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Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2018 Limited Edition Box – Available Now!

Thanks, Luna and Karen, for letting us know about this new limited edition box from Indie Beauty Expo!

The Box: Indie Beauty Expo Best in Show 2018 Limited Edition Box

The Cost: $295 + $12.95 shipping

Coupon: The first 50 orders can use 50FIRST to save $50!

The Products: “This box is a careful curation of some of the most impressive brands across several categories that exhibited at our IBE 2018 shows.”


Are you grabbing a box?

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Comments (47)

  1. Here’s the sign up link to be on the notification list for the upcoming IBE Best in Show box coming out next month! 🙂

    mailchi (dot) mp/7c3ca2bd1c9f/bis18_waitlist

  2. It looks nice, but I’ve used almost all of these brands or specific products in the past. Nothing really stands out to me as being ” Must Have”.

    Happy for those who have $600 for 2 boxes. I cannot even fathom the deep longing behind this sort of thing.

  3. Got an email this afternoon from IBE, advertising the box (still) being for sale. It’s been available for over a month now–in the past didn’t these sell out very quickly? I guess many of us were scared away by the exorbitant price–I know I was. I hope those of you who purchased are enjoying everything! 🙂

    • I remember the Dallas IBE box took quite a while to sell out…. like months. I can’t recall though how quickly the Best Of boxes sold though, but like you said, I wouldn’t doubt the price will hinder it selling as quick as past boxes. The price was definitely a shocker, but I understand why they chose that price since everything was full-size. At least now I have a ballpark figure on how much I should expect next year’s box to be! I got my box yesterday, and I love it so much!

      • Received my box and was shocked at how heavy the box was. I was lucky to get the $50.00 off and felt this box was worth it. I wait for this box each year but I also do not subscribe to other beauty boxes so works for me.

  4. Would’ve gotten this if the code had worked. But congrats to everyone that took the plunge! I adored my box last year!!

  5. I am so tempted but keep telling myself NYFW. You are in a low buy until after… you can do it! Lol

  6. I bought this yesterday without hesitating (maybe for 30 seconds) even after I saw the price and I was able to take advantage of the discount. It looks even better than last year with all the full sizes. Last year I was so impressed by the presentation, the quality and variety of product. I am so happy they included something I can share with my husband!

    Thanks to all for sharing values- I had started to try to calculate but y’all saved me some work. Now I need to review my subs and ask myself how much I really need!

  7. I am ridiculously tempted to get this even though I missed the code AND I have a stash large enough for at least three people. But, in case anyone is in the same boat and needs an enabling nudge, here is the value breakdown as best as I could find (based on my cart price of $330.28 after shipping and tax):

    Level Naturals Soap: $2.08 (RV $8)
    Honeybelle Loofah Soap: $2.08 (RV $8)
    Restoresea Retexturizing Body Butter: $31.22 (RV $120)
    SpaRitual Teztox Sugar Scrub: $14.31 (RV $55)
    Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum: $9.37 (RV $36)
    Ere Perez Natural Cosmetics Beetroot Tint in Joy: $6.50 (RV $25)
    Brother’s Artisan Oil Magnesium Deodorant: $6.24 (RV $8)
    Elate Cosmetics Pressed EyeColour with compact: $4.16 (RV $24)
    Beauty by Earth Coffee Bean Eye Cream: $5.72 (RV $22)
    Apoem Replenish Glow Mask: $11.71 (RV $45)
    Code of Harmony War Paint Oil Cleanser: $9.89 (RV $38)
    Restorsea Rejuvinating Day Cream: $39.03 (RV $150)
    O’O Hawaii Birdseed Detoxifying Face Scrub: $24.72 (RV $95)
    Dr. Macrene 37 Actives Skin Results Serum: $45.53 (RV $175)
    Way of Will Foot and Shoe Spray: $5.07 (RV $19.50)
    Flora Remedia Rollerball Scent: $7.28 (RV $28)
    Sweat Cosmetics Gleam On: $10.93 (RV $42)
    Eleni and Chris Dry Texturing Shampoo: $8.59 (RV $33)
    Elvis + Evin Hand Cream: $5.07 (RV $19.50)
    Olika Hand Sanitizer Birdie: $2.60 (RV $10?)
    Hum Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow: $6.50 (RV $25)
    Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil Tinted: $6.76 (RV $26)
    Big Boy Soothing Drops: $9.11 (RV $35)
    SpaRitual Nail Polish: $3.25 (RV $12.50)
    Alka-White Mouthwash Tablets: $5.20 (RV $19.99)
    Girl Undiscovered Pink Skies Beauty Balms: $8.33 (RV $32)
    Groh Shampoo/Conditioner: $20.81 (RV $38 and $42))
    When Beauty Snow Magic: $1.82 (RV $7)
    Peep Cosmetics Natural SPF 30 Sunscreen: $3.90 (RV $15)
    Sahajan Radiance Eye Cream: $12.49 (RV $48)

