Allure Beauty Box March & April 2019 Spoilers + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have some spoilers for the March & April Allure Beauty Boxes! 

We also have the full spoilers for February:

The March 2019 box will include:

All-Natural Beauty

Keep it simple with our editors’ clean-product favorites from Belif, Au Natural, and more.

The sneak peek we have for April is that it will be a Special Edition Box:

We can’t wait to reveal our next collaboration, but trust us—it’s worth the wait!

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the January Box.

The January box includes:

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. FYI for anyone posting the new Sunday Riley CEO Oil 15 ml (allure Jan Box):

    Allure states that their “Early Access Kit” is a value of $230. The 1.0 oz Good Genes costs $105 and the Retinol Serum is $85 (via Sephora online). So $230 minus $105 minus $85 is $40 for the new CEO Oil.

    Hadn’t seen anyone reference this value anywhere (and some swap listings were guessing $55-60), so just wanted to share the info for anyone interested 😊

    Happy January, Y’all 😉

    • I wonder when the information on those two Sunday Riley items will finally become available online? I want to see the ingredients!

    • Where does it say that there will be Good Genes in this box?

  2. ANYONE get an email notification for Allure box ?
    I haven’t gotten anything yet. ☹️

    • Same! Was just coming to see if I was the only one. Although last month I got shipping notification emails the day AFTER my box arrived!

      • 😂 Yep!

      • Yessssss finally this morning email from allure apologized for tnr delay shipping next week!

    • I received an email from Allure apologizing for the delay. It said they will start shipping next week.

    • yes, I got an e-mail this morning, said they were sorry, and they would be shipping next week… I have never had this happen before..

    • I haven’t received my box nor tracking number. I received an email on Jan 17 telling me it was delayed, and next week (21st-26th), I’d receive a follow up email with my tracking number. That’s the last I’ve heard. That box was purchased directly from Allure. On Jan 20th, I decided to place an order for a 2nd January box through Amazon. Amazon tracking shows my box will be delivered on the 24th. I had to sign up for a subscription on Amazon, but I planned to cancel that subscription once I receive the box. However, I think I’m going to cancel the Allure sub and continue receiving them via Amazon. I know there’s talk that a manufacturing delay of the Polish is the reason for many receiving their boxes so late. Whatever the case, because the delay seems to be somewhat substantial (3 weeks for me) I do think Allure should have provided usthe cause for the delay. If it’s the Polish company’s fault, I’m wondering why they didn’t 86 it for Jan & simply include it in February’s box.

    • Mine says arriving friday! , however I highly doubt it’ll be ontime so many winter storms in between

      • I got my February box before my January Box and I’ve called like 3 times about my January Box they said it was on it’s way now I called yesterday and they’re going to send me another one out so now I have to wait for them to get another one to me lol I just wanna cry because I’ve been wanting and waiting for that box !!

  3. I haven’t gotten mine yet. Nor a tracking number. Sigh.

    • I haven’t been notified of mine being shipped even. Lucky ladies who already got theirs. They were kind enough to take my money lol but no box

    • Nothing here either. There website says they are experiencing a higher than normal amount of emails and it may take longer to get a response? Lol! I never get an email response. I did call and was told the usual thing subs say,”Shipping in batches as we normally do and no, we don’t know where you box is or when it will ship. Good thing they have such great products!

    • I heard on Reddit they didn’t have the bonus nail polish so they had to wait for that before shipping. That’s why Amazon boxes were shipped without it.

      • Lisa, I bought several boxes on Amazon and every one of them included the nail polish. Within a week of ordering the box I received it in the mail. I highly recommend subscribing through Amazon because it’s one click to cancel. You don’t have to call and deal with the notoriously poor customer service of Allure (which I have experienced many times myself.)

  4. I have tried the Allure box a few times and am always disappointed, especially for $15. Not falling for it again, not even for Sunday Riley.

  5. Just got my January box today through Amazon and I am profoundly happy! I got the Amika mask and I will definitely use the red pouch for my receipts as I need to save them for reimbursements. I can’t wait to try everything! I will however likely cancel as I’m not excited about February.

