Allure Beauty Box February 2019 FULL SPOILERS UPDATED

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We have updated spoiler info for the February 2019 Allure Beauty Box!

The February box will include:

New info is in bold:

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If you subscribe now, your first box will be the January box.

And the January box will include:

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Hmm… I think I may be the only person on Earth that is NOT a fan of the Sunday Riley brand. I have received sooo many samples and have the Luna Night Oil all over the place. I have tried them all and see and feel no improvement in my skin. So I for one do not want to even try the CEO Glow whatever.

    • I also am not a fan of the Sunday Riley products I have received. My skin doesn’t react very well to it😞.

    • … I love the Luna Night Oil if it’s just sitting around your house…. 😀

      • I like it too but it smells like hell

        • I use it on my feet & lower legs! Cold weather! Dry skin ! 🤣

          • It’s for your face. Lol vitamin C is for brightening and lots of other ingredients for antiaging. I wouldnt use such and expensive oil on your feet. Get a regualr body oil for that.

          • I’m in my 40’s. I can read and smell. I know what it is and what it’s for but it stinks and it’s full of blue dye. Stained a white pillow case. I have plenty of face and body products. This stuff is not going back on my face so I can stain another pillow case. Plus, I don’t want to smell it. It stinks! It’s packed full of vitamin C so there’s really no reason it can’t be used on feet too. At least it’s not going to waste. Have s great day!

    • I don’t think Sunday Riley does much of anything either. Used that C cream, lactic serum, luna oil. It does nothing. I usually use much more clinical brands or spa brands that actually work, so that may be why (Skin Medica/Glymed/Revision, etc). Anything department store brand, or drugstore brand has much lower %s of active ingredient and takes much longer to show any result.

    • I’m not a fan either, I tried both the Good Genes and the CEO rapid flash brightening and couldn’t see any results. (And CEO also broke me out). I’m also not too impressed with their shady marketing tactic in encouraging their employees to write fake reviews on their own products.

      • Haha… Im an not a big fan either- no results from luna oil, good genes, and especially not the CEO rapid flash brightening as that broke me out horribly & no other product has ever done that to me!

    • Ive not been a fan either but these 2 products are superb. They created the retinol for those who do not not the existing one. I dont like the one they already had. This one is actually really good. As far as the oil omg it truly is amazing. It makes my skin so so soft. While it does have the natural oil smell its good it doesnt have fragrance. It contains so many good for you ingredients. I’ve already noticed my face looks more plump and less dull using both of these products.

      • You’re aren’t lying about these two products. My skin has a much more even tone plus where my scar from cystic acne was it’s waaaaay less noticeable! I’m glad you’re having positive results as well.

    • i will trade you for other products if you like? Love the night oil

    • haha ditto on the night oil! Any interest in Stila Cosmetics Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick
      or Proenza Schouler Arizona Eau de Parfum? heh (I’m not thrilled with this month’s Birchbox…)

    • Not a fan either. I gave all my SR products away. It’s all hype or maybe does good for some, not for others.

    • You want to trade for the oil? How about good genes? Have that sample. I loved how it makes my face while I sleep.

    • I am not loving the Sunday Riley brand at all either. The CEO Glow really irritates my skin and eyes.

  2. Maybe it is just me, but I pay $15 dollars a month as a treat for myself and am never really disappointed in the allure box. I figure I always get to try something that I may not have been otherwise willing to try (for the cost). I realized a while back, when I did start to get disappointed, that I was usually just feeding off of negative comments. Sure some things don’t work for me, others I have found to be a holy grail. I give away some as gifts but I usually always feel as though I get my money’s worth.

    • Same!

    • I agree, and if I stop getting it I will feel like I’m missing out on something. It never goes to waste, things I don’t use I make Christmas goodie bags that always get big smiles! So worth it for all involved.

      • Absolutely. I actually love the fact that I have goodies to share in addition to all the stuff I use myself.

    • #SAME and I have 2 teenage girls that love the stuff I don’t want

    • It’s definitely not just you. I have found so many products I can’t live without through this box and it’s also saved my ageing skin. I’d cry if I had to give it up. I love Allure, even on the not so good months.

    • Polly, I have subscribed to tons of beauty boxes and at the moment have downsized my subs to just ALLURE and BOXYCHARM. At the moment, I have so much makeup that I think I may soon pause on boxycharm but I can NOT unsubscribe without my ALLURE. I agree, I always find at least a couple of items that are useful and make me break out of my ever expanding box…plus I just love the box!

      • That last sentence got me. I’m going to miss those boxes, a lot!! They came in handy to hold the samples I’m not using yet. Thank goodness for the target box 😂😂

  3. Just received email from allure with my tracking number. After all the confusing emails on Thursday, i was pretty shocked. I guess should expect my box in a week or so. Hooray!

