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Allure Beauty Box subscriptions now start with the February box!

The February box will include:

And if you are a new subscriber, use this link to save $5 off your first box (regularly $15) and get a free full-sized Mally eyeshadow stick!

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got my bag today and I love it! For me, neither this month or January bags came ripped and I LOVE them! Reusable, not with flashy designs and sleek. Also this month I got a nice pale pink mally lip color, and a free necklace from Gorjana that said it was a special extra and thank you for being a member!

    I wasn’t a fan of March spoilers but I might stick around to see what April brings.

  2. FYI shipping is free on Gorjana website but i had trouble finding where to put code and ended up ordering without code. I called CS and they said they will add the 25 credit after the fact which is good. I got a $28 howlite bracelet for $3 which isn’t bad.

  3. Make sure you check your Brow Gal! Mine was completely empty. Like never filled empty.

    • Mine too!! I wonder why?

      • I called customer service. She was so nice! Replacement is on its way 😄.

  4. Both my mom and I received our boxes at the same time. I bought a 3 months subscription for her and this is her third month. We both received all the same products except I got the Laritzy lip pencil and she got the Mally lip color in starburst (nice and neutral). I got the $25 coupon for Gorjana and she got a gorgeous necklace as a bonus with a note thanking her for being a loyal member. She has only been a member for 3 months and I have been for 3 years. Not complaining cuz I liked most of the stuff I got and her necklace is not mine (she said it’s too young for her).

    My one complaint is that all of my make up items are made in China and I don’t know if I want to chance using some of the items. Maybe I’ll swap them.

    • I didn’t get a necklace either! And the coupon won’t work for me for a gem bracelet, but it did for other people. What gives with the favoritism? Oh and I just got it when the month is almost over.

  5. MY BOX HASN’T SHIPPED YET. What is up with this late shipping time? They got their money on 2/6 and here it is 2/21 and still no shipping notice. I’m done.

    • I ordered for February like at the beginning of the month and I’ve heard NOTHING from them. Is this normal? They sure took the money quick though….

  6. I got the Laritzy lip pencil, the Rose mask, and the Mykonos eyeshadow yesterday.

    I was curious, did every Amazon subber get the Derma E vitamin C? I have mine through Allure now since I’m getting $10 a month but I was hoping for it.

  7. Got my box a couple of days ago. Happy enough, but I am disappointed in the eyeshadow trio (Model Co in Mykonos). Take away the magenta color (which I won’t use anyway) and it’s just more orangey brown stuff like we got last month. I was hoping it would be more neutral.

  8. Well, this month the side slit on my bag is only one inch, instead of three inches like last month. I’ve really wanted these, as I LOVE see-thru bags. We’re getting a lot for our money, but there are a ton of other subscription boxes we’d get a lot for our money from, too. I’m not really feeling March’s spoilers, so… IDK.

    • My January bag was ripped completely down one side and just received the February box and the same thing – bag ripped completely down one side. I hope they change the material of the bag – not reusable, not recyclable. Just trash.

  9. Strange that MSA hasn’t reviewed the February box yet. They usually review long before I get mine which came yesterday. I got the lip pencil which I wasn’t thrilled about at first, but got me it’s more useful than the alternatives. I don’t have a nude lip liner so this will be put to use.

    • I received my Amazon Allure box, but I didn’t get an extra at all. LOL Not that I was thrilled with the choices, but still… 🙂

    • Yeah, I thought I wanted the Mally but honestly I never wear liquid lipstick and probably would have gotten a color I didn’t like anyway. The nude pencil will be used. I’m really thankful I didn’t get the eyeliner!

    • I’ve been looking for the review! Stillnpt up yet!

  10. My February box…as well as January’s…had a faulty cosmetic bag. Both arrived torn. One was torn in the middle and the other on a side seam. I’m no quality control expert, but it seems these “cosmetic bags” are too flimsy to hold the products that were put inside them before shipment. Both bags went in the trash. Maybe a different supplier is in order or maybe “can” the cosmetic bag idea and give us a sample of something instead.

