. I am in grad school and this would be so useful.

    Does anyone know anything similar or companies with a similar product?

    • I like all the colors don’t you?

    • You might find something similar…but if you subscribe to this box you’ll get it + 7 more items for $55 (less if you get a coupon code).

      If you sign up for one box you can’t choose your color, it will be selected for you. If you sign up for an annual subscription ($199) then you can choose.

    • There is groups on FB you can join to trade.

  2. How do we pick our selections? I am an annual subscriber and I went on their site and couldn’t find any way to pick. Thanks for your help!

    • You can make the selections when they start the process. It should be some time next week after they announce the third spoiler (they said they will have 3 customizable options in this box)

      • Thank you so much!!!!

  3. Fail, so far. I hate Vegan leather. Cruise over to E-Bay and Goodwill and check out how many of the recent Vegan leather products from boxes are available & no one buys them still.

  4. Love the style of the clutch! But I do agree with others that I generally hate “vegan leather” products and would much prefer real leather. I have seen that some fake leathers are better than others, so I’m hoping with such a high retail value that this will still be a nice piece.

    Everyone is hating on the scarves, and while I doubt I’ll really wear it, I don’t mind them. Especially with 6 remaining full size items left. Hoping the rest of the box is good!

  5. So far– so good! I love the scarf !

  6. You just about made me choke on my coffee!! That was exactly what I was thinking. 😄 This box is a hard pass this time.

  7. So I initially thought it was just another clutch and this box was to be an automatic skip. But I am totally intrigued by the portfolio clutch aspect! The scarf is cute too but I have a ton. Looking forward to remaining spoilers!

    • Me too! I would have enjoyed a regular clutch but I’m thinking the planner from the last box will go nicely in the laptop slot.

  8. Their Instagram story that shows how to turn the scarf into a strap almost sold me on this. But 1) I just know that unless I upgrade and get to pick, I’ll get a hideous combo like the marigold scarf and cloud gray clutch. 2) I don’t think that strap would be at all durable. I put my bags through a fair amount of punishment. 3) I want to wear the darn scarf, not use it as a strap for something that logically should have one.

    • I think marigold and cloud gray would look amazing together! 🙂

      • I’ve seen other people rock a similar combo, I’d just not for me. The black would look amazing with any scarf. I could see the blush or gray clutch with the sky scarf or the rose. Eh, I should probably be more open minded.

      • Me too! That’s totally going to be my choice!

  9. I like blush pink, and it looks to be decent vegan leather as my experience is not all vegan leather is equal, even though I prefer leather. I already worked out I could use this instead of my paper folder at work and the girls in the office will be envious when they see it at our next sales meeting. Plus I don’t care about leaving it at work as I keep the really nice things at home for my small business. Recently I shopped for a MacBook sleeve and could not find a decent leather one so had to go with vegan leather. I was surprised how much it looked like the finish on my genuine leather kindle cover and not embarrassed at all to be seen with it – it is stunning against the gold MacBook. I got more interested after spoiler 2, as the scarf is not interesting to me.

  10. I think my daughter will like this. She is in college and I think it would be nice for class or interview. The box is pricey so I hope the next spoiler is more my style. I think most of the stuff I get from this subscription ends up with her.

  11. Can you skip a season or do you have to cancel? I am on the fence with this one. Hopefully I will love the next spoiler

    • If you are annual you can skip a season. If you aren’t annual you just cancel and then order each time you want the box.

  12. Can i say i was not happy with the first spoiler is it me but i get box of style and the spring is a scarf and clutch wow now I’m getting a scarf and clutch and i don’t use clutch! going to cancel!! I been wanting to get cause box for a year and got the winter welcome it was ok but no on the spring canceling. No thanks bummer!!!!

  13. Just checked Instagram to see more photos. Glass Ladder stated it did not come with a strap, but it was inspired by their Hepburn model which does come with a strap. They also mentioned it could be used as a tote bag organizer. I was hoping the cloud gray would coordinate with the fall box’s gray dot tote, but it looks like a blue-gray in the photos.

