CAUSEBOX Spring 2019 Box SPOILER #1 + Coupon!

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Causebox spring 2019

The Spring 2019 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now! And we have the first spoiler!

Each box will include:

Cleobella X CAUSEBOX Silky Scarf

What do you think of the first spoiler? Which pattern do you want?

If you haven’t signed up yet, this will be your first box. Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hope there isn’t another kimono since there’s a post of their artist in one on Instagram

  2. I like the idea of getting a scarf. I’m relatively new to subscription boxes and just have Causebox and FFF subs. I’ve had FFF longer than causebox – the spring is my 4th FFF box and this spring one is my second causebox box so I haven’t gotten a scarf in any of my past boxes. Having said that, I hope the rest of the items in this spring box are good. I’m not very happy with the earphones I got my winter causebox because the battery doesn’t really last very long.

    I will be having a hard time picking between the rose and marigold options.

    • Marigold and Rose are my two favorites, I’m having a hard time deciding!

      • Same here. Which is odd because I’m usually drawn to blues. Actually I’m leaning toward the marigold, which is a color I typically avoid, but this is too cute.

  3. This is so blah. Who would want this?

  4. Yeah was so excited new to cause box but disappointing a scarf!! bummer already getting one in another subscription box 🙁 Hope it gets better.

  5. ITS ABOUT TIME!!! This late in the game, they should’ve given us like 3 spoilers!

  6. Cleobella has a couple of scarves on their site; both are rayon, which is better than poly, and on sale for $10-19 from a $33 original price.

    • I saw those too. They’re smaller.

  7. Ugh … another scarf sad

  8. I have several pashmina-type scarves. I was checking out YouTube videos just a couple of weeks ago for new ways to tie them and saw a lot of videos (not by “seniors”, btw) on tying square scarves like these. I don’t have any. Happy to see this. Now to decide between rose and sky…

  9. Love these!!

  10. I think these are pretty. RV is always ridiculous anyway, for me it’s about if I feel it’s worth the cost of the box. I’m always undecided with Causebox – because I like their mission, but not always everything in the box. I would sub to get this if the rest of the box is as promising.

    • Agree. Causebox is a mixed bag.

  11. I am hoping the rest of the box is better. Not really into scarves.

  12. Does Causebox read these reviews? I hope so. The last two boxes I cancelled and this box is already off to a bad start. How is the scarf retail price $55 for cheap material? Also, who really cares for the box print reveal. It’s all silly and not worth the money.

    • Agree. It’s probably the same women who throw “gender reveal” parties to get even more attention. LOL.

      • I love the ladies of MSA! Julia, I know we would be friends IRL based on this comment alone. My favorite is a video showing the expectant parents eating the gender reveal cupcakes 😳

      • @Julia, good call. That’s just a ridiculous money grab.

    • Have you seen the comments on Causebox instagram post for this spoiler? The insanely overwhelming response to these scarves is kinda suspicious. I find it hard to believe that so many people are SO EXCITED about a vegan spring scarf. But I’m cynical.

      • Same with FB – everyone LOVES these. Are scarves trendy again?

      • I love scarves but not these ones!

      • Maybe people enjoy Causebox and are excited about spoilers and the “cause.” And maybe those not that thrilled just don’t see the point in being negative on a public post so they just kept scrolling. I think the scarves are lovely. I could certainly be wrong but I also think it’s doubtful Causebox would “waste” money paying people off just to make positive posts when their biggest mission is to raise money for charities and organizations.

      • Oh my goodness, I was just on Facebook reading all the rave reviews for the Box design. Its a cardboard box and it gets recycled. Honestly, I would prefer a normal brown box and have them lower the price OR include something amazing. Why are we paying for art on a box that gets recycled?

  13. Honestly….who wears scarves these days? Bleh.

    • I do! Rather often too. They just add a little extra class to a nice outfit.

      • Me too! I love scarves! I wear them in my hair, on my purse, on my wrist and around my neck. These are cute!

    • I do all the time. I love them. I watched youtube videos how to style them in different ways. I get tons compliments about scarfs mainly because people dont wear them and it makes me stand out with my scarfs.

    • Sad to see OP shamed for questioning how fashion forward scarves are.

      Scarves seem to be attempting a comeback. Outside of Hermès, I’ve never wished for one myself 😬 oh wait…exception was during my biker chic days…

    • I LOVE scarves! This spoiler really excites me!

