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Ipsy Reveals Are Up for the January 2019 Glam Bag!

The January 2019 Ipsy reveals are up! 

Here is what I will be getting in one of my Ipsy subscriptions:

What are you getting from Ipsy this month?

If you are new to Ipsy, it is a $10 a month beauty and makeup subscription box. Check out all of our Ipsy reviews to see what’s been in past boxes.

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How do subscribers rate Ipsy?

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Comments (58)

  1. So, I just received my glam bag today.The whole backside of my bag is covered in dirt and has a bad discoloration to it. It’s very noticeable. They couldn’t have missed it before shipping. Since I have been selecting add-ons, my bag has been really late in the month. or missing products. I went two months in a row where they forgot to add my products to the bag. I like the personalization of my bag, but the shipping time and lack of quality control before shipping is getting annoying.

  2. Damm*t, I got the Julia shade of the Ella Eden. It swatches as straight up shimmer.

    I already have TONS of that.

    Really would have preferred the other shade.

    And ANOTHER Eyeoko liner.


  3. I got the eyeko liquid eyeliner, clinique take off the day cleansing balm, ella eden eyeshadow, tarte amazonian clay foundation and the belle en argent lip gloss.

  4. I feel like I see a lot of negativity in posts, but I’m always really happy. I just never think to post. So I thought I’d throw out a happy comment. I’m getting a great mix again this month: A lip product (Belle en Argent gloss), eye shadow (Ella Eden), foundation (Tarte, and should be light enough since I picked pale and I assume they would send the lightest color they have for that), brush (Billion Dollar Brows foundation brush), and exfoliating product (SKIN&CO ROMA). Very pleased 😀

    • I have the exact same bag as you, right down to hopefully the pale option for the foundation. My skin is super dry and I got rid of that foundation once before, but who knows? Maybe changing my skincare routine has made it worth another go. I’m happy you’re pleased, so am I!

  5. I’ve noticed something… when I’ve bought an item that’s been in my Ipsy bag through their ” Shopper” section, and rated the product highly, I tend to get more products in my future bags that are that brand.

    For example, I bought another LMXI balm in the tube because I don’t like the jar version, and one was in our first Glam Bag Plus.. So I ordered it with a large discount becauses it had been in my GB Plus.

    Since then, I’ve gotten 2 more LMXI samples in my regular Glam Bag. This month all 3 bags have the LMXI pink blush- illuminator cream and it’s a product I’m not seeing posted en masse’ like that clear lip gloss they are overdosing me on this month as well. They must have bought out all the stock of it. LOL.

    If there’s a name brand product you want in your bags very much and it’s more of a niche or luxury brand, buying through Ipsy MAY get samples sent to you more often as well.
    ( Now I’ll probably never get another LMXI brand item and I love the Nil white cream so much LOL).

  6. LOVE my GB Plus, but feel really let down about my reg. Glam bags. Maybe I don’t need 3 of them.

    Bag one-

    FLUIDE Lip Gloss in Elsewhere- X 3 and it’s.. clear..

    NAILMEDIC Nail Polish in Rosé and Chill- I love this!

    LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow- times 3 bags

    ILLAMASQUA Colouring Pencil Eye Crayon in Honour- NO just NO to this shade! Other one is gorg.

    H2O+ BEAUTY Oasis Hydrating Treatment- Age appropriate and will be used at some point.

    Other items in other 2 bags which are not listed above:

    GOLDFADEN MD Skin Balancing Mask X2

    SLMISSGLAM SB68 Eye Brush X2

    TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Fair Sand X2

    • what did you get in your plus bag? I still can’t see my spoilers for some reason. 😭

  7. Eyeko Eyeliner –
    Okay with this because I go through eyeliner pretty fast and Ipsy hasn’t given it to me before

    Billion Dollar Browns Foundation Brush –
    I’ve never used a brush for liquid foundation, so I guess this will be a learning experience for me! Plus I can always use more brushes.

    Luna Highlighter –
    My first baked highlighter, not super excited about it, but you never know!

    Jersey Shore Lip Balm –
    I love lip balms but I hate mint flavors. I guess it’s okay because it’s winter and i’ll probably need tons of lip balms.

    Tarte foundation –
    Altered my profile to get this so I’m happy ! Hopefully the shade matches!

    Very jealous of the people with the Sand&Sky exfoliating treatment.

    • The Luna highlighter is not bad! I was not expecting much at all and maybe it’s just me but it provides the perfect subtle glow.