  14. I’m out for spring. I got a “vegan leather” crossbody bag in a different box and took it on a trip and by the end of the week the color had worn off. And I have no use for a “silky” scarf. I’d rather have fewer top quality items that I can actually use.

    • This company has amazing reviews on their quality tbh so I feel like this will be way different than some of the other “vegan leather” products they’ve had. The quality in the pictures looks really good!

  15. For people who don’t want to carry this – it could be used at home for things like keeping all your appliance manuals, warranties, or even bills and bill paying supplies together.

    • We use cheap accordion file folders for those purposes.

      • Such a clever comment!!! Ha ha ha!!!
        I wasn’t saying someone should BUY a clutch to use for holding bills or appliance manuals, but that if they happen to get the clutch as part of the box and don’t know what to do with it because they won’t use it as a clutch, there are other useful things they could do with it.

        • Beth <3 And while any filing system would get the job done, I'd prefer one that "sparks joy". Not complaining about my $1 plastic accordion folder, but this portfolio clutch would inarguably look better on my desk.

      • We need a huge accordion file, so pretty sure this wouldn’t work!

    • I think it would be cool to put your Will and/or trust in something like that. I always thing is should be in a folder that can be distinguished. Just an idea

      • I never thought of that, but that makes a lot of sense.

      • Heck yeah

  16. With my luck, I would get the pink (color I least like). This could be useful, but I don’t want to upgrade to annual just to pick. Hoping the remaining spoiler(s) before March are great, or I’ll cancel.

  17. Do these boxes sell out?

    • Yes they do! Some faster than others.

      • If by fast you mean over the course of a couple of months…. they beg people to buy these boxes it seems

        • Right! Thank you. I had to block Causebox’s ads on Facebook. They posted ads warning that their box was about to sell out — for two months.

        • They’ve also had boxes that have sold out in just a couple of weeks…one did last year, just can’t remember which one.

    • I’ve never seen one sell out before full spoilers are released and usually they don’t sell out for a while.

  18. This would make an awesome gift for a spring graduate. In a previous job of mine, the marketing department gifted faux leather padfolios embossed with the company’s logo. It was one of the more elegant gifts given in our field as most were doing t-shirts, pens, etc. The padfolios lasted forever through countless meetings. I’m certain this will hold up as well. I just already have a slim laptop bag.

    • Absolutely! Recent grad myself, and while I won’t be getting this box, I really love the clutch and could see myself using it. I’ve been using the black Vince Camuto Luck Tote from Fall ’18 FFF, and I prefer it as it has a strap, but this one looks so much better.

  19. This would be perfect on a plane, holds CC, papers, cords, tablet without stuffing it in my handbag and easy to remove before throwing the carryon on the rack. Also think it would be good going to multiple meetings to eliminate handbag toting. Yes, not leather, but if it is a good quality, may be nice.
    Another scarf? Ahhhh no. Good ideas about alternative uses, may put on girl dog for Easter.

  20. do these sub box companies get together every season & decide together what they’re going to put in their boxes?? cuz this is looking very similar to box of style’s spring box so far…

  21. I love this spoiler… will be great to carry my laptops from my desk to a meeting room…just not sure which color to go with….I love the pink but think it might get dirty quickly….maybe I should go with Black

    • I’m thinking the same thing. The pink one might go very nicely with the blush tote from BOS, if I were to use that, but being a traveler I bang things up pretty badly. The pink would also coordinate with the pink stripe from last season’s cream-colored wrap!

      • The pink or black both coordinate will with the planner from the winter box. I’m going for pink.

        • I think the gray would look nice with the planner too.

  22. On Facebook I asked if the postcard counts as one of the 8 items this box and it does NOT…there will be 8 full sized items + the art print. I’m so excited for this box!

    • That’s great because I don’t even want most of them for any purpose. This could turn out to be an awesome box if they keep up this momentum!

  23. I’m a little disappointed with the spoiler’s this month, usually there’s at least one item I’m excited about that makes the rest of the box worth it to me – but so far, I’m overloaded with scarves and clutches. I guess I’ll be rocking a lot of scarves as retro hair accessories this year…and some of my papers will have a pretty home?

