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Pusheen Box Winter 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

pusheen box

We have full spoilers for the Winter 2018 Pusheen Box!

Each box will include:

  • Pillow Cases
  • Hooded Blanket
  • Crew Socks
  • Earmuffs
  • Garland
  • Greeting Cards


Pusheen Latte Art Stencils!

Vinyl Figure.

What do you think of the spoilers?

Pusheen Box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US and ships mid-December

Check out Pusheen Box reviews to see what you can expect from the cutest subscription box ever!

Pusheen Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (46)

  1. This was the first time I wasn’t completely happy but I’ve been getting this box for 2 years. So for a subscription box that’s not a bad track record. I liked everything but the stencils and the robe thingy. I miss getting the little plushy and I wish things had been more Christmas themed. I believe last year was when we got the strand light phone charger? Which I still use every time I need to charge my phone. I was hoping for little lights or something like that and I really wanted another sweater. I can’t tell you how many times I’m told how cute they are every time I wear one out 🤗
    I’m hoping next box will make up for this one. I have faith in you pusheen!

  2. Been waiting for my box and asking where it is now for a while. Our previous box arrived quickly, just over a week after the U.S. got theirs. I’m overseas so I expect ours to take a little longer. I’ve been tracking the box and it hasn’t even left the U.S. yet! I said I think i should be compensated for the lengthy delay by a price reduction or merchandise- you know anything would be ok, it’s just a gesture of goodwill by culture fly, and it seems that I should just be happy with “sorry” and whatever bad service I get. The days of keeping a customer happy are long gone. Now I’ve just been informed they think my box has been lost and can I give them my postal details again….I hope the box is worth the wait but I’m reading a lot of bad reviews about low quality. I’m also disappointed there’s no plush. The pillow slips, blanket and socks look cute, the cards and garland are no use now for me as xmas is well and truly over 🙁 I’m really disappointed and so is my daughter 🙁

  3. I got my box yesterday and looked at the vinyl figure…Pusheen had no FACE. They didn’t pain the freaking face on Pusheen! What the heck! I contacted customer service and am waiting to hear back…but mannnnn, how do you not put Pusheen’s FACE on, in a PUSHEEN box???

    • I wish we could post pictures here…I’d love to see it!!

  4. As I was telling my boyfriend how it wasn’t my favorite box, I was hanging the felt bunting, wearing the blanket and socks. So while I don’t love it, I feel like I got my money’s worth and I am using it.
    I’m not sure what’s changed but it feels like they’ve lost their super cute theming. These aren’t really winter or holiday and it really disappoints me.
    And everything just feels super cheap. The blanket is neither super soft or fuzzy. It’s that firm really cheap fleece. The earmuffs are so cheap and kind of uncomfortable. And while the banner or the stencils or the cards would be just filler, having all three toward our item count makes the box feel super cheap and tossed together.
    I’ll give them another go but I really hope they pull it all together soon!

  5. I subscribed this month because I saw all the past pusheen boxes….My first box and I’m so disappointed 🙁

  6. I’ve been buying the subscription for the last 3 years and I have to be honest out of all the boxes this is the biggest disappointment. I can’t believe we were charged $50 plus for this box. Most of these items look extremely cheap like something you could buy at the dollar store! I’m not a teenager, this isn’t for my daughter..I buy this box for ME. I am not sure what happened this time but Pusheen really missed the mark. Its making me question whether I want to renew my subscription.

  7. We received our box on Saturday and my daughter could not have been more delighted. She thinks this is the best one yet! She immediately put on the blanket and socks and has been wearing the ear muffs to school. I doubt I’ll use the stencils, but everything else is awesome.

  8. I’m SO disappointed in this box. The garland, latte stencils, cards all look like dollar store items, the earmuffs look VERY cheap, socks are useful I guess but not exciting in the slightest, pillowcases don’t match with my decor and I have no use for the blanket as i already have wayyyy too many (although it does look quite nice, i’ll admit). The only thing I’m remotely interested about is the vinyl figure 🙁

    • Agreed… this is so disappointing…worst box to date. No Christmassy things either…

  9. Aww they all look so cute!

  10. My daughter is going to love this! She wears the robe from the last box every day. She’s going to be so excited about the hooded blanket with the snap sleeves, the garland, the pillowcases, and the socks. We already have Pusheen earmuffs that are good quality–maybe I will borrow this pair. 🙂

    Can anyone read what the pillowcases say?

    • One says “Morning”, the other “Night”!

      • Thanks!! Cute! 🙂

  11. Yay, glad I picked up this box with the Black Friday coupon! Not gonna lie, the garland, cards and stencils feel a bit like fillers to me – but I love that hooded blanket! (and I think this quarter’s vinyl figure is one of the best they’ve done so far!)

