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Luxor Box November 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

Luxor Box

We have the full spoilers for the November 2018 Luxor box! (Thanks, Anne, Joanne, and Bethany for the heads up!)

Each November Luxor Box will include:

  • Halcyon Days Agama Sport Watch OR Maya Sport Watch – Retail Value $195
  • Cloth & Paper Spiral Bound 2019 Planner
  • Cloth & Paper Message Pad with Gold Foil
  • Cloth & Paper Sticky Notes
  • Robyn Rhodes Luxor Snake Ring – Retail Value $70

What do you think of the spoilers?

(Luxor Box is $139 a box). Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box!

Luxor Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (89)

  1. Ugh, looks like I’m not alone here… I just went to use my watch for the first time yesterday and it’s definitely defective. I got the black and silver watch and the face has three big ripples. It would be so pretty, but it’s not wearable the way it is. 🙁

  2. For the folks who got the black watch – I just opened mine (the same one in the picture above) and the face is black mother of pearl. The iridescent waves could definitely appear as a “bubbled” surface in certain light, so it occurs to me that some folks might not have a defective watch after all…I hope so, anyway!

  3. Has anyone had any luck getting Luxor to respond to the defective watch issue yet?

    • Yes. They are aware of the issue. I just got another response from them asking me to check that it’s not the protective plastic. I guess I should have expected that question but find it annoying. I keep offering to send pics but they haven’t asked for it yet.

  4. For those with the faulty watches have you received a response yet from Luxor. I just swapped my Maya gold watch for the black and silver and opened the box to find that it is indeed faulty and not the plastic that is the issue.

  5. Good to know I’m not the only who still hasn’t received their box. Mine says it’s being moved through the mail center in Atlanta for the last three days.

  6. Has anyone else has a issue with watch. I got the one I wanted most which was the black leather and silver with black face. Gorgeous but the black face is bubbling up in the back and its very noticeable sadly. For a watch so pricey why is the face thin enough to bubble. I just sent a email which can sometimes take a while if it’s not something simple. The ring is gorgeous too but I don’t wear gold ever anymore. I also know if I do I will wash my hands with it on and it will be messed up. I try to remember but I slip.. The calendar is a big deal but I don’t think it’s 40 dollars of a big deal. The other note pads I would never use. The watch makes it worth it in the end but mine has seen better days…

    • Did you remove the plastic cover off of the watch face? I got the same watch and thought mine was behaving the same way until a commenter below posted about the plastic cover. I had no idea it was there.

      • Yes I did. It was one of the first things I did and it’s not the lighting. I wish I could post a photo.. I am heartbroken because it truely is pretty but the way it is will drive me nuts. Boooo …Atleast I didn’t get an empty box..

    • Yes I just received the same in a swap and its totally bubbly. I have sent Luxor a message with a photo. Those who have reached out have you received a response yet?

  7. Horrible box… Glad I got it through Gilt and only two boxes… Do people really pay over $100 for post it notes and an ugly watch?

    • That’s a bit harsh, Matilda. I think these are nice things for people who like things like this. It seems like lots of subscribers really like the watch. I don’t wear watches or rings and prefer silver, and I already have the same planner. So my box is for sale on eBay.

    • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, my watch is awesome.

      • I totally agree with you. I actually didn’t expect to like the watch and I actually love it. I’m thrilled with this box.

    • I got the Gilt City deal and I was skeptical about this box until it arrived. I got the black and gold watch (the one with the extra “seconds” face) and I love it!

  8. I am glad I only got 2 boxes with the guilt city deal. These boxes are so not worth the full amount and I did not get my money’s worth even with the deal as the items just are not something I use. Really who even wears watches anymore? And that ring looks like it came from a cracker jack box. The planner looks nice but you can get a cheapo for $15 anywhere. Only thing from either box I liked was the candleholder but will give it as a gift. I would have thought they would have tried harder on these boxes knowing new people had purchased through guilt and they would want to have them subscribe at the regular price.

  9. I don’t mind this box after I have open it last night. I wasn’t sure if I would like the watch, as the last time I wore one is before I have a smartphone, plus I have a super small wrist. I tried it anyway and really like it, although I am still not sure if I would wear it often. The navy blue is growing on me.

    The rest, I can find some use. The ring is actually pretty cute. I can pass the paper items to a friend. So, all is good.