  24. Not a fan of “vegan leather” which is just plastic which is also bad for the environment. There are many other options, like cotton, canvas, bamboo, and so on. The quality of their vegan leather items has not impressed me in the past.

    • This is from the causebox blog: Glass Ladder & Co. avoids the most harmful artificial leathers while experimenting with several vegan leathers such as polyurethane, microfiber, and vegetable or fruit leathers to find the highest-quality, lowest-impact animal alternatives available.

      So they’re trying to be better for the environment than just normal pleather I guess

    • Yes! My first thought was a plastic clutch and a polyester scarf? Not interested.

    • Animal agriculture is also really bad for the environment. Personally, I’d rather carry plastic than a sack of skin.

  25. The vegan leather clutch in the Winter Welcome Box smelled terrible and looks so cheap. It was bad enough that I cancelled CauseBox completely. I would be too afraid this would smell the same to try subbing again.

    • I agree! It smelled like gasoline and mine was stained. Never again.

      • Did you contact CS? They may have been able to replace it

  26. Plastic clutch, pink or light gray, clutched in my hand in the summer months in Georgia… Um, no. Now, if there had only been a strap or chain… Oh, well. Money saved. I’ll wait for the next Causebox.

    • It’s not plastic, you’re thinking of PVC. There are literally so many kinds of Vegan Leather that vary in smell, qaulity, and material. Not fair to assume they are all the same. Not every vegan leather is created equally

  27. Yay! This will be so useful for me! I wish it were real leather, but otherwise I’m excited

  28. I love, love, love this! Something new, different, exciting! This is going to look awesome on my desk & in my hands. And the scarves are really pretty, too. I love the marigold.

    • I am thinking of choosing the Sky scarf and the blush pink clutch. It will look like Spring. I am traveling in April and the clutch will be perfect for storing my tablet and cords on the plane.

  29. I’m disappointed that a company that purports to support good causes is referencing PETA in a positive way, even if it’s just pointing out their endorsement of a product. If a terrible company endorsed me I wouldn’t advertise it.

    • I agree!! Needs to be a counter-group…PETE…People for the Ethical Treatment of Earth.

      • They actually commented about this on their Instagram today, there arent many certificates for Vegan Leather companied but they have both PETA and Farm Sanctuary. They’re not supporters of PETA per say it’s just one of the few certificates for what they do that exist at the moment.

      • If you think cruelty to animals is good for the earth, you don’t know a thing about factory farming.

        • I’m willing to bet Emily isn’t under the impression that “animal cruelty is good for the earth.” Obviously it’s not. But PETA is still a downright terrible organization. I swear they do awful things just to stay in the news. I just googled them and yep, there they are! There are better organizations to support if you care about animals (though I would say people would do better to go vegan and then support causes that help actual people, like getting Flint clean water).

  30. It’s a no for me, I’m going to cancel. I agree with some others on here about fake leather, I hate it. And I can’t really use either of these two items anyway.

  31. I absolutely love this spoiler! I was just yesterday looking to buy a very similar product!

  32. Polyester, plastic, PETA. Three strikes – I’m out.

    • Same here & I hate it. Couldn’t wait to see spoilers, but with these first 2 I’m just not impressed and had to cancel. The colors of the products are pretty, but I love quality & texture — this vegan product nonsense is neither, in my opinion. Give us fewer items with real value – less is more!

    • I couldn’t agree more. PETA is awful.

  33. Blah.

  34. I detest the term ‘vegan leather’ but with the 2 spoilers I jumped. I stopped BOS and have been looking for a good replacement.

    • Popsugar looks promising. Oui Please does too (on sale).

      I even think next GlobeIn looks great

      • God no,Globein looks AWFUL

  35. The woman holding the boxes looks disappointed.

    • LOL. Resigned – “the other woman got the pink clutch!”

  36. Haha “silky” vegan fabric… meaning either staticky polyester, or poly/nylon blend, or acetate which will inevitably unravel itself after not that many uses.