  6. Anyone else get the Sunday Riley promo today ? Just got mine in the
    On a whit bubble bag

    • I got my CEO serum a few days ago- also in a white bubble bag- I opened it up and was I really happy & surprised!

  7. I am looking forward to trying the Momonde cleanser. I use their rosewater toner every day. I love it! It’s moisturizing and doesn’t give me the prickly feeling other toners do.

  8. I didn’t get the bonus nail polish with my Allure sub from Amazon. Did anyone else get it from Amazon? Thanks. I like the clear plastic envelope. I will definitely use these for storage of my stash! And I did receive the Sunday Reilly CEO serum.

    • That would be my worry about subbing through Amazon, not getting the extras or the bonus gifts allure sends to long term customers.

      • I go straight to the source target than use amazon so I can use coupon codes for free stuff lol also why I shop online sephora free stuff

      • Just received my Jan. box thru Amazon & it had the nail polish in it!

    • I subscribed through amazon. I did not get it either😢

    • I received my box from Amazon yesterday, it did not have the nail polish included.
      I received the Amica hair mask instead of the beauty blenders. Everything else did match the spoilers minus the bonus polish.
      Not sure if it is supposed to come in the Amazon box and I should report or if that is one of the disadvantages of ordering through Amazon instead of directly through Allure.
      I like the clear pouch also. It is nice to be able to easily see the items inside.

      • The hair mask and beauty blenders are alternates.

        Personally, I’m hoping for the hair mask.

        • I’ve seen numerous posts saying they’re missing nail polish too. I personally would rather get anything but that. I don’t polish my own nails, I go to salon, so it is worthless to me. I have sent personal emails to editors requesting things to never include in my box to save them time and product in cases like this when they don’t have enough to go around. I have cancer and wear wigs so most of tnr hair products don’t apply to me because i have specialty products for my donated hair wigs. Provided by cancer society. But i’m a total perfume, makeup and skincare junky

      • Do you know of other Allure boxes purchased through Amazon that didn’t include an item that was in boxes directly from Allure? I’m thinking of switching my Allure sub and just purchasing from Amazon so I can skip those months that dont interest me. I’m just wondering if the Polish wasn’t included this month as it seems to be the reason for the Allure delay. If the Amazon boxes consistently ship with less items, I might not switch.

        • I ordered a box from Amazon and it arrived more quickly than I had imagined. It did not contain the nail polish, but the polish arrived separately in a bubble mailer about 10 days or 2 weeks later.

    • I got my box from Amazon yesterday. It did not have the nail polish either.
      I received the Amika hair mask instead of the beauty blenders, but did receive all other things spoiled except for the nail polish.
      Not sure if it was not supposed to be included in the Amazon box and was only supposed to be for subscribers directly through Allure or if I should submit a claim for the missing item with Amazon.
      I am happy with all items received and like the clear pouch since you can easily see all things stored inside.

    • I went through Amazon, didn’t get the nail polish either! I’m liking the clear bag too though 🙂

    • I got the nail polish Feb 1. Would have been earlier, but the weather held it up. I subscribe through Amazon and did get a tracking number except I couldn’t tell what it was for.

      • yes lee ann..I got my nail polish thru amazon, I had no problems with amazon..

    • Yes I did

      • The ceo tumeric oil gave me monsterous pimples on my face like ive never experienced in my life. I have literally MAYBE had a dozen zits in my lifetime. I am so humiliated with this junk in a bottle. What a disappointment. I’m not a sensitive type either so very absurd

  9. Hello, I am pretty sure the red bag does come in avid if you follow them on Instagram they have showed how the items will come the new packaging and the products. Just FYI . I am a little upset I just found out I was not billed never received an e-mail in my account it states suspended because of bad card but my card i fo is correct updated it and still says the same so I called customer service she took my my info apologized and said that the box will be sent out to me I will probably get it last week of Jan but my card is still not charged (said online will not update until feb ) but I think feb is the only box I am not excited for Rhe April looks like a collab.. it seems like they have been trying to do a collab with a brand every few months now .. nice I love allure it’s been one of my favorite box’s since I subbed to them never had an issue until now but that’s minor. Back when they had the collab with Kay vin D there was an issue with my daughters box she did not receive the full size lipstick (subbed at the time they had changed it to the full size) and they said they would resend never did (assuming they ran out ) but they did send her two amazing full size items (makeup forever primer full size and vinchy under eye serum full size .. pretty nice

