CAUSEBOX Spring 2019 Box – Available Now + Coupon!

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Causebox spring 2019

The Spring 2019 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now!

Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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  1. THEY RELEASED AN ACTUAL SPOILER ON FACEBOOK! 🙂 Go check it out if you want to see!

    • So far it’s a nope for me. A silk scarf is not my style. Waiting for the rest though.

      • I agree. I do love scarves, but not particularly happy with this one. Hope the rest of the box is more thrilling!

  2. I signed up for an annual subscription July 2018 and have been disappointed more often than not. First there was a major shipping delay with weeks of zero communication followed by an apology, explanation and more delays again no communication. Then my box just showed up (like they knew I was ready to demand a refund). The lack of spoilers, communication and completely useless website means I am not renewing. It’s quite unfortunate since I love the cause.

  3. Wish they would double box or shrink wrap the thing. They make such a big deal about a beautiful box and it gets ruined during shipping. Don’t get it. Just send a brown box and save money

  4. Just canceled my seasonal. This is getting so lame, and I’m already getting FFF. Not gonna wait around for this sub – it’s like they’re literally dragging their feet.

  5. First spoiler is tomorrow. But as someone pointed out, it might just be something about the box artwork.

    • I’ve subscribed for years and the first spoiler has always been the artwork. It’s only been an “issue” for the past couple boxes for some reason.

  6. Haha, I’m an annual subscriber so naturally I clicked on this to see what was in the box! It’s LITERALLY a picture of the box and an announcement that you can purchase the box…..😂 How is this even worthy of making a post about?!

    • Seriously…

    • Filler post for sure.

  7. Incredibly lame, Causebox.

  8. CB clearly needs to learn about business and marketing.

    FFF, PSMH, BoS are similar in item theme and FFF in even a similar price point,
    CB should have known buyers would be comparing to purchase one or the other.
    And not even revealing one spoiler item before the FFF customization window was not wise.
    If I had the time, I might have waited and chose between the 4,
    but didn’t want to miss the bus for customization
    and one box with items I know I will get and half to love vs a box that I have not a single clue.
    Not a hard decision to make.

    Sorry CB. may be swapping for killer items, but I doubt that.

  9. My FFF spring box will be delivered to me in a few days. CB used to be my favorite box, but I’m quickly losing interest because spoilers take so long. I really think they need to stop with the welcome boxes and just have one quarterly box. If they find they are selling out of quarterly boxes too soon, make a larger order.

  10. Agree with all of the comments about timing. The box-color-spoiler might have been fun about a month ago. Now it’s a total yawn. They must realize they are significantly behind all other quarterly boxes and perhaps that’s the reason they were still selling winter boxes until yesterday. Do people actually like these self indulgent color spoilers??

  11. Today is my birthday, and I was so excited about all the 2/19 hints. I figured we would get spoilers. Hopefully we will still, today.

    • I was excited thinking about a spoiler being released today too. Happy Birthday!!! 🎉

  12. First spoiler will probably be the “art” again ha

  13. Pretty sure I saw a teaser pop up ad for this on Facebook or instagram and it showed a lot of essential oil bottles, (one of those jars that have the smelly stuff and the wooden sticks?), and a garment that kind of resembled a light weight scarf.. not sure if that’s truly what’s going to be in the box I can’t seem to find the same ad

    • That’s from last year’s spring box

  14. I agree with the other comments here…I’m an annual subscriber so I don’t need this “announcement”…I want spoilers!

  15. Looks like a lot of robes on that box…..

  16. That’s it? We get to know that the spring box is available 🤨
    I just think this box is missing out by sending spoilers out after the other quarterlies. I purchased FFF, so for me to spend another $50+ this has got to be GREAT. I’m just speaking for myself here.

  17. I received the Fall box n loved it. Cancelled the Winter box. First off, they took sooo long to let us know what was gonna be IN it that I was more annoyed about it than excited for it. In addition, they weren’t offering anything that every other sub out there was offering. The inevitable blanket, blanket scarf, jewelry that definitely was not my personal taste etc and their customer service was/still is?? Atrocious aka non existent. They’d havta have a KILLER box to get me back on board personally. And it would prove more beneficial for CB if they would release some great spoilers before or at the very least the sane time (which they never do!) Before everyone’s already purchased their Spring boxes from their competitors. For example: I know everything coming in my FFF Spring box AND I just recently finished shopping their add-ons sale where I purchased fantastic items for the Spring/Summer season. PSMH has released spoilers as well. Ijs..

    • Yeah it’s making me annoyed to where I may not even purchase it because of their build up and let down of no spoilers. And I don’t want to see a post card- full spoilers like BoS.

    • Agree with you about the CS issues! I just wrote a long comment but it’s not showing…

    • I totally agree with you…it’s crazy to me that FFF has the full reveal and PSMH has released 2 spoilers already but NOTHING from CB! I cancelled CB after seeing the Winter Box but am hoping that I like the Spring Box. However, it’s frustrating since they are supposed to start shipping boxes by no later than mid-March, as per their website.

    • completely agree. I just got my FFF shipping notice today…it’s insane taht I may have my FFF spring box in hand before I even know what is going to be in the causebox. My sub lasts through 2 more boxes…unless something drastic happens…and the item count INCREASES…I am out!

  18. Seriously? Are they that ‘cool’ that they keep dragging people along like this? Totally not going to sub if they keep this up. So silly lol

  19. After that interminable countdown bonanza on Instagram they better have spoilers ready cuz we didn’t need a whole countdown to know another box we already paid for was being released in the spring…

    • Agree, this is getting ridiculous! This will be my last box on an annual and I’m hoping it’s a good one. I didn’t care for the spoilers of the past box, so paused my subscription to skip the box. Even though they confirmed the pause, they mistakenly sent the box anyway, then made me go tot he hassle to return it to them. I’m definitely at the point where unless it’s a screamin’ deal, I’m no longer willing to do annuals…I want spoilers before spending my $$$…:-)

  20. All this time and this stupid teaser rather than a spoiler? Incredibly lame.

  21. Ok they better have spoilers soon cuz this is getting ridiculous.

  22. Seriously? All this time and not even a spoiler? Lame.

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