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Allure Beauty Box February 2019 FULL SPOILERS UPDATED

We have updated spoiler info for the February 2019 Allure Beauty Box!

The February box will include:

New info is in bold:

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the January box.

And the January box will include:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (291)

  1. I did not even get my February box!!! Although I was charged for it for some unknown unGodly reason my tracking says USPS disposed of my box!!! I just emailed allure today about it. Has anyone else had this issue??

    • Yes! I can’t log into my account now that I’ve called. They will be issuing me a new box. It should be here by the end of March. I think I’ll let the bank in on that when I give them my new address. I’m also curious as to who they deemed deserving enough to send $65 necklaces to???

      • Yeah I got one too but it was just 58 dollars and I feel like it gave me back luck lol so there it sits

  2. Am I the only one who keeps getting torn bags in their box? My Jan (jan replacement to fix the ripped one!!) and my February boxes all came torn. I also feel the products have gone downhill since the start of the new year.

  3. I gotta be honest. I’m not at all happy with Allure right now! 1st the bs with the January box. Now, even more bs with my February box! Plus their rude as hell customer service! Or should I call them interruptive, overly rude, customer correctors? My January box arrived without the Amika or beauty blenders & the Serum was empty. Plus the wreck of a bag! Here we are, February 27 and I do not have my replacements from January or my February box. I did get a shipping email on 2/7 but that had an invalid tracking number. I’m in the middle of moving. So, a few days after the shipping email, I logged in & changed my shipping address in my account. Then I called just to be sure and to check on my February box as the tracking number is invalid. Ever since that call, I have not been able to log into my account. During that call, I was told it’s not their fault the tracking number does not work, take it up with usps. Seriously?! Supervisor please! Even the supervisor was rude! I pretty much told them I expect everything reshipped for February, replacements from January too, to my new address. Not a problem. Got a call from an old neighbor that my lost box was in front of my old door which is obviously empty. I rushed over there and it’s gone. I called Allure and it’s basically too bad, so sad. If we have enough, we can issue you a new one but it might be a past box. Oh! Hell! No! They did not ever even issue a new box to my new address! So, I’ve paid for an incomplete January box and a February box that I’m not going to get now?! I wonder if my box was one of the lucky ones with the $65 extra necklace in it! I don’t have time to deal with this crap in the middle of moving! Anybody get the necklace?

    • oh sarah d, I feel bad for you however stay calm…I ‘ve not had any trouble with my boxes…but in dec. when I joined thru amazon I joined so I could get the free gift which was 2 mally lip glosses…I did not call.. I have e-mailed a few times. however just 2 days ago I got my lipglosses, so that’s been about 3 months…e-mail them, they always get back with me on these e-mails…give it time now since your moving…sometimes it takes a while to get things back on track…stay calm and hope your moving goes well…hope this helps some how..

  4. I got my February box today…everything in it is this wander mascara,the metallic eyeshadow is beautiful colors, great eye brush, mamonde foam cleanser smells great, and I got the rose mask, the brow gel is amazing and I got the laritzy lip pencil in bare, its a great color for spring..i’m hoping i’ll great the mally high gloss in my amazon allure, when it comes..oh, and I got the black bag, which by the way is not torn…this is a great you allure..

  5. I’m not a fan of all these pink eye shadows, do they look good on anyone??

    • 🙂 They look good on me LOL Pinks, plums, cranberries, reds, peaches…

    • I wanted the pink eyeshadow that was spoiled and they sent me some browns that I cannot wear. Ugh. I really wanted the pinks. Up for swap go the browns

  6. I have looked and looked but can’t find the answer to my question. Is the Wander Beauty mascara waterproof? Does anybody know?

    • I don’t think so. I checked the Wander website and there’s no mention of their mascaras being waterproof.

  7. On the Allure site they say that the February box Wander Beauty mascara will be the Mile High one. What I found interesting is they say the Mamonde Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser is a $21 value but that the price for a full size on and the size were getting isn’t even half the size. The extra appears to be Mally High-Shine Liquid Lipstick or Doucce Fierce Fine Graphic Pen, was hoping for the Derma-E

    • I was just coming on here to say the same thing about the mascara, just read that it was going to be the Mile High Mascara in the February box too. I intended to cancel my subscription today but think I may keep it now just to try the mascara since the review was so good. I’d like to see how it compares to my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes & keeping the box is easier than trying to swap for it.

    • I was just coming on here to say the same thing about the mascara, just read that it was going to be the Mile High Mascara in the February box too. I intended to cancel my subscription today but think I may keep it now since the review was so good. I’m very picky about mascara but I’d like to see how it compares to my Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes (my holy grail mascara that I found years ago through a subscription box on MSA, thank you Liz!).

