Margot Elena Discovery Box Winter 2018 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the Winter 2018 Margot Elena box! (Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing these with us!)

Each box will include:

  • Limited Edition Wish Bubble Bath – $18 Value
  • Peacock Silken Kimono – $60 Value
  • Wish Bath Salt Sachet – $14 Value
  • Hand-glazed Stoneware Mug – $14 Value
  • Novocaine & Tainted Love Fragrance Duo
  •  Triple Milled Shea Butter Soap – $14 Value
  • The Kissing Bell – $14 Value
  • Wish Shea Butter Handcreme – $25 Value
  • Signature Stationery Trio – $15 Value
  • The Cottage Greenhouse White Pine & Balsam Travel Candle

More pictures of the items:

What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: Margot Elena Discovery Box

The Cost: $49.99 a quarter

The Products: Discover the world of All Things Beautiful with the Margot Elena Discovery Box filled with over $200 worth of full-sized products curated by our team

Ships to: US

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Mine arrived this morning. The BTBF bag is GORGEOUS and huge! Love the box. The items are thoughtful – the letter explains the thought behind it. The bell is amazing! Can’t wait to start a new tradition. The kimono is stunning! Love all the items! So incredibly impressed.

    • Mish ~ what is BTBF BAG?? Not seeing it …… and if it’s GORGEOUS and huge, then I am sooooooooooooooooo curious…… got shipment notification today!!! 🙂

      • It is the bonus bag that was offered with a quarterly subscription for Better Than Black Friday. Mine has a dragonfly print. It’s very pretty, but huge, and it feels like an Ikea bag – I wish it were canvas instead of plastic, it would be stunning!

        • Ooooh did your bonuses come in your winter box? I haven’t received mine yet but I LOVE this winter box!

    • I’m so excited to receive this box and really extra excited about the kimono! I’d much rather receive a kimono and a nice array of scented products, then just scented products, personally – it’s a great value and unlike some similar stuff I’ve gotten in other boxes this kimono seems to be really nice quality. This box always brings the quality stuff, IMO

      • Can the kimono be worn as part of an outfit or is more like a robe? Not up to speed on fashion😁

        • As an outfit. It’s the size of the kimono causebox sent a couple boxes ago. It isn’t long like robe.

          • Thanks!

        • The info inside the box describes it as a part of an outft. Also, there is no tie with it.

  2. This box looks great to me and when you calculate each item as $5 wow! I love their cards – please keep them coming, and although I’m not sure of the fate of the kimono at $5 it’s a bargain. I agree, I use the handleless mugs for lots of things – like pencil holders, vase, toothbrush holder, planter etc also a nice gift item, and if it is microwaveable I’ll use it even more. Bath versus shower products – a lot of people have pointed out that many bath items can be used in the shower. And my mother in law collects bells, so I am deliriously happy.

    Honestly I’m amazed ME can stay in business with this level of box. They cannot be making any money on these.

    • They may not be making money on the boxes but I had never heard of them before last December and I’ve spent more than $300 on regular items from their site this year. I think that’s the plan for making this work.

    • These boxes are full of their own products, they don’t have to outsource at all, which would actually allow them to turn way more of a profit than most other subs. So I have to completely disagree with the statement that they can’t be making any money off of these boxes. The cost to manufacture most products is shockingly low compared to the price most companies sell their products for. I also would agree with Barb that these boxes have actually made ME a huge profit in relevance and notoriety alone.

      • Yes I had a similar business. I didn’t pay more than $2 per item to make. Sold them for $89. Huge profit.

  3. I’m worried for next springs box, considering half of it’s contents are most likely here in the winter box. So strange half of it is so springy… Even the one visible card has a huge rose on it. I feel like this box is half winter, half spring, with something dark thrown in to compliment the mood this box is giving me.

  4. The first time I’ve been disappoint in this sub. Previous boxes have had 11-13 items, and this one has 10. Plus one of them is a bell. The cards are a little disappointing but they have had them before in their boxes.

    Also, another bubble bath? We just got one last quarter. I feel like people were complaining last box that they didn’t take baths, so ME came out and said it could be used as a shower gel/soap. I actually really like that bubble bath, but this box, they add another bubble bath and a bath salt.They couldn’t add some variation with a skincare (facial) product? or a full sized body lotion?

    • I’m really happy they have bath products.