    • Same! Woo hoo!

    • I got my shipping notice 5 days ago but the tracking number still says awaiting item. Its the 24th and I still have no idea when my box is going to be here. (I ordered two gift sub boxes for my daughter, and niece and now I’m hoping they arrive before their birthday’s the 2nd week of February.)
      Has anyone else had this problem?

      • Mine finally says that post office got it today but there is no date on when I should get it. I first got tracking on the 19th

      • I have the same thing happenning to me. My email was on the 24th and now the 28th the tracking number still says awaiting item. I’m most interested in the see through bag for some weird reason!

    • Their shipping is erratic and unpredictable at best. Plus I always get the tracking number on the day that my package arrives.

  4. I ordere allure through amazon on dec. and I got my December box Jan 2. And they charged me for Jan box on the 4th. I see that everyone who gets it through amazon has had it shipped. But I haven’t even gotten a notification and it’s been about two weeks. Should I call?

    • Hope you got all your boxes. It does hurt a little knowing you ordered a box in December through Amazon and got it early January, when I’ve been subscribed for a year through Allure and didn’t get mine till January 30 because they ran out. I know it was a popular box so they got a lot of new orders in, but they should’ve filled the old orders first. Does anyone know how long Amazon’s been selling Allure’s and other beauty boxes? I wish I’d known that when I first subscribed.

  5. Cancelling again, as soon as I safely can! Re-subbed specifically for the SR products.

  6. Maybe this is just me, but I am really over this pink eyeshadow trend….

    • What? You don’t like walking around looking like you’ve got an eye infection??!!

    • Guess its lucky that’s not eye shadow then.

      • It is eyeshadow

      • it is most definitely eyeshadow lol how could it not be???

      • Liz listed it as eye shadow. Therefore, it is eye shadow.

      • You’re correct, It’s a highlighting cream trio. I was confused myself so I googled, lol.

  7. Just thought I would let you all know that I got a letter from Allure today stating they are out of the SR serum from November and don’t anticipate replenishing. They didn’t offer any replacement in the letter, but I called CS and they are sending some sort of beauty bundle to me. Sorry if this news is disappointing for any of you, bc I know I was super disappointed.

    • What November serum?

  8. Why are people so upset because their box is running a little late? I bet you tons and tons of people subscribed just to get this box.Not only that but I see tons selling the SR items. The Glow item isn’t even out yet that’s why I say this and people are selling it for 40.

    They are overloaded I’m sure. I’m happy if I get my box in Jan because it’s the Jan box specially with all the SR goodies in. I still love Allure Beauty Box….❤

    • The delay is not the problem! Its Allure poor communication and poor customer service.

      • Very much so I just called them and there so rude..

    • To answer your question, because they charged me on January second. I just called and the less than amicable lady told me they are so late i would receive it well into February. In today’s day and age, i expext a month to be sufficie t time for a company to send me something i already paid for. So, that’s why.

      • I agree completely. I’m pretty bent about waiting this long particularly when they took my money way earlier than ever before! 99% of the time it’s always on the 9th regardless of the day of the week in the entire almost 2 years I’ve been a loyal subscriber. This month, I was charged on the 4th. What they should have done is send out emails the day they realized the nail polish was going to be late, send the boxes the way they were and then ship the nail polish separately or in next month’s box. Their supplier issue isn’t my fault nor is it my fault that they advertised the living daylights out of this box and now can’t keep up. I do believe they are lying. If my neighbor who is a new subscriber, (this is her 1st month), got both of her boxes, where is mine? She got both on the same day, Amazon did not have the polish but the through allure did? 🤔 New customers got there’s and so did MSA but not their long time, loyal customers? Bad way to handle it

      • I agree. If they are going to charge us at the beginning of the month, the box should be sent right away. Don’t charge me until you actually send the box out. That what any other good company does.

      • I called twice and emailed which they never responded.. I love allure but the condescending customer service wow makes me wanna rage cancel. So. Damn rude.

  9. So… at this point, do you think it’s a waste of time trying to order another January box?

    (Specifically for the SR items.)

  10. Not crazy about the random bonus item.

    That’s way too Boxycharm for my liking.

    • Then order off of Amazon and they won’t give it to you.😉

      • Amazon gives you same stuff Allure does. They didn’t give nail polish because it was not in stock and are mailing it separate.

        • Lisa; ALLURE did that to me as well. We get 2 boxes for the household and both came without the polish and when I called CS, they told me they were out of stock and would mail them. They did just that and we got BOTH bottles about 10 days later. LOVE the color too!