      • I am so very in love with that Tarte mascara. I can’t even bring myself to try anything else.😂

      • Nicole, same for my daughter! I gave her one a couple of years ago and she’s hooked too. I’m at least a bit frugal so I’ll use up some of the mascaras I get in my boxes at least for days I’m not doing much… but my daughter only wears the Tarte LCL now so here sits my stash of mascaras while I buy my daughter mascara at full price ! 🙂

      • Your daughter has great taste!😂 I have always had a real problem with mascara transferring to my lower lash line. The Tarte is the first I have used that doesn’t do that and I like that it never clumps, even with 2 coats. I might try this one though, nothing ventured, nothing gained.😉

  8. I’m interested in getting an extra Jan. box through Amazon but it’s showing other items at content. I’m not sure if that’s an example of a past box or if they ran out of January and that’s their substitution box. There’s no mention of the Jan. items. Does anyone know what box I’d get if I subbed today? It’s still Jan. but kind of late in the month.

  9. According to tracking, my box is at the shipping facility in Glendale.

    Unless the weather is really horrible, I should have it before the end of the month.

    YAY (snark)

    • It was supposed to be delivered today, but the weather was horrible.

      Tomorrow then, I’m hoping.

  10. I’m hoping so bad for that vitamin c serum. Oof allure you have my heart

    • What vitamin c serum? Theres a vitamin C oil in Januarys box. Is that what your referring to?

      • I think she means February. Everyone gets a vit c serum OR another item.

  11. Anyone else that STILL hasn’t received tracking?! I am signed up through various tracking services, so I know that it hasn’t shipped.

    After a few decent months, their customer service has managed to fail again. I’m not sure why it’s a recurring theme with Allure.

    • I received an email with tracking number on the 18th, however there has been no movement on the package at all. USPS doesn’t show they ever received it, just that a label was created.

      Seriously considering adding Allure to the chopping block with Sephora.

      • Same here! I had to email and ask about my box. I got a short, canned response with a tracking number, but its shown no movement for days. I think they’ve really only created the label and didn’t actually ship my box.

    • I have yet to receive tracking either. I think I am going to call them again tomorrow . I have been with Allure for about a year now . They said they would be shipped this week . I got fed up and ordered a box on Amazon. They already have tracking on that one .

    • I have not received tracking either. They said they would be shipped out this week. Going to call again in the morning. I have been with them for almost a year . Very frustrating .

      • Sorry I posted twice. My first on did not show up for a couple minutes.

    • I got a tracking number, but USPS is “waiting for the package”.

      I don’t know what happened this time. This is stupid.

      I also placed an order with Sephora yesterday, same thing. Funny thing is, I’ve been signed up with their 2-day Flash program since it was instituted.

    • I got my tracking around midnight last night, but I called them late yesterday afternoon.

    • I received my allure tracking # for Jan’s box today Jan 25th. USPS still awaiting receipt of package. As soon as it ships, I’m cancelling with Allure and just oordering it via Amazon. I signed up for Jan’s box via Amazon on Jan 20th & received it Jan 24th and it came WITH the nail polish. I don’t like Feb’s box so I’m going to skip next month. I’ve been an allure sub for just over 2 yrs & in 2017 I called to cancel & they offered me the next 3 months at $10, so I didn’t cancel. Unless they offer $7.50 I’m definitely cancelling with Allure & going through Amazon so I can skip any months I don’t want.

  12. I got my January box and my red bag was ripped all the way down the left side, anyone else get a torn bag?

    • Mine (which I received yesterday) was torn on one side too. Oh well … otherwise a set of fantastic products.

      • Mine was too. I didn’t even bother to tell Allure

  13. yea, I just got my allure box today, (thru amazon) is amazing,, love, love the ceo..oil, I have dry skin…love everything in the new bag…thanks allure best box ever..oh, I did receive the nail polish too..

  14. I haven’t even gotten a Email to see when my box will be shipped nor did I get the Email that you all described about why the boxes are late… I’ve been a faithful subscriber for 3 years but right now a very frustrated one☹️

    • Same here – billed 1/7, no box, no tracking, no email. Aggravating!

  15. Liz,
    Could you (or one of your staffers) please change the swap listing TITLE for the new allure CEO OIL to remove the words “Full Size”?
    A swapper must have created the listing without realizing that the full size of this product is actually 1.8 oz, not 0.5 oz. THANK YOU!

    • Technically speaking they always retail 2 sizes in the oil. You could consider both “full size” since both the .5 oz and the 1.8 oz are sold online. One is just a more economically priced “full size”…which is the one I usually buy so I can test it out without splurging for the bigger full size.

      • Sure, you could definitely look at it that way.

        But since so many swap listings only said “full size” and most were giving an RV of $80+… Removing the “full size” verbiage would ease confusion about what was really up for swap.

        We should always be looking to help our fellow MSA swappers, yes? 😁

    • This product isn’t even out yet. As far as we know it will only be available in one size.