    • I still love the box but I agree this one is my least favorite of the lot – I think it’s the fewer items, lower value than normal (still good value!) and the peacock kimono as pretty as it is taking up over a quarter of the box value. I was surprised by another bubble bath as well – though I guess now I could pick one to keep and one to gift! 🙂 I had just bought the perfume due the box came with. But I still like the box, just maybe not a wow/amazing! like the last 4.

  5. They tried to charge me for multiple ( more than 3) boxes.. I have one subscription.
    Be sure to check your charges. 😉

    I had to report my card as lost and get a brand new one to stop the charges for the ( awful) Winter box.

    I think I’m still getting one box, which I do not want at all because this is a total mess of their branded products and not at all representative of what they sell on their website with regards to the most expensive things in the box.

    I’m very disillusioned with what they tried to do ( load me up with a ton of charges/ boxes I didn’t ever order while I was actively contacting them and talking to them on the phone about their accounting errors) and with the overall contents of this box in total.

    This is my 5th box in my subscription, and I’ve decided I have enough body and hand creams, bubble baths and milk baths and misc. ” strange” items they could never sell in their stores or on their website ( handle-less mug, weirdly cut robe to name two) to last for a very long time, maybe until I’m not upset with them or they get their act together again.

    • Dear Lily,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. We are truly sorry to hear about your experience and understand your frustration. As we are always trying to improve, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] since we greatly appreciate your feedback on how we can do better! Margot Elena designed and curated many exclusive items just for the Winter Box that we hope you can use this season and well beyond—we would love to hear your thoughts on the whole box once you’ve received it. We are always striving to exceed expectations and to delight! We hope you’ll accept our sincerest apologies for your inconvenience and reach out to us with any outstanding questions.

      Warmest of wishes to you this magical season.

      -Margot Elena Customer Service

      • I absolutely LOVE bath items, lotions, candles, stationery and I especially enjoy the unique items not available in stores because that means I own something special from her line. I would loved to have gotten the tea basket for the cool winter weather, but I’m thrilled! If I wanted facial products I would rejoin my cosmetics subs!! I specifically joined ME to get away from makeup and cleansers! I really appreciate the stationary too. I feel like I’m getting a bit of everything but nothing is compromised Thank you Margot Elena! Merry Christmas!

  6. Is the wish bubble bath mini sized? ..Is that what is “limited edition” about it? On the margot elena sight it is listed as $50 not $18 but I’m assuming it’s a larger size.

  7. I am becoming more disappointed by this box the more I look at it. I subbed to a second box to use as a Christmas gift and I don’t care for multiple items in the box. I don’t really want to gift this and have them be disappointed. That kimono is gaudy and not very wintery or warm looking. From what I understand the mug has no handle, so coffee and other hot drinks are out. The bell is not much use to me. I think the RSV of that Kimono ($60) is way inflated and instead of that we could have received at least three other items (at least $14 a piece). The bell, kimono, and mug are not listed on her site so we have take their word on the value. Hopefully the Spring box will be an improvement. This being their first year I am not surprised they went in strong and are going to start backing off a bit.
    I’ve received shipping notification for my annual but nothing for my seasonal. Fingers crossed they never ship it and I can get a refund. I can dream.

    • I have been watching this box for a while and everything looked great. I sign up and … I get this box 🙁

      • Me too, I’m so bummed 🙁

        • I’m with you guys…at last my first box and…now so regretful. I really wanted to experience the ME products, the previous boxes kind of promised a great holidays winter box. A kimono, that some have pointed out it’s huge!?!? What if some of us customers are tiny sized :(??? I dind’t buy this box to gift it away, all I can think of is what a disappointing first impression. Now all I want is to cancel.

          • I’m a size 14, and the kimono is still big on me. It super pretty, but I’m not sure where I’m supposed to wear it.

          • I imagine as an just out of the shower type of wrap. Or on a hot summer night sitting on the patio. It does not say winter to me.

    • Thank you for this. You’ve alleviated my FOMO.

    • Totally with you. I’ve been eyeing this box for a year, and this was a splurge for me. I wasn’t expecting them to take the box in a direction which includes less variety of their own bath and body product in favor of home goods and fashion. My dilemma now is whether or not to consider splurging in Spring. I fear this is an indication that they’re taking the box in a new direction that makes it less appealing to me. Might have to skip Spring and see where it’s going.

      • Keep an eye out for the spoilers. I have one left on my annual and depending on how the next one goes I may not resub. Her home goods and fashion seem to be way over priced, so less items in the box.