          • hi ladies, just to let you know I got my allure from amazon, and it did have the nail polish…

      • I’ve been subscribed through the regular service for I don’t know how long.

        I’m old and set in my ways.

      • Do you not get bonus items through Amazon?

        • you do. I got a cheap hair brush lolllll

          • I also got the hair brush. Didn’t expect anything else. Yesterday I got the nail polish?

        • My bad, I didn’t think so because I got an Amazon box for January and it did not have the nail polish in it. I have come to find out that Amazon did what Allure should have done and made the decision to ship the nail polish seperate when they get it. I got my Amazon box almost 2 weeks ago, still waiting on my other from Allure.😒

    • LOL…who complains about a free bonus? I must be getting old now that free is out of style. I guess bonuses were sooo 2017. Smh.

    • If it’s free and from a reputable brand, why not try something new?

      Man, the things that come out of some people’s mouths are astounding. The box was already great on it’s own. I think that people who use beauty subscription boxes don’t understand the point of them.

  11. I only am keeping this box active until I get the darned Wander mascara. It’s literally the only mascara that doesn’t give me problems.

    Not excited for March/April.

    And i JUST NOW got my december box. :/

    • Lucky.

      I’ll be doing well to get mine by the end of the month,the way things are going.

    • It says they dont know which Wander Mascara itll be. It could be their new one

  12. So there is literally nothing in the FEB box that gets me excited. I haven’t received my JAN box yet, do I have to wait till I get it to cancel? I dont want to further delay the arrival of my JAN that it already is :/

    • This is my exact position! I don’t know when to cancel

      • I would do it the day you receive your box or the day after.

        Call customer service, don’t bother emailing.

    • I’m in the same boat girl. Still waiting for Jan’s box before cancelling

    • I’ve had Allure for a year. In that time frame there have only been 2 boxes that were like the Feb box looks. So I can handle that, bc all other months are freaking amazing for $15. Just wanted to mention this, but you can also SKIP a month, not be billed for it, see the next month’s spoilers here, and continue with that next months box without having to cancel and re-subscribe if you’re wanting the March box. =)

      • Lol. That’s the longest run on sentence i’ve ever typed. Sorry about that….insomniac here.

      • How do you skip a month? Can you still do that directly through allure?

  13. I still haven’t gotten my January box or my CEO cream. Customer service is unresponsive. I will be cancelling. (I also am not seeing how this box can possibly be worth $78…)

    • Well, the Wander Beauty mascara is valued at $24 and the Model Co is actually a highlighting cream trio valued at $22. I don’t expect every box to just “get me.” There will always be hits and misses. There are no comparable boxes that provide full size high-end samples for $15. Not to mention, Allure then turns around and includes or mails out an additional full size sample often. Customer service is also speedy when ordering through Amazon. Beats the heck out of Sephora Play @ $10.

  14. I haven’t recieved an email from allure on this months box but I did get charged for it. I signed up for December’s box than immediately canceled but when I received my first box I loved it than resubscribed. I hope I don’t have any issues in the future since I resubscribed with them.

  15. Just wanted to say that my CEO serum arrived in the past week! (not sure of the exact day because I was traveling).

    • I called about the SR serum and was told it shipped out as of Wednesday! Yayyyyy!! Hope it makes it here without anymore problems lol.

  16. I might cancel after January, this February box isn’t exactly blowing my socks off…

    • Agreed

      • Y’all can skip February if you want.

  17. Allure is doing great with product but everything else is sub par!

  18. I REALLY hope it’s a new Wander mascara! I’m getting the Unlashed in my GBP this month. If I receive any of the other extra items other than the Mally lip gloss I’ll be much happier with the February box. I never seem to get lucky with colors on lippies (still trying to laugh about the awful pale lilac/white Smash is lippy I received, I think from Boxy.)

    • According to the ad in the new issue of Allure, it’s the Unlashed.

      I got that in another sub and still haven’t tried it.

      • I am still waiting for my Allure Magazine😬.

        • They’ve gone to what appears to be an every other month print issue focusing on one subject. They send out daily or more emails that read like column articles.

          I’m kind of disappointed. I’ve subscribed to Allure pretty much since the beginning and they’re really started to cheap out.

          • Hmmm I thought they only combo the December/January issue. I am going to pay more attention to how many they combine😬. I did finally get my February yesterday.

