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Ipsy January 2019 Spoilers Round #2!

We have more spoilers January 2019 Ipsy glam bag! First, here’s the bag design:

And here are some of the products Ipsy is sampling this month:

BEAUTANIQ BEAUTY Blush Serum in Sunrise OR Sunset

OUAI Leave In Conditioner

ELLA EDEN Eyeshadow in Willow OR Julia

YENSA PUMPKIN TURMERIC 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask

THEBALM COSMETICS Alternative Rock Vol. 2 Blush in Bare Minium

AKAR SKIN Lip Butter

LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow

VDL Lumilayer Primer

FLUIDE Lip Gloss in Elsewhere

SO SUSAN Dream Maker – Light-Shifting Highlighter Cream in Pop Star

BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Luire Lip Gloss in Bored Now

NAILMEDIC Nail Polish in Rosé and Chill

TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation SPF 15 in Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey

EYEKO Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner Travel Size in Carbon Black


PURE BRAZILIAN Leave-In Conditioner

LUÉ BY JEAN SEO Clear Spot Control

SKIN&CO ROMA Truffle Therapy Face Gommage

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off™ Cleansing Balm

GOLDFADEN MD Skin Balancing Mask

And there will also be a LUXIE 1010 Small Contour Brush:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which products are you hoping to get in your glam bag?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (77)

  1. My bag FINALLY shipped! It’s supposed to be here on the 15th… but it’s DHL and it always comes later than the estimate.

    I’m hoping I’ll like it better than I initially thought… kind of underwhelmed…. but I’ll give it a go 😉

  2. I should have my bag by the end of the week.

    Still hoping for the Willow Ella Eden eyeshadow.

    I’m debating unchecking eyeliners so I don’t get another ______ liquid liner.

  3. I wish I was getting any of these. Instead I keep getting eyeshadows in colors that will not look good on me. I’ve tried changing my profile didn’t help. Ever since a billing mess up I no longer get good matches.

  4. There my posts go disappearing 🙁

    • Any idea why? I’m not sure how this system works but I’ve had some disappear before and I never understand why when I was simply defending my opinion. The nasty attack comments towards me were not taken down. Never got a response when I emailed to ask why it’s acceptable for several people to attack someone on here but if you defend yourself, then you might get your comments taken down? Seems like the norm anywhere these days.

  5. I noticed Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is stopping putting in a cosmetic bag, wondering if you can get both Subscriptions? I am still waiting for an invite to Glam Bag Plus not sure I will subscribe. I actually like the samples, I throw away so much, I have so much but try to finish one thing before I open another. I grew up in a time where you just do not waste things, but I am getting overloaded. I also wish some of these boxes would offer the whole line in samples. If possible, so you can try more than just one thing from that line. I tend to be loyal to one brand at a time until a better one shows up.

    • Hi honey, instead of tossing your unwanted samples, save up a bunch and donate to your local women’s shelter.

    • I agree. Fill up a couple of large zip lock bags full of new unwanted samples and drop them off at a local shelter along with gently used clothes.

  6. I’m getting the Eyeoko liner as well.

    I may have to try opting out of eyeliners, because I hate liquid liners.

    I’ve always rated them badly and disliked it in the comment, but it doesn’t seem to last.

    • I am getting Eyeko in both my GB and GBP lol They must really think I need more! I could handle it in one bag, I use liner…but both?!?

    • I love liquid pen eyeliners and hate pencils. I used to get so many pencil and gel eyeliners in subs that I never used. But with the cateye so popular now, you get them in every beauty sub lately. It’s ridiculous that even I, who normally has to buy liquid pen eyeliners every 2 months, still have 3 Eyekos, 2 Stila, 1 Deck of Scarlet and 1 Wing Woman unopened.

  7. I want this: SKIN&CO ROMA Truffle Therapy Face Gommage, but it isn’t in my bag. 🙁

    • I added it on for $3

      • Oh, I didn’t see that option! Thank you! I’m kind of new to Ipsy and don’t know all the ins and outs yet.

      • Apparently I am not eligible for add ons.

      • I believe add ons were only open for 24 hours

      • Watch your emails and this site next month for the add on announcement. They’re not open very long and stuff sells out quickly.

  8. I’m getting the Ella Eden shadow, too.

    Hoping for Willow. Julia is pretty, but I already have too many neutral shadows.

    I keeping raving about any purples I get and rating them highly, so hopefully I will.

  9. I am content with my Ipsy Regulary Glam Bag. There are 1-2 things I would exchange, but I will make do with what I am getting.

    The only complaint I have is that I keep getting different brush brands/colors of the brush, but it is always the same kind! Like literally i can do the same thing with all the brushes they sent me. I was hoping for beauty blender or a blush/bronzer blush. I keep always getting the same shape of brush, which is annoying. I do not need 10 of the same brushes….