  8. Ugh my bag is not my favorite- minus the Tarte foundation which I am excited for. I also got the OUAI leave-in conditioner, which is fine but I have unchecked hair products for months now as I have way too many and the SL Miss Glam eyeshadow brush, which again, is fine, but not something I am excited for. I have tools checked on my page because I love getting sponges and power or blush brushes, not eye brushes. I wish you could specify more. The two I really don’t want are the Color Club Polish and Fluid Gloss. Just colors I won’t wear.

    I don’t hate the bag, but I don’t love it. It would be so awesome to have like a “neutral” bag option where they all were just simple, neutral colors. Even just a plain black bag every month would be more useful for me.

  9. *GOLDFADEN MD Skin Balancing Mask (i love skincare so this is a win)

    *HEMPZ Herbal Lip Balm (i checked yes to this on the survey, ive been using hempz lotion for years and love it so i’m looking forward to the balm)

    *HOLA NEON Velvet Liquid Lip (i’m not really a liquid lip gal but this color is gorgeous)

    *THEBALM Blush in Bare Minimum (very disappointed with this pick, i just received a blush last month and i don’t even use blush)

    *TARTE Foundation (i switched my profile around in hopes of being able to try this product, looking forward to it!)

    all in all, a good bag. i just wish Ipsy would miss me with the blush moving forward, half of my makeup routine goes toward removing the appearance of redness on my face.

  10. I’m happy with my glam bag. The bag is pretty, even if it’s a bit summery for January.

    Eyeko Eyeliner. I started Ipsy in October so I figure it’s time. Feel like I’m part of the club.

    Ciate Wonderwand Mascara. Wanted to try this.

    Hola Neon Velvet Liquid Lip in DF. Always ready to try a new lip product.

    Elle Eden eyeshadow in Willow. Looks pretty but either color would be fine.

    Jersey Shore lip balm – eh, can always use another balm

  11. I am not really feeling my bag this month. I am getting an Eyeko eyeliner (again), skin balancing mask, lip balm, lip liner, and Tarte foundation (which I will be happy with if it in fact works with my complexion).

    • Bag twins and I wasn’t excited about it either… as a matter of fact this is my worst Ipsy bad yet, in over a year of subscribing 😞.. lets cross our fingers for a better February bag!

      • I’m pretty underwhelmed at my bag …. Firma blush brush (I do like brushes), clinique take the day off cleansing balm, ella eden eyeshadow , color club nail polish, illamasqua eye crayon.

        And it seems to be taking forever to ship…. still being assembled….

  12. Totally happy with my bag this month! I’m getting:

    Leave In Conditioner

    Lip Gloss in Elsewhere

    Sheet Mask & Chill Set in This Sheet Is Bananas & You Can’t Handle This Sheet

    Dream Maker – Light-Shifting Highlighter Cream in Pop Star

    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey

  13. Pretty disappointed:

    * Illmasqua lip liner in Lust – a color I’ll never wear…
    * Ella Eden Pressed eyeshadow in Julia – another color I’ll never wear
    * Firma Beauty elite blush brush – I don’t really use powder bush so… hooray?
    * Eyeko liquid line – haha, I do use liquid liner, but between several box subscriptions, I now
    have enough Eyeko eyeliners and random highlighters to last me the rest of my life!
    * Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner – this could be good IF it isn’t strongly scented. If it is, it’s
    another giveaway item.

    I guess I need to update my profile somehow and be more clear… which I thought I was, but apparently not.

    Considering adding the Yensa pumpkin mask & the Goldfaden balancing mask samples, but don’t know if I even wanna bother… :/

  14. Ugh! I didn’t get anything I wanted and I got the dreaded Eyeko liner too.

    FIRMA BEAUTY 102 Elite Blush Brush (I just got a blush brush from another sub)
    EYEKO Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner (yet another…I’m going through my 3rd one!)
    CIATÉ LONDON Wonderwand Mascara (IT mascara in my Dec box)
    PURE BRAZILIAN Leave-In Conditioner (I make my own leave-in conditioners)
    BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Lip Gloss in Bored Now (I don’t like high gloss)

  15. I’m getting:

    -Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Fair Sand

    -Jontebleu Lip Liner in Plum

    -Hempz Herbal Lip Balm

    -Ella Eden Eyeshadow in Julia

    -Billion $ Brows Foundation Brush

    I’m fairly happy with this bag. Hoping that foundation is a good match, because we all know that can be iffy. The only add on I wanted was the full size Hey Honey serum which was already sold out, so I’m not adding anything else.

