D.L. & Co. Mystery Box Available Now!

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D.L. & Co. has a mystery box available now!

The Box: Modern Alchemy Mystery Box

The Cost: $39

The Products:

A surprise inside! Valued at over $200, this mystery box is filled with an assortment of Modern Alchemy by D.L. & Co. candles. Keep them for yourself, or gift them throughout the upcoming holiday season. Either way, this is a deal you can’t pass up!

Good to know: No returns or exchanges will be permitted.

Check out our reviews of the Modern Alchemy Box to see what kind of items you can expect!

Are you grabbing a Mystery Box?

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  1. Unfortunately my long, in depth review didn’t post. So here’s the short version. I got 5 candles: 6oz Cakewalk, 9oz Geranium Mint, 9oz Amber & Saffron, 12oz Island Fruit & Amber, & 11oz Currant & Clove (this one is amazing both in scent and appearance, think of Midnight Pomegranate from Bath & Body Works). I do think this exceeds the $200 worth of candles that they advertised. In addition I also got an iPhone case with a red floral skull (not my style at all), a cute black memo book with a pretty silver design, and a glass jar of large matches. I like all of the candle scents, and I’m feeling pretty pleased with this box.

    • Your other comment is visible now. Sorry this was your first time posting from a new IP address, so the comment didn’t go through automatically. Had to be approved by admin. Sorry again!

    • That is a great box!

    • the glass jar sounds awesome for matches!

  2. Mine arrived today. I received the following:

    Glass jar full of oversized matches
    Cute little memo book with pencil
    Black Iphone case with a red floral skull
    6oz candle in a tin called Cakewalk a nice musky vanilla scent
    9oz Geranium Mint scented candle. It’s in a glass tumbler and came in a nice box for gifting, but I’m already in love with this scent, so it’s mine.
    11oz Currant & Clove scented candle. Wonderful sweet, yet spicy scent. It reminds me of the Midnight Pomegranate scent from Bath & Body Works. It’s in a gorgeous square, red glass vessel with a black lid.
    12oz Crystal Glow candle in Island Fruits & Amber. A nice fruity scent with a little musky warmth to it.
    9oz Amber & Saffron candle ($75)? I think? There are no labels or stickers on it, but in looking at the website, I think this is it. It’s in a pretty amber/orangy oval glass vessel and has a warm woody scent to it. It is missing it’s lid. I was a little worried as first sight that this was the orange candle from the Happy Rebel Box that I’ll be getting in December.

    The advertising for this box was misleading, as it seemed to indicate that it would include candles only, but I do feel pretty confident that I got at least $200 worth of candles. I also lucked out and like all of the scents. I’m not overly fond of cakewalk and Amber & Saffron, but I do like them. The other 3 I love. The iPhone case is wasted on me, but I’ll totally use the memo pad and the matches.

  3. For those that have gotten this, when did you order? I ordered mine on the 16th and still no notice of shipment yet.

    • I ordered three boxes at three different times. I have one shipping confirmation for one order, nothing for the other two. I sent off a couple of emails asking where the heck the other two orders are, because I ordered more than just the mystery boxes for gifts.

  4. I received my order in the mail today, 6 large candles, some pineapple matches, an iPhone case for a version I don’t have, and a pretty journal. I loved almost everything, so I went and purchased another box just now, so they are still available! Awesome deal!

    • Me too!

  5. I got mine – been tryna post for an hour now. Not sure why my comment isnt posting.

    • Sorry, trying to post what I got

  6. Mine came! Mine came!

    Wish I could post a pic instead.

    Any who, here it goes –

    1 pineapple matches box (looks like over 50 matches – didn’t count)

    1 12 oz candle – Cinnamon Bark (from the bougie parfumme line)

    1 6oz candle- Opium Den

    1 13oz candle – Rose & Amber (from the bougie parfumee line)

    I small memo book with pencil (the pages came off of the book cover – I’m thinking since it was previously glued on, maybe I can glue it back to fix)

    1 7oz candle – refereed to as “Sydney waterfront” (not sure if that’s the scent or candle line but that’s what’s listed; also its ceramic and came broken – I can fix it but Im slighty slightly annoyed)

    1 7.5oz candle – unsure of scent, from their Apothecary line (no name on the candle, couldn’t even find it on there website either, so the similar bottle on Amazon so I’m guessing with this)

    1 9oz Rare Botanic Candle – the lid is chipped Sparkling Embers (info provided by Amazon UK; Fragrance Notes: A lively blend of Hinoki, aloewood and black tea with gresh undertones of pine and cedar and a and a touch of smokey oakwood. *This is literally the only info I could find*)

    It looks like a couple of candles are from their older lines or have been discontinued, but everything smells heavenly and I am happy that I got this, and am considering getting a second box because they’re really pretty and a great lux addition to my home – despite a couple of cracked pieces.