        • Be careful, they didnt let me cancel and I got billed for a whole new annual even though i had emailed them multiple times and well in advance. When it comes to cancelling, their customer service is miserable, which was totally unexpected given that otherwise they were quite good at replacing broken things and such. Goes to show their products arent worth a dime.

          • Thanks for the heads up.

    • I got one am thrilled with the contents of your boxes and it is one of the few boxes i am keeping my subscription to. Great job Margot Elena!

  8. Not sure if anyone in the comments suggested this as I haven’t read all of them but a mug without handles would make a great planter.

    I don’t drink hot drinks but on a the very rare occasion when I it’s always green tea in a sushi restaurant and those cups never have handles. It just feels so cozy and warm in my hands.

    • Mine will be a planter if it cannot go in the microwave.

      • The bottom says it can’t go in the microwave.

    • I like the idea of using the mug as a planter. Also thought of a pen/pencil holder, makeup brush holder. Using the bell on my tree, excited for the kimono, and I love the Wish items. The cards come in handy through out the year.

    • Hi, Im going to use my mug as a pen holder in my office. I love birds and it fits so nicely with my decor.

  9. I have missed out on every box so far because they already sold out, and had serious FOMO. I finally got this box, and I am feeling kind of let down. The kimono looks gorgeous, but I fear it will not fit. The mug looks nice, but why no handle? I only have a shower, so bath products won’t work. Hoping to be pleasantly surprised when my box arrives. Every box has an off box sometimes.

    • Me too hoping to be pleasantly surprised, I just wish my first box wasn’t the off one 🙁

    • I feel kind of let down too as I’m sure the kimono work for me even though it’s a beautiful print. Don’t care for the stationary either and have no idea what the wishing bell is (LOL).
      The mug is pretty but I wonder if it will be too hot to hold with a drink in it.

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Liz Is there a reason none of my comments are showing up???? This is beyond frustrating.

    • Nevermind their finally here 🙄

  11. Wow this box is terrible, I’m sooooo disappointed 🙁 Really a spring printed kimono that isn’t gonna actually fit anybody, and a mug without a handle??? what are we supposed to only drink cold drinks out of it in the winter??? Oh and a jingle bell really?? i can buy those in a 10 pack at the dollar store… The cards should be a bonus as they are over priced to begin with and are just flimsy paper…Other than all that unusable junk there is only 6 actual items in the box..compared to other box that contained close to 13 items…Way to completely fall apart…and on your anniversary box at that.

    • Jessi, l hear ya! Agree.

    • I’m not excited about the kimono. That one is a head scratcher. I’ve never had a mug without a handle (I didn’t know that was a thing) but I don’t generally hold my tea mug by the handle anyway, and it keeps my hands warm in the office. I am also thinking of using it as a pen cup for my desk.

      I’m actually looking forward to the bell, I think it’s cute, and I’m sure it’s much larger and nicer in quality than something you’d get in a 10-pack at the dollar store. The cards are usually nice thick cardstock, and not flimsy paper, and I like to use them to decorate my cube, or put in a frame. They’re always beautiful.

      Thinking creatively is a good way to keep away the negativity. You should try it!

      • I shouldn’t have to “think creatively” to not be this shocked by how off a box is….and this box is off.

        • Oh, for sure it’s off! I’m not going to say I’m not a little disappointed. I’m just trying to make the best of it I guess, rather than being upset.

      • None of the stuff looks usuable. There is no way to “creatively” think to suddenly make everything a win, when this box is a clear fail.

        • I like the box. Everyone has different opinions so it’s not a “clear fail” to me.

  12. Ok, none of my posts are showing! So Forget this Website FOREVER

    • Wow this box is terrible, I’m sooooo disappointed 🙁 Really a spring printed kimono that isn’t gonna actually fit anybody, and a mug without a handle??? what are we supposed to only drink cold drinks out of it in the winter??? Oh and a jingle bell really?? i can buy those in a 10 pack at the dollar store… The cards should be a bonus as they are over priced to begin with and are just flimsy paper…Other than all that unusable junk there is only 6 actual items in the box..compared to other box that contained close to 13 items…Way to completely fall apart…and on your anniversary box at that.

    • Do you promise?

      • ??

      • Lol

  13. I have been very disappointed with these boxes! Sorry, but the last 2 I received were Awful! And way under the prices that were posted on Here! Don’t be a Hater of mine, but will never buy one of these Again

  14. Love this box. I have subscribed since day one
    I always think I am going to gift something from it but I just can’t share lol. My favorite subscription by far.