  11. Got my February box today. Never got a tracker so it was a surprise to me. I got everything promised and the bag was in good condition. My variant was the lipliner, which I probably won’t use, but that’s ok. Still happy with this box.

  12. My February box arrived this afternoon. It has the LARITZY lip pencil variant BUT no MAMONDE mask. There is also also a $25 discount card for gorjana jewelry. Not sure if this is a substitution or an add on and a missing item. I’ll be contacting CS. Anyone else get the gorjana discount, or know anything about them?

    • I got the discount and the sheet mask, plus everything else we were supposed to get. Definitely contact CS.

    • Def contact CS, it’s an add-on and missing item.

  13. I did not get my bonus item, time to contact allure cs again

  14. My daughter and I both received our boxes today. Both of us got the Laritzy nude lipliner. So thankful neither of us received the eyeliner! For $15 plus tax, this really is a great value. We are looking forward to trying the mascara more than anything. Both black bags are intact so we will use these.

  15. Very, very pleased with my box this month. My bag is in perfect condition and I received a LaRitzy full size lip pencil. I love the color. I hear good things about the mascara. You can’t beat the value of this box!

  16. I recently signed up and just received my January box using my Amazon account.

    Can someone please tell me how I go about checking it on Amazon in the future? I looked under subscriptions but don’t see it.

    Thanks in advance for your help – much appreciate 🙂

    • In the subscriptions area, there should be a drop down for cancelled or inactive subscriptions. If you change the dropdown you should then be able to see your old Allure box.

      Hope that helps!

      • Thank you so much Twyla.


    • Go to your account, Go to account settings and under there select membership and subscriptions

  17. I just got my Feb box and I cannot tell if it is from my annual subscription or from the second box I picked up on Amazon. My bag was black and thankfully it was intact.

    I didn’t get any extras but I’m thrilled with the brush, eyeshadow trio and the eyebrown filler. My brows are black so the brown color they sent works fairly well.

    I’ll be excited to try the mascara and will have to wait until my eye lashes grow back a bit more (I chop them regularly because they get too long if I don’t).

    The mask and cleanser will be passed along to my Mom.

  18. Dumb question of the day . . Hoe am i seeing youtubers unboxing tbrir feb allure box and i havent even gotten a shipping email yet and dont expext to for at least another week

    • I subscribed through Allure and I have my shipping email (no progress yet). Amazon subscribers get their boxes first

      • I received a box today and was excited until I opened it and there was my FOURTH January box… and I was charged $15 +tax for each. I don’t have the energy to call today. I sure hope this doesn’t happen for February.

  19. I got my Feb box from Amazon yesterday. I got a metallic eyeshadow trio “Mykonos” that has a pink-champagne, a shimmery burgundy, and a shimmery brown. I will probably use 2 of the shades, not sure about the burgundy (it looks more like magenta).

    I received the sheet mask in the Magnolia version for brightening, so that will definitely be used.

    Looking forward to trying the mascara and brow goop.

    There is also a generic coupon code for $25 off a full price item at gorjana. I tested it out this morning, and it doesn’t work.

    • I got my Amazon box yesterday also.
      I got the same eyeshadow, was actually hoping for the pink colors. The Magnolia sheet mask and brow gal in brown.
      The extra bonus item I received was the Derma E Vitamin C Serum.
      I did go to the gorjana website and put a full price item in my cart and is does show the $25 off when I add the code. I didn’t purchase anything yet. There was an item I wanted that is currently out of stock so I will wait for notification that the item is back in stock. I did not go far enough to see how much shipping is though.

  20. (second time posting-hope this one takes)
    I just got my February box today and was really happy with what I got.

    *I received the MODELCO “Metallic Eyeshadow Trio” in Myknonos that was posted in one of the spoilers. There is a gorgeous champagne, a deeply pigmented brownish bronze color and kind of a burgundy color that is less pigmented than the bronze. The champagne will be used quite a bit, the others….not so much.

    *I also got the DERMA-E Serum ‘variation” and although I haven’t had time enough to judge the efficacy, I can say that once applied, it makes my skin feel velvety. This will be used daily until gone.