    • Allure charges my card at least 14 days before they ship my box. Since your card isn’t charged, I think your first box won’t be arriving until Feb. If you like Jan’s box in particular, there’s still time for you to order it through Amazon. Simply cancel your sub after receiving your box. You won’t get the red polish, but I don’t think you’re going to even get the box from Allure this month. FYI, I have a sub through Allure and still don’t have a tracking #. I started wondering if Allure might not be able to fullfil everyone’s order this month, so I ordered one 9n Amazon just in case. Ordered it at 11pm on Jan 20 and tracking shows it’s being delivered Jan 24.

  10. Looks like I’ll be skipping February. March looks promising so far though!

  11. I subbed to Allure on the 8th of January. Does anyone know when I will receive the tracking e-mail?

    • I’ve actually been subscribed continuously since November, and haven’t received the tracking number for my January box yet. I would say it’s anybody’s guess.

    • Usually the day it gets there… Sometimes it’s after it arrives.

  12. I received my box from Amazon. The products are great. The bag is a fail. The Amika tube arrived torn through the red bag. Such a waste. Also, the bag capacity is quite small. We may be in for tiny samples and lots of pencils.

    • My plastic red bag was split open on the side.

      • Mine was too and the nail polish fell right onto my white tiled floor. Not happy

      • I finally got the tracking number today, after writing a long angry email to allure yesterday about how disappointed i was in their lack of ability to send tnr box in a timely manner but had to issues charging me immediately. In the future i expect my tracking number within 7 days of payment or i’m canceling mymembership this is absurd

    • Did you get the nail polish? Mine from Amazon didn’t come with it. Not sure if it’s an Amazon thing or an error.

  13. I actually tried to cancel my January Allure subscription on December 26.
    I didn’t get a reply back until January 8th with a cancellation confirmation. I was charged on January 4th so I guess I will be receiving this months box.
    Today I subscribed through Amazon.
    I think I will like the subscription control better. Allure boxes are ok, but often it’s hit or miss with me.

    • Like you, I’m still waiting on Jan’s box –still hasn’t shipped and it’s the 23rd. On Jan 20 the I ordered Jan’s box from Amazon. Tracking shows it’s arriving on the 24th. Wow! 4 days. From what I can gather, the reason Amazon boxes are missing the Polish this month, is that item was delayed getting to Allure. Again like you, I think I’d rather have the control to decide every month if I want that box. With the whole box being one big spolier alert 30-60 days ahead of time, I get to choose and won’t be “disappointed” with half or the whole box. It sounds like you’re familiar with the Amazon program already. Have you (or anyone) had any problem subscribing, unsubscribing, re-subscribing, repeat?

      • Not a single problem with Amazon. I’m a sucker for a free gift, but between getting the box on time and being able to easily cancel or skip a month, Amazon’s allure subscription wins hands down for me. I have issues with getting it directly from allure every month. It’s ridiculous. I say go with Amazon.

  14. It says the hair mask is full size but it’s only 2oz. If you pull it up the 2oz is the mini size not the full size. Who determines whether or not the item is full size?

    • I think as long as it is sold as a individual product on either the brand’s website or a beauty store at said size, it’s considered full size. That’s basically why travel sized products are considered full sized by subscription boxes. Boxycharm pulls that all the time, unfortunately.

      • Glossybox iis legit with their full size products, you get the BIG sized money items, recently received a copper peel mask bottle it’s still almost full after almost a month of usage and pretty sure it retails nearly $100 for the bottle. Huge glossy fan right here and I must say boxycharm has been disappointing lately, the past 4 boxes ive received have only had 3 maybe 4 items inside. I emailed a number of complaints resulting in empty promises to mail the missing items haven’t received anything though. They’re junk anymore.

    • What hair mask?

      • Some of the earlier spoiler stuff showed the beauty blenders being an alternate to an Amika hair mask.

        Haven’t seen anything about it, so they may have changed their minds.