  19. oops…look allure you can’t do this.. whatever or whoever is making these mistakes…we are paying customers….we want what is advertised ,and we want it when its due…we all pay our money for this…so hire people to do good work or fire them…..we as customers don’t want your mistakes…so get a grip on these boxes, you have months ahead to plan this out…this is not good send everybody what there owed in their boxes..and move on. tired of games…

    • You are paying for a sub box that is supposed to be a mystery with a value of $50 or more and 5 products. They don’t owe us any other spoilers or specific products, unless we sign up for a special deal like the S.R. promo or Caudalie. Lots of boxes do variations and some of them don’t release them until after it’s too late to cancel. Allure is giving variation info a full 2 weeks before the deadline to cancel. And they are giving us a bonus item…

      From their FAQ’s:

      “Each box will include 5 editor-curated products in deluxe size*, with a total value of at least $50. Our editors select a mix of luxury and indie brands to include in each box. We sometimes include a bonus product (or two) from a mass brand, as a free, value add to you.
      * We define a deluxe size as at least 3 uses, with the exception of certain high value, one time use products, such as sheet masks.
      • In addition to the tried-and-tested products, your box will always include an Allure Beauty Box mini-magazine, featuring a letter from the editor, product reviews and tips for each product.
      • All new members who sign up for the Allure Beauty Box will receive a special gift as well.”

      • They may not owe us spoilers, but they do publish them. And once those spoilers go out, we expect to receive what is advertised and get it in a timely manner. Don’t get me wrong. I love Allure and have been a subscriber for years with no plans to cancel.

    • Tammy g, I second this!!!
      After the mess of emails that we’re sent out this week I wonder if anyone is in charge

  20. Allure just sent me an updated email after the confusing one from this morning about the refund and bonus box. I will be getting the Jan box with all the Sunday Riley and Ouai goodies. They are supposed to ship next week. I’ve been a subscriber for years.

    • Ditto

    • Same. Are we still getting the bonus box though? I’m always open to freebies lol

    • Me too.

    • I was sent the same email. I just called them. They said there was to be no refund and the box would be shipping out sometime next week with the complete products.The delay they said they had was they were waiting on the nail polish. Basically they told me the box would more than likely not get to me until Feb.

      • Thank you for posting that Kim! Ireceived the same confusing emails and was wondering what exactly i was or was not getting. ☺

      • So we’re all held up for a silly bonus bottle of bright red nail polish most likely leftover from the vendors Christmas lineup? Pppfffttt

        • It was up as a spoilers way before Xmas, so the polish at least isn’t leftover Xmas stuff.

      • They knew they were going to be shipping the polish.

        You’d think they’d have the supply in place when they were ready to ship. Or at the very least first dibs on any new production.


    • same here ! I only care about the SR products, the rest are icing for me.

    • I also received 2 emails from them. The first one said I’d receive a refund and they’d send tracking info next week.

      The 2nd email said that they made a mistake and I’d still get my box, but tracking info will go out next week.

      I signed up 6/18, took 2 months off and I’ve received every box since September.

    • Me, too.

  21. I know a lot of ppl have mentioned it but I rly think the model co item is not an eyeshadow trio. I’m pretty sure Its a small blush, bronzer highlight trio. It matches what’s on their site exactly. You guys still keep listing it as an eyeshadow trio though despite us telling you we are pretty sure it’s NOT eyeshadow lol.

    • Allure Magazine says it is eyeshadow….

    • Sarah, I actually got an Eyeshadow Trio from MODELCO and it’s quite pretty. The name of the “Metallic” shade range is called MYKONOS. There’s a champagne, a highly pigmented brownish bronze and a darker but not as pigmented burgundy. It seems this item is a variant.

  22. liz, can you please find out why ordering thru amazon we don’t get the bonus, ask allure if they are planning on sending this out to us or what, I would like to know and for the future of bonus items thru amazon? thanks, you do so much for us…thank you liz..

  23. Wait…wasn’t the SR C.E.O Vitamin C Serum a full size?

    • Apparently not anymore! I saw that just now too. NOW its only a HALF ounce. Everybody knows full size is a full ounce. N February box looks terrible. I won’t be in in that train ill tell you that much. Yuck

      • The CEO glow is a facial oil and the 1/2 oz size is full size.

        The CEO serum for the Nov promotion was a 1oz serum.

    • The Serum has always been listed as 15 ml and since that is only size it comes in it is considered “full size” don’t you love how that works?

  24. I think this will be my last month for this box.

    I signed up in November, received that box but never received the free gift even though the card inside said that I would be receiving one. Received my December box at the very end of the month. And now I received the confusing email that everyone else is talking about, so I have no idea what I am receiving or if I am even receiving a January box.

    I subscribed under a 3-month promotion and I don’t want it to auto-renew for another three months (and that February box isn’t very interesting for me).

  25. I saw someone post a copy of their email to amazon about not receiving the nail polish in their box. The reply said something about the nail polish being delayed and would be sent separately. So hopefully everyone will still be receiving the nail polish, just later.