    • RV for deodorant is $24, not sure why I have it listed as $8

    • Thanks for doing the breakdown! It’s nice being able to see the RV for everything 🙂

      • You’re welcome! I was doing it anyway so I thought I should share – I always love when MSA does it for us.

        If I can make it through the day without purchasing this, I’m probably safe but I kind of want to be talked into buying it, LOL. Most of these products would be new to me and they look fabulous.

        On a side note, is anyone watching the Marie Kondo show on Netflix? When I saw the trailer for it, I immediately thought of the old decluttering forum thread here.

      • Hi Kat! So did you end up getting the box? 😉

      • Hi Luna! Just saw your comment now….as I’m back to see if the box is still available, LOL. A girl only has so much willpower and if it’s still available, then I’m supposed to have it, right? 😁

        I’m actually trying to order it right now but for some reason it’s charging me an extra shipping so I’m going to email them first. But if all goes well…then yes, I am getting that big beautiful box!

      • Hi Kat! So did you end up getting the box??? I finally received mine yesterday, and it was great!! I can’t wait to try everything. 🙂

      • Hi Luna! Not only did I purchase the box, I ended up getting two since the hubby wanted one! 🙂 I paid full price, plus they doubled the shipping cost (said they miscalculated the weight/cost so adjusted price), but I have zero regrets. I got my boxes two days ago and even though we already knew what was going to be in them, we were still super impressed. 12 pounds of product! I usually try to use up my products in the order I got them but these will definitely be treated like VIP – no waiting in line!

        One of the boxes was missing four items though. I emailed customer service yesterday and I got a reply in less than 2 hours that they would be looking into it and contacting me next week.

      • I’m so glad you got the box, and are really enjoying it!! Even though I was able to snag the $50 coupon (and not pay tax on it.. woo-hoo!), I still think it’s worth it at full price, even with paying for shipping.
        I’m sorry to hear one of your boxes was missing some items. Last year, my box was missing a hair product. I emailed them, and they replied fairly quickly with the same message as what they told you, but they also got back to me in less than a week and told me they were shipping out the missing item, which I received maybe a week later.
        Enjoy your goodies!!!! 😀

      • I purchased and cannot wait to get it in. Luna! Have you ever went to the Indie Beauty Expo?? I am really wanting to go next year. If you have is there a big difference in the LA, Dallas, and New York expos?

      • Hey Brooke! I just now saw your comment here… sorry! But I’m glad we were able to connect on the Organic Bunny post. 🙂

      • My box arrived today!!! Perfect day! It is amazing. So many products and the ones that I tried immediately were absolutely wonderful. The smell of the face scrub is delicious!

      • Hi Brooke! I finally got my box yesterday! Oh my gosh, yes!!! That face scrub smelled so good! I usually don’t open products until I’m ready to use them, but I just couldn’t help myself with a few of them. 😀 One of my most favorite smelling items was the hair conditioner. It reminded of Mahalo products! Mmmm, anything that smells like Mahalo products immediately brings a calmness over me. I so can’t wait to try that shampoo & conditioner combo… and everything else too!!!

      • The shampoo smells amazing!!! I cannot wait to start using these products. I just opened my beauty hereos shampoo this month so it will be next month before I try this one out.. or the next.

  8. It looks like a great collection of products and a great value. But I need an intervention if I bring 30 full size products into this house. I’ve cut my subs to mostly those with full size products (New Beauty Test Tube, Ipsy Plus, and Margot Elena), but I still have more stuff than I can get through this year, and that’s before a single additional box shows up on my doorstep … And because I’m insane, I ordered the net-a-porter jet-a-porter last night for my upcoming vacation, despite the fact that I could probably put together about 17 similar kits on my own. I have a problem.