  15. I just wish they weren’t adding the beauty bag in each box — to me that’s just garbage I don’t need. I know some people love this, but I don’t need or want a new, small bag every month?

    • Agreed. There’s enough out there with bags and someone mentioned Play by Sephora switched from cloth drawstring bags to plastic ziplock looking ones. I looked in the reviews. I was honestly considering giving that sub a second run but not with those bags. I love my ipsy bags but these just look really cheap and flimsy. I feel bad enough about my plastic waste from subs alone… Did Allure send you an email asking your opinion of the idea?

    • Yeah, that’s what Ipsy is for.

      • 😂 That’s exactly what my response was to Allure when they sent an email asking what my opinion is on the subject matter of Allure adding a bag. Funny thing is, they had to have already had it in the works because the bag shown was this red transparent one.

      • I will definitely miss the little shiny red box. I use them for sorting and organizing….not feeling the new plastic bag at all. 😾

        • Me either. I got an email from Allure some time ago asking my opinion of adding a bag? It showed the red bag. These spoilers show a black one for February. I’m guessing they are just going to change the color of cheap plastic bag???? Are they replacing the box with the back and shipped it in an envelope like Ipsy does?

        • I had my husband swipe one of my Allure boxes to store some of his hobby stuff in.

          Looks like they’re really trying to cut shipping to the bone. When I first subbed, the red box came in a cardboard box that folded around it. Then that was eliminated in favor of the current trend of just shrink-wrapping it. I hope they will at least ship it in a bubble mailer like Ipsy does. Otherwise, their phone lines will melt down from all the damaged product calls.

          • Are ppl assuming the plastic bag addition is something it will be shipped in or has anyone actually rec’d it that way?

          • Exactly! Even with a bubble mailer, some items aren’t going to make it. Allure seems to be listening to their youngest and newer subscribers. This sub actually seems like it is meant for mature women. That’s why I’m subscribed. Age appropriate products, no silly gimmicks, don’t have to do reviews, no fuss, no muss, just products. I loved it that they didn’t have variations when I subscribed. I wish they wouldn’t do it anymore. Did you get an email from Allure about this bag thing?

          • Hi Pink5,

            It still comes in a box, but the new box is a white box that has the fold over flap that tucks in. I received mine on Saturday. Not as pretty as the old allure boxes for storing things but you shouldn’t have to worry about damaged products due to an inadequate shipping container.

            Hope this helps.

          • I’m glad I haven’t thrown away all of my red Allure boxes. I think I have 3.

          • What do you think of the bag?

          • The bag is a disappointment. Initially I thought these would be nice bags to use for toiletries and stuff for travel, but they are too just too small. Only the bottom of the bag expands (a little), I wish the sides did also, and the snaps are somehow placed too high.

            Lots of room for improvement, in other words.

  16. Just seen a post on Rddit that the SR Glow Oil is full size!!! Confirmation directly from Allure.

    • it’s already been confirmed more than once that there is only one size even made…so yes it will be the only size so technically full sized, but still tiny

      • I got one with the Early Access Kit from SR and I have been using it day and night for the past month and I can barely see a dent in the bottle. So it will last forever

  17. I subscribed in November for the Sunday Riley offer (I got an email the other day saying that it should be shipping soon!) and have loved everything I’ve gotten so far! My favorites are the Nikkietutorials highlighter and the Juvia’s Place palette. All the spoilers look great to me. I can’t believe what we get for the price.

  18. I don’t think any of the guesses posted are going to be correct. Allure X, hmmm could that mean 10? Or some other surprise…. we will see….

    • Ok. I’m intrigued. Where do you see Allure X?

      • I must have seen it in an email from Allure.

    • Ooo! I caught that too! Allure X… I was thinking maybe a collab but now you have me wondering about 10 too! Kinda fun to be on edge

      • I think, they have used that term for all recent collaborations…. but we can hope!

        • They do commit to saying it will be a special edition box.

      • They’ve upgraded the box and introducing a sweet bag , but I heard in April big changes are coming and tnr editors seem extremely excited so i’m anxiously awaiting the reveal , more special addition boxes from what I read up on in an editors interview

  19. In an email I rec’d from Allure, they said the Sunday Riley serum we will be getting in January’s box is FULL SIZE!!! I love Allure no matter what anyone says about them. They are the best in the business for a reason.