  26. I recieved a letter saying they were out of the CEO serum a d would not be getting any more. I called and asked for my money back for Nov, Dec, and Jan. They said they would.

  27. I signed up when they were offering the Caudalie serum free, and was expecting to wait months, but it was inside December’s box! Of course that meant I got the cheap bliss eye mask variation so it all fit. But still! I was so pleasantly surprised to the the serum in the box.

  28. I signed up on Dec 17, money came out of my account on Dec 18, but I still have no box. I haven’t’ even been charged for January yet and I’ve heard not a peep from Allure. I’ll be calling to cancel on my lunch break. Seems to me as they are picking and choosing who they will email and who they won’t. Going a month without hearing anything is not cool. Since they haven’t shipped anything, they can just give me my money back.

    • Their FAQ states it can take 20 days for your first box to ship. There’s been holidays in between also. They can’t cancel before your box has been shipped so I’d wait until it comes. It’s frustrating but they do send it and Jan is one of the first delayed boxes in a long time.

      • Yes, I know it can take up to 20 days for the first box. People who have signed up after the date that I did are receiving boxes, so to say I’m frustrated is an understatement. I would be more patient if they at least emailed me an update or even an email saying hello but its been crickets since the day I signed up. I guess I just signed up at a bad time LOL.

  29. I thought the NCLA polish would be the best part of the box this month, and now you’re telling me that because I get it through Amazon, I won’t get the polish?

    Bah humbug!

    Why not?????

    And what won’t I get in February?

    • maybe they are trying to get people to sign up through Allure directly. that would be one of the incentives to not include a bonus. just a guess

    • I will GIVE you mine if you pay for shipping. I do not wear red polish and would hate to waste it.

    • You will get it! Amazon said it will be sent separately. The nail polish is what is holding up Allure’s boxes since they are still waiting on it. Amazon is just sending two shipments instead of waiting.

    • Also you won’t get the full size SR either.

      • The SR CEO glow has been in all the Amazon boxes so far just not the polish. Allure doesn’t have it yet.

      • False, CEO glow oil is one of the box items.

    • I got my box through Amazon and just received the NCLA nail polish yesterday (Feb 2). Would have got it sooner, but the weather held it up.

    • I signed up through Amazon and got the nail polish yesterday (Feb 2). Would have been here sooner, but was help up by the weather.

  30. Am I the only one that is sick and tired of Allure’s lascivious of customer service and the whole variation thing?

    • Yes!!!! Took 10 days to get my box cancelled. Finally got a confirmation email yesterday with a chance to keep it anther 4 months at $10. I had to laugh because they have only been charging me $10. for all of last year.

    • Lascivious customer service can be fun.

  31. Saw this on Reddit: I asked my friend (the one who does Allure’s cust service) about the email that says something about a refund, but then shows up as a January box update. She has no idea how it happened, but it was 100% a glitch on their end, there is no refund, just a January box

    Won’t let me post the link.

    • Thanks! I think they copied/pasted when creating the new email. The refund part only showed up in my preview pane, and if I copy paste to a new email… i do see it. But, that would totally not make sense to refund, give a free box, and then ship January. They are late, but not that late in shipping!

      • Actually next Friday is pretty late… I won’t even get my box until February now.

    • thanks! I got that email and was wondering about that.

      • Me too, the email was definitely confusing.

  32. I called CS they had no idea about the email said boxes will be shipping next Friday

    • next Friday?? WTH…………………………

      • What’s inside of the January box!

  33. So I received the same email early this morning about the title line being a refund and bonus box, but then when I open the body of the email it says that there was a shipping delay and my January box would be shipping next week. I will be a little upset if I don’t receive the Sunday Riley products and a bunch of random crap in a box since I signed up in December and my payment posted on 01/04 for January. I am also expecting a box from Amazon, it says that one has shipped, has anyone received their box from Amazon yet? and If so did it have the SR products in it?

    • I received my amazon box a couple days ago. It has the SR products in it, and I got the amika hair mask. It does not have the nail polish, as that’s a bonus item for those subbed through allure. I read on Rddit that the delay is due to them waiting for the polish.

      • Good to know about the SR products. I actually have enough samples to try a good bit of the SR line. I’m a huge fan of Good Genes and initially loved the C serum. Willing to try them for a few weeks and see what it does for my skin. Not sure how to use all together so online research…

      • Nope, not for Allure only. I contacted them through Amazon and they told me it will be shipped separately for Amazon subscribers!

        • That’s great! Thanks for letting us know. I had accepted that we wouldn’t get it so now it’s a treat!

    • Same happened to me with allure. Literally all the same. I don’t even know what’s happening.

    • I got my Jan box via Amazon and it came last week with both SR products and the amika, no nail polish tho.