    I’m sure it will be fine, and 33″ square is a nice size for a scarf like this. Not too small, not too big. I just have to laugh at the specious “vegan leather so it’s fancy!!!” argument being applied to inexpensive imitation silk!

    Is causebox a vegan company? I’d hate to see a vegan box offer silk, but there is actually cruelty free silk in the world, “spun silk” is made from the small pieces of cocoon left after moths hatch out. It’s rougher looking and much more textured than regular silk but it’s beautiful! It can also be made from scraps leftover from more traditional silk making.

    • Peace silk it’s beautiful and long lasting. I used to really like Causebox now I’m doubtful I’ll buy again.

    • They’re not vegan… at least haven’t been in the past. Previous boxes have offered leather and possibly wool. I’m guessing they’ve received feedback from customers about leather or they’re on tighter budget. Either way why not offer a cotton canvas or other nice natural fabrication. #disappointing

  37. Am I the only person who doesn’t like clutches? They are cute, and I like the idea, but I never use any of the cute clutches I get in these boxes. If it had a strap or a chain I’d totally use it, but I like for my hands to be free. Some of those bags would be awesome if they had a chain and then had one of the cute scarves tied to it. However, I’m also totally over the pleather bags. I loved the fall tote so much, but the strap broke after only 2 weeks of use. I’d much prefer a box with less items and a better quality, real leather bag.

  38. A portfolio clutch? Why curate the box with something so specific, causebox?

    Sorry to say I am out. I have been eying this box for the past 3 seasons but they always come up with such odd item.

    I am out, maybe next time. Please improve your curation!

    • You seem to be in the minority here. People are loving this spoiler. Anyone who has an office job, goes to meetings, is in the business world or carries a laptop can use this. I love it.

      • I am a small business owner so yes, I do meetings. But I already have a solution for my specific needs for my laptop and tablet. I believe most people in the business world can afford better items then this one?

        Maybe I am the minority and don’t like it. I think they need to think more broadly when picking out items. For example, popsugar has a gym bag that can double as an overnight bag. So much more useful than something for a single purpose.

        • agreed, i go to tons of meetings but I have a nice leather zipped portfolio that i use. this one seems like items would just fall out of the plastic.

        • You are not alone. I can’t see myself using this. I need a bag with a strap and this clutch type of item doesn’t appeal to me. Oh well, at least annual subscription can skip once. They can’t please everyone each time.

        • Yup, you’re not alone. To me, the purpose of a clutch is to be light and easy to carry a few items.. if you’re going to be toting something around like a notebook or something big enough to fit in that massively oversized “clutch”… you’d want a strap!

      • I’m a professional with a mobile job. I like the idea for organizing everything I haul around in my bag, but I also feel like this would take up too much space to be worthwhile. If it had some way for me to carry it hands free, sure. But I feel like I’d need an additional bag, on top of the wheeled bag, purse, and lunch box that I’m already lugging around. For anyone NOT in an office setting, this just isn’t a practical item.

        • Exactly! No strap, no handles .
          No, thank you. There are better solutions out there.

      • As someone who is in meetings all. day. long., I am really struggling to see how this would be useful or practical. I can totally imagine glaring at some intern this summer while she delays the start of a meeting five minutes to spread this thing across three spaces at a table to take out a notebook and laptop lol.

        I’m glad to see I’m in the minority, though. Hopefully the rest of the box will be more useful for me.

    • This could also be used to store a small stash of office supplies for a home office…it’s multifunctional if you can find another creative use for it 🙂

      • Someone on here once got reallllly mad at me for suggesting they be creative with the uses for a sub box item. I was told that they “shouldn’t have to be creative”. It made me sad

        • Lol. How dare you challenge someone to use their brain!

          • Bahahaha! Hilarious…I guess I should be careful…but isn’t this whole sub box thing about having fun, anyway?! If we all only wanted exactly what we wanted we should just buy that.

        • I’d love to hear some creative uses. I have no use for office supplies and I don’t go to meetings, so what else could it be used for? This will be my one skip if the rest isn’t more useful for me.

