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Luxor Box January 2019 FULL SPOILERS!

Luxor Box

We have the spoilers for the January 2019 Luxor box! (Thank you, Cathleen, for sharing this pictures!)

Each January Luxor Box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

(Luxor Box is $139 a box). Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box!

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Luxor Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (37)

  1. I never put in my CC info after they sent the email for gilt customer and have been receiving all my boxes! I guess sometimes it’s good to be a super nice procrastinator

  2. DID Anyone’s serum not have a way to “pump” it out of the bottle? I have never seen anything like this before.. There is no tube that goes down to the bottom of the bottle to bring up the serum. Were they all like this? Maybe its something too “luxurious” for me to comprehend correctly.

  3. This months box received a yawn from me. I looked to see if something was missing as there was really nothing of delight or luxurious about it. Many repeats from Circcell and at most of the value. A wimpy bracelet. Earbuds are the only item I will use.

  4. Having trouble getting the Bellabeat earbuds to securely stay in place, and hoping to find more information, I visited the company’s web site and instead discovered the earbuds, presumingly, have been discontinued. They are not included among Bellabeats “shop” items. But girls, we can purchase 600 Whispers and 600 Inspire bracelets for $4, 608.30 (using the “store’s Search tab), which brings the price to approximately $7.69 per Whisper and Bracelet set. Perhaps we should recalculate the total value of the January box.

    • Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. It’s clearly a custom PO for this order.

      • xxoo, Thanks for the response. Yes, we are very special ladies, aren’t we? Only the best for us! Though they are functional earbuds I still maintain they are difficult to keep in the ear; maybe that is part of the reason they are no longer available to order.

    • Omg your kidding me….ohhh dear. I didn’t even get a tracking for box and it just showed up. I don’t seem to have an account anymore which is just werid after all this time they still don’t have there site working properly or most important info are only seen on their end and not mine. I wanted to make sure I was cancelled and wasn’t gonna be charged for anything else.I sent an email but haven’t received a reply yet. I hope there isnt anyone one who payed full price for this box then. I do love the little wristlet though.

  5. I emailed to check in my Subscription and customer service responded in 10 minutes 😊😊
    January looks great!!

    • They actually already responded to the email I sent last night asking them (for a 2nd time) to process my cancellation… So sounds like maybe they have gotten their act together, which is great news!! 😀

  6. Just a heads up for those who purchased the subcription through the Gilt voucher…I contacted Customer Service a few months ago regarding my sub status after we were required to enter credit card info. It took TWO MONTHS for them to respond, and they told me that even though I purchased on a prepaid voucher, the subscription IS a recurring purchase, and you WILL be charged again after your prepaid ends, unless you cancel. They then assured me they would cancel for me. This was two months ago…when I checked my account yesterday (after receiving my 3rd and final prepaid box) it shows that I am due to be charged in February…so it looks like they didn’t cancel for me. I emailed them again requesting cancellation and made sure to take date stamped screenshots of my cancellation request in case they try to charge me again. Just wanted everyone to know so you can contact them to cancel if you don’t want to continue on/

    • It’s really easy to go online in your account and cancel yourself.

      • How do you do that? I went into my subscription and didn’t see an option to cancel, and couldn’t find any cancellation information in any of their FAQs or even in their subscription terms. Guess I must’ve missed it…😬

      • Just remove your payment method and it will cancel your sub, that is what I did.

      • No that won’t make a difference. I did this and STILL got charged for next months box. 🤯 They have charged me every single month since signing up with Gilt.. every time I have been polite and written to them and they have refunded me. I finally had enough when this last time they had ran my card without my information in the website. So don’t think that by deleting your info that is enough.

      • Log in your account, go to the subscription tab, click on cancel. Sorry, I wish we could post pics. Too bad the f0rum is gone.

      • I can’t tell you the number of times I have said that! It was such a great resource and I feel a little lost in the sub box world without the info, comments, photos and advice from the forum participants. It’s such a bummer.

      • I tried that as well, i didn’t see any tabs to cancel???

      • How do you do that? I couldn’t find the option to cancel

    • Contact your credit card company and put a “stop” on any further charges from this vendor. They will get the hint when they are unable to charge your card.

    • It’s easy to cancel and Luxorprocessed a refund for me right away when I forgot to cancel myo thly sub. Pretty much ALL subs Charge at the regular renewal rate, unless a customer initiates a cancelation priior to bill date.

      Not all subs issue refunds right away upo but request. I found Luxor happily issued a refund. I cannot say the same for Emma & Chloe. They won’t issue a refund for a monthly or annual auto renewal if not cancelled prior to bill date.

  7. The cream is really nice, let my face perfectly smooth and glowing

  8. Loved this box! It was the last of my Gilt deal. I love the shiny silver bracelet. It’s a little loose but I might try squeezing it tighter but don’t want to mess it up. I really love the leather wristlet – it matches a little credit card wallet I got in another box a year or so ago (maybe PS or Rachel Zoe). I can use every product – well worth the $41 price.

  9. I also recieved my box yesterday, without a shipping notice. My favorite box so far! I like everything in it, and will use it all. The last two boxes were a let down, I haven’t used much of anything. I hope the boxes continue to improve.