    • I ordered a 2nd box thru Amazon on 1.1, got the SR products but not the polish…which is fine since I ordered for the SR, to have dupes

      • Do you have both Allure and Amazon? I have been a subscriber to Allure for a year. My sister tried signing up who lives with me and they canceled her order saying 1 box per address. So she just signed up thru Amazon and i’m a little nervous that Allure will cancel my
        subscription due to getting 2 Allure boxes to the same address. Just curious if anyone has both Allure and Amazon together and it’s not an issue. Thanks. =)

    • I received my January allure box from Amazon last week. Had both of the SR products in it.

    • Thank you to all who responded. I did the same as some of you, ordered a second through Amazon. I am ok with not receiving the nail polish through Amazon, but yes to the SR products. I will just keep calm and hope good things come my way! Again, thank you for all the kind replies!

    • I received a full size Sunday Riley vitamin c Tuesday in a package with no identification. I assumed it was allure but I am not sure. I also got the email you are referring to. Strange.

    • I got the same email! And then I just now received an email with the subject line Oops… that states “You may have received incorrect information in a recent email from us. Rest assured, your January box with favorites from Sunday Riley and Ouai is shipping soon and your payment has been processed. You can expect a tracking email next week!”

      What the heck?!?

      • How do you order from Amazon? Are they better at fulfilling?

        • Amazon is best way to go and the only way I ever subscribed. You get your box 7-10 days after you order and can subscribe and cancel online you don’t have to call. You just go to Amazon do a search for Allure beauty box and order it.

  34. I got my CEO Serum last Friday. I was happy, considering that I never thought I was going to get it. I signed up for two boxes, at least through this month, because everything I’ve ever tried from Sunday Riley has worked great for my skin. I got an email this morning that confused me though – it was an update on my January box. In the preview of the gmail, it said that allure was sorry for the delay, processing a refund, and sending me a free box” but when I open the email, it says “your box should ship out next week”. Sooo which is which? I really don’t wanna get suckered out of the SR.

    • I just came here wondering about this too. I thought maybe they caught wind that I’d cancelled my recurring payment in Paypal and weren’t going to send me a box, but then it said it’d send soon. I got one through amazon already, but I was really hoping I’d still get the one through allure, because I really like the CEO glow

      Also, I will probably pause for February. There’s nothing in that box that I want/need

    • I got the same exact thing. Super weird..

  35. Something is seriously wrong when they can’t even get an email right. If someone actually figures out what’s going on, please post it.

  36. I might resubscribe in February, but cancelled last night through Amazon. If you’re worried about cancellation and whatnot, if you sign up through Amazon, it’s very easy to cancel that way.

  37. So, here’s the weird thing about that email. The subject line says that they are processing a refund and sending me a bonus box, however, nowhere in the actual email does it state that. It only states that my box is shipping soon and I should recieve an email with tracking info.

    Very odd…

    ps- FINALLY received my CEO Sunday Riley- but the bottle looks different than the other ones I’ve received. hmmmmmmm

    • Okay, that’s the same thing I got, I even tried viewing the email in a browser to see if I got a different result.

    • I got the same email 😂 I’m waiting to get January’s box then cancelling

      • Me too. Hopefully we won’t be charged for feb box by then.

        • Sometimes I wonder if they string deliveries out long enough to get another month out of people so they can’t cancel.

  38. I signed up with the Sunday Riley deal and had issues with my account. I had a pending charge for weeks and it finally fell off. I called them and they said I didn’t have an account. I signed up again and they promised to send me the December box and the Sunday Riley. I have only received the January box and have a feeling they told me what I wanted to hear just to keep me signed up. I’ve read the horror stories on here and hoped I wouldn’t have the same experience.
    Their customer service agent seemed so nice and genuine. She offered me bonus items (I never received) and said the box would be sent right out so this is disappointing.

  39. I get my box through Amazon and we didn’t get bonus nail polish so probably won’t get this bonus either. Also I went to Model Co website and they had something that looked like the eye shadow shown but it was a cream blush,highlighter,bronzer trio.

    • When did your box ship? Also did you get the SR products in the Amazon box?

      • My box has not shipped yet which is really weird I ordered on 14th and with Amazon it usually ships in day or 2. I just know it won’t have polish because nobody else who ordered through Amazon got polish. Allure has not shipped either because they are waiting on polish. But yes the Sunday Riley was in there and hair mask variant.

  40. Oh man I got the same email about the delay in the January box 😕 if it’s not the original January box I’m going to cancel since this box doesn’t really appeal to me.

  41. I received an email yesterday or the day before that they are out of the CEO and would be shipping a substitution. I have a feeling that their idea of a suitable substitute and mine aren’t going to be the same.