  10. I’m Receiving…

    Lip Liner Pencil in Plum

    Nail Polish in Feverish (ugly pink) OR Williamsburg (0r 5th maroon nail polish in the past year)

    Colouring Pencil Eye Crayon in Honour

    Leave-In Conditioner

    Star Mint Glossy Balm

    • Funny either your computer screen colors are messed up or mine are, the Feverish polish looks dark red to me and the Williamsburg looks like a lovely sparkly blue. Definitely doesn’t look pink and maroon, maybe it’s just me lol

      • You’re right, Jessi. Looked online and it was apparently in GlossyBox in Dec. ’15, and the reviewer described it as a deep burgundy. I hope the person actually receiving it, will be happy once receiving it and giving it a chance. It looks pretty to me.

    • I got the Star Mint balm in a previous Ipsy bag. It smells nice and works okay.

      Also getting the Pure Brazilian. It’s getting wintry, I can use extra TLC for my hair.

      And an Ilmasqua lipliner. That could be useful. I have liners, but they’re mostly reds.

  11. I just resumed to Ipsy in December but have not received a bag yet. I got my spoilers for January and I am getting the tarte foundation in the color fair. However I am black and my profile reflects my skin tone. Is that normal for them to send complexion products that are the opposite of your skin tone? I contacted ipsycare just now but will that get me anywhere? I alctaully own the foundation already and like it.

    • I remember a few years back they had an issue where they accidentally gave everyone who had dark skin marked down the lighter version of a product and everyone with pale skin the darker version, and the customer care was great about fixing it for those who emailed them, so they should be good about swapping it out for you if the bag hasn’t even been shipped yet, that or sending you a new one in the correct color!

    • Are you sure you’re getting the skin tone in fair? Typically, only the first of a color variation appears in anyone’s bags. You don’t usually know what color you’re actually getting until the bag arrives, and the Tarte is available in Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey.

      • It tells you what shade you ‘re getting on the page to pick addons. Once you pick add ons that page is gone so if you don’t look at your shades beforehand you won’t know till they come

      • Oh, that’s new. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled. Thanks.

      • Shoot, mine says I will be getting fair sand also and I will be terribly disappointed if I dont get that tone because for once that is perfect.

        I thought that when there are variations you may receive they list them all but if one has been chosen for you it lists that color, here’s hoping.

        To the OP, I would definitely reach out to Ipsycare, the sooner the better to give them time. I’m sure they will take care of you. I always try to be super nice in my correspondence, even when I’m annoyed (I take a breather and think about it). I’ve generally had good luck getting issues resolved properly. Good luck. 🙂

      • Even on the spoiler and add on page it shows the first color option. If you look at your bag and click the item it will show all the possible shades.

    • Ipsycare is FREAKING AMAZING away handling requests. I have a feeling they’ll fix you up. You could also ask to exchange the tarte if they don’t have your skin tone shade. You can look at the spoilers and request one of those products instead. Good luck. <3

    • The shade that shows is the first option. You’ll receive your closest match to these options:
      Fair Sand, Light Neutral, Medium Sand, Tan Honey, OR Deep Honey

    • I am getting the same shade and I have medium selected on my profile. I will probably try to contact them as well. I’ve had so much trouble with Ipsy lately – mostly to do with my add-on items from November and December and now this.

    • Where do you go to see what color you’ll getting? I clicked on my glam bag and it just tell me what I’m getting not the color.

    • They had this same issue with the Shape Tape concealer. In the first spoiler, they only showed you the first option, but later they updated the spoilers to show you all the varieties and people generally got something close to their preferences. Even this month, on some of my spoilers when I first looked at them they gave a single shade (like the nail polish) but now my spoiler is showing optional colors.

  12. I’m SO HAPPY with my GBP. got my spoilers today and there is only 1 item I dont really want, the lip crayon. I am getting the hey honey serum, the murad vitamin infusion, the wander beauty mascara, the ofra highlighter and the violet Voss palette.

    I see so many negative comments about the products when all spoilers are initially released, and I often feel the same way, but when I get my personal spoiler for my specific bag, I’m ALWAYS so so so happy. Ipsy is doing an awesome job, except with their shipping. They def need to change shipping providers and use UPS instead of DHL.

    • This thread is for the original Glam Bag but, I agree completely. Also, quite pleased with both my bags — didn’t get everything I wanted to try but I did get the things I wanted most, super happy. Now if they can tighten up the packing and shipping end, that would do a lot. :))

  13. I would love to try the taste foundation. I’ve been looking for a good one and have yet to find one that I really like

    • I am really excited about the January bag – my spoilers show excellent products that I can’t wait to try! (I am getting a blush brush – Hallelujah! – thank you, Ipsy.

  14. No brushes this month ?! Bummer the one thing I look forward too !

    • It’s the last spoiler. And what’s shown here is likely a fraction of what will be in bags this month

    • Hi Allison,
      Did you look at the add-ons yet? I saw several nice-looking brushes on the list.

    • I’m getting a luxie 1010 small contouring brush in mine

  15. In my search for eyeshadow swatches, I discovered some reviews for birchbox UK, and I’m a little jelly. For June 2018, they got a keepsake tea tin instead of a cardboard box (5 year anniversary). Why doesn’t BB do cute things like that here? 😕

    • Size of the subscriber cohort? No sponsorship by a tea tin manufacturer?