    *The MODA brush is surprisingly nice…I washed it immediately and used it right away. Nice one (and surprisingly cheap).

    *The BROW GAL brow gel is great and since I have another tube, I can attest to its ability to add color AND volume.

    *I used the WANDER BEAUTY mascara right away as I have tons in my stash, but not a one that I really like. This one is promising, but we will see how it fares in wear tests.

    *The MASK & CLEANSER look promising, but won’t be used until the next day or so. They have nice light scents.

    So overall, while it’s not as incredible as the January box, it is quite a nice box and a great curation of skin care and makeup. I’m happy.

  21. I just got my February box today and was really happy with what I got.

    *I received the MODELCO “Metallic Eyeshadow Trio” in Myknonos that was posted in one of the spoilers. There is a gorgeous champagne, a deeply pigmented brownish bronze color and kind of a burgundy color that is less pigmented than the bronze. The champagne will be used quite a bit, the others….not so much.

    *I also got the DERMA-E Serum ‘variation” and although I haven’t had time enough to judge the efficacy, I can say that once applied, it makes my skin feel velvety. This will be used daily until gone.

    *The MODA brush is surprisingly nice…I washed it immediately and used it right away. Nice one (and surprisingly cheap).

    *The BROW GAL brow gel is great and since I have another tube, I can attest to its ability to add color AND volume.

    *I used the WANDER BEAUTY mascara right away as I have tons in my stash, but not a one that I really like. This one is promising, but we will see how it fares in wear tests.

    *The MASK & CLEANSER look promising, but won’t be used until the next day or so. They have nice light scents.

    So overall, while it’s not as incredible as the January box, it is quite a nice box and a great curation of skin care and makeup. I’m happy.

  22. Received my Amazon variant today. A bit different than described above. I love it.

    Colors of the ModelCo Metallic Shadow Trio is MyKonos — from Allure review: “The shadow trio includes three shimmery powders: burgundy, pinky champagne, and medium-deep brown”

    Instead of Mally or Doucce item, received Derma-E Vitamin C Concentrated Serum 60 ML.

    • Did you really get 60ml? I also received my box from Amazon, and just got a 7ml sample size. Disappointing considering that other variants contained full sized items.

  23. I got charged for February today.

  24. Just charged today, so Shipping (kinda😙) Soon😃 I Adore Allure Box!! Every time I want to try something new, like a lip powder- Allure sends a great one! I’m out of brow gel, here comes one! I was glad to read the comments @ the pink shadow & know it’s not just Me that looks sick in them😷😨😳 hahaha 🐞

  25. I still didn’t get my January box I don’t know why they taking so long 😳

    • Same here. Still waiting and I signed up through Amazon on Jan 17th. People who signed up after I did already got theirs so now I’m just irritated.

    • Annalisa,
      Try calling the 800 number. There is generally very little hold time and the reps are always very nice. She should be able to provide an accurate update on your box.

    • I purchased on Jan 9 and still no shipping yet!

  26. Sometimes reading these posts is like watching an accident. As much as you want to turn away, you can’t. Just an FYI… THE EYESHADOW WILL BE A VARIANT. The pink palette is most likely NOT the one you will receive. A metallic palette has replaced it. The bag you receive may torn at the sides. Do not be too bent out of shape about it. 90% of the bags received last month were torn during shipping. We can all hold out hope that the black plastic is stronger than the red, but, just in case, you have all been forwarned. The contents of this box far outweigh the $10 to $15 you will have spent on it. Congratulate yourself on purchasing a box worthy of the admiration of many of its competitors. Ipsy and Sephora Play just to name a couple of them

    • I didn’t mind the bag being torn as much as the fact that due to the bag tearing and the products coming out of the bag during shipping, half the bottle of oil spilled all over and Allure did NOTHING to correct the issue. Whatever, it’s just my money for them to waste, at least I got half a bottle, right?? LOL 😉

      Personally I like reading both the positive and negative, kind of a buyer beware situation. I still like most of what I get from Allure, I just wish their CS gave a damn about ya know customer service?!?! 😀

      Peace out ya’all

    • Where did you see that the eyeshadow trio is a variant? This is the first I’ve heard that mentioned.