    • are you talking about the CEO in this months box, or the bonus for signup in November?

  42. Tbh the bonus item variations look better than the entire box. Only worthwhile thing is the Wander

  43. I just got the same email about a refund but a courtesy box. Makes me wonder if they ran out of January and are refunding me but sending a random box instead.

    • If you got double charged this month, the bonus is their compensation

    • I also got the similar email. My friend who subscried for the first time for Sunday Riley already got her tracking info. So mad at allure.

    • I just got that email too. It says I’m getting my January box and a refund. Don’t know if my January box will be vastly different.

    • I just got the same email! This is their best box in a while. I hope I get the advertised products!

    • Oh I got the same email… I hope the box is the same I’m really looking forward to the new Sunday Riley ☹️

    • I also received same email and from my understanding it’s because they ran out of the Sunday Riley and will be sending out boxes with substitute items. I’m so pissed 😡 I see all these newer subscribers getting boxes with the Sunday Riley but those that have been with them for a long time get screwed

      • I’m a new subscriber (sort of. Quit early last year and resubscribed for the January Box.) I got the same email. I’ll be mad if it’s a substitute box. They shouldn’t accept new subscribers if they don’t have the inventory.

      • No it’s because they had a glitch that billed some people twice, they sent them an email. Someone left the pretext header in the email regarding the refund.

        The CEO they’re “out of” is from a November promotion nothing to do with January box.

        • I swear I shouldn’t read the comments on MSA anymore for the most part.

    • Ok I just got off the phone with customer service regarding the delay of the box and the email. I received this email and was pretty confused. Customer service states the email was a glitch, it was a mistake and should never have gone out. There are no replacement boxes or refunds, that the January boxes have not mailed out because they are waiting on the products to arrive. (Which seems strange and inaccurate because I literally just read in this feed where a lady already recieved her box with the Sunday Riley products). I really hate to act entitled, but I’ve been with Allure for years now, if it is in fact a screw up they have a duty to tell us, and they have a duty to fulfil subscriptions by seniority.

  44. I just got an email from Allure saying they were processing a refund for me and sending me a free box. Also said my January box is shipping soon and I’ll get a tracking email next week. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • Me too! I was worried they were sending refunds and not boxes as I was looking forward to this one. Nice gesture on their part.

      • Definitely an improvement on what I normally hear about their customer service. I’ve never experienced any bad CS experiences, but I am definitely aware they have issues with customers. I hope this is a sign that 2019 is going to be a year of improvement for everyone’s experience. Good on them for doing this right away.

    • I just got the same message! I’m just hoping that I do get my box because I was really looking forward to it. I don’t have much faith in their customer service due to bad past experiences.

    • I got that email too. But the weird thing is I only see the bit about the refund and bonus box when the email is minimized in my inbox. When I actually open the email it just says they’re updating me on January. Given how freaking terrible their customer service is I’m half convinced the refund and bonus are a mistake and that won’t actually happen.

      • Same thing with me. I can only see it (the refund part) before I open the email. I better get January since I have been subbed for years without cancelling!

      • Same! I only see a reference to the refund and free box in the preview of the e-mail while I’m looking at my entire mailbox. If I open the message, the subject says nothing about a refund and free box, and the body of the e-mail just says they apologize for the shipping delay. I’m not optimistic the refund and bonus box will really happen. I think that part may have been a mistake.

        • Same thing here. When I opened the email and selected everything (CTRL+A) I saw the part about the refund. They wrote that part in white font!

      • Serena my email does the same thing.

      • Me too!

        • Same with mine

    • Same. Not feeling very good about it. I only resigned up because of the January box itself. The email is unclear if it will be the January box or a different one.

    • I just got one as well.

    • That’s the email I just got. So confused and had to come here to see what was up, glad I’m not the only one xD

    • Oh I’ll be so bummed if I dont get the original January box. What a mess they are! I’m cancelling after January, and crossing my fingers it’s the original January box. 🤞🏼

    • I recieved the same email but the next few hours they sent me another saying “oopps”, that the recent email was just an incorrect info. Oopps allure having another mishap🤦

      • I received the same email but mine had nothing about a refund. Mine said they were charging my card & sending my January box out next week & will give me a tracking # then. Then an hour later received an email saying “opps” ignore the last email & your box will be sent out next week & you will get your tracking # then. How weird… Both emails were basically saying the same thing. I am just wondering why they are sending their beauty boxes out late this month. It seems like a lot of beauty boxes were actually sent out late this month. But this is sooooo weird!!!