        • We all obviously know how to use our brains and think of alternative uses for things, but “just be creative” shouldn’t always be an excuse for every time someone is disappointed in an item either. I mean, I once saw someone suggest to “just be creative” referencing a non-microwavable handleless mug. When it couldn’t even serve it’s intended purpose lol.

  39. Loving these spoilers so far, this box looks so pretty and spring-y! I’ll probably just use this store my laptop prettily when I’m not using it haha, but it looks so nice!

  40. fake silk and second spoiler is plastic, easy pass

    • My thoughts exactly! In the past Causebox has been better than these petrochemical based materials.

  41. Anyone know how we can select our color? I just logged into my account but didn’t see any options.

    • Customization opens next week 🙂

      • Thanks!!

  42. To each their own, but I can’t get down with pleather/vegan leather items. I will never reach for this, so it will be gifted or donated.

    • I agree, for the retail values, I’d much rather have leather. But I do like this a lot.

    • I agree. I most likely will be able to make use of it, but would never pay $120 for pleather. I always feel like the prices are inflated in these boxes (especially when it comes to the “vegan leather” products and fake jewelry.

  43. So far both my Box of Style and Causebox have a clutch and a scarf….. I guess straps just don’t work in the spring.

    • At least the BOS clutch isn’t pleather. I’m loving the brighter, more spring like colors Cause Box has, but the BOS clutch is much higher quality. I might be going in that direction.

      • Exactly what I was thinking.

  44. I would be really excited about this clutch if it had a strap. I am so disappointed. I would have used this everyday. For me, it’s not practical to carry this and my coffee mug around to meetings all day. It’s just another thing to forget or worry about. I wish they designed the clutch so that we could purchase the strap separately. It’s really pretty but I don’t think its practical.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of large to carry around by hand all day. I’d be dropping it every five minutes.

    • I have actually used scarfs to make a strap. If you use a thin one it can look really cool. Just an idea 😉

      • Hi Lavinia! I think Causebox just took your idea 🙂

  45. Now this I can use,unlike the scarf. Too bad my laptop is a 15 inch though. But my iPad will fit nicely. Love all three colors too.

  46. I was BUMMED about this until I saw it’s good for 13″ laptops…WHICH I HAVE!!! Best Causebox box ever for me, and we’re only 2 spoilers into it 😀

  47. Hard to tell from the photo. Is there a place to put a notepad? If so then I’m really excited. I need one for work meetings.

  48. Same stuff as Rachel Zoe box 🙄🙄 except this is the massive version

  49. Boo! Apple doesn’t make their i9 model in 13″

  50. If PETA is involved I’m out. While I don’t condone animal cruelty PETA is a horrible organization and I can’t support them.

    • PETA approved doesn’t necessarily mean they’re “involved”…I am not a fan or proponent of PETA either…so I hope it’s only “approved” by them and not sponsored by them!

      • Yes! PETA is pretty detestable & their list of approved brands is anything but reliable but there’s no real reason to dismiss all brands that happen to be “PETA approved”; it truly means nothing other than a listing on their website & is the equivalent of throwing out the baby with the bath water.
        I haven’t (yet) looked into this particular company so can’t soeak for them but taking an automatic pass on every brand on PETA’s list would mean missing out on a lot of really great companies.
        Now if a brand has a more meaningful affiliation/ collaboration with PETA that’s another story, but more often than not being on the list is something that a marketing department has pursued/ approved b/c – rightfully or not – so many customers use it as a resource & question whether brands claiming to be cruelty free but not on the PETA, Leaping Bunny &/ or Logical Harmony lists – the latter two being infinitely more reliable/ trustworthy – have something to hide.

    • what?? No.

      The clutch is PETA approved, Meaning they agreed that no animals were harmed to make it. No where does it say the box is sponsored by or in collaboration with PETA.

      It’s sort of like saying bottles of liquids less than 3oz are TSA approved for carryon. No one ever seems to worry that they are sponsoring boxes.

    • I did not see anything on the Causebox site or their FB page that PETA is benefiting from this product.

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