  16. Love my bag this month!

    Heavy Metal in HE-04 OR HE-06

    Truffle Therapy Face Gommage

    Nail Polish in Velvet Black Matte

    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey

    Lip Luire Lip Gloss in Bored Now

  17. Dang ipsy! Way to start the year off wrong for me! Who’s Glambag are they sending me. Absolutely everything is not a match for me except 2 sheet masks. The other 4 items are all the wrong shades! I’m actually getting something I just opted out of and shouldn’t be getting. Purple lipliner, the balm blush in a shade that will not work with my color. Not to mention I always rate the balm at a 1. Some dark ugly nail polish, so that’s actually 2 items I opted out of that I’m getting?! WTH ipsy?!

  18. I love the bag! It looks so country French.

    I’m happy with what I’m getting. Filling out the questionnaire and rating produxcts seems to be paying off.

    – Fluide lip gloss
    – Ciate Londonmascara
    – H2O + Beauty hydrating treatment
    – Nailmedic nail polish (I didn’t check off nail polish, but that’s a gorgeous color I’d actually use)
    – Ella Eden eyeshadow in Willow or Julia (The big question mark – will Ipsy send me yet another boring, useless metallic beige eye shadow, or will they give me the purple shades I keep asking for?)

    I also did a red lip pencil add-on, so this is a bag I’m really happy to start the new year with.

    • Im happy with mine too. Got that eyeliner ill just throw inna bag with the multitudes of others but happy to b receiving the Sand & Sky exfoliator, the prickly pear color changing gloss, the Glamglow and a nice contour brush. I added on the pumpkin/turmeric mask, the foundation brush and the Tarte blush palette.

  19. I’m getting:
    – Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner in Carbon Black
    – Goldfaden MD Skin Balancing Mask
    – Fluide Lip Gloss in Elsewhere
    – Ciate London Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic
    – Pure Brazilian Leave-In Conditioner

    And I added Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm.

    I’m pretty happy with my bag 🙂

  20. This is what I’m getting in my bag for January.

    ● JEJU:EN Sheet Mask & Chill Set in This Sheet Is Bananas & You Can’t Handle This Sheet

    ● ILLAMASQUA Colouring Pencil Eye Crayon in Honour

    ● KASCA Nail Polish in Velvet Black Matte

    ● SLMISSGLAM SB68 Eye Brush

    ● BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Lip Gloss in Bored Now

    I only chose 1 add on this month. I chose a add on from the glam bag plus section. I think it’s awesome I can do that considering I just have the regular subscription. I chose OFRA COSMETICS
    Highlighter in Rodeo Drive. They charged me $12 and it’s full sized! On Ofra’s website for $35!!!

    Overall, I’m so satisfied! I love everything they picked for me and I like the bag! Ipsy is killing it for January!

  21. This is what I’m getting this month:

    Ella Eden eyeshadow
    Belle En Argent lipgloss
    Ahava hand cream
    Luxie small contour brush
    Ciate Wonderland mascara

    I also purchased three addons this month:

    Seraphine Botanicals loose eyeshadow
    Naked Cosmetics loose pigment
    SL MissGlam eye brush

    To be honest, the brush would probably be the only thing that I’m not excited about getting, but I’m happy to be getting three makeup items this month, since December’s bag was pretty lackluster for me. So all in all, I am happy this month.

  22. A bit underwhelming for me this month. Getting an eyeko black liner – I think that’s what throws me most! But I am getting a non nude polish, so excited about that. Some hempz lip balm which I guess is Ok, another glam brush very similar to the last one they sent me, and a lip liner that looks nice.

    I think I will email to opt out of eye liners. They just sent me a bronze in a recent bag which was nice but I definitely won’t use black.

    Sad I didn’t get the tarte foundation, though!

    • Jennifer – Which shade of Tarte foundation do you wear ? I am receiving 2 of them in my Ipsy Bags. My skin is too dry for the product, and I don’t even have it checked on my preference list ? I don’t know anyone who wants to try it.

  23. I’m getting:

    FLUIDE Lip Gloss in Elsewhere (It’s just clear? BORING.)

    YENSA PUMPKIN TURMERIC 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask (Awesome, an actual wash-off mask and not a peel-off.)

    NOMAD COSMETICS Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun (Another ‘golden champagne’ highlighter. Going to stop asking for highlighters because I have such a big collection of them.)

    TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 (Great, I’ve been wanting to try this!)

    SLMISSGLAM SB68 Eye Brush (Would’ve preferred a non-eye brush, but this is fine.)

    So a 3/5 month, but maybe it’s because I need to change my profile (No more highlighters and no ‘nude’ glosses).