  45. Still have yet to get my allure January box! It shipped on the 4th and allure says they have no clue where it is.. I’ve been with them for over a year , and it’s not cool not to have answers for ur customers. This is my last box with them unfortunately until they come up with a lot better stuff then what’s in February and March and April. Nothing is making me want to stay😔

    • Why don’t you contact the post office about the missing package? It is no longer in Allure’s hands but you can ask the post office to track it down for you.

      • Or allure is lying, they are infamous for that

        • Ladies it’s allure who is the fault! I just got an email stating there is a delay in shipping! They won’t give me shipping notification until next week when I’ve been subscribed to them for over a year! I’m so upset and will not be returning until they change their shipping notifications . They use to tell me that when they charged us every month that it was meaning that the box is about to ship. So I was charged in the 4th and it hasn’t even left their facility 😡 I wouldn’t even be mad if they hadn’t have charged me and get my hopes up.

          • I don’t understand the outrage over a slight shipping delay? In my experience, allure bills the first week of the month and ships the third week of the month. Oh, the horror of them shipping a week late!
            Why are your hopes so dashed over a week-long delay of a $15 beauty box? You’re aware that there are people in the world with real problems, right?

          • LOL I also don’t understand the outrage over a weeks delay of shipping your box. It’s kinda ridiculous. Throwing around the fact that you have been with Allure a year like you are more entitled is also ridiculous. I could in return say well wait just one minute here, I’ve been with them for 3 years and I’m more entitled than someone who’s been here a year. It’s dumb.

  46. I still have not received the promotional full sized Sunday Riley ceo serum from late november. I have been told many different things by customer service. Has anyone received theirs ?

    • No, I recieved a letter stating they were out and will not get in any more inventory. Not happy

    • I received the Sunday Riley product on Tuesday. It’s a full size, 1oz, CEO Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. This product is $85 at Sephora. This arrived in a single item package and I assumed it was from Allure. I’m happy even if I get nothing else.

    • I got the Sunday Riley CEO Serum last Friday. No shipping info or email. It just showed up in my mailbox !!!!!

  47. I got my ALLURE January box last week and was disappointed to not find the NCLA Nail Polish. So I contacted them through email (never a great idea for fast service) BUT they responded immediately and said they sadly didn’t have the polish in hand when mailing out the box.

    Odd, but they did mail my box out on the 3rd….in any event, they said they will be mailing the polishes separately.

    • If you’re subscription is through Amazon that happened to everyone. I believe the nail polish issue is why people who subscribed through Allure have not received their boxes yet.

  48. I just wish that The BrowGal brow gel was full-size.

  49. FYI for anyone posting the new Sunday Riley CEO Oil 15 ml (allure Jan Box):

    Allure states that their “Early Access Kit” is a value of $230. The 1.0 oz Good Genes costs $105 and the Retinol Serum is $85 (via Sephora online). So $230 minus $105 minus $85 is $40 for the new CEO Oil.

    Hadn’t seen anyone reference this value anywhere (and some swap listings were guessing $55-60), so just wanted to share the info for anyone interested 😊

    Happy January, Y’all 😉

    • The $40 is also in line with SR’s other facial oils (Juno, etc.) $55-$60 would be way high. Your math is spot on. 🙂

  50. Is there any new news on the November box & that one-day bonus Sunday Riley CEO? I haven’t had any of my emails (to various addresses) returned. Last I heard (here on MSA, bless you all!) was that people who had managed to get a live person on the phone were told that shipments were lost. I haven’t received my December box, either, tho I haven’t unsubscribed because I still want that Sunday Riley if at all possible. I’m not even as much angry anymore as sad.

    • Liz made a post about it.

    • Have hope. I was told I wasn’t getting the caudalie and it was in my december box. Apparently the packing department and customer service dont communicate at all. Hope it works out in your favor!

    • I received that ceo cream week ago

    • Mine arrived a few days ago.

    • Received an email in advance, and sure enough, the CEO Serum showed up.

      Just bought the full size of the A+ from Sephora today, so I’ll be happy to have a travel size and sample of the Glow.

    • I never received my December box also… they told me I never paid for it when I called into customer service and talked to one of the customer service reps and gave her my card number. They they were out of the December box. I just got a email about my refund and then one about my January box… I wonder if they are refunding people about the December box or a missing product… hopefully they work everything out soon. I never received my snack nation boxes also…

    • Customer service finally responded to me yesterday and told me there was no indication in their system I should be getting the CEO. I’m pissed because that’s why I signed up and their website was still prominently displaying the offer when I did. I let them know I’m not happy.

    • I recieved a letter saying they were out of the CEO serum a d would not be getting any more. I called and asked for a full refund for Nov, Dec, and Jan. They said they would refund all.

      • Wow they really refunded you for 3 months worth of boxes because they ran out of the free gift.

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