  12. Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m a bit disappointed in this one. The value doesn’t seem to be there as much as in other boxes. Cards, a felt garland, and stencils – all really cheap items (though I like them! just not seeing as much value here as in past boxes). The earmuffs don’t seem very nice…. hopefully the blanket is super plush and makes up for the other items.
    In comparison for last year we got: vinyl, plush, mug warmer, mug, charger, sweatshirt, pins, post-its, head scratcher. So that was 8 items, and only 7 here…. :-/ And 2016: gloves, scarf, thermos, lights, stamps, wrapping paper/stickers, vinyl, tea infuser, washi tape.

    • There’s 8?? Pillow cases, hooded blanket, socks, earmuffs, garland, greeting cards, stencils… and figure..? That is 8.

      • you’re right – my mistake, there are 8. Still less than previous boxes though.

      • Previous boxes had more items.

        Winter 2015 had 9 items: figure, shirt, usb flash, warmer, mug, 3 cards, 3 erasers, Keychain & beanie hat.

        Winter 2016 had 9 items: figure, 2 gift wraps with 4 stickers, stamp set, scarf, gloves, thermos, tea infuser, washi tape & light string.

        Winter 2017 had 9 items: figure, 3 different pins, mug, mug warmer, 4 types of sticky notes, charging cable, massager, sweatshirt & plush.

        Winter 2018 has 8 items: figure, 2 pillow cases, blanket, earmuffs, garland, 3 types of stencil, 2 different cards & socks.

        half of the things from this box are actually in $1 range but it’s Pusheen so you know the price!

      • Hmmm…two of the same thing? Hardly. And usually there’s a wearable (sized) item in the box. That’s the big omission here…

    • I feel the same, I’m glad I didn’t go for this when the coupon came out, feels kind of cheap, I only like the vinyl

  13. Is it just me or this box has fewer items than the previous boxes? We usually see 8-9 squares on the description card but this time there are only 7. I think the box is missing something like a mini mug or a plush.

    • You are right, no plush this time.

      • NO PLUSHIE??!! Augh. That’s one of the best parts of the box!

        I’d much, much rather have that than the vinyl figurine.

      • No plushie and no wearable/sized item.

        This is a BIG disappointment…

    • There are 8 items this time. But you’re right, no plush.

  14. I will use the blanket and the socks all winter long! The pillowcases and garland also look like simple, cute room accents. I’m still in love with the robe from their last box!

  15. Does the hooded blanket fit an adult or more child sized?

    • So far everything is adult size (well, I’m not sure about the robe from Fall). They will get a VERY large complaint from me if this isn’t adult size. I really love that their t-shirt sizes go up to 3x. There are a whole lot of us who wear plus sizes.

      No matter what size it is, I will probably wear it outside as a cape.

      • The fall robe is adult unisex sized. I ordered a small and the robe was sized XS-M. It’s very plush and warm.

  16. The fomo is for real 😭 I could only afford one quarterly sub and i had to choose a different one

    • I KNOW!!! I subscribed to Pusheen for a while, and I found that the items just didn’t fit the decor anywhere in my house…but I sooooooooooo want a Pusheen-themed wing. Just the cutest stuff.

  17. I’d love to swap for the set of pillowcases, two of the blankets, and two of the figurines. You can see my swap profile by clicking on my name. Or email thoozie (at) gmail (dot) com

    • What do you have up for swap? (sorry, i’m not on the swap site yet)

  18. I had received every box except the first one (but was able to swap for everything eventually). I was worried about cancelling for this box but am glad I did. I do have a lot of Pusheen items in my house already. I am going to try and swap for the pillowcases/socks. In the past this box would be sold out by the time spoilers came out but that doesn’t seem to be the case any longer so if there is a really awesome box I want I will just sub for that one box.

  19. Another great box! A few of the items will be gifted to my BF’s 10 year old daughter – we both have a Pusheen obsession!

  20. I have an annual subscription and I was going to cancel once it’s up, but I don’t think I can bear to. All of the items are so CUTE and actually functional!!!

  21. My box arrived today! I’m sure my daughter will be thrilled with everything! I’d love to keep the blanket but I’m certain she’ll take it. The ear muffs look rather, um, cheaply made.

    • Ya, those will probably get donated or thrown out. Living in S. California, we really don’t need them.

    • Is the garland paper or something more durable?

      • Not paper, maybe a bit more durable. Super cute though!

      • It’s a felt garland

      • what garland? we did not get any.

  22. Oh sooo cute. Love the wrap and socks.

  23. Oh wow! I was disappointed that when I signed up it was too late to get the fall box with the cute bathrobe, but this makes up for it! I can’t wait to wear the socks and the hooded blanket! Everything else is great too.

  24. After seeing the full spoilers, I’m so glad y’all convinced me to get this box!

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