    I think it is so hard for a sub box to please everyone. Sometimes they miss, sometimes they do ok, sometimes they did pretty well. When the watch spoiler came out, I thought yay, something nice from the limited black box going to the regular subscribers.

    • If you would rather have the black and gold version, I would love to swap for the navy! 🙂

  10. I got the black and silver watch and love it! It’s exactly the one I wanted. I’ve been wanting a planner but have been holding out. Now I don’t need to buy one.

  11. Has anyone who got the black on black watch tell me if their watch face looks like there are small “wrinkles/waves” in the material? I don’t know if this is normal or mine is defective. I can’t find any pics online to confirm if my watch face should be flat black or have the wavy sections.

    • Mine does the same! I was wondering the same thing! I actually like it like that so I’m happy😊

      • Ok good. Lol. I feel better now.

    • Mine is the same way.

    • There is a piece of protective plastic. You can remove it 🙂

      • Thanks Shana! I honestly don’t think I ever would have noticed that.

      • You’re welcome. I found a lot of things have that protective cover that I never realized….

      • thanks for the suggestion but it’s not the protective plastic. It still shows with the plastic off.

      • The color in the “wrinkles” are kind of iridescent

    • You might have already done this, but any chance the waves are being caused by the thin sheet of protective plastic covering the face that you’re supposed to peel off post-purchase? Perhaps that’s what’s causing the wrinkled look?

      • Oops, never mind…I hadn’t scrolled down far enough to see Shana’s comment about the plastic! 🙂

    • Mine does toooooo. I just posted about it. I also sent 3 photos to Luxor but they can take a while to get back.

      • I took the plastic off first before anything and the bubbles are the black face in inside. I wish it was just the plastic.

      • Let me know what they say. I haven’t reached out yet.

      • I think you only have 2-3 days to reach out or you are sol.

      • Thanks Kristin i just messaged them!

      • I just heard back from them and they heard this feedback and is uncharacteristic of HD. Luxor said they’ve followed up with HD for a resolution. They will follow up with me once they hear back.

  12. OMG I got an empty box! No watch inside!! Only a silica gel pack in the case!!! Is this a prank or something???

    • This also happened to me! I emailed customer service and they said this happened to other people as well, so I seriously hope they fix this. I took a chance with the Gilt deal and knew that a lot of people were dissatisfied with this box, but not having the freaking hero item in it (but having the box?!) is just ridiculous.

      • When did you reach out? I contacted them yesterday about this and haven’t heard anything.

    • ME too!! an empty box!! I’m so pissed. I understand mistakes, but really?!?

    • ME TOO!!!! An empty watch box. I wrote them immediately – so far no response. I haven’t been too impressed with Luxor box so far (this is my 2nd month). Good thing I got this through the GILT deal.

    • I got the watch but no silica gel!

  13. I liked the watch though I would of preferred the tan version vs the black one I received with silver (may consider a swap). The ring is ok and I will use it but it does feel a little flimsy but it will match my snake ring from Emma & Chloe. But the agenda and memos were a miss for me. But I will re-gift it to my BIL for Christmas so it worked out. I really would of preferred something for the house or with a more Christmas feel. But overall since I got the Gilt voucher I am very happy with the value I received though overall the box in my opinion left me underwhelmed.

  14. I am locked in at the $95 rate and for me this box was ok but not as great as many of their past boxes, I did need a new planner so I am happy about that. The watch is lovely and worth the box cost for me. The ring seems a bit cheap and flimsy to me but I do like Robyn Rhodes jewelry and constantly wear the cuff and ring from a prior Luxor box so it will probably get worn. I like cloth and paper but the sticky notes and memos are filler to me. Would be nice if the had given a nice Christmas decoration for the holiday To me the best Luxor box ever was the throw with the snowflake mug. They just aren’t up to that standard anymore. Unless the next spoiler reels me in, it might be time to walk away from Luxor. Also, same brands over and over is getting Tiresome.

    • I agree something for the holidays would of been nice. The boxes dont seem as luxe as they used to be. I have been an annual subscriber since the first box, I have 2 more boxes on my subscription then I will likely cancel. The last box nearly killed me with all the peony stuff in it.

      • Peony I wish it was lilac.