  14. I also am getting the box of style so now I will have two silk scarves……that I won’t use 😂😂

  15. Liz, or anyone else the Msa app is not available & hasn’t been working, does anyone know what happened ?

    • Hi Betty,

      So sorry about that! We’ve been making enhancements to the mobile website and got to the point where the app was not up to date, and the mobile website was a much better experience. So we decided to pull the app since we couldn’t support it with the new mobile website enhancements. We had no way to communicate that to people who have the app though, so I apologize for that!

      The good news is there’s a super easy way to keep MSA as an icon on your iPhone/iPad so that it’s almost like having the app. Here’s a quick video with instructions on how to bookmark MSA and add the MSA icon to your iPhone/iPad:

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you, your the best ❤️I feel better now 👍👏🙌👸

      • So should we delete the app? I’ve been wondering why it was taking so long to be fixed 😅

        • Yes. Sorry!

          • Could this be why I suddenly stopped getting emails from my swaps? If so how do I fix this? Thanks for all you do Liz!

  16. I normally choose blue, black or gray in everything but I think I’m going with rose this time. Causebox also said on FB that selections start next week and there will be 2 items to customize for annuals. 8 total full sized products will be in the box.

  17. Liz, Can you ask what the fabric content is?

    • Yes, I will reach out and ask!

      • Thank you.

    • UGH, they responded to me, and it’s a “polyester blend”

  18. Although I’m overloaded on scarves, I do really like all the patterns.

  19. I love scarfs. Definitely like sky and rose. Will choose one and will be looking for another on swap site or ebay.

  20. Kimono, scarf, poncho, and then scarf again???? Over it. Hopefully they kill it with the othe spoilers or I’m cancelling. All this “vegan” stuff is just cheap plastic. And isn’t plastic killing our Oceans??? It’s so stupid. I want to go back to the days of real leather, products last significantly longer, thus less waste and plastic!!!!

    • LOL Remember when “vegan leather” was simply called pleather?? 🙂

      I personally prefer real leather, it lasts forever if taken care of properly!

      • Yessssssss! It kills me that they call it Vegan Leather! It’s pleafher, heck it’s plastic! Call it what it is.

  21. Oh causebox, I really want to like you but the curation needs to be better. A square polyester scarf isn’t what is going to make us subscribe.

    I hope the other items are better because I like the idea of this box !

    • Took the words right out of my mouth. I want to like this box and I’ve been watching it for a long while, but it needs improving before I sign up.

      • Same here.

    • Right?! Not to mention most of the patterns are ugly.

    • Agreed, although the scarf may be rayon. I don’t like the prints/colors either. The other spoilers better come soon and be a lot better or I will cancel.

      • Looks like it’s a polyester blend…bummer

    • Unfortunately the quality of some of the products is lacking. Like really lacking. I inadvertently got two winter boxes and both planners had multiple print errors, I contacted CAUSEBOX and they replaced them, but the new ones also had print errors, when I contacted them again they offered to send two more, I told them no because I already had four planners and did not need two more planners with errors. So I gifted three of them, but that just looks bad on CAUSEBOX and the Idlewild Co planners. If I bought a planner in the store and found print errors I would expect my money back. I fixed the wrong dates and months in my planner and am using it, but a planner should not need to be fixed (at least not four out of four…).

  22. This is one of those times I’d like to hear from someone who is more creative than me, lol. Any ideas on a way to use a silky scarf other than the obvious?

    • Camera strap. You could use it as one side of a pillow case. Get everyone else’s silky scarves cheap and make a scarf curtain.

      • Nice ideas, thanks. The camera strap idea is very fun, unfortunately I don’t have a camera that really needs a strap. My husband does, but somehow I don’t think he wants his camera attached to a silky scarf, lol.
        This is what i’m talking about though, some people just have that creative look on things and can turn it into something else…me, not so much.

        • When in doubt, use it to wipe down a muddy pet. Better than the sacrifice to your carpet!

          • Omg 😂

        • Tie onto your luggage for pretty way to ID your suitcase coming off the carousel!

    • Hey! A lot of people use them to decorate handbag handles and it looks really cute. Match it to your outfit and voila’, a nice pop of color. Hope this helps!!

      • Yes, thank you, cute idea. Looking for a new tote these days, so maybe I’ll look for something that will go with one of these scarves (if I get this box) Nothing like making a reason to get the box.😂

    • I like to tie mine to solid colored purses to brighten them up. 🙂

      • I put the pretty ones on top of my bedside table or on the guest room nightstand. I open them up . Then I put a fabric coaster on top to keep it clean and a small tray for my nighttime beauty stuff. I like to keep my room pretty.