      • The pink is not the one that came in my email on the box contents, but it is on the Allure spoiler on the webpage. When I called about the January box, I asked about the eyeshadow palette for February.

      • Dawn, I just got my February box today and I got the shadow posted. It is the METALLIC EYESHADOW TRIO (in pinks)…called MYKONOS.

        It’s pretty to look at but not one that will be used all that much. That said the light champagne color is great for the inner corner of your eyes or as a light brow highlight. They are selling these sets on the ModelCo website for $18…and this IS full size.

      • It appears that the MODELCO is a variant as I just received a Metallic shadow trio called Mykonos, instead of the Pink Trio posted above.

  27. I still haven’t received my January box( I signed up for one on the 10th)! I called and was told it was “in the Warehouse”. I don’t think I will get one at this point- really upset. How much longer should I wait to see if I receive the January Box and how long should I wait to call for a refund? I seem to get nowhere on the phone with them-ugh!

    • I received mine today. These were order in the last week of January. If you ordered by the 31st, you will get your box. Unfortunately, all the gluttons with the torn plastic bags are clogging up the system at this point requesting replacements. Allure should just refund $1 to each of them for the crappy bag and be done with them. I actually feel bad for Allure for having to deal with these people. Mark my words, it will cost us in the end when they increase the price of the box.

      • You ordered end of January and got your box today? I ordered at the beginning of January and mine hasn’t shipped yet… 🙁

        • Same here.. got a different response every time I called cuz they never answered my email.. last week they told me it was at their warehouse..

  28. Kind of annoyed that the lip products is the variant.

    I despise liquid liners.

    Haven’t been charged yet, so maybe I’ll get the lippie.

    • Pink5: you are not guaranteed a liquid lip. In fact, I got the DERMA-E Serum. I’m pleased, I haven’t tried that brand’s serum before.

  29. Are we getting that bag again? Mine was worthless in the January box. It was open on the sides. I don’t want to be throwing out unusable bags each month.

    • Yes, same style bag, just in black plastic instead. Mine arrived ripped and useless as well. Too cheap to be reusable unfortunately.

      • Yes… it is black next month… maybe it will be better quality… either way, it is free…

        • Yeah, let’s all get excited for free things we can’t use!!! And if I am promised something as a customer, if I even get it I should be thankful because it’s not like I was promised items not broken. That’s the issue people are having. If the company decides to change something not a prority and then charge us extra for that change, I don’t see how you don’t understand why people would get annoyed.

          And this is coming from someone who think the items from the past months have been great and worth the $15.

          If it’s going to break 75% of the time, then instead of wasting the money and time gone into making the product for thousands of people they should just save it so they can ensure the box stays at $15 instead of charging us more like you anticipate. That money could be going into other things more beneficial to the company, customers and Nature than producing plastic bags that were made just to be throw away (I guess that’s not wasteful). Idk how we should feel like the bad guys for wanting something that they promised us. And at the end of the day, this is a service we played for. We did ask for extra.

          • How are you paying more than $15? I have not heard anyone else mention a price increase.

          • I haven’t heard of a price increase….. if they are going to send a bag…. I would prefer some type of thick paper so we could at least recycle them.

    • You can always use a flat iron on the lowest setting and flat iron the edges back together. I did that because I really liked the bag, it was super easy and now I’m currently using it. (Also with zero side effects to my flat iron lol)

      • Mine was actually ripped from the side to the bracket😓.

    • Riiigghht.. Ditch the useless cheap crappy af bags and give us more or better products with the money Allure would be getting back from ditching these crappy af bags. Id rather have another product by far. Mmmmmkay

      • The bags probably cost ten cents from China. I think they should just ditch the bag completely and use one of those bubble wrap bags like Glossier. Those I can use.

        • They could go back to the red box!

          Seeing that peek out of the mailbox or sitting on top (my neighborhood is very safe) always gave me a boost when getting home from work.

