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Boxycharm Makeup Tutorial – January 2019

BoxyCharm is a popular full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. (Check out our full review of the January 2019 Boxycharm box to learn more about each of the items this month.)

Today, I’ll be showing you how I used some of the items in my January BoxyCharm box! I’d love if you shared what products and techniques worked for you in the comments as well! What items were your favorites? Which products have you been reaching for all month? Let’s talk about all things January BoxyCharm.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - All Contents

About BoxyCharm

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: The US and Canada

BoxyCharm January 2019 Review

Wow, it’s already 2019, and Boxycharm is better than ever! This months theme is called “Boxy and Chill”. A new year, a new box and it’s perfect because this month we have a new brand that Boxycharm has never used before. With that said let’s get into this month’s products.

Here are the contents of this month’s box:


Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Tatcha Face Mask

Our first product is from Tatcha cosmetics and if your familiar with this brand, you will know that’s it is top of the line. It’s a Luxury Skincare line with pure and proven ingredients. They have all types of cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers, serums, treatments, and sheet masks such as these. We received two Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Sheet Mask. Inside each sheet mask is a mixture of lightweight rice germ oil and nutrient-rich rice. They are packed with vitamin E and plenty of healthy botanical extracts and oils. The mask is filled with Japanese anti-aging superfoods such as algae and fermentation of green tea and rice. The best part is that these sheet masks hydrate your skin leaving a dewy glow in just one use. With all these claims, I can’t wait to try this product since my skin has been going through a very difficult phase and could use a little TLC. It’s made for all skin types and sounds pretty easy to use, so let’s try it!

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Face Mask

First, I cleaned and dried my skin before using this product, then I applied the sheet mask onto my face and gently smoothed it out to fit the curves of my face. There’s plenty of this milky white serum so be careful not to waste the product. I left it on for the full 15 minutes the directions suggest and it felt so cooling to the skin. After removing the sheet mask I massaged the remaining serum into my skin on both my face and neck.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Bare Face Shot

I instantly noticed how soft and smooth my face felt! I can honestly say that I have tried many sheet masks but never one that has made my face and skin feel this nourished. I can definitely see myself using these on special occasions or just to treat my skin to something special. Here is a picture of my face after taking the sheet mask off, and I’m not sure if you guys can tell but my skin is pretty dewy!

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Briogeo Conditioner Front

The next product is from Briogeo and we have received products from this brand before. The Briogeo Roscaro Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioning Spray is an ultra-lightweight leave-in conditioning spray made with a special mixture of nourishing rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. Its made for dry damaged or weak brittle hair and can be used on all types of hair both chemically treated or natural. What makes this product so special is Briogeo’s signature blend of oils. A huge plus is that this product has no harmful chemicals or sulfates. It restores your hair’s strength and softness helping to manage and hold moisture within. It also serves as a barrier against heat. I sprayed this product after wetting my hair, however, you can use it on wet or dry hair. I massaged it into my hair from the top to the very ends. I love how lightweight and non-greasy it is, not to mention the soft and sweet aroma it leaves behind. I noticed how it helped to tame my frizziness and split ends and I didn’t need much of the product to do so. I’m glad that the bottle isn’t very big because this is definitely going into my handbag for on the go use.

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Moving on, our next product is simple yet very practical. The Billion Dollar brand is also a new brand for me. I’m always looking for new brow products to use because I go through them so quickly. The Universal Brow pencil looks familiar and much like many brow tools I have used before, where it has the product on one end and a brush grooming spoolie on the other. So I did my research to see why this product may stand out from the rest. The reviews were very positive and the product itself has many good qualities. It’s also pretty easy to use and goes on smooth for a natural look. This pomade has a very creamy formula that doesn’t tug or pull. I started with the spoolie end and gently brushed my eyebrow hairs up and in the direction I wanted them to go.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 -Eyebrow Brush Grooming Spoolie Promade Side

Then I switched ends and used the pomade side. I used small quick and short like strokes to fill them in, going upward to create my upward yet natural-looking arch.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Pointing to Eyebrows

Here are my brows all filled in with The Billion Dollar Universal Brow pencil and although it’s much too light for my hair, the pomade was very smooth and easy to work with. It seems perfect for day to day use if you need something to fill in your brows quickly. The best part is how natural-looking it makes your brows look. I’ve always been a girl who prefers a natural looking brow over any other. I added a dark brown brow powder on top in order to complete my brows.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Tarte Palette

I’m super excited about our next product from Boxycharm. We have received a Tarte cosmetics limited edition Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow palette from Boxycharm in the past and the quality is simply amazing. I really loved how pigmented and soft the shades were in our previous palette, so I know this palette won’t be any different. I received the Limited Edition Rainforest of the Sea Highlighting Eyeshadow Palette Vol. III and the eight colors are stunning! Not to mention the beautiful mermaid-like pattern on top and a nice size mirror to work with. With these particular shades, I decided on a natural warm look so these colors are perfect. I love how soft and warm these shades are and can’t wait to dive in.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Green Makeup Brush