  24. I think my January bag is the worst I’ve gotten from Ipsy, and I am usually happy with my picks. I am getting:

    Ouai Leave In Conditioner (the only product I actually want)

    Jeju:En Sheet Mask Set (like sheet masks, and I will use these so not a total loss)

    VDL Lumilayer Primer (I use primers so this is an ok product to receive)

    Illamasqua Eye Liner in Honor (I don’t use eyeliner and I emailed to opt out of this type of product awhile ago, but I am still receiving them. Emailed them about half an hour ago regarding this, but haven’t heard back yet)

    Fluide Lip Gloss in Elsewhere (Another lip gloss. I have received one every month for the last 3 months.)

    I usually get at least 1 product from my survey, but this month, nothing. The add-ons they are offering are pretty good, but I find that it takes longer to get my bag if I choose an add-on so I am opting out of doing that this month. The New Year with Ipsy isn’t starting off good. I am hoping that next month will be better.

  25. Girls let me tell you, I’m impressed what I’m getting! Also the bag is beautiful, it does remind me of Mary Poppins. This are the products I’m getting:

    Leave In Conditioner

    Lip Gloss in Elsewhere

    Lumilayer Primer

    1010 Small Contour
    •(I really wanted this so bad!)

    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey

    I also bought two add ons:

    Truffle Therapy Face Gommage

    Skin Balancing Mask

    Very happy with this month! I hope February brings amazing stuff sense is my birthday month. Crossing fingers.

  26. I think my bag is in the middle…. not great, but not terrible based on the reveal…

    FIRMA Beauty Blush Brush (yay…. I’ve gotten several eye brushes so It’s nice to get a bigger one)

    Color Club nail polish in Feverish (I’m not sure on this shade, I’m very pale so I’m afraid I may look like a vampire, but I’ll at least try it).

    ELLA EDEN eyeshadow in Julia (pretty but I’d have preferred the purple if given a choice)

    ILLAMASQUA Colouring Pencil eye crayon in Honour

    CLINIQUE Take the Day off cleansing balm

  27. Ipsy’s starting 2019 right in my book. And the bag itself is super cute! I’m getting:

    *FLUIDE Lip Gloss in Elsewhere
    I don’t usually love high shine glosses but I’m looking forward to trying this one.

    *COLOR CLUB Nail Polish in Feverish OR Williamsburg
    Whether I get the red or the blue one I’m always up for new nail polishes.

    *YENSA PUMPKIN TURMERIC 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask
    I use exfoliating masks at least once a week so I’m stoked to have a new one to try.

    *TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in (hopefully) Medium Sand
    As long as I get the right shade this is something I’m really looking forward to checking out. I’ve been using powder foundation for a long time now but I’m starting to think about making a switch so it’s perfect timing.

    *H2O+ BEAUTY Oasis Hydrating Treatment
    I am so looking forward to trying this out on my winter dry skin.

    Overall this is a hit for me. I can’t wait to try it all.

  28. My bag is awful, probably my least favorite ever. I’m getting another Eyeko liner, a BDB foundation brush, Nomad highlighter, lip balm, and Tarte foundation that is hopefully in a shade that works for me since it’s the only thing I’m interested in. I don’t know why I bother taking the improve your bag quiz month after month if they never send me anything I choose from it. Changing my profile and ratings doesn’t help either. And is it just me or has their customization gotten even worse since they added the add-ons option?

    • I have a feeling that due to the add-ons the survey is now going to be more of a “what not to send to make them buy” type of thing.

      • I was actually really pleased with my picks this month, and didn’t choose any add-ons. I did the last 2 months, but there isn’t anything I really wanted in the add-ons this time.

      • Yes! I thought it was just me that felt that way.

      • I feel the same way. Getting things I said no to and not in categories I want and a lot of things I wanted are add ons. I didn’t buy anything but I totally think they’re making customization worse to make us spend more. So frustrating.

  29. So very, very happy with my bag!
    – ELLA EDEN SHADOW I WANTED BUT THOUGHT I WOULD NOT GET since I said “no” to the purple shade in Improve Glam Bag, but I got the other greige color!!! (previously received this product from Ipsy in another shade & love it!)
    – Nailmedic in Rose & Chill (previously received a Nailmedic polish and loved it!)
    – Belle en Argent Lip gloss (said ‘yes’ in Improve Glam Bag, would have purchased as add-on)
    – Pure Brazilian Leave-in conditioner (said ‘yes’ in improve glam bag. previously received in my glam bag a hair oil from this brand that I was initially displeased with, but I gave it a shot anyway & ended up loving it)
    – Tarte foundation in Light Sand (looked up swatches & this baby is extremely yellow, so I will not be using it)

    I added on the Seraphine Botanicals loose pigment & the Fluide lipgloss. I would have also purchased the LAQA & Co prickly pear gloss had it been available — love the brand & I am a sucker for color-changing formulas right now. (If you haven’t heard of the brand, they do something really cool to give back to the community by hiring artists to create art for their packaging. Their sister company, Winky Lux, has really been taking off, so you may be more familiar with them.)