    • Lol Me too. I can’t seem to part with anything. I love ME boxes. So lovely

  15. Wow—well done, Margot Elena!

  16. I’m so sorry I didn’t grab the deal on the winter box. When I went back the next day it was sold out. Looking at these boxes and I love them all. Now I have to wait until spring. Can’t wait to see what the full kimono looks like!

    • Is there a code for this box?

      • Their website was recently changed to say no more discount codes for boxes 🙁

  17. Did any resubscribe deals come up for those of us who bought an annual on that great deal last year?

    • Nope. You can renew at the current rate. Black Friday had a free tote or candle w purchase of an annual sub.

  18. Is the kimono sheer or opaque? I really want a light weight bathrobe, so I don’t mind if it’s large as long as it doesn’t gape at the bust, and as long as it isn’t see-through.

    • I’d call it semi-sheer. It’s a silky fabric, but on the heavier side of silky, and the pattern prevents too much show-through. I personally find the proportions of it to be a bit odd (too wide and short for me); but it may work for some.

  19. Nice mix. I’m glad it’s a kimono not a scarf. Can’t imagine it can be that big. Looking forward to this. Supposed to arrive Saturday

  20. Just got my shipping notice, delivery set for Saturday!

  21. I know I’m in the minority here, but when I opened my box today, I felt a bit disappointed. I coveted the Fall box, and subscribed seasonally using the BTBF code based on it. I love the cards, Lollia products, and the candle, all of which feel very winter-y, but my Tokyomilk Dark (my favorite ME line) perfumes leaked in shipping, and the (weirdly huge) kimono, mug, kissing bell, and bonus tote are an utter miss for me. I guess I just prefer perfumed products to lifestyle products.

    • I agree with much of this. Previous boxes seemed to include more perfumed bath, body, and skincare products. I would have rather had two more bath/body products and no bell or kimono. But I do think we are in the minority here, as kimonos are more popular than I assumed!

      • I completely agree – I finally splurged on this box hoping for oodles of deliciously scented, beautifully packaged bath products from an array of ME lines. I’m happy for those that love the kimono, but I was hoping that the big-ticket item(s) would be scented, and that there would only be one or two low-value lifestyle items.

    • Totally understand! I’m not the opposite per se but I def love home items. I may be on the hunt for additional kimonos and can’t wait to get my box. You should def message them about the leaked perfumes so they can send you a replacement! Hopefully you love the next box.

    • What is the bonus tote?

      • It was the Better Than Black Friday deal – free tote w/quarterly sub.

    • I’m with you on this. I just subscribed based on drooling over previous boxes and am so disappointed that half of the items aren’t part of the perfume/bodycare lines and 4 of the others are all the same scent! Sure hope I love that scent. The kimono will wait til the furnace gets turned off. Mug? A … bell? I was specifically interested in the ME sub because I wanted things that get used up instead of taking up room on a shelf. Already hoping for a spring turnaround.

    • I don’t mind lifestyle products but the kimono was over a quarter of the box value – and way too big for me. The bell was also a miss for me. Prefer ‘little’ lifestyle and the focus of the sub be on the bath/body/xandle/perfume/etc. Would love a soap dish in one of the boxes since we get so much soap, though! I liked the box ok, but compared to past boxes I didn’t love it. I guess I am used to being blown away! Those Wish bath salts in the cute little sachet though are lovely! I kind of like boxes not focusing on a single scent either as that makes them more hit/miss

  22. Looks great but honestly every box from the first one has been incredible. The variety and packaging make this easiest my favorite box.

    I am a little concerned that these won’t get here for Christmas and since I ordered extras for gifts, I’ll be pretty disappointed. All of mine are still in unfulfilled status.

    • Mine too. I emailed them and they said hopefully this Friday they will all be shipped out.

  23. I am so excited to hang out in my flowered kimono and drink coffee out of my flowered mug I can’t even stand it. Everything else is amazing too. Honestly, I have no idea what a kissing bell is, but I’m sure it’s great.

  24. I got my shipping notice today, and I guess I’m the only one left a little underwhelmed by these spoilers compared to previous boxes. After drooling over reviews for so long, I decided to splurge on one if these as a birthday gift to myself. I think I was just expecting a broader selection of their bath, body, and fragrances. I just don’t see myself wearing that kimono (a $60 value, really?!), and I’m not sure what to do with a big “kissing bell”. It just seems like other boxes had more than 4 bath & body/skincare items and less filler.

    • No i agree this is actually disappointing.

