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Breo Box Spring 2019 Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

We have the first spoiler for the Spring 2019 Breo Box!

Breo Box (regularly $139/quarter) is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box. Their box focuses on “health & fitness and everyday lifestyle essentials.” With every box, you’ll receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 6-9 essential products selected for the season.

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And here is the first Spring box spoiler:


Organizes your keys so they don’t poke you or jingle. Easy to locate if lost. Ultra-Bright Flashlight. Rechargeable Battery. Reverse locator to find your phone, even if it’s on silent!

What do you think of the first spoiler? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Breo Box

The Cost: $129-159/quarter

If you haven’t signed up for Breo Box yet, use promo code MSA for $15 off your first box!

The Products: Receive a handcrafted customized wood box each quarter with 5-8 essential products. Each box is also carefully curated to provide products that are fitting to the season.

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Breo Box

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Comments (41)

  1. I got an email saying they adjusted their loyalty program, and I think they increased the 2nd and 3rd box by $10. Just went ahead and canceled my subscription.

    • What they also did was remove the “perks” for 5+ consecutive boxes which is fine with me. It’s one of the rare (actually only one I can think of) that rewards you for loyalty by discounting the box the longer you subscribe. There is always a discount for the first box so no one really pays the $159 price first box price.

  2. While it seems like a fun gadget, I have so much STUFF. And I really don’t need anymore STUFF.

  3. I’ve been really disappointed with the last 2 boxes and had a calendar reminder to cancel but I think I’ll give this box a try. I really like the spoiler and have too many house, gate, car keys (won’t fit). Like the flashlight feature too.

  4. Just to confirm- this works with the Tile system? I already have several Tile slim and Tile Pros, so can I use this device to connect to all of my other Tiles? And can you find you keys, if they’re lost by utilizing the TIle user system?

  5. Lol … I always know where my keys are. They never leave my handbag as my car is push start and I park in the garage. What I need is for my keys to locate my phone!

    • The regular Tiles can do that actually. Once you download and connect your Tile(s) via the app, you can use any of them to locate your phone. It will start to beep. If you happen to have an iPhone, you can log into your account online and make your phone beep. I may or may not know all of this because I’ve lost my phone an embarrassing number of times.

      • Sammee,
        I have Tiles too and have used them to find my phone, my wallet etc. They’re super convenient.

    • Hi Kim!

      The device actually DOES locate your phone as well — even if your phone is on silent!

      Aleks / brēō box

  6. If you’re considering buying this box, please do a Google search for the KeySmart product and read the Amazon reviews to see how the product performed for others.

  7. Why are my comments being filtered again MSA??

    • Mine get filtered if I mention the f_o_r_u_m

      • I didnt even mention that… honestly it really quite maddens me that they are so heavily censored for NO reason.

      • My earlier comment didn’t post either, in which I mentioned less than favorable reviews on this item.

      • Oh how I miss thee…

    • If you comment from a new IP address for the first time, your comments will not be automatically approved, and have to be manually approved by admin. That’s what happened with your comments on this post. Sorry for any confusion!

  8. If only it could tell me where parked my car…

    • Leave it in your car with the key. 🤷‍♀️

  9. Honestly I’d rather use a cute keychain and a tile finder. This seems like a gigantic pain on the arse

  10. I think it’s okay to share the spoiler today. It was yesterday that platinum perks subscribers received the spoiler – so one day early. Plus we got to vote on potential future items. I didn’t see it yesterday and today received a regular spoiler email in my other email account that is not used for my subscription.

  11. Nice to see you living o the wild side MSA…They all but threatened to take away my birthday if I shared this spoiler.

    My car fob is really the only key I carry and the car is push start- keyless entry, so I never touch the key, so I don’t have a use for it.
    I gave my son a tile for his keys as a stocking stuffer this Christmas. He’s had to use it several times. I may give this to him.

