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D.L. & Co. Mystery Box Available Now!

D.L. & Co. has a mystery box available now!

The Box: Skull Mystery Box

The Cost: $29.99

The Products:

A mystery box for the skull enthusiast. Our skull-themed mystery box is filled with an assortment of items valued over $150.

Good to know: No returns or exchanges will be permitted.

Check out our reviews of the Modern Alchemy Box to see what kind of items you can expect!

Are you grabbing a Mystery Box?

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Comments (59)

  1. I guess they went out of business. I had emailed them a couple of months ago and they said the website would be up November 4th. Now there is nothing. What a shame, I loved their candle mystery boxes

    • I did the same too -and got the same response.
      Really a shame – they had some amazing high quality items.

  2. They’ve definitely lost my business and I’m not going to be very happy seeing them included in other boxes. They cancelled my order this morning without anything better than a refund and no excuse. Now I’m screwed for an upcoming birthday and trying to find something equivalent.

    • I can’t imagine anybody is going to hear from them again. Just my opinion obviously, but I think they’re done and that you won’t see them in ANY boxes at all.

  3. Anyone have an updates about these? I just got an email this morning saying they were unable to fulfill my mystery box order and offered nothing better than a refund.

  4. Did they show up? I ended up cancelling but now I have FOMO.

  5. I contacted customer service through email yesterday and received a reply within the hour. She said that they are really sorry about the delay. I was offered a choice to keep my order open or receive a refund which she would process immediately. I opted to leave my order open. I received another email this morning confirming that and letting me know that they plan to ship next week.

    • Wow, I was certain we would never hear from them again and they were gone! They did a very poor job with this temporary closure and delays. The VERY least I would think they would do is put updates on their homepage.

  6. I just called customer service. They said they are having to move and orders got delayed and the website is down but should be up in a few days. I was charged on the 28th and still haven’t received anything

  7. I ordered 20 mystery boxes on the day of 50% off sale (16 regular mystery boxes and 4 skull boxes) and what I received surpassed my expectations with each box exceeding a $300 value. It’s extremely odd since I received nearly twice as much in each box compared to what I received in the mystery boxes during the holidays. And these candles are definitely more suitable for gifts. I am puzzled with what’s going on with their site… I hope they recover and have a successful transition because I want more.

    • Holy cow Sasha! 20!

      Which did you prefer – I like the skull mystery box, it came with a huge black skull paper weight that I’ve put on display.

      • The standard mystery box this time but the skull box was better than the mystery boxes from the holiday. I really liked the skull box because of the variety of the fragrances and usable items but the all standard mystery boxes came with a 64 oz four wick golden fig & agarwood candle in a gorgeous iridescent blue to purple to gold glass jar with an ombre effect which made it a winner.

      • I agree – I got the holiday mystery box too, but I adore the skull box.
        I got a black skull paperweight and a skull candle in red. Both are heavier than I expected and both look very lux. Im super impressed and do hope that they’ll do this again soon – that is, if they ever come back.

  8. I ended up cancelling – still waiting on refund. Sad – it looked like a great box. Has anyone received on recently?

    • I ended up requesting a refund, and got that quickly. And I literally ordered within an hour of receiving THEIR email about this sale. Whatever happened with them doesn’t seem like it was planned at all. Sad.

    • I did Liz – what I got is listed in the first couple of comments.

      It sucks that you weren’t able to get a box – it’s quite lovely

  9. What with the website being down and all, this truly has turned into a mystery box. I keep looking. It’s still no bueno. 🙁

  10. I just got off the phone with the only working number listed on their page, and that person was just a distributor and didn’t know what was going on, but said I should probably request a charge back from my bank.

    • Uhhh, that doesn’t sound good. I hope you and the others that made a purchase get money back.

      • I also emailed their customer service and finally heard back. They said they are waiting to hear from the warehouse what was shipped and if I didn’t have a box by Friday they would issue a refund. This all sounds really really bad for this company, what a shame.

      • Yea, what’s with their website notice though? Why say they’re moving offices, lol. I don’t know, maybe that’s what businesses do to bide their time before a closing is announced or before a final decision is made, but why not just say something like, All orders are being suspended. I don’t know, Iv’e never owned a business so I don’t know how it goes, but I’m sure there’s a better way than to lie, seems silly.
        If they do open back up though, not sure I’d trust what goes on over there.

    • I emailed them and was told that they weren’t able to communicate with the warehouse, so they wanted to go ahead and cancel my order.

  11. I contacted their customer service – they are waiting to hear back from their warehouse what will be happening with the orders. They were very nice. Asked for a little patience.

  12. Any news on this? Wondering when and if my order will ship. Anybody heard anything?

    • I received mine last week. I placed my order the day of the sale. I did not get any shipping info. It just showed up at my door and my items were pretty amazing.

  13. Did anyone else get the 64oz 4 wick taper candle?? It is gorgeous!

  14. My order was just cancelled!!! I’m so sad I really wanted this!!!!

    • Did they say why?