      • Wonder what a kissing bell is exactly? Your point about the number of body/skincare is on point.

        • It’s a jingle bell on a ribbon; you’re supposed to hang it up and kiss/hug someone any time it rings (e.g. if you run into it).

          I, too, wanted more bath & body products (or candles) – I subscribed because I love Margot Elena’s perfumed products!

    • I looked back at previous boxes and this one has the least. I wish that had foregone the $60 kimono and the bell and put a few other items in.

    • There are 5 bath/body … perfume duo, bubble bath, soap, hand creme, and bath salts. I actually really like getting a full set of just one fragrance, and wish sounds like a good match for me. So I wonder … once 4 of the 5 bath/body items were wish, why not just keep the party going with a wish fragrance instead of the mismatched duo? I think it’s a great box and am excited to get it. I like the bath/body items, the kimono (I hope), candle, and mug. The bell and card set may seem like filler but I’ve surprised myself by using the cards from past boxes, they are so cool!

    • I’m disappointed, too.

  25. I am really excited about the mug and the kimono in this box. Sugared Pastille is my least favorite of the Lollia scents so I hoped for a little more variety. But the products will make beautiful gifts!

  26. Seems lovely! Really looking forward to seeing the kimono on someone.

  27. Aw, I want this box!

    • I just listed mine as a Margot Elena lot on swaps (there’s no listing for the winter box items and I don’t know how to create one). I have it at auction for cost plus shipping. I ordered 2 thinking I’d use 1 for gifts but I’ve purchased too much already and know others may be looking for this box!

      • Which page? I’m interested

        • Hi Evelyn, search MARGOT ELENA SUBSCRIPTION BOX LOT in swaps and you’ll see my listing under my name. 🙂

  28. Well done ME! Please send a shipping notice soon….

  29. So excited it’s a kimono! I really love this box. Thanks to MSA for turning me on to the brand!

  30. I got my box today! I just got a shipping notice on Mon so it arrived super fast! I love everything except the bell and the kimono which is huge and more suited for hanging around the house in my opinion. I do wish that there were more variety in the scents but luckily I really like the Wish scent or I would be super bummed. The mug and bubble bath are definitely my favorite items in the box!

    • The mug looks really pretty.

      • It is! I only wish it had a handle but I will use it happily nonetheless!

        • Wait? It doesn’t have a handle?!

    • How is the kimono huge? Are you a very small person? Or is it a very large kimono? One of mine is scheduled to arrive Friday, I haven’t got shipping on the other. Trying to decide about gifting, swapping, keeping selling …

      • I’m 5’7” size Small and the kimono just kind of swallows me up. Plus I’m not crazy about the colors or the material which honestly is not great. I love wearing kimonos over tees or tanks in the Summer and have a ton but this one is a no-go for me as it’s not very flattering. I see it more for a spa day lounging around the house for sure.

        • I totally agree! The kimono isn’t something I would wear out, but it’s really pretty!

  31. Love it and a well rounded box!

  32. I like everything except that peacock kimono. I have two subs so I have two of those things coming. LOL. Christmas gifts! I have actually already received that hand creme from the Discover the Deals Mother’s Day 2018 box, which is fine. Super excited about the mug. I love receiving coffee cups/mugs in sub boxes.

  33. Box looks AMAZING! No worries at all if it ships a few days late. We all know that shipping is tough around the holidays. I’m just so excited to be receiving so many beautiful items! Currently, this and the Pusheen box are my favorites!

  34. I have been refreshing like a crazy person waiting for these spoilers! I’m glad the box is skewing a bit more lifestyle than fragrance this time. As much as I adore the products I have a bit of a backlog, even with giving some as gifts. This is a perfect balance. Can’t wait to receive mine.

  35. Has anyone received a shipping notice yet? I just checked with ME info desk and they said there may be a delay in shipping the boxes due to the Holiday. @ Liz, could you reach out and confirm this? This does not really set well with me and I am sure it won’t with others.

    • Mine supposed to be here Friday.

      • I got a shipping notice that says Friday. But it also says that the label has been made but the box has not been delivered to the shipping facility yet. I’m going out of town and NEED this box to arrive before I leave.

    • I got a shipping notice on Monday and my box should arrive on Friday.

    • I have not received a shipping notice yet, and when I check my account, it still says “unfulfilled.” Unfulfilled is how I will be feeling until the box arrives. 😉

      • Interesting. I checked earlier and mine says fulfilled, but I haven’t gotten a shipping notice.