          • Those red boxes, while pretty, are very costly…which is most likely why they have ditched that concept.

      • Do you think it would help if we all reached out to customer service and told them to abandon the bag? I would rather have just tissue paper…at least that’s something I can actually reuse!

        • yes , let’s all do that!

        • They send surveys be sure to take them and say you’d prefer to not get the bag. The white box is bigger and can’t accommodate larger items that’s a good thing since the box size was the same for the first 5 years.

    • All that plastic outliving all of us. I hope they read the comments and ditch the crappy bags.

  30. Allure is my #1 subscription right now. Even though it’s the last box to arrive each month, I look forward to it the most. Plus they put out spoilers months in advance, plenty of time to cancel or skip if you want to.
    January was awesome, the Sunday Riley products are amazing, especially the oil.
    The Wander mascara is a new version, but the maroon tube Boxy sent out a few months ago became my favorite. It goes on without clumping & just makes it look like you have amazing natural lashes.
    I have the fiber tinted Brow Gal, purchased from someone who received it in Boxy last year. It’s a great product & the brown tint is amazing for blondes. If everyone gets that shade, it may not work well on much darker brows, but it’s also very buildable so it might be fine.
    I follow a Korean skin care method so I have high hopes for the oil cleanser, and the sheet mask – both something I will make use of for sure.
    I like the shadow palette & brush. I use peaches & pinks in eye makeup looks fairly often to add warmth just above the crease, plus the brush looks like it will be great for detail.
    For the price I think Allure is the best sub box out there. Out of all my boxes it’s the only one that is consistently over the top in value, plus there have only been 1-2 items since my subscription began last summer that I knew I wouldn’t use based on spoilers. 1-2 items total, not each month.

  31. Hi Liz,

    Is the brow gal full size?

    • It is full size in the unboxing video they put out. Looks to be a light brown from what I could tell.

      • Thanks!

    • Elizabeth, I just got my box today and the BROW GAL brow product is half size…worth about $10. that said, it is a good size and one that I actually use quite a lot.

      • Hey Barbara. You said you already received your February box. I was wondering what the size of the Mamonde Oil to Foam Cleanser is if you do not mind looking for me. Thanks for the information and have a nice day.

        • Hi Emily: The mask is full size and the size of the cleanser is 25ml (or .84 ounce). Haven”t used the mask as yet, but the cleanser has such a light scent and it did the job last night. And thanks….you too have a great week!

  32. Sooooooooooo….. When will they ship the February boxes? 😝 I just got my January box yesterday. Some still don’t have theirs.

  33. Does anyone know if every subscriber is getting one of the “extra bonus items” & is the Derma E vitamin C serum one of the extras? In the original spoilers there were 4 extras now allures site only shows the Mally & Doucce but says that product will vary. I hope I get the serum lol!

  34. Allure sent me an email that said the Feb box would include the ModelCo Metallic Eyeshadow trio, not the pink eye shadow trio. The metallic colors in the picture are light beige, brown and plum, all metallic. This must be a variant.

    • Oh, that would be great! Pink-family eyeshadows make me look like I have the flu.

    • Love plum eyeshadows.

  35. The link for the $ 5 off does not work.

    • I think you automatically get $5 off your first box. Just Google allure beauty box

  36. I still have not received my January box. I had intended to cancel but of course they auto-renewed my annual subscription right out the gate at the first of the year. Aside from maybe the mascara, this box looks like trash.

  37. I was thinking of skipping this month since I won’t use the eyeshadows but with everyone raving about the mascara I’m having second thoughts….

  38. Looks like a good month! I am hoping for the Derma E as the bonus 🙂 Even if the brow product won’t work on me, it should work for one of my daughters. Would actually rather have another black eyeliner I will use than a pink or nude lip I won’t. All in all looks to be a good selection for me personally. I love that the eyeshadow isn’t brown or neutral, though I know I might be in the minority. 🙂

    I am sad that the bags are of such low quality they are arriving torn. My January bag tore open during shipping and half the bottle of SR oil spilled all over. Sad and messy at the same time.

