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Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale – Free NikkieTutorials OFRA Highlighter and Lipstick!

Allure Beauty Box Flash Sale! For the next 24 hours (or while supplies last), you can use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free full-sized OFRA x NikkieTutorials Everglow Highlighter and Liquid Lipstick in Verona.

FYI – this deal may expire before the 24 hours is over if they sell out. There were issues in the past with Allure sending out gift with subscriptions. The gifts may take weeks to arrive after the box. Make sure to scroll down on this page to confirm you see the OFRA items before purchasing:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the January box. The January 2019 box includes:

Check out my review of the January 2019 Allure Beauty Box.

Allure Beauty Box is regularly $15 a month. Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get the free gifts.

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Allure Beauty Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (57)

  1. Received the box without the Ofra bonus – just a regular monthly box without notice or apology. Contacted them and they said they’re out of stock – I am beyond pissed, the customer service is ridiculous – on the fourth email with them and they’re not providing info that’s specific to me or help. Feels like a very scammy practice to try and get new customers and them screw us.

  2. I was billed by Allure on January 4th and received my box from them on January 29th. I ordered a 2nd box via Amazon on January 21st and received it on January 31st. Im absolutely thrilled with them. Sooo thrilled I received the Amika hair mask in both boxes. I already have mini blenders so was really hoping I didnt get those. I also received the bonus nail polish in both boxes. This was only my 2nd month with Allure and SO FAR I’m a happy camper. After reading how many subscribers didnt receive their bonus Sunday Riley products assa new subscriber I was wondering if I was going to suffer the same fate with Caudalie Serum promo item. Thankfully it DID arrive in my very 1st box in December however. Whew! What can I say about THIS month’s box?! Knocked it out of the park. The Sunday Riley is awesome of course, the bronze eye pencil is gorgeous, and even though I’m fair skinned and cant pull off red lippies this Winterberry works beautifully because I easily use it as a lip stain. Im crazy about January’s Allure box

  3. I just received my box yesterday and was surprised to see the Amika mask!! So excited, as I did NOT want the beauty blenders. I received one from FFF and I like the way it applies foundation but I just can’t get past the staining….even the beauty blender wash that I purchased for it doesn’t help. Any suggestions? The rest of the box was awesome…I really loved the Mally eye stick…didn’t think the color would work for me but it’s perfect for brown eyes, as it’s more of a deeper brownish bronze than gold. And it really stays on….had a hard time removing it with eye makeup remover! The lipstick is so pretty and of course Sunday Riley….swoon! Bonus nail polish too…one of my best boxes yet!

  4. I love this month all except for the red pouch. It’s cheaply made, I recieved mine with a big tear. I thought I’ll be happy to get one so I could use it as a pencil/pen case but no use anymore. Anyway, it’s just an extra I’m still glad with all the products.

  5. Those of you who got the $10 offer when you cancelled why did you say you were canceling? I called after subscribing for 6 months and was not offered anything to stay. Was wondering if you have to say something to trigger and I gave wrong reason.

    • Following. Never get this offer when I wanted to cancel.

    • I think it may be the customer service rep you speak to whether they offer you anything to stay. I called to cancel yesterday and she offered me “bonus box” if I kept my subscription.

  6. I’m still waiting on my box…. tracking says ” las vegas” on January 26st, no info after that. I’m so glad I cancelled last week.

    • I don’t even have tracking for January box and we’re the 5th of January.. I called 3 times and emailed twice.. im calling tmrw to just cancel and refunded at this point.. worst customer service I ever encountered

      • 5th of February I meant

  7. I got my box yesterday and am loving these January products. Wish they go back to the box and not the cheap plastic bag. Just want to be environmentally conscious.