        • Mine says unfulfilled I’m sad I ordered November 1 st

    • I have one annual sub and one seasonal sub. Last time the seasonal sub shipped first via fedex home delivery, and the annual shipped fedex smart post. My seasonal shipped this time via fedex home delivery and scheduled to be delivered today, annual has not ship. So in other words, you save $5 a box by paying upfront, but that will cost you in shipping late and a slower mail option.

    • Mine is on the doorstep waiting! I think the boxes will get to everyone quickly. I got a label yesterday and the box is here today

    • I haven’t, but it doesn’t bother me. I don’t rely on Winter quarterly boxes for Christmas gifts, because it’s never guaranteed to arrive before then. I’ll get it when I get it lol

    • I received shipping notification for my annual sub but it’s hasn’t actually shipped (just printed the label). Still waiting on notification of my seasonal sub.

    • Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for your inquiry! We have great news—all of our M.E. elves are hard at work and all of the Margot Elena Winter Discovery Subscription Boxes are scheduled to be shipped today! For our customers giving our M.E. Winter boxes as gifts this season, they will arrive in time. We love to hear from our amazing subscribers and customers—if we can be of any assistance, please email us at [email protected]. Wishing you a magical season of wonder, peace and joy!

      -Margot Elena Customer Service

  36. Nice box! I signed up when they had the fabric spoiler, thinking a pretty scarf would make a nice gift. But now that it’s a kimono, I’m keeping it! Seems like a fun variety of things.

    • I felt the same way! Figured I’d gift the scarf to my mom, but I’ll keep a kimono!

  37. As always, this box is such a joy! If I could only have one subscription, it would be Margot Elena. My only disappointment is that it looks like we’ll be getting four items in the Wish scent. I prefer to try out lots of different scents. But I guess those items could be grouped together for a lovely gift…

  38. I tried not to look at the spoilers, dang it. I’m so weak. This box looks AMAZING!

  39. I got this box for my mom for Christmas and I wish I had gotten one for myself too!!

  40. I’m bummed. Clothing items never fit me. But the rest seems nice.

  41. I CAN NOT WAIT to get my box!

  42. Woohoo! So excited. This is such a good box!!!!

  43. I wonder if this is an “inside” or “outside” kimono? Hmmmm.

    • Pssst…I wear inside kimonos out all the time and no one can tell the difference.

      • Well, I was probably going to do that either way 😉

  44. I’m excited and can’t wait for my winter box to arrive.

  45. I’m not thrilled, unfortunately. Last summer’s box looked great, tho.

  46. Is this box still available?

    • Same question, is this box still available???

    • I think the winter box has been sold out for a while but you can probably purchase spring.

  47. Another amazing box!! And they had a secret sale yesterday for 50% off everything so I bought $167 worth of stuff!

    • What??? How did I not get an email about this?? I’m on their list? I’m so sad. 🙁

      • It’s thru GMA

      • It’s still going on until midnight tonight

        • Thanks, I’ll check it out!!

          • Just fyi, I ordered through gma yesterday and they have already sent it out to receive Friday, super fast!!

    • Thanks for the tip about the 50% off sale on GMA. I got some Tokyo Milk eau de parfum in one of my favorite fragrances, Anthemoessa. We got the handcreme in a prior PSMH box, and I picked up 2 extra tubes in last year’s PSMH boutique sale. I love this stuff, and the packaging is gorgeous!

    • Thank you for mentioning the GMA sale! I overlooked the email in my inbox. I just snagged the CG foot cream & scrub duo that I missed out on from a prior box, along with the TM gin & rosewater set, and the TM discovery 6 edp set. SO excited!!!

  48. Yessss a kimono!! 😍

  49. OMG I am SO EXCITED!!!! I can’t wait for this to arrive!!

    What on earth is a kissing bell?! Whatever it is, I can’t wait to try it!! 🙂

    • I had to look it up . . . but was just thinking I need a hand bell for my mom, who is currently bedridden. I’m taking her on vacation with me and want her to call out when she’s awake so I can get her up to join us. . . I hope it isn’t too fragile. How timely, how wonderful!

    • Kissing bells are traditionally used in weddings. But this bell reminds of The Polar Express or It’s A Wonderful LIfe. Or you could use as an ornament on a Christmas tree.

  50. 100% totally stoked and super happy that I’m getting this box! I’m so glad it’s a kimono and not a scarf 🙂 <3

    • Me too! My first kimono. I hope it fits. I’m short

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