  39. I’m excited for new wander mascara.
    I love their mascara and it’s my HG!!
    I’ looking forward to compare these 2 to see the difference between 2 of them.🤩

    • replaced Ipsy Glam bag plus with Allure. I will likely be cancelling soon because i’m kind of on product overload–though it’s a good way to try new stuff without feeling like you have to use it all. I got the Wander mascara in boxycharm before i cancelled that and I absolutely love it. Staying subbed through this month basically to get that. The other items are just icing on the cake. I still get regular ipsy and i’m getting rid of one box–either ipsy or allure.

      Basically i’ve tried all the main beauty subscription boxes and for all it’s front office problems, provides the most consistent product. have felt no FOMO after i saw all the repeats in the glam bag plus and boxy.

  40. Nothing too exciting for me in this box and pink shadows always irritate my eyes for some reason. I have same problem with Red Lipstick that irritates my lips. I must be allergic to something in the dye or whatever the use for coloring. I love pink shadow though but if I wear it I will definitely look like I have pink eye 😞. I still have not received my January Box I did call them and they did confirm that it should be shipping shortly the delay was because I changed my credit card. I really don’t understand how that could be because I updated my card the 2nd of January oh well as long as I get my box I will be happy they did charge me for it around the 14th. So who the heck knows what is going on still no shipping email. March Box looks like it could be a good box I’m keeping my fingers crossed for March. I know not every month will be a homerun and I don’t expect it to. Allure is my favorite sub they have really stepped up their game. The only problem they still have is Customer Service but at least I see they are trying to improve that.

  41. Another good month! Allure is one of my top two subscription boxes.

    • What’s the other one?

      • Now that Ipsy added add ons and changed their survey last week to be a lot more specific (how often do you want different products and how often do you want different colors), it is now one of my favorites!

        • I wish ?I could find the add on section on the website can’t find it. Also where is this survey?

          • The add ons will be added tomorrow at 9am est, I think. I view my bag to get to them, I believe.
            The survey is the one where you give your hair color, eye color, etc. Same survey, but they updated part of it. That is under your account, then edit account settings, then update beauty preferences.

          • Add ons are for 24 hours only (usually on the 2nd day of the month) or until sold out. The beauty quiz is in your account preferences.

          • Add-ons will be available tomorrow, I think they go live at 8am PST. You should see the add-ons after you click “reveal” on your bag. The survey should be under account> membership> update beauty preferences.

          • Add-ons go live at 9am est/6am pst on Feb 2 this month!

            The survey is the standard beauty profile one. Not all accounts have the new features rolled over, yet, though. Mine don’t. 🙁

  42. Hate browgal products!! But everything else looks awesome

  43. Really excited to try the new mascara and Mamonde products. I’ve also been looking to try some pink eyeshadow colors, so that’s fun. Even if the colors don’t work on my eyes, it could double as blush. Also, I can never have enough brushes! Not as great as January, but still a fun box I’m looking forward to! Still waiting for my January box replacements, as my first one got lost by One Stop on the way to USPS.

    • That’s funny. Mine got lost by USPS. It was within 3 miles of my house and they sent it North to another state! Now it’s been sitting there for days and days lol Idk if I should call allure for a replacement yet or wait?

      • You might want to contact your post office, they sent one of my packages to the wrong city then back again then it got lost, I contacted them and got it the next day. (I only live 30 mins from the other city and the distribution center)

      • I’d try calling USPS first. Since USPS never got mine, I had no choice but to call Allure. That was on Monday and I was told that they would ship me another box to replace the lost one, but it is now Friday and I haven’t got tracking for my new box. The only reason I’m nervous is because I’m afraid they will run out before mine gets shipped. I’ve seen people saying they’ve ordered 2, 3, sometimes 4 January boxes. I just want to make sure I get my one box! 😲

        • I got 7 lol

        • I tried calling USPS and the wait time was over an hour so I wasn’t gonna wait for that lol. I’m gonna keep tracking it and if it doesn’t show up anywhere by tomorrow I’m gonna have to call allure. They were selling the January box up until the last day of the month so I think you should be ok. I have another one coming too that they said was gonna ship out Friday (today) but I know they are having shipping issues because of the bitter cold there.