  7. I ordered one of these on the 16th but never received any email confirmation. It did clear the bank so I’m hoping everything is okay.
    Did anyone else get an email?

    • I did get a confirmation email, but it got sorted into my junk mail. I also ordered mine on the 16th, and I received my shipping notification yesterday. Looks like it should be here early next week.

    • I got an email but it was in my spam folder. Now every time I get an email from D.L. & co I have to remove it from my spam. I would definitely check there if you haven’t yet.

      • Thanks for the response. I did check there and nothing.
        Did the email say anything about when they would ship? Hopefully soon.

        • Mine shipped on the 20th but it’s not supposed to be delivered until the 27th. It’s coming from CA and I’m on the east coast. I got an email from my Fedex delivery manager first and then a day or two later D.L.& Co sent me one to let me know it shipped.

          • I got my delivery info too from FedEx- it’s shipping to NYC and arrives on the 27th.

    • I ordered mine the 16th also and was wondering why it was taking so long.
      For the people that did get shipping info, do you remember what day you ordered?

    • Same here, I ordered and the payment went through my credit card but I can’t find any emails about the order. I’m getting concerned.

      • Same here! No shipping Confirmation Email,just that they received the order??

        • I ordered the 16th and received a confirmation email but nothing since. Checked my FedEx delivery manager and nothing showing up there yet. Hopefully soon!

  8. They’re back in stock again. Hurry if you’re interested!

  9. Would love to hear what others receive! I’ll post when I get mine.

  10. Anyone know when these are supposed to ship?

  11. Are there are any spoilers out yet? I want to buy another box but would hate to end up with 2 boxes of junk.

    • Each box is a different assortment

  12. Back in stock. Get it while you can!

  13. These are back in stock I just checked out!!!

  14. So Happy I ordered 2 of them before they sold out the 2nd Time! Can’t wait to get them😊😊

  15. Thank you!! I ordered this morning and I’ll be so excited no matter what scents I get. I was going to pick up a few candles from Marshall’s this week because I only have 2 left and those are getting quite low.

  16. Sold out for the second time

    • Yeah sold out. I hot one a few days ago but I wanted to check link and think they maybe be out again…

  17. Accidentally ended up purchased 3 boxes instead of 1. Will be on candle overload but nay be able to give as gifts.

  18. Just got an email concerning this Mystery box from D&L , it says “For $39 you can receive $200 worth of candles….yeah!!! So no phone cases, LOL!!!!

  19. I just ordered 2 boxes! I cant wait to get them.

  20. Thanks for posting the free shipping promo, Idk why I hate paying for shipping but I do.

    It also specified this will ship Fedex when I checked out.

  21. They’re back. 8:40 AM eastern time, just got mine and freeship code still works. I’m on box overload but this was a nice deal. Looking forward to my first DL Box!

  22. Darn it I didn’t know about the free shipping code when I bought my box. I am glad I shared. I wasn’t sure it would get posted but clearly it did and Im super glad many were able to jump on the fancy candle train…please review Liz! And would love to kmow what people get too. Yay

  23. Did anyone get a confirmation email? If so how long did it take? I got the email signing me up for their mailIng list. I got an order number on screen when I checked out. The money has been charged against my card. No confirmation email. I ordered around lunchtime yesterday.

  24. It’s still showing in stock for me. Just grabbed one and the freeship code works (thank u for the person who shared the code here).

    • I just picked up a box and used the free s/h code as well. Yay! So glad they came back in stock!

  25. Thank you, ladies, for the code and back-in-stock notification. I bought one. Fancy candles – mmmmm… Hopefully they are all beautiful – no skulls or torsos ;))

  26. Great news! They’re back in stock! And the code FREESHIP worked for me too.

    • Thank you I just ordered and was holding out for a promo code that’d work 🙂

  27. It’s 9:45pm on the west coast and I was just able to buy a box

  28. I managed to get one earlier today, and just gave up and coughed up the $9 for shipping. It’s still less than the quarterly box, and I love DL&Co. Here’s hoping for lots of pretty glass and skulls!