  8. I received my boxes on Tuesday with the blenders in both. Yea!!!!!!!

  9. I just got my January Allure box delivered this morning with the mail. Both Sunday Riley products! Super happy!

  10. My bos FINALLY arrived yesterday! Wooohooo! I was really surprised to see I received the beauty blenders instead of the Amika Mask. I probably won’t use them since I don’t wear face makeup but they’re so cute! Curious how many got the mask bs the beauty blenders?

    • I received the blenders in both of my.boxes.

    • Same here. I was expecting amika but I got the mini blender. 😊

  11. Never got the SR serum, still haven’t received January’s box. Fuming over here in the middle of a blizzard.

    • They posted an update on their Twitter that if you were billed for Jan you’ll receive the box.

  12. A lot of people have found what appears to be rust on their Nikkie x Ofra highlighters from Allure. I’d recommend searching it to see if it’s worth the risk to you. (Some science-minded people have speculated that the type of glue used to secure the highlighter pan into the compact had a reaction with the metal used in the pans.)

    Allure did offer a replacement product (not the highlighter) to those who contacted them about the issue, & so far I’ve seen one person who did get an item in the mail.

    • I wonder if we all posted pics of them and tag Allure & Ofra if they’d fix it.

    • I contacted ofra directly and they gave me a $15 gift card. The rep told me it was glue btw.

  13. Are the boxes personalized or do all subscriber receive the same items?

    • They receive the same product, for the most part. There could be a variation on a product as it’s pointed above.

      • Thank you, Bailey.

  14. I haven’t even gotten my January box yet. Nor anything saying it was shipped.

    • It’s easiest to use USPS informed delivery.

  15. They sent me the ofra highlither with a sort of rusted ring ….i call then and they said the would be sending a replacement within 15 days…. It was 49 days ago..i have my new bag and there’s no sing of my highlighter…

  16. Allure does scam new subscribers. I’ve been waiting since November for the Mally gloss, I just cancelled last week. I’ll get my box through Amazon with a lot less headache.

    • me too mika. I was wondering if I was the only one who saw that..I’ve e-mailed twice, and they say they are sending , but I haven’t got it yet…I got a stupid cheap brush..and told them I did not want that…I want my mally pink and peach lip gloss…

    • Honestly, it gets really tiring seeing everyone say they “got scammed”. Allure is incredibly disorganized, but nobody is intentionally luring you in, just to renege. All of these offers are “while supplies last” and nobody ever gets confirmation that they’re receiving said offer. Allure really needs a better system to keep track of these things.

      In the end, you got what you paid for, and that is all they have to send you.

  17. What a joke. They should try sending out the box to people who are already subscribers. I just received a notification on the 24th that my box is ready to ship. As of right now the 31st it’s still hasn’t shipped. And customer service is now blaming the weather when this JANUARY box should have shipped at the beginning of the month not in February. Oh and btw I received my ofra highlighter from the DECEMBER box full of rust and I’m still waiting on my replacement 2 months later.

  18. I have three accounts. Two through Amazon and 1 through allure. I only activate the one through Amazon when I see a box that I really want extra products. The problem is I haven’t received any of my boxes. They haven’t moved at all. I got charged at the beginning of the month and still nothing. Allure told me to call back Friday if they still haven’t moved, and they will resend out all the boxes. That means I will be getting tons of January boxes (6 in total). They also said they would throw in extra goodies just for all this hassle. Plus my next four boxes of course is $10 a month. So they are doing what they can. Part of the issue is the bad winter storms in the Midwest where they have their shipping department. I used to be a truck driver before my health got so bad. My husband still drives, and he says it’s pretty bad right now. So that is some of the delay, but not all of it. I also know Allure had problems getting all of their products together for this box in time.

  19. I signed up, but I’m seeing a lot of negative comments. I hope I didn’t make a mistake.🙏

    • Don’t worry. People complain about companies more often than they praise, it’s just human nature. I subbed to Allure for over 3 years & had zero problems. In fact, it was easily my favorite sub of the dozens I tried. Enjoy!