    • Maybe I’m dumb but how can you tell what shade your foundation will be?

      • when you click on add more products, it shows you what is in your bag at the top and it lists the shades, apparently so you don’t add things with the same shade, but last month the shades it said i was getting on my eyeshadow were wrong. It also hasn’t been showing me options to purchase some shades “because they are apparently in my bag” for example the naked eyeshadow has 2 shades available he-4 and he-6 (or something like that) I am supposed to be getting he-4. So when i go to the add-ons it says i am getting he-4 and only has he-6 available as an add-on for me (because i am apparently already getting he-4) Hope that makes a little sense.

      • This month the specific color did appear when I clicked on the initial reveal & was given the choice of add-ons. But now that I’ve picked add-ons, it’s back to the same old screen that tells you “this or this”.

        It is kind of bizarre that they’ve figured out how to display the correct color we’ll receive, but don’t let us have access to that on the main page.

      • Are you positive that the foundation shade we see on that screen is what we’ll actually receive? Because mine says light sand as well, but I have a medium skin tone that is clearly marked in my preferences.

        My hope is that it just defaults to the first option and actually gives us the one that matches us!

      • I hope so too. I saw in the add ons section that I would be getting fair sand when I was hoping for deep honey- not that I nerd any more foundation but still…

  30. Decent bag this month!

    Fluid Lip Oil
    Billion Dollar Brush
    LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow
    Tarte Foundation
    Goldfadden Mask

    I hate tarte & brushes but love everything else!

    • Bag twins! I’ve been wanting to try the Tarte foundation and was pleasantly surprised that they included a foundation brush.

      I also added the clinique cleansing balm and hey honey serum.

  31. My reveal isn’t up except for my plus bag. My glam bag says still making glam bag. Was billed yesterday for both so not sure why. Can’t wait to see my bag.

  32. Uggg not too happy with my bag, but i really do need a new foundation and am getting the tarte in a shade that actually might work for me, so hopefully this sample will wow me into buying the full size. Anyone else getting a matte black polish? I love polishes and get them every month but i keep getting the worst bottom of the barrel shades, last month had so many awesome polish options and i got bright Halloween purple, and now matte sharpie black.

    • In so jealous you’re getting that shade! I sadly am not getting nail polish at all this month.

  33. I am getting TARTE foundation, the CC hair cream, LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow,SLMISSGLAM eyeshadow brush, and BELLE EN ARGENT lip gloss in bored now.

    Not super excited but I predicted what I was going to get and only surprise is brush. I also added the hola neon liquid lip because even though it is only $3 ” sample” it is actually full size and retails for $17.

  34. Im really happy with my bag, and I almost skipped it, oops!

    Im getting:

    -Ahava deadsea Mineral Handcream.

    -NAKED COSMETICS Heavy Metal in HE-04

    -ILLAMASQUA Colouring Pencil Eye Crayon in Honour

    -VDL Lumilayer Primer

    – LUXIE BEAUTY 1010 Small Contour Brush (what I really wanted this month and why I didnt skip 🙂 )

  35. I’m getting 2 brushes and I always say no brushes and it’s in my profile unchecked too. My glam bag plus is ok but my regular this month sucks and I won’t use anything. The bag isn’t even that cute either

  36. I’m very happy with my bag:

    ouai leave-in conditioner
    nailmedic nail polish in rose and chill
    yensa mask (love masks)
    tarte foundation (have been dying to try this)
    fluide lipgloss (the one item I’m not excited about)

    • Mines the same bag as yours except instead of the masks I’m getting the foundation brush. I don’t have a foundation brush, but that’s because I use beauty blenders and don’t need one, but oh well, other than that I’m really excited for everything minus the lip gloss. I hate lip gloss so I’ll give it to a coworker who wears it.

  37. Worst bag I have ever gotten. Won’t use but one product and it’s a lip balm. I review, change my profile, and nothing works. I’m happy for people that it does help, but it never has done anything for me. I am officially done for a while.

  38. Getting the Illmasqua lip liner in Lust
    The Balm Alternative Rock blush
    Eyeko liquid liner
    Firma Beauty brush
    Pure Brazilian leave in conditioner.

  39. OUAI
    Leave In Conditioner

    Foundation Brush

    Nail Polish in Feverish OR Williamsburg

    Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15

    Lip Luire Lip Gloss in Bored Now

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