Since the majority of the shades in this palette are shimmers, I decided to use two everyday matte shades so this look won’t turn into a glittery mess. I used a random dark brown and a black matte shade that is easy to find in any palette. Before getting started I used an eyeshadow primer from the drug store, just to make these colors pop and last throughout the day. I began my look with the color ‘Heatwave’ on my lids using a very small flat brush.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Eyeshadow On Finger

Then using my finger, I took the darkest shade ‘Malibu’ and patted it above my lid and into my crease. Since these shades are part cream and part powder all you need is the warmth of your fingers to apply most of them.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Gold Brush

Taking a fluffy brush I blended out the harsh edges and bigger specs of glitter. These colors are so soft and creamy you don’t need much to blend them out. Next, I took a dark matte brown and lightly placed it over the color ‘Malibu’ just to soften this look a bit.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Outer V of Eye

Then I took a black matte in the outer v area of my eyes.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Green Brush Under Brow

Finally, I couldn’t wait to take the gorgeous shade ‘Treasure’ under my brows. This color reminds me of sparkling diamonds!

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Dark Black Eyeliner and a Coat of Mascara

Here is my eye look complete with dark black eyeliner and a coat of mascara. I found these shades super easy to work with and a breeze to blend. I’m in love with the fact that I now have two very sought after limited edition palettes from Tarte cosmetics to add to my growing collection. Together I can create both day and evening looks with ease.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Face With Foundation

Here is my warm natural look with one layer of medium coverage foundation. Let’s move on to our final product:

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Lip Product

Our final product is a lip paint. It’s the Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick from Ofra Cosmetics and I received the color ‘Miami Fever’. It’s a deep orange with a red undertone. I have used many lip products from Ofra before and find the formula to be very excellent. It’s a long lasting liquid lipstick that is vibrant in color and smells good enough to eat. They feel so creamy and soft on your lips and very easy to wear. It comes in over 80 vibrant shades and feels moisturizing on the lips. I did not like the color worn alone so I added the MAC lip liner currant in the picture below, I’d love to know your opinion.

Boxycharm makeup tutorial January 2019 - Final Look

Here is the final look using warm and neutral earth tones for a simple everyday look. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did.

Verdict: What do you guys think about the brands and products that Boxycharm choose to start off the New Year? I was pretty impressed with this month’s unique selections and enjoyed sharing it with you guys!

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What’s your favorite item from the January Boxycharm Box? 

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Written by Desiree Queen

Desiree Queen

I am addicted to subscription boxes for so many reasons. For one I simply love the element of surprise that each month brings, whether its beauty, skin care or anything else. I love the opportunity of trying out new products every month without having to commit to the full purchase. My favorite boxes are Boxycharm, Popsugar, and any Mommy and baby boxes. I am a brand new mother and I love trying out new things for my baby and I love how they always have something special for mommy!

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Comments (33)

  1. I’m wondering did anyone get the pink cover tarte palette? I got version 3 also and every review I’ve seen so far got 3. I really wanted the pink covered which name escapes me at the moment. I got a horrible color lipstick from ofra that doesn’t dry down and gets everywhere. The hair stuff doesn’t help with my fine hair..yet another black liner. The only thing I was happy about was the tatcha. So it paid for the box 😐

  2. You have such nice eyelids for showing off eyeshadow. Your reviews are the best because I can see the colors “in action”. I agree with you about the lip liner: I wasn’t crazy about that color on you, but adding the currant liner makes it very pretty on you. You wear a lot of colors well, but I like cooler tones on you best. Except gold. Gold is the exception. You look great in gold. But you rock all metallic colors.

  3. I got this box and I have to say, I think I’m done with Boxy. I didn’t get the palette I was hoping for, which was fine because I wasn’t expecting to. I got the hair conditioner again, my 3rd time getting it or basically it from them. But the lipstick was the real let down. I was so happy when I saw the Bite bullet lipstick spoiler. All colors I liked, a formula I loved, it was perfect. Then to get another liquid lipstick (which I barely ever use), in yet another unwearable shade for me (the only colors I dislike are browns and oranges, that’s it, yet that’s all I get), just was the last straw. This could so easily be fixed if they just implemented a small customization feature that took our preferences into account for the items they have variations on. Ipsy has done it for years and manages to pick a fairly close match of 5 products out of dozens. Boxy should be able to manage giving a preferred color/formula for one or two items per box that are variations.

    • I ,m going To Wait until After February And If I don,t Get Variation 1, Which is Usually the 1 I get now that I,d prefer The Variation 1 For February My Luck won,t You and up with it.