      • Are those actual questions?

  16. Wow I’m impressed. There is a lot in here I haven’t tried. I think only 1 or 2, I have tried. Love when it’s all stuff I’ve never heard of

  17. I think these spoilers are awesome. Right up my alley! I unchecked blush a bit ago on my profile, as I have plenty. But id LOVE to try that blush serum😍 I don’t dislike the actual bag. But, I’m not overly excited about it either.

    • Tried the blush serum before and imho it really is not great. Doesn’t blend in and is like kids play makeup 👎🏻

      • Same. It was sticky and gross. I used it once and tossed it.

  18. I want all of it!! 🙂

  19. I haven’t been given the opportunity to add items yet will I have the chance tomorrow? I’m still annoyed I’ve yet to be invited to Plus yet. I’ve been with Ipsy a long time but they keep showing partiality toward some subscribers.

    • Yes everyone will have opportunity to add tomorrow. Just make sure to go on your account early full size and other popular items sell out fast. I bought mine at 7 am Eastern time last month and about hour later full size items were sold out. Also keep in mind it is only 24 hrs .

      • Can Canadians do add ones?

    • I would directly ask Ipsy customer service to be added to the waitlist for the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. That is what I did and it worked for me. It only took about a month I think maybe two to receive my first box. So give that a try. Also if you have a YouTube channel that also helps. My friend got one immediately when she asked. All she did was gave them her YouTube channel name and told them she does unboxings. She got her first box the very next month. So I definitely think Ipsy does give these boxs to people with social media accounts first.

    • Email them and ask them when plus will be available for you. I did and the next time I jumped on my Ipsy app I had the option to get plus!

  20. I would be happy with any of the skincare items, and even the lip butter. I received a cream highlighter 2 months in a row, so hoping I do not receive another one this month and I received purple eyeshadows 2 months in row. Otherwise, I like the spoilers.

  21. I’m still waiting on my December bag. Apparently it got lost somewhere after it was transferred to the post office. Ipsy said they would send a new bag a week ago but I haven’t received a shipping notice yet. 😖

    • Same here. Tracking info from post office showed “out for delivery” on 12/18 and then nothing after that. I emailed them about it and the 3 add ons that I paid for and they promised to replace everything but I’ve yet to get any shipping info. So I decided to skip January. Luckily other than the lip balms, I don’t see much I want here.

      • Should probably call the post office about that. Seems like ipsy fulfilled their end, and the delivery person or post office lost it. Don’t think that ipsy should be held accountable for that

      • Since Ipsy is the shipper, Ipsy has to initiate the request for information/file the claim for the package, with the post office.

  22. Oh my goodness! So many goodies IMO! Fingers crossed!

  23. I released the hold/suspend because I like the pretty bag. Of the spoilers above, only the nail polish looks good to me, and I don’t even have nails LOL. Hoping for a better impression at the reveal tomorrow!

    • I only like the bag and nail polish too! But Ipsy always does a poor job at matching me with any spoilers I like, so maybe now that I don’t like any spoilers I’ll like my own bag?

  24. I will be happy with any of the lip balms or glosses and especially, the Lue by Jean Seo. I find it to be a very effective spot treatment and am always happy to get more of it!

  25. I am nervous about the number of lip balms featured this month. I am up to my eyeballs in lip balm. There is no spoiler I am really hoping for and now that I think about it I skipped last January which was only month I ever skipped so January Ipsy just must not be my thing lol.

  26. I’m so happy that we can get the regular Glam bag with our Glam bag plus subscription all together in the same account. We don’t have to use a separate one anymore. And now that the Glam bag plus is not giving makeup bags starting this month, I’m not mad now that I can start receiving my regular Glam bag. Since I’ve upgraded,I really did miss getting my regular bag. I’ve been with Ipsy for a little over 5 years. And still loving them

    • How? I haven’t figured it out yet. I have two regular Glam Bags and one Glam Bag Plus account. I would love to get rid of one regular bag and combine the other two.

  27. It’s not really that make up heavy this month. That’s a bummer

  28. I wonder if it is fair to assume that items that are not provided as add ons to each individual are probably in our bag?

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed that if it’s in my bag, it’s not available as an add on. My mom gets different choices than I do, too

  29. Ooooh! These are good spoilers!

  30. Aaaaaah! I said no to the Ella Eden shadow on the Improve Glam Bag survey because they showed a picture of the dark purple one (which is lovely but would make my eyes look bruised). But I LOVE the greige one!! (and I don’t have neutral shadow selected in my profile bc I don’t want any more of the bronzes they send). Hopefully it will be in the add-ons!

    • Which one is greige? The Julia color is a sandy shade, and Willow is the dark red.

      • It looks like they’re calling Julia a “fawn” shade, but I googled for normal people swatches (I always do this before buying shadow/lipstick/nail polish online!) and it definitely reads more like a greige to me when the light hits it (it’s a shimmery one).

      • That sounds better than “fawn”. I’ll have to look for swatches now. Thanks!!

    • I GOT IT!!! 💓

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