  15. This is my third Luxor box, and I don’t think I’m a good match for Luxor. My style is more minimalist, I don’t wear watches or rings, and usually wear silver. So this one’s a big miss! I guess I can try to swap or sell on eBay …

    • Yeah I’m swapping all my Nov box and only kept one thing from the last box. I want more boxes like the May one!

  16. I actually really liked this box and the ring. But after wearing the ring for a day, one of the eyes is already gone.

  17. No wonder they didn’t put out any soilers for this box! I got the Gilt deal because I could never afford this box. In my opinion the watch in RZ is much nicer. This box used to have gorgeous items. Because of their computer problems I got to choose the November and January boxes instead of September so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the next box.

    • Traditionally, Luxor only spoils the hero item.

      • That is true. They do only release one spoiler I didn’t realize that I guess I was thinking about the review. I just received my box today. I don’t really care for the ring but that’s just my opinion. The notes are gorgeous but way to fancy for me to use but someone will love them. I haven’t opened the planner yet but I adore that sort of thing.
        That brings me to the watch. Oh My it is STUNNING! The attention to detail from the watch face to the design on the side of the face casing. And real leather! Personally I’m tired of fake leather. So all in all it is a nice box.

  18. That ring will go perfect with the Emma & Chloe sperm bracelet!

    • Exactly… they both go in my pile of things I’ll never, ever wear! Not my style. Not anyone I know’s style.

    • 😂😂😂!!!

  19. I feel like I’m in the minority here but I love every single item in this box! They absolutely nailed my style and I’m sat here, wearing my watch and my ring, with my planner by my side. Plus, it arrived on my birthday, so was a lovely little present to me from me 🙂

    I took advantage of the Gilt City offer and I think this is my favorite box ever of any I’ve ever had.

    • I’m right there with you! I think I’ve been subbing to Luxor for about three years and I think this is my favorite box ever from them. And the best part is that I totally wasn’t expecting to be even close to this excited about it after seeing the spoilers. But in person, everything was perfect! YAY!

      I’m so happy you’re so thrilled too! I makes me extra happy when I read comments on this site where the poster is clearly over the moon about the box he/she just received. I Imagine the smile on the face of the author as he/she is typing the comment…you are totally one of those posters, so thank you for making me extra happy too!

      • You’re my soul subscription boxer 🙂

        I’m the same as you – I wasn’t expecting to love everything as much as I did. It’s rare for every single item to hit the mark (not because I’m fussy but just because everyone has different tastes etc), but not one single item is being gifted this time. This one’s all mine!

        So pleased to hear you love your box too – I do like that Luxor do just the one spoiler. I always cheat on my other boxes and see what’s coming before it arrives, so this is always a real surprise.

      • I love it too! I got the silver watch and it is gorgeous. Worth it for that alone, but love the other items too.

  20. I haven’t gotten my box yet but I’m hoping the watch matches my style. I’m not much of a watch person but we’ll see. Like the last box, if I had paid full price for this I would be furious! I had serious box envy last year so I jumped on the Gilt deal for six boxes but so far I’ve been disappointed. Only thing I kept of the last ones was the votive. Don’t need any paper products so this is a major letdown.

    • I so get it. I’m not a watch person either but I just received my box and I actually LOVE the watch…I’m thinking I just might become a watch person after all! The band is very nice quality – it can be a tell tale sign that a watch is cheap when the band is not so great, but no worries about that in this case. Plus, they sell these exact watches at Scully & Scully, which was one of my all time favorite “pretty” stores in NYC when I lived there so that alone just made me smile.

      I got the black and gold watch with the secondary dial (I think it’s the Maya) and it’s fabulous. I thought the face might be overpowering on my child sized wrist but it’s perfect.

      Anyway, I was pretty neutral on this box based on the spoilers, but then I opened it and now I love every single thing, making it one of my favorite Luxor Boxes ever. I hope you love it as much as I do. My fingers are crossed for you! 🙂

      • So lucky! That was the watch I was hoping for. I got the black and silver version (sounds like a lot of people did). It’s pretty, but not very exciting to look at imo. It was my second to last favorite of the options. Oh well. For the price of the Gilt deal I can’t complain too much. Enjoy your fab watch!!

  21. I LOVE the ring. It is adjustable.

  22. I haven’t received shipping notice yet. Has everyone gotten their boxes yet?

    • No. Got shipping conf though

    • I received my shipment conf on Monday, nov 19 and my box arrived today. I have an annual subscription (I don’t know if that makes a difference for Luxor the way it does for FFF) and I live in LA. Hope yours comes soon! 🙂

      • No I’m an annual and mine wont arrive until next week. I’m in Texas.