    • Oops! Not the serum, but the CEO oil will be the full size item. My bad, I just reread the email. Doh!

  20. I bought my first box and cancelled to just check what the hype was all about Allure. I recieved December’s box collaborated with Nikkietutorials and I loved it now I want to sign up for sure. Do I have to call them to resubscibe or can I resubscribe online on my account.

    • Try on-line first.

  21. How can I contact customer service? I signed up Jan 1st for this box, was charged and then they charged my card on the 4th again.

    • 1- (800) 274-1603 was the # on the bottom of my 1st email from them! Hope that helps!

    • Call them by phone. It’s the best way

  22. Wish they didn’t do variations…I never get the item I hope for…I’m hoping for the Beauty Blender because I’ve never had one…fingers crossed!

  23. I’m disappointed with allure at this moment. I ordered my December box last month and was charged and the woman claimed that she could not find my order or charge… it was taken credit card. So I asked if I could reorder the December box that she said was in stock and then said it wasnt in stock 2 minutes later… I’m frustrated because I wanted to talk to a supervisor but she never let me talk to a supervisor to make a complaint. I need some advise… should I call back to make a complaint or call the better business bureau. The CS lady took my information and processed me credit card for a box I will never get. I’m unhappy at the moment.

    • Please don’t judge me for what I’m about to admit doing, lol. The post is long but it takes less than 5 minutes to reach your goal of being connected to a supervisor (often a supervisor’s manager). This is not Allure specific. It will work with any company, even airlines. You can change it up, but I’ve spent 25+yrs perfecting this …uh, skill, and from experience, I suggest straying too far out of the lines. Disclaimer: My actual grammar is not represented in the dialogue that follows: When a phone rep refuses to put me through to a supervisor. I end the call. Immediately call XYZ Company, again. I VERY politely & quickly go through my issue (don’t say you’ve already called) and the rep gives the same explanation as the first. I then tell them how professional and helpful they’ve been and (don’t judge me, plz!) then, all on one sentence, I say they’ve been the kindest & most helpful CS rep I’ve spoken to in a long time and ask “if I can send an email or something with a nice compliment about them.” You can almost hear them smiling on the phone. Let them get out their “Thank you’s, Oh, you don’t have to do that, etc.” You: “Oh, I want to! People are always so quick to complain about stuff, but when an employee has done a great job, a boss needs to know that!” Say something similar to: “I can do two. Like one to HR/CS & one to whomever that you think you’ll get the most recognition from because you really deserve it. I mean, I think your boss, or even her boss needs to know how well you represent xyz company.” As soon as they start to respond with the address, say something like, “Oh darn. I forgot my laptop just (is inop b/c -fill in the blank) and I’m leaving to visit my parents in the morning.v5hey don’t even have a laptop. Lol. Hmm… Is there a way I can do it, like right now? Like, can you just put them the phone or connect me somehow?”. Works 97-98% of the time.

  24. Allure shows that red bag as their generic in place of the closed red box. It doesn’t say spoiler anywhere.

  25. I got that Moda Triad eyeshadow brush as a GWP when I bought some other brushes from Royal & Langnickel, and I really like it and sure won’t be complaining to get another.

  26. It is getting difficult to keep passing on signing up for this box each month (haha). Has anyone had trouble cancelling their subscription in the past? I’d love to get the first few boxes shown here and then cancel because I am starting to have a real addiction here and my bank acct is not liking it. Do we know what the new member gift for January is yet?

    • Use Amazon, it’s much easier to cancel and if you do go through Allure just call the 1-800# to cancel (they send it in the sign up email) instead of the customer service email to cancel later 😉

      • What would worry me about subbing through Amazon is possibly missing out on the freebies they occasionally send and you don’t even know they’re coming. Also, I have received email invites to surveys with the chance to win up to $3,000. I just got one about a month ago. I also get special promo codes etc.

    • You can also call and they will freeze your account!