  29. Sold out. Bummer I was going to order 2 for gifts.

    • I missed it too. I was trying to decide which sale items to add to get free shipping. When I tried to check out it was gone. 😕

  30. Now it is sold out. Glad I grabbed two!

  31. I think I’m talking myself out of spending $50 on candles I don’t need. I just wasted $50 on the happy rebel welcome box which was a bunch of low rv junk of extra inventory with no hero item. No more mystery boxes for me.

  32. Just ordered! I used code “freeship” for free shipping

    • What!! Where were you an hour ago, lol?

      • Lol sorry – just saw the post haha. I tried the code on a whim and it worked!

    • WHAT?! How – I search the world for a promo code!

  33. I didn’t like the $8.95 shipping fee either, however $47 still seems like a great deal. Fingers crossed!

  34. I’m worried I’ll get $15 matches or a $20 journal but the description specifically says candles so here’s hoping that’s all it is.

    • I thought the same thing and am pleased it says candles. Between their quarterly subscription and other boxes, I have a lifetime supply of very pretty journals.

      • I have quite a bit of products from the regular DL Sub & would be interested & swapping for some journals if you’re interested!

  35. Hey Ladies,

    I don’t see it sold out – it’s still very much available.

  36. I have one in my cart right now.

    • And I ordered one, so far I got an email confirmation.

  37. Sold out already… bummer.

  38. Sold out

  39. You can only add 2 at a time to cart…add a huge candle from the sale section and add code WELCOME (20% off) for 24. $102 with free shipping 🙂

  40. I bought 5…whoops 🙂 free shipping over 100. Figured there’s a lot of people I would spend more than 40 on their present, so it’ll save me money and I’m sure they’ll love it. I would. Crossing my fingers that they’re amazing boxes

  41. You don’t think they’d send a bunch of skull candles…do you? I’ve never had their candles, they are so pretty, but those skulls, no thanks.

    • Meanwhile I’m hoping for one, just one. lol

      • Haha, well ONE would be ok… I mean sorta, I don’t really want one, but I would understand. But if I got a box filled with skulls I wouldn’t be too happy.
        I REALLY want to get this, but I’m so worried I’ll regret it. I like to see at least one spoiler.

        • I ordered. I looove their quarterly boxes and have gotten them for about a year now.
          I am hoping against a box o skulls and phone cases. I’m not sure how my family would react to getting a skull or phone case each for Christmas. But if that’s the way it has to be …

          • haha I love your attitude. I have a few people who would be happy with a skull candle but I definitely don’t want a phone case.

      • Lol So am I

  42. I’m just worried they’re going to throw the phone cases in! Love the design but definitely don’t need useless plastic around!

  43. After looking through their “sale” items I felt much more confident that this box will contain great gifts! I ordered one and hope that I won’t kick myself for not ordering another!

    • Same! Really hoping for some great Christmas add-on gifts. I’ve never ordered from DL&Co but I’ve always drooled over their boxes so I’m excited.

  44. Full prices items are 40% off with the code EARLYBIRD – you might be able to get to $100 without a lot of trouble.

  45. I haven’t located any working codes for this, but I’m thinking of ordering it anyway since I love D.L. & Co. candles!

  46. Link blocked at work. Will have to try to remember to check this out when I get home!

    • Can you try it on your phone? That’s what I did.

  47. Very tempted by this!

  48. Very tempted. Anyone ever done this before? Were they all reject scents?

    • I’m worried about that too. Is this just a way for them to unload undesirable inventory?? Hmmmm, decisions decisions….

      • It will be a lot of items from the past MA subscription boxes. Expect diffusers , home goods, candles

  49. I haven’t found a code that works – I think it’s because this is a promo, so the usual codes are not working.

    • I’m kinda irritated about that. First, I go to the site and they give me the 20% off “WELCOME” code for giving my email address. Then, I got a call, and stepped away for a bit, and they want my email again in exchange for a 10% off “COMEBACK” code. I give them my email both times, and then I’m not able to use either code.

      • WELCOME doesn’t work on this box. I’m new to that site and gave them my email addy, and the code didn’t work, saying the box didn’t meet the requirements.

      • None of the regular codes work with this and I tried all available including COMEBACK and WELCOME. I guess they feel its a sale item and that’s why no code fits the requirements.
        Bummer, but i think I’ll get it.

      • Same just happend to me 😡

        • I took the plunge anyway – Im a sucker for things, yes THINGS 🤷🏾‍♀️

  50. Any promo codes so I don’t have to spend $9 on shipping plus tax?

    • I just tried to order the mystery box, and by the time i got to checkout they were already sold out.

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