    • Lmao Michelle!!
      I feel we should join a group-
      Subscription Anonymous
      Get a blue chip for every box we don’t get
      All the chairs will be Ina circle but close to the wall/outlets so we can check our phones/computers for more deals 🤦‍♀️

      I am legit with you on all of that- i still can’t let go of boxy (I get the luxe every 3 months as well); igbplus,Margot (this is my favorite sub); fff (annual for another year) and bb (another year with the BF deal/$7 a box I was like #yolo ) and I signed up for the January allure box (even tho I was po I never got my SR serum and twice when I called they said it would ship out later and now it’s “out of stock sorry”, I wanted the SR products they were offering this month) but not feeling bad about canceling as soon as the box ships and avoiding February like a boss 💁
      And then today i had to get the target box for that deodorant ($5) which I have like 6 other ones under my bathroom cabinet lmao I just can’t stay away from good deals?!

      Have a safe and fun trip on your vaca! 😊

  9. Congrats to all those who were able to grab one!

  10. I missed the code and at this moment in life it’s just too much for me to justify. I had put the money aside, just not enough

  11. I just purchased and was able to use the code for $50.00 off. I was very impressed with last years box and have been waiting for this years. I limited my advent calendar purchases this year to put towards this box. It looks pretty amazing.

  12. Here are some of the values for the products
    Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream – Retail Value $150 (full-size)
    Restorsea Retexturizing Body Butter – Retail Value $120 (full-size)
    Dr. Macrene Serume – Retail Value $175 (full-size)
    Province Apothecary Full Brow Serum – Retail Value $36 (full-size)
    SpaRitual Teatox Sugar Scrub – Retail Value $55 (full-size)
    Beauty By Earth Eye Cream – Retail Value $21.99 (full-size)
    Apoem Replenish Glow Mask – Retail Value $44 (full-size, going by current exchange rate)

  13. Holy sheep shiz! That’s a lot of $$$. Great stuff I am sure but this cheap lady is out.

  14. There are 30 items included in this collection and by reading thru the list, it appears that they are all full size.
    I used the code and the total was $282.45 due to CA taxes. I’ve always been very happy with each box I’ve purchased and I think this is going to be the best one yet!

    • Darn taxes! 🙁 I jumped on this box right away, and I was able to use the code too! 🙂 Fortunately, I didn’t have to pay taxes, so my total was $257. I heard the value was over $1,000 this year (I think last year it was $600+). I’m sure it’ll be a hefty box, and I can’t wait to get it!

      • Hi Luna! Last year they had 19 items, not all full size. I’m super excited to get this!

      • Hi Karen! I’m so curious… did you partake in any of the NAP discounted boxes recently? 🙂

      • Yes, yes I did. I bought the calendar and the two other ones on sale. I couldn’t resist!
        Maybe now that they didn’t sell out in these teeny tiny collections, they would go back to 2015 and include fewer items but full size.
        My favorite remains the holiday box with Oribe shampoo and conditioner

      • Cool! I decided to pass (I’m as shocked as you are!! 😀 ), but I think that’s so cool how far down they marked them! I’m really happy for everybody who was able to get them as those were awesome deals! I think that would be cool too if they started doing full-size boxes again. Since I didn’t learn about these boxes until 2016, I think I missed out on all of the full-size ones. Enjoy your goodies! 😀

      • Luna, IBE in LA in next week and I was hoping to go but I’ll be traveling again for work. I’m so curious about the experience and want to get that VIP bag! 😁

      • Oh my gosh, same here! I think I saw the price of the VIP tickets are now $195, but honestly, if the VIP bag is anything like the NYC VIP bag, it would sooo be worth it to me! 🙂

    • Yes they are all full size! I did a brief calculation the total retail price of all products is around $1230+!

      • Thanks for calculating everything Vera! 🙂

  15. Ummm, a big definite NO. They do realize that although they are Indie Brands heavily featured, that price point is a seriously big gamble for products not readily available on the market for mass consumers.

  16. Easy pass. I went to their show last year and I wanted to go this year but they tased their VIP ticket price by $100. I decided not to go, not worth it.

    • Wow! I wonder if it’s because they’ve been putting more & more products in the VIP bags. I remember seeing an “unboxing” of the NYC VIP bag, and it had 90 products in it!

  17. The last two were $150. This one has several brands that Allure featured years ago, am i missing something?

    • Right! I was waiting for this box and am surprised at the huge price jump.

      • Same. For that price this is an easy pass.

  18. I’m sorry, WHAT?

  19. $308? That’s an easy pass. I’ve purchased this collection before and it didn’t cost anywhere near as much…plus a number of these items and brands seem pretty mainstream/I’ve already received in other sub boxes…so not sure how “Indie” this is? And SpaRitual is an Indie brand? LOL.

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