    • I’ve canceled and re subscribed multiple times in the past with no issues. By email. I just make sure it’s a week before the end of the month

  27. Loving the spoilers! Except for those new bags they’re showing. They look like cheap dollar store bags, 100% plastic. I certainly don’t need bags like that. I remember getting an email survey from Allure asking my opinion, as a longtime subscriber,about adding a bag as an extra item. The bag they showed us the red one we should all be getting in January. I was nice and polite about it but my answer was NO! Please NO!!! Not having a gimmick and not having variations WAS the main attraction for me. I added that there are already a lot of beauty subscriptions out there and quite a few that send out bags every single month. Ipsy Glambag, Play by Sephora, Macy’s… Then Allure started doing variations, now a bag? These bags look like they are just really thin, cheap plastic. That’s definitely NOT something we need more of in landfills and in our oceans. Honestly, we produce enough waste from one box as it is.

    • 100% agree with you. I do not want or need throw away plastic bags or makeup bags every month. I already feel bad enough about the waste and excess packaging in the beauty industry.

      • I absolutely love ipsy! It’s my 1st sub and I don’t see myself giving it up. I tried Birchbox, Play by Sephora, BB5 (no longer in business), Walmart, Target and Allure. I still get ipsy & Allure & I purchase the occasional Target box and the occasional ipsy offer. As of now, nothing has gone to waste from 2018 subs except 1 item I have listed on the swap page. Between myself, my teenage daughter and my niece, I don’t have much to put up on the swap page. Those ipsy Glambags come in really handy for storage, organizing samples and traveling. I even have some clothing in some ipsy bags, pantyhose, dress socks, scarfs, gloves…. Travel: jewelry in one, face products in one… I do give a lot of them to the girls but they know, if I like it, they’re not getting it. Lol! I do reuse the Allure boxes sometimes to keep samples organized and I’m thinking I might use a few to organize the hall closet. I use them to keep the girls stuff separated and then give it to them in the boxes. After learning what really happens to our recycling, I don’t know what to say. I still feel quilt but our recycling doesn’t actually get recycled.

      • But I honestly don’t know what to do with the Allure bag. Waiting to see just how cheap it is… Also, when I did call about not being happy about receiving the variation box & a missing item, Allure admitted that their email CS & phone CS are not integrated. I was told emailing them is a waste of time, call. They want our opinion about their boxes and are supposed to be working on a review process.

    • I actually prefer the plastic makeup bags to the fabric ones. They look cooler and can be wiped.
      So far I’ve liked the ones I saw in their photos.

    • They are probably recyclable plastic. I didn’t care for the sephora play plastic bags they went to but at least they can be recycled. These look like they have 2 snaps for the closure. We’ll see.

      • I didn’t realize Sephora had switched to those bags. I only had play for 4 months. One month was July and that bag was plastic with a flap like an envelope and a plastic snap. I didn’t like that one but it does come in handy at the beach. I still have the 3 drawing bags and I use them as well. I use them to keep pantyhose and trouser socks on and sometimes for travel. I understand that they are recyclable, but recycling plastic isn’t really happening like we are let to believe. I’m not at all trying to start an argument. Please don’t take it that way. I’m just as guilty as the next person. I feel bad every time I throw away another little plastic sample container. I just don’t think I need a plastic bag in my Allure box every month.

        • I hear ya, I could do without them too. Maybe I’d find a use for a few of them but every month? The boxes are cardboard at least. O well…

          • Wow! I DO have a use for them! Ding! Ding! Ding! My best friend does a lot of work with homeless people. I end up needing to travel on the fly(driving). I sent a pic of the black bag and red bag to my bestie w/ no words. The response back was,”Yes! Perfect! Any color will do! How many do you have?” So, there we go. Even though they seem like a waste, there’s someone out there that won’t see it that way. If a few come in handy for travel purposes, keep them. If not, there’s homeless shelters that would take them.

    • I was concerned about the bags as well, but they are actually great! I received my box today and was really impressed with the quality of the bag. You know the reusable plastic bags that come with sheet sets? The Allure bags are much thicker and more durable, IMO. That’s the best example I could think of off the top of my head. LOL.