  15. The site is still down. Anyone know why?

    • Called customer service. Was told they are in the process of moving offices and have no idea when they will be up. Weird that they would not have some plan…..

      • Here is the email response:

        “I apologize however we are in the middle of a very large move and won’t be up and running for several weeks. again I apologize for the inconvenience.”

      • Lol, that is the weirdest thing. Several weeks, no notice to customers, right after announcing a sale. Is this normal for a company to do it that way? I mean I honestly don’t know, I’m asking. But my guess is it’s not normal though.

      • That really sucks, but thank you so much for sharing the response! I’ve been checking the site every morning to see if it’s come back up.

      • What does moving your physical office have to do with an online website? It would be understandable to say shipments will be delayed due to the move but this is just off.

  16. This is me whining to the tune of “We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

  17. @MSA Any updates on why the site has been down since yesterday? I had a few things in my cart, including this box, but it’s been almost 24 hours now and nothing…
    Maybe it’s a sign that I don’t need any more candles, but still, I’d like to know either way.

    • I agree with JS comments below… going out of business?? Seems odd.

  18. I want to order this but the website is down!! My last mystery box took forever to ship to me but was definitely worth the value when I got it. I wasn’t going to order again but…skulls!!! Can’t resist. Hope the website is back up soon so I can grab one!

  19. Oh, I so wish I’d see the free shipping promo in time and just ordered 2 boxes! I love, love, love skulls and have super high hopes for this.

  20. Is MSA no longer reviewing the regular boxes? It seems like they are sending out clearance items in basic cardboard boxes instead of a curated collection in their normal box. I cancelled.

    • The regular boxes no longer exist…you can’t sign up for them. In fact, at the moment, the entire website is down. With most of their items having being on clearance, the randomness to their recent boxes, massive surge in their selling of mystery boxes/clearing things out, the 50% off everything (even mystery boxes!) sale and now the website issue…it kind of seems like maybe they are going out of business. I hope I am wrong!

  21. Holy Hell!

    I called them today because my box didnt ship – but guess what arrived this evening?

    I got:
    -a black skull head paperweight
    -a red candle in the shape of a skull
    -a gold candle with a black bird on it
    -a black candle with skull top
    -a set (3) of skull candles – black, gold and silver
    -a silver skull candle
    -and deadly sins cards

    This is such a dope box – but most definitely for those who like skulls

    I am extremely happy- especially because every item goes with my home that I am in the process of redecorating.

    I am so happy guys 😁

  22. You might want to update the post to note that the website is now closed, temporarily or otherwise.

  23. The links take me to a “I’m sorry updates page”

    Does that mean it’s sold out?

  24. FREESHIP works for orders over $40. Better to pay the extra $$ for another candle or accessory than for shipping!

    • Thanks for the heads up! I really want those crystal skull votives, and rationalized the $22 in addition to the box as “Well, it’s really only $13…”

      • I got those crystal votives in one of my boxes! They are really nice! Unfortunately I also got another skull cell phone case! The same ones I got in the December box. I can’t give those things away!

  25. I see they have their skull collection on sale and this box is for skull enthusiasts…..I bit before I saw that, but still looks like it may be a good deal.

  26. I ordered these last week on their one day 50% off sale and free shipping with a $75 order. I received the rotten luck dice that RV at $225 and are on sale for $90! Amazing quality and beautiful plus a medium skull candle, a notebook, and and three more candles. Best mystery box I ever received. I got over the $150 promised value purely counting the sale prices.

    My regular mystery boxes were ok but definitely felt like backroom stock in comparison the the skull box.

    • I didn’t know they had free shipping for over $75 that day!! I couldn’t use the free shipping code last week so I ended up paying around $76 including shipping. Would’ve much rather spent that on a small candle or matches!

      I’m also still waiting for all my boxes :/. But yours sounds great!

      • I hope your box is going to be awesome! And the value should surpass the shipping.

  27. They had a regular box last week. I ordered 2 and they arrived very very fast. VERY much worth the $$$. The box is loaded full of goodies. I recieved a very large 5 wick candle. Some repeats from last box but they make great gifts. Today was Principal appreciation day and I was all set!! Tomorrow is teacher appreciation day and i will send her a candle as well.

  28. I got the last mystery box… but I’m not sold on this brand. I was appreciative to try them with a discounted box, but that being said: I can’t find anywhere on their website what wax they use, which seems to me that equals paraffin and I only usually burn soy or beeswax inside. The scents were fine, but not a strong throw and none of them burned as long as they listed they would.
    I guess this company is just a miss for me, but others really seem to love it.

  29. Shame be fun to get but I’m not paying almost 1/3 of the cost on shipping.

    • Candles are heavy, yo. Whenever ppl say this it’s like, either the company lists shipping separately or factors it into the cost of the box.

  30. I just ordered the this – there is a back-log, and I was told it’ll take a little bit to for them to get out their orders.

    Just an FYI.

  31. I’m so excited about this box, the last one was amazing!!

  32. The last mystery box was well worth the cost….thinking about this one, but I just wish I could find a code to offset the shipping.

    • FREESHIP works for orders over $40.

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