  10. There is no way that I would pay full price for this box, but it was the best box I’ve gotten from Luxor since purchasing the 6month subscription from Gilt.

  11. I am also very happy with my box and particularly since I got the Gilt deal so glad I did get the year and overall I definitely have gotten my money’s worth. But I won’t be renewing for the full price. This box is great but the others were hit or miss so I just feel like it’s too much of a risk. Overall Luxor has left me underwhelmed for some reason. I receive the Margot Elena box and not comparing the cost of the items received but I feel like that box is better put together with more of a theme and more of a special luxury feel to it. I guess I expected more from Luxor.

  12. I must be the only one that so far is disappointed in this months box! I’ve actually thought the last several boxes haven’t been up to par! Since the value of the box hasnt been there and it always seems like were missing an item!! I’ve been a subscriber since the very first box! I stay with them even though sometimes I’m pretty disappointed, but since I was grandfathered in on my price I stay with them!! I’ve just really noticed a downhill in quality, value, and number of items!! Now. I’m wondering if the reason for the skimpier boxes actually has to do with the Gult voucher! Even though you paid for your vouchers, but at a very discounted price it sounds like, could be the reason for the boxes not being as good!! Even though you would think they would want to impress those customers and make the boxes very impressive! Hoping to continue to keep them as a subscriber!! I really dont know!!! Ot could be debated either way! I just know from my experience with the boxes, I felt this was definitely one of the worse!! I really thought I was missing an item, but I wasn’t and then I added up the value of each box from the last several months and the value they’re SUPPOSEDLY to be worth was off by around $100!! This is a luxury box and to me it has lost its luxury feel!! From the packaging of the jewelry to the way other items are sometimes packaged as well!! The little wrist lets us to come in dust bags and HELLO, w bracelet coming in a cheap box thinking that I’ve seen $5 ones come in nicer!! That’s my rant!! I really wanted to get on here to see of other subscribers have been feeling the same way as I have been!! Unfortunately, I wasnt able to get a true feeling on this!! I have nothing against those that bought the vouchers and I would have did the samething you all did as well!! Its just that you have nothing to compare the previous boxes to!! I do hope that I haven’t scared you into things the subscription isnt one to keep bc of what my opinion was!! Like I said and I’m hoping!! That now that the vouchers are up the value of the boxes will go back to where they should be!! Fingers-crossed!! Sorry for the long post, but please let me know if I’m alone in how I feel or not!! Thanks 😉

    • This is very much what happened with Oui Please when they offered their huge discounts a few years back, the boxes went downhill, and I agree, the Luxor ones have been pretty weak since the Gilt deal. I’m hoping they’ll improve but the Gilt annuals aren’t up until after the July box.

    • I am right there with you. It was supposed to be 5-7 items. I am an original subscriber and have been disappointed in recent boxes. If I had paid $41 a box I would be thrilled but at $95 a box I am not. Since the 6 month gilt subscriptions are running out, I may stick it out and see if boxes improve. I have been much happier with Ouiplease lately than Luxor.

    • I don’t think the Gilt vouchers are up as of yet. I’m pretty sure I purchased a full year, so that would mean I should be getting 3 more boxes, but I’ll have to double check my email!!

    • I agree too. This box definitely seemed to be missing something and in my eyes isn’t worth the $139 per box price tag (or even the $95 original subscriber price). At forty something bucks, it’s fine, but still not that special. I think the gilt deal definitely played a role in the lackluster contents.

      That being said, I actually loved the triple tone bracelet from 2 boxes ago – I get compliments on it every single time I wear it, but I definitely can’t wear it with everything. I have to truly think about how best to incorporate it into my wardrobe instead of my usual “throw on and go” effortless (aka thoughtless :)) style. I paid full price for that box so for those who got it at the gilt price, what a deal! (Although I know there are many people who were not impressed with that bracelet).

    • I enjoyed your rant! I think everyone agrees with you. For your sake I hope the boxes get better for you as well. I am glad my boxes are done. Lots of emails and I would never of signed up if the boxes looked as they do now.

  13. I got mine yesterday and I love everything in it! I received the rose gold bracelet and it is beautiful! The Kiko wristlet is perfect, and I am using the Circcell moisturizer already. Great box. Even better that I payed $41 for it with the Gilt voucher!

  14. My earphones only work when plugged in. They’re the only things I’d use from this box so pretty disappointed.

    • Did you fully charge them when you first opened them? It can take an hour of so to fully charge (light will turn from red to blue). Turn them off between uses.

      • The light turns red to indicate they’re charging… lasts for a minute, then the light goes out. I think I just got a defective pair.

  15. Mine arrived with no shipping notice so it was a nice surprise. I’m a Circcell fan so was happy to see this skincare treatment in the box. It’s unscented and feels perfect on my skin.
    This was my last box of a 6 month sub from Gilt City and I am seriously considering upgrading to an annual.

  16. I’m really happy with this months box compared to the last two, I did get the steep discount though. Not sure for full price if I’d be happy.

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