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SlutBox by Amber Rose – November 2018 FULL Spoilers!

We have the FULL spoilers for the November SlutBox!

Each box will include:


What do you think of the spoilers? 

More on this box:

The Subscription Box: SlutBox

The Cost: $29.99 + free shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code SLUT20 to get $20 worth of extra goodies in your first box!

The Products: Each SlutBox includes everything from beauty and body care to safe sex tools and useful activism how-to’s.

Check out our SlutBox reviews to learn more about this subscription box!


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Comments (46)

  1. I don’t understand all the hate that this box seems to catch. If it’s not for you, that’s fine, but others enjoy it or are curious about it, and that should be fine, too.

    • Agreed. This seems to be pretty ok 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Would be nice if the information was typed out. The pics are very hard for some.

  3. Are menstrual cups easier to use and can you reuse them?

    • I’ve been using menstrual cups for about 15 years now and love it! The brand I use is DivaCup and it is definitely reusable. Aside from the eco-friendly and cost saving aspect, it’s just so much more convenient than pads and tampons cuz you can wear it for 12 hours with no worries.
      There was a bit of a learning curve at first so I would use a panty liner in the first couple months to make sure I had the hang of it. 😛

      I believe there are a couple of brands on the market that make disposable cups, so those might be worth trying out if you want to test it out first, since the reusable ones do have a higher up front cost.

    • Menstrual cups are reusable. You just thoroughly clean them after each use, usually by boiling them in water. Typically, they last for at least a year, usually longer. I’ve never used them, but I’ve been told that after a learning period, they are easy to use.

      • The one year thing is just something Divacup says. They’re medical grade silicon, so they actually will last you at least 5 with proper care.

    • There is definitely a learning curve…so no not easier at the beginning. I’ve been using mine for a couple years now though and it’s pretty easy at this point. There is a woman who does a great instructional video on them though. Can’t remember her name but it’s probably googleable.

  4. I ask this every month…. is there anyone actually subbed to this box? Who’s buying this, seriously?

  5. I am not going to lie, I thought that candle said “Period sex is frothy”. This box isn’t for me, but many aren’t. I like the idea of women embracing their sexuality though

  6. Slutbox has horrible customer service! I cancelled this box months ago and they keep charging me. STAY AWAY from this box!

  7. It just seems it would finally get to a point where no one could, in good conscience, recommend that people spend their hard earned money by continuing to review this box. IDK.

  8. This subscription box just continues to be a bad joke.

  9. I think this is a big improvement! I would resub if I wasnt pregnant right now.

  10. What no pasties this month? Even those would be better than that sticker. I just don’t even have the words for how awful that is.

  11. Definite improvement!

  12. Has anyone else not been able to see some pictures. I can’t see the full spoilers so i can truely giggle with all the other commentors….

    • Also can’t see

    • You’re not alone on the seeing no pictures. I thought maybe it was my sketchy internet service providers.

      • Same. Just started a few days ago, I feel.

      • I can’t see the pictures either.

    • Sorry about this! Can you please let me know if this is happening just on this post or on all posts on MSA for you? Trying to resolve the issue, but I’m seeing pictures on my end, so I can’t reproduce. Thanks!

      • Same! Glad it’s just no me. Just this post. I’m on an android

      • Can you let me know your browser version info?

      • Samsung internet V

      • It works now thanks for fixing liz

      • I see them.

  13. I came here to laugh but this box is not too bad. The value is there if you’re looking for a menstrual cup and like the earrings. The gummies are new to the box world. If only they had chosen a better nail wrap

  14. Okay I wouldn’t buy this box but I am actually in love with that sticker 😂

  15. Why is sub still alive?

  16. While still not great, this is definitely an improvement. There are actual full sized, usable products, and of varieties a lot of people actually might want to try, which is a good change from the previous ones. Definitely better, but hopefully we’ll see more improvement.

  17. Another Foreplay Oil/Lubricant $3.98

    “Period Sex Is Healthy Wax Melts” $6

    Bang Bang Sticker $5

    Ongoing HUMOR…PRICELESS!!!!😂

    I actually laughed out LOUD when I saw the sticker…and with a price too!!😂
    (Seriously no one can be actually buying this junk…right?!)

    • Exactly – the comments are by far the best components of this box.

  18. Admit it MSA… you’re only posting and reviewing this box for our entertainments sake at this point 😉

  19. I just can’t get on board with this box…at all. Even though Amber Rose tries to bring legitimacy to this, her image and persona just make me squirm. And those menstrual cups? BE SUPER CAREFUL! I’ve read women get them stuck inside and it’s very painful to YANK them out b/c they work and stay in by suction. The cup “seals” in the vagina which causes it to stay put. You have to break the seal to get it out. I’m surprised she included those in the box.

    • Ive been using menstrual cups for almost 20 years and know many ladies that do and have never ever heard of them getting stuck. I won’t say it’s impossible but I don’t see how.

    • Once you switch to these cups you will wonder why you ever stuck a bleached soaked nasty painful tampon that causes toxic shock syndrome up there. Trust me. It’s in the box because it’s a revolutionary invention. It will change your life.

    • Menstrual cups are great choice both health wise and for the environment (and your wallet :)). I had the problem you are describing the very first time I used one, but only because I had not read the directions or looked up anything about using menstrual cups online. Now that I have the hang of it, I’ll never go back. Happy to see this being promoted in a subscription box – even though one size definitely does not fit all, had to try a couple brands/sizes before I found the perfect one for me.

    • I fully researched these before using and have not read those sources, just ones stressing the need to keep it clean. You break the seal simply by folding in one of the edges. They’re surprisingly cleaner and easier than any other method I’ve tried

    • I think we are much more knowledgeable about the cups than what you have written here. But thanks for letting us know that “yanking” it would hurt. Most know the proper removal and cleaning methods. 😂

      • The menstrual cup might not get lost but it can get stuck (a quick google search came up with answers to the question what to do if the cup gets stuck).

        I am not sure what the purpose of this box is since the items seem to vary widely.

    • Another person chiming in to say that I’ve used a menstrual cup for years without issue, and I really would encourage other women to give them a try. I can go the full day without changing it out, unlike tampons, so it’s way more sanitary for me, since I often only have port-o-potty access at work (construction). My period is usually a day shorter and I find cramps are not as bad. Unlike tampons, there is no increased risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome from using the cup. It’s been a gamechanger for me, and if my first introduction to the idea of them was from baseless fear mongering like this, rather than someone who used one, I may have never tried it out.

    • Yea I used menstrual cups for years and never had an issue with one getting stuck. They are actually quite useful and so much less waste than tampons/pads. You can swim and do everything you normally would without leakage. In my opinion, this is by far the BEST thing she has ever included in a box.

    • Even worse if you sneeze while trying to pull one out. Your uterus falls out, inverts, and essentially envelopes you like a giant cocoon!

      Seriously though, you just squeeze the edge to break the seal. And this box looks fab! I am glad we have a mix of people on this site. Some people adore boxes that I think are horrendous but it’s fun having diversity.

  20. I do have one word – ugh.

  21. This is just ….odd. I have no words

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