  23. They’re pretty but “soft and silky vegan fabric” = polyester right?? I get it that silk isn’t okay for PETA folk (and it’s generally cost prohibitive) but I despise this intentionally misleading romance marketing language and I trusted causebox to be more transparent than that. Maybe tell us it’s a super nice poly… or a recycled poly would be okay. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Google vegan fabric and you’ll come up with all sorts of fabrics that are not polyester. I think it would be nice if they didn’t use the term “vegan fabric” as it just makes us think of vegan leather, which we all know is just fancy talk for pleather. For what they’re claiming the cost is, it should be something much nicer than polyester. But then again, we’re talking about sub box RV…. lol

      • Yes, most fabrics are “vegan”… I don’t need to google it. But my point is they are being intentionally misleading by calling it “silky” and not stating the actual fabrication.

        • Fabric can feel silky without being made of silk. I suppose they’re calling it “vegan” in order to underline that fact that it is a silky fabric, but not made of actual silk. Yes, they should state the actual fabrication. There are no scarves on the Cleobella site that are the high RV of this one, and the only ones they have are $20 and made of rayon, so honestly, there’s a good probability it’s gonna be poly.

          • They’re also much smaller

        • Not necessarily – “silky” describes how the fabric feels, not what it’s made of, which is also very important to a subscriber like me. They were very up front about it not being real silk, so it’s not misleading at all.

    • Not necessarily. Bamboo can be woven in a way that makes it feel soft and silky, for example.
      Not saying it’s NOT poly, but. Doesn’t necessarily mean it IS poly either.

      • Of course bamboo can be woven to feel silky, just like other types of rayon. But if they were using bamboo they would be upfront about it being bamboo since they could promote it as sustainable and renewable amongst other things. What they’re not saying about the fabric speaks volumes.

        • Like I said – didn’t say you were wrong, just pointed out there are other fabric possibilities.

          You think it’s misleading, that’s your prerogative. I personally don’t care if it’s poly or cotton or whatever else. They’re trying to hype up the box items, and hell, even if it IS poly, it could be silkiest thread count of poly ever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • It is Poly, it was confirmed by Causebox!

    • Hmm. What kind of fabric is made with dairy, meat, seafood or egg products? Do they mean that it’s made of vegetables? I’m confused as to “vegan “ fabric.

      • Silk isn’t vegan, because it’s produced by a living creature. Vegan is a way of saying no products produced by animals were used, though unfortunately it tends to mean the material is less durable/high quality.

    • You were right…. they confirmed with me that it’s a poly blend. boo

  24. Long wait for a less-than-stellar spoiler. Disappointing.

    • Yep might sit this one out if there aren’t some great items.

  25. And…. This’ll be going straight into the donation/gift pile.

  26. They’re not bad. Kind of a high RV for a ‘silky’ scarf, but I suppose all the subscription boxes are prone to a little price inflation.

  27. Vegan fabric? What is that? Polyester? Another cheap scarf—not excited about this one!

  28. “Silky” ruined it. “Silk” is what I want.

  29. Good to see a box for seniors!

    • This killed me. 😂

    • 😂

    • No, seniors wear real silk scarves, not “silky” cloth.

    • I understand this comment intended to be funny to relieve some frustration about disliking the item, however I don’t see the point nor the necessity of using a seniors taste to mock about anything. I have a deep respect for seniors, I think at least they got to know what elegance was about. And anyways just remember, if we are lucky enough, we will be seniors someday…so…

      • I don’t see the scarf as “senior” except for maybe that a different generation wore scarves often, as it was in fashion. Making rude comments about an older fashion is pretty cheeky, especially when you see what the 20-somethings are wearing these days….

        • Right. As someone said below I’d much rather dress like a classy “senior” than a “cool” 20 something these days…

      • I know what the commenter meant, and even laughed about it. But I agree, in general it is sad about how little respect our world (and I include myself in that) shows for aging individuals. So thanks for calling that out. And yes, as someone once told me when I was sad on a big milestone birthday — remember aging is a privilege not a punishment, it’s denied to many!

    • I don’t know, I kind of love a nice scarf. Even if it is a more mature look.
      I watched a lot of Golden Girls as a kid. I loved their more ecclectic, but usually classy looks.

  30. Hard pass. I loathe scarves. Going in the trade pile for sure.

  31. I’m sorry; it makes me laugh that these EXCLUSIVE patterns are stripes and polka dots.

    • 😀

  32. The marigold is a really pretty color!

  33. I think these are way prettier than the ones featured in the Box of Style this season…but that’s just my opinion!

    • I was just about to comment on the BOS scarves being just okay. I think it’s because the colors seem for more of a fall box,not spring. At least these look “springy”…

  34. I’m torn between two patterns…not sure if I want the sky or the rose…they’re both so pretty <3

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