  23. I might be in minority but I hate anything snakes. 😑 if anyone wants to swap the ring, just click on my name.

    • I’m with you! Yuck! I have an Emma & Chloe bracelet to match. I don’t see how snakes relate to the rest of the box.

  24. If anyone would like to trade their navy watch for a black and gold version, I have mine up for swap. Thanks!

  25. While I love the watch, I happened to get the black and silver option. Most of my jewelry is gold. If anyone gets the navy and gold (my number one choice) or either of the black and gold options and would like to trade, let me know and we can figure out the details on the swap side.

  26. Super excited for this box! Sounds like I’m in the minority, but I’ve actually had really great customer service from them as well. I’ve had several questions and a few bumps along the way with this sub, but have always received responses back.

  27. I’m actually super happy with this box! I was just thinking I don’t have a 2019 planner yet and hoping a box would include one ( I don’t get Happy Rebel). The watch is beautiful and that ring actually looks fun and different! And I only paid $41!

  28. Subscribe to Cloth and Paper… so I’ve already got the planner… and all of the sticky notes as well… but the ring and the watch are solid wins for me!

  29. Wow, what a great box. I love it! Not sure when mine will arrive but I am excited for it.

  30. Yuck, I don’t wear rings or gold jewelry or watches, and I already have a 2019 planner that I like from Happy Rebel. The entire box has got to go …

  31. This box was typical for Luxor box in that if you love the hero item you will love the box. The planner looks like it is the same as the one that came out in Happy Rebel Box recently. My style is pretty classic but I still like the snake ring. You have to look closely to see that it is a snake. From a distance it just looks like a stacking or coiled ring. I’m a watch and planner fanatic, so I was pleased. I was happy I got a watch style that is not similar to one I already have.

  32. BEST $40 box I’ve ever seen.

    I’m also happy I didn’t have to give them my credit card info to get it.

  33. Oh gee, ANOTHER watch from the brand Halcyon Days (gasp!). So glad I got the cheap Gilt deal because if I was a regular subscriber I’d be so mad right now. Fortunately I like the ring but I must have 10 watches at this point. And getting so many items from a single brand, uuggghhh! Just like the September box and all that lavender stuff that smells like my grandmother’s bathroom.

    • I am a regular subscriber and yeah I’m pretty mad 😡. I don’t wear gold, only like tiny non-gold watches and never use a paper planner so I guess I paid $139 for post-it notes! I tried emailing their cs several times as I have been an annual subscriber for many years, not just negatives this, but some suggestions as well. They don’t even bother to acknowledge you. They will never get another penny of my money. I wish they’d at least done the ring in a different colour.

      • If you have been a subscriber for “many YEARS” you should have been paying the lower price– somewhere around (but not 100% sure that it was) $89. I was with them from their very 1st box and cancelled earlier this year– and I never paid $139.

  34. I’m specifically not looking at what they are. I plan to wrap the box and put it under the tree, and then have at least something to be surprised about 🙂

  35. Is that the same planner that was in the Happy Rebel Box?

    • The EXACT same one. 😂

  36. Ugh! Not thrilled with this but happy about the watch! Guess this box is just not for me! Literally bought a new planner and wrote in it today and hate snakes! What size is the ring? Why such specific taste items Luxor?

    • The ring looks to be about a 7 or so and it has a little give to it. The watch is nice but I will never ever wear it, my hubby would kill me. ( I spent a smallfortune on a Tag not too long ago lol) I’m glad I only signed up for the last two boxes and now I am done. I usually get use of the skincare items everyone else hates to see in this box but not even a lip balm this go around. Very sad showing in my opinion. But if you can use the watch then it’s a HUGE win. 🙂

      • Yeah the ring will probably not fit but we’ll see. I really don’t care for stationary items and was hoping for the skincare or at least something cozy. Glad I only did the 2 boxes. I guess it was worth it for a bracelet and a watch. If I paid anywhere near full price I’d be livid!

      • The ring is huge! It’s actually even too big for my thumb. I’m going to have to squeeze it tighter just so I can wear it on my middle finger. With that said it’s super cute.

    • My exact thoughts! Open to seeing what the watch is like but swapping all the filler.

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