  4. All the colors look great on you.

  5. you have such a natural beauty, you don’t need any makeup at all! But I love your reviews. The Ofra looks so good on your skin tone, way too orange for me, but stellar on you.

  6. I also loved the sheet mask. Unlike most sheet masks, the fabric itself seemed to be a little stretchy and was easy to pull over my face and it clung nicely. It left my skin feeling so amazing I was thrilled! Your skin is gorgeous. I am super jelly!

  7. Love your reviews! You always look beautiful!!

    • Thank you!

  8. I think the warmth in the orange shade clashes with your cool undertones. It doesn’t look bad, but your modified lip looks better.

    • I agree lol

  9. Love you tutorials. Makeup looks great. I love my box this month.

    • Thanks

  10. I am glad that Ofra Liquid Lip looks good on someone (beautiful on you up above) because it makes my look like a rotten pumpkin. Anyone notice the Tarte shadows do not stay on through the day?? Tarte eyeshadows are consistently inconsistent, hit or miss, you never know. So happy about the Tatcha mask, love the brow pencil too. This is my THIRD Briogeo leave in conditioner, so feeling meh about that. I’ve had what I considered a worse box so I’m here for it. I will never leave my Boxy!

    • Rotten pumpkin lol I’m sure it’s not that bad!

    • ItMade the 2 nd time I received the Leave In Spray for your Hair

  11. I really enjoy them sorry about my editing skills!!

  12. U really enjoy your tutorials. Thanks for the ideas

    • Thank you!

  13. We are box twins! I love how you put that liner with the lipstick. I’m going to try that as the shade is a bit much for my skin tone.

    I usually hate getting hair products, but this Briogeo product actually worked well on my hair. I have super long hair and most leave in treatments feel greasy and weigh my hair down. Not this one. A little goes a long way too. I like to spray products in my hands and then work my ends up.

    Still not sure about the palette. Maybe I’ll try my fingers next time as I didn’t feel it is very pigmented or long lasting.

    I look forward to your tutorials each month. Keep it up!

  14. The volume 3 palette is extremely versatile! Use with brighter/loud colors to make your eyes really stand out. Rarely do I use one palette. Used with that loud Laura Lee palette, and there are a TON of gorgeous eye looks. Thank you for the tutorial!!

    • Such a good idea

  15. Great post! January was mostly a bust for me. I love the Briogeo products, but everything else was a bust. The Volume III pallet was too light for me, just blended into my skin and did nothing for me. That went into my giveaway box. The brow pencil was far too dark for me, and the Ofra while the formula was nice, the color was awful on me.

    Kept the hair product and sheet masks, everything else was given away. I do love the masks, great product.

    Crossing my fingers February is a better month for me personally!

    Glad the box worked for others 🙂

    • Sorry it was a bust but I certainly understand, some items are a hit or miss

  16. I didn’t think I liked this box but I actually think I do. I used the palette this morning and the hair product. I actually like both of those. The hair product took my messy air dried curls out and just left me with a pretty smooth natural wave. I know I will like the masks. The only thing that is not good for me is the eyeliner which I will give away. I got Smith and Cult in a very light and bright pink. I like the formula but not the color… I think I can use a lip gloss over it to darken it and wear it in the summer.

    I think the lip color looked great on you even without the liner. Very summery! The liner does make it more everyday though.

  17. Great tutorial, I really do enjoy seeing your tutorial posts. However, I must say that I believe you’re VERY generous in your compliments with the palette (you needed another palette to make these work and I’m curious how many of the colors are wearable) and the brow product (again, you needed another product to compliment this one/make it work). Yes, not everything will work for everyone and these “universal” shades are a prime example of that.
    But seriously, Kudos to you Desiree for trying and finding a way to make it work.

    • I think it’s a great tutorial, and I actually enjoy seeing other products incorporated where needed. I received the same palette and was also planning to use some other colors I own with it. I always seem to run out of the softer, base colors in palletes, so this was perfect for using with some other pops of color. I also enjoy seeing how lipliner can change an otherwise ‘meh’ shade into something that really works. Thanks for sparking our ideas on how to use products together!

      • The fact that she needed to use another palette, says more about lack of the versatility the palette. And, honestly, the brow pencil didn’t do its job on its own, so she did.
        A criticism of the product is NOT the same thing as her ability to make it Cos She did a great job adapting & making it work.

    • Thank you

  18. Beautiful! I really love this palette (more than I expected to). I like the Ofra on you both with and without the liner.

    • Agreed the color looks great on you both ways. I can see the orangeish color being a great summer choice for you.

      Thanks for a great blog showing everything on!

      • Thank you!

    • I agree ! I really wanted the more colorful palette out of the three but either way the colors are still amazing. I’m not sure what name it is though.

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