  16. I have not seen any tracking for my box from Allure. I did receive 2 boxes from Amazon. The one earlier in the month did not contain nail polish. The one I received today does. I’m okay with missing some bonus items through Amazon for the convenience of being able to sub/unsub at will. I hope everyone receives their boxes soon 🙂

  17. Ok! I officially call BS on Allure’s “we had a problem with one of our suppliers…”. I was just on MSA swap page and every single item in the January box is up there for grabs! Including the nail polish!

    • On Reddit, people were posting Allure boxes from Amazon they received yesterday, which finally had the nail polish. Also, people post things for swap the moment spoilers are released.

      • You go ahead and believe what you want sugar! My neighbor is a NEW subscriber and is subscribed through Allure and Amazon just to see… She has both of her boxes, both with nail polish and both with the Amika. Showed up yesterday. Allure hung up on me when I said I think they’re lieing and taking care of new subscribers instead of loyal customers.

      • The boxes just arrived yesterday, because the nail polish finally arrived. I got my box from Amazon over a week ago, but they said there was no polish, because they hadn’t received it yet.

      • Ok. If you want someone to argue with so you can be right, argue with yourself. I have spoken to Allure Customer Service. I was told yesterday that Allure has not sent any boxes out yet. That is a complete lie. This is my neighbors 1st month with Allure. 2 subs, 1 w/ Allure, 1 with Amazon. Both showed up with everything on the same day, Amika and nail polish. In my opinion, Allure advertised the heck out of this box and decided they needed to make sure their new customers are not disappointed. They did not have enough products for their long term, loyal customers. So we will probably end up with the odd and ends and not the originally advertised Amika. It’s one thing to let customers know they screwed up a little. That I can handle. But it’s pretty obvious that the CSR’s are being forced to lie. I asked one if they knew about MSA and she said yes but I can’t comment. All I am aloud to tell people is that it’s one of our suppliers and we should be able to ship sometime next week. I did mention my neighbor and politely said I know I’m being lied to. Have a lovely day Becca

      • Well I subscribed to Amazon Allure in Sept so I am not new but I received my box yesterday with nail polish. By the way color is Call My Agent .

      • I got three boxes from Amazon yesterday and none had the nail polish.

  18. ugh when are they going to ship? Usually I get the shipping email by the 14th and nothing yet? I have tons of Sunday Riley in my skincare routine and I forgot we’d be getting a retinol product and literally just bought something to add to my regimen. But still, need this all NOW.

  19. I’m annoyed that Allure is running a video of the January unboxing and most of us haven’t even received ours yet.

    • Right. Or guaranteed we’ll even receive the items featured.

    • Pink5, where did they post the unboxing? I haven’t received mine either but I’d like to see the unboxing. Thanks 🙂

      • I have seen it on Facebook for weeks now. Try their Facebook page.

      • Also , I have not received mine yet either. Not even tracking. I have been been logging in to their site because I will generally get the tracking from there. Nothing yet.

      • Thanks Kim, found it!

    • I haven’t received mine yet either! According to the email they sent everybody last week, tbey should be sending them out this week! I hope so because this is ridiculous!!!

      • I didn’t even get that email.

      • Some people got an email saying they were getting a refund and would ship their box out this week && others like myself just got an email saying they were shipping them out this week. Makes me mad because they should send the same exact email to EVERYONE, not pick & choose who they swnd that too! I have been with them for almost a year.

      • Allure sent a correction email the following day informing anyone that got the refund email that there will be no refund. It was an error.

        Supposedly they are shipping them out this week. I received a shipping notification, however it hasn’t actually shipped. I am guessing it will show up mid February LOL

      • Here is the correction email they sent out on January 17th.

        “You may have received incorrect information in a recent email from us. Rest assured, your January box with favorites from Sunday Riley and Ouai is shipping soon and your payment has been processed. You can expect a tracking email next week!”

        As of January 23rd, I have not received tracking for my January box.

    • Yes! Are they going to ship them ever?

  20. I ordered the January box on 1/14 from Amazon. I got the ‘first time promo’ price of $10 and the nail color was shown in the box content/product line up. Although it was purchased through Amazon, it’s shipped by Allure. I did not get my 2 day Prime shipping and I could not pay with a credit that’s on my Amazon account. I had to pay by CC. My box has shipped and is tracking to arrive between 1/24-29. There is also a note on Amazon “*New member gift ships separately within 30 days.” I don’t want February so just cancelled. Will order again through Amazon when there is another month I want. I know from past experience that Allure BB CS is full of wonderful promises like free products that never arrive. If I couldn’t have ordered through Amazon, I wouldn’t have bothered.

    • The free extras do not usually come in the boxes from Amazon. The welcome gift will if it gour first box but itll hsio seperate. Stuff like the nail polish usually wont be included tho.

      • They come in the Amazon box too. Allure received the polish really late, which held up the boxes, but Amazon didn’t want to wait. People receiving the Amazon boxes now have the polish.

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