ColourPop Limited Edition Mystery Grab Bag – Available Now!

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The ColourPop mystery bag is available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Susan!)

The Box: ColourPop Mystery Bag

The Cost: $25

COUPON: Check the comments below for coupon codes. (FYI – these look like personal referral codes, and we don’t know who the referrer is.)

The Products: What’s inside? We’ll never say! Some best sellers? New stuff? You’ll have to get this bag to find out! Over $50 worth of product for only $25, get the goodies we KNOW you’ll love for 50% off!

Are you grabbing a bag? Want to see it reviewed?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My bag is AMAZING. Three eyeshadows, an iridescent highlighter (I thought I was over highlighters, but this one is so soft and pretty), their new mascara, and four different lip products in gorgeous, wearable colors. And their shipping was ridiculously fast.

    • I love my bag too! I wonder if we got the same shades or if they vary them in different bags?
      I got the new mascara in black (I might have to order a few of the colored ones because they look like a lot of fun)
      Lippie stix in Ziggie
      Ultra Glossy Lip in Flying Horses
      Ultra Blotted Lio in Doozy
      New velvet blue lipstick in 21 questions
      Super shock highlighter in Guilty Pleasure
      Super Shock Shadows in Party of Five and Drift
      Pressed eyeshadow in Snake Eyes

      All of these are super wearable shades for me. I already had doozy and flying horses and they’re two of my favorites. So I think they did a really good job of sending shades people could use. Although I wouldn’t have minded getting a more out there glitter or something like that. 🙂

      • I got the same items / shades as Hannah.. overall a great bag!

      • I got those items, too, just a few of them were different shades! My highlighter is Pinch Me, the gloss is Champagne Mami, the lux lipstick is Lucky Strike, and one of my shadows is Sequin. Everything else is the same. I put on Doozy for today, and I’m in love.

        • I got the same as you, Kristen. I’m stoked about getting Pinch Me!

          Party of Five is one of my all-time favorites, so I’m stoked to have a back-up (I got mine when it was a promotional item & not available on the site), & I have been considering buying Snake Eyes, so that really works for me, too!

          • Oh, I guess I do have one difference — my Lux lipstick is in Solo.

          • I got two mystery bags.

            Lux Lipstick – Y2K and SOLO
            Super Shock Shadow – Sequin x2
            Super Shock Shadow – Party of five x 2
            Lippie Stix – Ziggie x 2
            Ultra Blotted Lip – Doozy x2
            Ultra Glossy Lip – Champagne Miami x2
            BFF Volumizing Mascara – Black on Black x2
            Pressed Powder Shadow – snake eyes x2
            Super Shock Highlighter – Mr Wind & Pinch Me

  2. I skipped it. With CP sales you can get things for over 50% off anyway and you can pick your stuff.

  3. SOLD OUT! BooHoo 🙁

  4. My bag just shipped and is supposed to be here tomorrow!! so excited to see what is in these bags!

    • Same! 😃

  5. Sold out. 🙁

  6. I was in such a rush I was on the website all morning waiting for it to drop since they didn’t give us a time. I heard they sell out fast and really wanted to get my hands in one. Since I was in a rush i didnt know about the coupon codes and I didnt have time to find the SSS I had been eyeing instead picking the first one i saw( I still like it though) super excited to get my bag though.

  7. At first I was upset at $55 value but then I realized Colourpop is so cheap that $55 for them is like prestige brand saying over $100. As long as we get at least 5 things it should be good value.

  8. I couldn’t pass this up. I ordered the It’s Your Pleasure palette and used code Judy5 for 5 dollars off so I could get free shipping with my Mystery bag. I really wanted the palette so the Mystery bag is super exciting and a plus. I’m not getting Boxycharm next month to even out my budget for this purchase. I love mystery bags.

  9. I got two. I hope they’re not all the same items lol

  10. I was in such a hurry to buy it because I heard it sold out in less than 5 minutes last time that #1 I didn’t notice retail value was $55 not $80 like last time and #2 I didn’t know any discount codes. I did decide to hurry up and add a super shock shadow in hot pink and a lilac lip gloss so shipping was free at least. But then I noticed the lip gloss in the Instastory thing as something that might be in bag? And of course they didn’t sell out yet so I would have had time to find a coupon .

    • I felt super rushed as well despite reassuring myself thinking if it was around this long it wasn’t selling out any time soon. Still, felt in a hurry. We’ve been well trained. :))

    • Never mind I think purple is just a theme they are going for as color of 2019.

    • Yeah I was so worried they would sell out that I actually paid for shipping. Doh.

  11. I couldn’t resist, sigh… my poor wallet. I added some jelly eye shadow pots too to try, they look like fun.

  12. I like how it says it’s new or featured products! i bought a mystery bag plus a lipstick and the new purple palette and had a code for 15% off and did afterpay so I onky had to pay $9 and some change

    • What code for 15%off?

      • Student discount.

  13. Redditors are reporting that Angie5 & Judy5 are good for $5 off, as well. User MeowKittyBeauty also posted a hack so you can see how many are left: enter a really high number, & it will automatically reduce it to how many are available. Eg – I put 8000 of them in my cart, & it’s now showing me that, sadly, I can only purchase 5,721 of them.

    • Thanks for the codes/info, but especially thanks for the 5,721 chuckles

    • Thanks for the laugh marion! I’ve been stuck in an airport all day and your comments made laugh! Plus I’m itching buy this.

  14. LESLIE5 takes $5 off.

    • Thank you so much! I used your code and got five dollars off!!!!!

      • No problem you’re welcome.

  15. I took the plunge and bought one! Fingers crossed!

  16. I just purchased one for an additional $5 off with coupon code PRIYANKA5!

  17. I did expect the price to go up, but last time it was for $80 worth of product, so that’s a little disappointing.

    I am hella curious about the “New stuff?” teaser — they debuted their first pressed powder shadows in the last mystery bag 2 years ago.

    Don’t forget to shop the flash sale to get your order to $30 for free shipping (in US)!

    • If the $55 worth of products are Awesome then it will be so worth it! Bring on some new stuff, best sellers etc. Just hope to God no red/pink eye shadow. Its been two years of that trend – i’m so over it

      • Lol, I am the opposite! I have been desperate for CP to release a red eyeliner for a while now — I need to complete my rainbow look!

    • I’m guessing the BFF Mascara they released today will be in the bag

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