  28. LOVE when boxes have brow gels or brow product. March looks fantastic.

  29. Damm*t…I can’t fall in love with another box…too many products. But this month is amazing, especially the eyeshadow and SR products. And now Allure is killing me with more enticing products that I want. Okay maybe just one more subscription…I need to stop looking at MSA everyday.

    • I can relate to that😂

  30. February is a bit underwhelming for me but March looks good so far. April is intriguing, especially it those products in the bag are accurate representations 🙂

  31. Allure is the only beauty sub I decided to keep this year. Even the “off” months are still pretty good, and the months they have something special I can get a second box through Amazon.

  32. Allure has been Killin it! One of the best subscriptions out there, imh:)

  33. Is there a way to skip months? I want January but not the others.

    • You can’t technically skip months, but if you subscribe through Amazon it’s super easy to cancel after receiving the box you want, and resubscribe later on.

    • Sign up on Amazon. It’s easy to cancel then resubscribe.

  34. I love the Belif moisturizer, so happy with that. But the blush stick for March looks awesome, too! I feel like it’s rarer to see cream blush formulas in sub boxes…plus, it’s nice to sample something from a brand I haven’t tried. Nice!

    • I just bought a HUGE jar of the Belief moisturizer. Since the Feb box is a dud, I’ll likely cancel after they ship January.

  35. Oh, I cannot wait for all these months….I do love allure..they are the best..

  36. Meh.

  37. Wishful thinking that the Belief will be full size. Anyway , I got an email from Allure stating that the New Sunday Riley Oil will be full size. I don’t know if that’s false advertising or not. but I hope it’s true or they’ll be getting an email from me. lol

    • I got the Caudelie instead of Sunday Reily. Bait and switch. Canceling.

      • She’s referring to Sunday Riley CEO glow oil that will be in Jan box not the November subscriber gift.

        Though many of us have the same issue of not getting the Nov CEO yet.

        • I just got an email from Allure that they’ve shipped them out. Hope I get it soon!

          • I got the same email!

      • If I were you, I’d definitely call them to fix it right.
        I received an email that finally they shipped C.E.O. serum today.
        So I guess they should have some in their warehouse now.

    • It’s the serum in January’s box that will be full size. Most boxes do have 3 full size products though. It’s what I love about Allure boxes. I have no interest in any of the $10 subs anymore and will never sub them again. Why would I when Allure gives out 3 full sizes for $5 more. I’ve been subbing Allure since it was sample society with a break here and there to buy another sub for that month. But Allure is a permanent for me. As someone else stated, even their “bad” boxes are good, above the rest.

  38. Zoomed in I see (inside the red pouch):
    Perfume Christian Dior
    Added Lauder Advance Night Repair
    YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer
    CLE Essence Moonlighter
    Korres Pomegranate Cream Gel

    • Woo- Hoo!!
      You are good, gal🤩🤩

      • Advanced not added😅

        • Ladies…. We recieved the CLE moonlighter, the mac lipstick,as well as the Korres pomegranate cream gel a few months ago. So I definetly don’t think the last three are spoilers. Although, I sure hope the first 3 that were identified are spoilers.

    • You are good!!! I zoomed and didn’t see half as much … I’m on a low buy so just this sub and Boxwalla and I’m pleased with both though having severe withdrawal symptoms every time I come to this page. Meanwhile I have a lot of skincare products so time to try some home subscriptions. Hehehe.. after the low buy ends of course …

    • Spot on. I enlarged the email photo as well.

    • That’s a past box…I think it’s just a generic pic they use.

    • That’s a very old item content that they used to ask current subscribers if they liked the look of the new bags. That will not be what’s in that months bag.

  39. Belif has been everywhere…

    • And it’s a fantastic product! I’m always thrilled to get a sample.

    • Fine by me! Belif is awesome stuff

    • Agreed, but at least it’s a product I know I love. I would almost it rather be the Belif Foaming Moist cleanser because I’m running low, but I’ll take this. 😀

      • Moist lol. I wish it had better ingredients because the moisture balm is so moisturizing! All those oils though are highly irritating. I’ll still put it on when I need an intense moisture pick me up. February looks like it’s going to suck.