        • I still don’t have my one box either! I am in Nor Cal and it’s been shipped from Reno for over a week with the only tracking as “ in transit to next facility”. Definitely should have been here by now. USPS website errored out, had to email allure. Waiting…. impatiently 😬

      • Wait… mine traveled all over Pittsburgh for 5 weekdays and is finally out for delivery today…

      • Same thing happened to me today! It was a mile away from my house in Richmond, VA and then was shipped up to Boston… I’m hoping this doesn’t damage the products inside and that I’ll eventually get it…

  44. Really looking forward to this bag as usual! I am crossing my fingers for the Derma E product!

  45. I adore wander mascara. It became my HG. So happy to tru another version

    • Does the Wander mascara stay put/not give “racoon” eyes? I have one in my stash but haven’t tried it…I usually need to use the “tubing” kinds of mascara (ie Blinc) that come off in little tubes when you use hot water as other mascaras typically run on me. Would love to hear if it successfully stays put?

      • I love the wander mascara also. I have not had a problem with it running on me. Funny you say that about tubes though. The first time I took a shower with it on this is what it did lol.

      • Use primer- works for me!

  46. Can you please clarify what the BrowGal product is? Your link links to the clear brow gel. This is the only product I am interested in, and it is the reason I did not cancel my sub for this month. But based on the pictures here, it looks like the tinted kind with microfibers, which is a completely different product. I would love to know which one it actually is. Thank you!

    • The brow gel is tinted with fibers.
      It does hold like a gel.

      • They why does the link link to the clear brow gel? That is so frustrating.

        I don’t care about the holding power, I just don’t want the added color. It never matches my hair color and it would look really weird on me.

        • I agree that getting a tinted brow product is iffy. It seems like all the brow gels sent in sub boxes are geared toward people with lighter eyebrows, so those warm, light shades look bizarre on my ashy, black eyebrows.

  47. I think this is another fabulous month. Cant wait to try the new wonder mascara. That alone pays for the box. Everything else is bonus. Allure keeps knocking it out of the park each month. ❤❤❤❤

    • I agree! Allure and Boxy head to head favorites for me!!!!!!

  48. I can’t wait to put on that pink eye shadow and laugh about how terrible I look. Pure entertainment. It will then go to my kids for their art supply stash.

  49. Deff a bad month – looks like a box of discount rejects. But March is already looking pretty good so probably not worth the effort of cancelling and after Jan probably anything would look bad

    • It never ceases to amuse me reading the negativity on here. The Wander mascara is brand new….so I’m pretty sure you won’t find it on a discount shelf.

      • Seriously! If you want to complain so much, don’t get a sub box. Go pay full price for exactly the makeup you want

      • I agree! I’m sick of all this negativity. Some people just can’t be happy…

    • Oh yeah I switched to getting my box from Amazon so I could easily skip months. Feb is a dud!

    • What? People are suppose to be happy with everything all the time? Obliviously others aren’t or there wouldn’t be complaining about other people.

      • I think the word you’re looking for is “obviously” but no, people aren’t supposed to be happy with everything. However, there is a HUGE difference between expressing dislike for items, and just flat out being unpleasant and rude.

      • People don’t have to be happy about everything but they also don’t have to complain about everything either. I don’t expect to like everything in a sub box and if I get 1 or 2 that I enjoy, it’s a win for me. The point of sub boxes is to try something new or different. There are going to be hits and misses and if that’s something a person isn’t OK with-they are probably better off paying full price for something they know they will like. I like sub boxes because they take me out of my comfort zone and I get to experiment with new things for a fraction of the price. I think people’s expectations have become unrealistic and, sadly, I fear it might be what ends up dooming the sub box model.

  50. Glad I cancelled for this month. Nothing is exciting for me, can’t wait to see what they have planned tho for next month 😊 I love allure tho and their boxes/bag is always amazing

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