  12. I’ve looked at those before. It’s a great idea but I’ve seen poor reviews.

  13. Liz, not sure who your source was for this spoiler but this is the email from Breo announcing this spoiler. 😕

    “Also, we’re giving you the first look at our spring edition spoiler. We’d love to hear your feedback on this as well, please feel free to reply back!

    Before we link you to the spoiler, we politely ask that you please DO NOT SHARE this information with anybody, as doing so takes the privilege away from you. Our platinum members are a small subset of our brêō box family and we want to show our appreciation with perks such as this. That being said, if the information leaks out, we’ll have to discontinue early product spoilers.”

    • I received this spoiler in my email (and I’m not even a subscriber) and it doesn’t say anything about discontinuing spoilers. That’s kind of an odd thing to announce.

      • Yeah that’s super weird! They have to know that spoilers will get out. And they should, because spoilers on websites like this make them a ton of money, I’m sure. There are better perks to give loyal members.

      • Me too. Nothing about not sharing and I am a platinum member.

      • I am a platinum member and received the same ultimatum
        “Before we link you to the spoiler, we politely ask that you please DO NOT SHARE this information with anybody, as doing so takes the privilege away from you.  Our platinum members are a small subset of our brêō box family and we want to show our appreciation with perks such as this.  That being said, if the information leaks out, we’ll have to discontinue early product spoilers”
        Lol Liz you are in trouble!!!!

      • Ditto – I got it in both my email accounts – it’s a rather silly “threat”…… I’m OVER Breo on all levels……… and I am no longer a subscriber ….. 😀

      • really?! May I ask why? I don’t work for them i promise. haha. I have only been subbed for 3 boxes and thought they, as a company, are great. What did I miss while I was on my MSA hiatus?! haha

      • They are lovely as a company – the box is simply not a fit!! I’ve gifted everything to my nephews, big and small….. the cost is too high for the value/curation – I think their second box, with Polaroid camera, remains their best….. and it’s just my opinion!!

      • I missed that one! I signed up when i got the little printer which was super neat! The grill, bean bag toss, pestle and mortar, etc… not so much. My subscription is riding on this box, fingers crossed they deliver haha. Thank you for taking the time to respond! I really appreciate it x

    • I am not a subscriber and i got the spoiler email too. But there was nothing at all to what you are eluding in the email about spoiler privileges/ big secret?! Thats wierd.

    • Hmm…I don’t see that in the email I received, and I’ve only bought two boxes from them. I believe you though, and if they’re serious, it would be a very foolish thing to do. This is one of the more expensive boxes even at the platinum levele, and there aren’t too many people who would be willing to drop that kind of money without a single spoiler.

  14. And when you leave your car at the dealership or mechanic for service, you need a screwdriver to pry the car key off the gizmo, instead of just pulling it off the key ring easily?

    Sorry to butt in with logic. 🙂

    • I just looked this thing up to see if it would be good for my husband. It looks like it’s more for house, lock, office, and that sort of key. No one has a thin enough car key to actually go INTO the gizmo (as you call it, lol) anymore. It looks like you would add that on to the end of it. Also they do have a quick release attachment that you can add separately for that bigger kind of key. I think it would me great for my husband and I did think of those big fat (keyless) keys they have for cars now, but if you have regular keys it should work.
      Just thought I’d add that info in case someone is debating this item.

    • You should definitely have more than one car key.

      • logically, yes you should have more than one car key LOL

    • I don’t think it’s meant for car keys? My car key is also the fob, so it would never work for it anyways. And yes, if you want to deal in logic, then you should have more than one car key. Also, why couldn’t you give the dealer or mechanic the whole thing? Do you go home while your car is worked on?

    • My car key would not fit on that as it has thick plastic on top, plus the buttons to unlock my truck. But this would work for my house and work keys that are all just metal.

  15. That’s a rather cool gadget!

  16. Love the first spoiler and love, love, love the pretty green box. My son is going to get good use of this key thingee. I especially like the reverse phone finder.

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