        • Different tastes I guess, because I think February is full of useful items! I can always use a new brush, sheet masks are awesome, tiny cleansers are great for travel, brow gel is always needed, and a full size mascara that gets rave reviews! Only thing I’m unsure about is the eyeshadow, but only because I can’t really see it well from the pics and might not work well with my coloring.

  40. Thanks for the spoilers! Now I can cancel with confidence. 🙂

  41. I see a Mac lipstick and Estee Lauder serum in the April box. Just hope the lipstick isn’t one of the shades they already had in another box previously.

  42. Not excited for January , February , or March so far come on April!!! Lol.

  43. Man, January hasn’t even shipped and they’re two months down the road??

  44. I didn’t even notice the black bag before. I am slightly more excited for plastic bags now that they’ll be different colors. Hopefully it won’t just be extra trash like Play! sends now.

  45. Excited for January! But on product overload and not excited for any additional spoilers so definitely cancelling for now.

    • I have not been excited since December I canceled after getting December box and unless better stuff comes out for March or April I don’t know when I am coming back.

  46. It looks like Dior Show Mascara

    • You can make out the words in the picture from the email. It says Perfume Christian Dior.

      • I think, it’s a random photo. I think we have received most of those items in the past… I could be wrong.

        • Saw this on Rddit beauty box group and a lot of people are saying the same. A lot of the items you can make out in the bag have been items sent out previously so it’s most likely a stock photo. (Can’t spell out Rddit because MSA blocks my post when I mention that site for some reason.)

          • I agree I’m the email today from Allure they called it “Allure x” and “We can’t wait to reveal our next collaboration, but trust us—it’s worth the wait.” Since these guesses are not collabs, I’m thinking it’s nit a real spoiler.

          • *in the email

  47. Haven’t heard a thing about my December box. And they are revealing for April!!

    • Same!! I’ve emailed them 3 times about my missing December box and haven’t received a reply! Glad to know I’m not the only one who’s had this issue.

  48. Argh I can’t find a way to unsubscribe. I swear each time they reveal spoilers t hay always make it hard for me to cancel😂

    • they*

      • If possible (and if you have a PayPal account) do subscriptions through PayPal. You can cancel recurring payments for specific vendors via PayPal’s site (in your settings) and make sure they cannot charge you in the future. And as a former vendor who used PayPal to receive payments, I can say with 100% certainty that PayPal always sides with the customer vs. the vendor in payment disputes.

        • Not true! I opened a case and got denied by PayPal in a dispute as the customer.

          • I’m really sad to hear that. Honestly it’s the first time I’ve heard of them side with a vendor. (I’m a former photographer and photo magazine editor and from the vendor and columnist-tipper side, PayPal disputes could be nightmarish for a lot of my peers.) From the consumer side, however, I’ve relied on them more than once over the course of a couple of decades. Thanks for the counter-point!

    • You can call them, they have a phone number.

      • Nvmd, lmao, i get it now. Hahaha

  49. Any chance that the YSL what appears to be eclat blur primer in said special box is also included?

    • I hope what is in the red bag is coming! I’m pretty sure that’s a MAC lipstick, something skin care-y from Korres, YSL primer, maybe some kind of cushion foundation, something from Estee Lauder, and I can’t make out the last thing. Any else have s clue?

    • I think the round compact is the CLE Cushion Highlighter from a few months ago. We also received MAC lipstick a few months ago and the Korres Pomegranate Moisturizer. So I’m thinking these are old items. Although I don’t ever recall receiving anything from Estee Lauder and I’m not sure what the other item is.

  50. Wow… Allure has been doing such an amazing job at curating their boxes, for sooooo long. It’s been at least 15 months of fabulous boxes, back to back. So far, 2019 is off to an amazing start. Way to go, Allure!

    • Completely agree, they’ve got customer service issues to be sure, but the boxes themselves are fabulous. Great variety and value. I also really like that they put the spoilers out so far ahead. I like to read about what is coming and it helps me plan out additional purchases. Very excited for January (love Sunday Riley) and looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings!

    • I agree. And I totally love Jan, Feb, and March boxes. 3 full sizes in every box? What could be better for $5 more over the cheap $10 boxes of ipsy, sephora, birchbox etc. No thx, I all take Allure anyday.

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