    • It’s usually really good products, although they may be small and arrive late in the month. The major problem with this sub is the customer service, should you have a problem. Takes forever to get through/get an answer, and then it’s often not helpful.

      I’ve broken up with and come back to this sub three times now.

    • You didn’t. Allure is an awesome box. Their c.s. reps are kind of disorganized, but the company really puts together great boxes. I have found a whole lot of people on MSA to be too hard on sub boxes in general so take it with a grain of salt.

  20. lol still waiting on my Sunday Riely CEO serum since November. Way to go, allure.

    • I got a letter in the mail saying they won’t be restocking the serum so I hope you still get it. They didn’t even offer me another option or item so I called them and had to settle for a beauty bundle they were offering at Xmas time. 😞

    • I got a letter,at week saying sorry. Bc I was told i was getting that. I love my allure boxes must months. But i havnt got mine yet…. 🙁

    • Sorry I need to be asleep.. I got a letter last week…. saying sorry. But I think why is bc I called up there for the 4th time and finally got a nice girl ( right before xmas). She promised to much so I bet she sent that. Lol I knew I wasnt going to get it. I got a black allure bag lol. I am just worried about this months. I got a email saying sorry your box is running late. I about fell out of the bed bc that never happens ( the email). I’m going to call tomorrow… well I mean today 🙂 good night..
      Oh yeah never got a gift for getting ppl to sign up.. vent over :):)

  21. I don’t trust these flash deals. I sighed up for the Sunday Riley CEO Serum, not only did I never get it, they’ve never bothered to respond to me or address it when I’ve sent multiple emails. I love my Allure boxes, but these little incentives to sign up are a scam.

    • I have gotten every single sign up gift that I have signed up for. The S.R. promo was way more popular than anticipated and they handled their mishap poorly, but the incentives are not a scam. Instead of emailing them, call. You will get further.

  22. At least they still have January boxes left. I’m awaiting shipping notification on a replacement box for my original that got lost on it’s way from One Stop to USPS. I’ve been on pins and needles hoping they don’t run out before mine gets sent!

    • JennR: you also could order one box through AMAZON. You can start a new subscription through them or even just use it for one box…they are a great insurance policy if you’re worried about not getting a box OR you just want an extr Good lucl.a

  23. I actually spoke to someone from Allure today who said they were out of highlighters and I know someone else said they were told that about a month ago.

    Weird they are selling them.

  24. I got that highlighter in the December box and I absolutely love it! It’s a pretty good size though, so I wouldn’t be able to justify another one, but you can even layer 2 of the shades at a time and if your lighter skinned the darkest section is great for overlaying bronzer for a shiny-Dewey look 🙂 unfortunately, I’ve sampled the lipstick and it completely blended in with my skin color and made me look like the color had been drained from my face, so just a fair warning lol
    Nice as freebies though, and you even still get the nail polish!

  25. That’s so annoying, my January box hasnt even shipped yet and I’m not getting a sign up box.

  26. I guess they have a lot of Highlighters left from last month. Not nearly as good as the Sunday Riley (which I know was a fiasco) or Caudalie promos.

  27. I’m still waiting on my January box.

    • Same here.. no tracking either..

      • No box. Charged a month ago. Is this how they do business?

      • Not usually. We usually have it by now…

    • Same. Charged Jan. 3rd and no word on a box shipping.

    • Same here. I got tracking for it a few days ago, but USPS has been waiting for it since then.

      • Mine finally arrived yesterday. The tracking didn’t update until the package was turned over to USPS. It arrived a few days later. Yours could already be close by!

      • I hope so! 🙂 As long as I have a tracking email I’m usually pretty good at exercising patience. Hopefully, it’ll magically show up today!

      • They have a pinned tweet on Twitter saying if you were billed you’d receive Jan box.

        I didn’t receive tracking for my box but it’s showing on informed delivery.

        I think late boxes and missing polish from boxes led to a huge influx of calls and emails.

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