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Create Your Own Tarte Beauty Box – Available Now!

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24 hours only! The Build Your Custom Beauty Kit at tarte is available now!

Get 7 items of your choice for $63!

The Box: Tarte Build Your Own Custom Beauty Kit

The Cost: $63

The Products: A makeup bag, foundation, lip product, eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer of your choice!

Are you going to make your own beauty box? What items are you picking?

Here are all the options:








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  1. Is anyone interested in selling the flamingo bag? That’s the only thing I have FOMO about 😩

  2. I ordered one because I wanted to try some new things. I first made a bag early in the morning and everything I wanted was still in stock. But I wasn’t sure which foundation color I was since I use a different brand. So I had to wait to get to a store mid-day to try out foundations. I ended up with matte foundation instead of the hydrating that I wanted to try because hydrating didn’t have my color. I should have planned it better and picked out the color the day prior. I lost out on a couple options I wanted since I waited but also feel I ended up with a better gloss and shadow color and highlighter choice. So I will probably in the end be happier with my choices. Tarte is hit or miss for me. A few of their products I love like their highlighter palette, face setting powder, concealer, and one shadow shade. But I’m not a fan of their blush or most shadows that come in the palettes or LCL mascara. So hopefully I like enough of the products I ordered to try enough to justify the purchase.

  3. So glad I’ve awoken and not falling for this anymore.

    Easy pass…. they’ll still sell out though because so many people still think its a “deal” even though its older, discounted and slow/low selling stock they have tons of because it just doesn’t sell and is being closed out. Same as boxy and many other “perceived” deals.

    And to boot- they capitalize on the naivete and gullibility by raising the price and lessening the options/valuations each time. Money off the backs of those who dont get it.

    • This is really insulting to those of us who purchased. I don’t care if it’s older stock, or being discontinued. It’s all things I will use, and there’s nothing actually wrong with the product. They are deals, because it’s a discount on items many of us were looking to purchase anyway.

      But glad you’re so woke. More deals for the rest of us.

      • LOL. I agree. There were some best sellers on that list and everything I chose had more than four stars.

    • And your purpose for posting this is what exactly? To feel superior to the naiive suckers who “fell for” it? Please let us enjoy our purchase without your negativity.

  4. Created a bag because it’s such a good deal, then realized I literally don’t need a single thing. I still have a few foundations to get through and I’m up to my ears in blush, highlighter and lip pies. I’m trying to practice the art of not buying things I don’t need JUST because it’s a great deal. Great deal or not, I saved $63 plus tax, and left items for someone who actually needs it right now. I feel proud and my husband feels grateful lol

    • Um, that’s lippies, not lip pies lol

  5. Missed out this time 🙁

  6. I ordered just after 7AM EST and already got an email that my order has shipped!

    • Same! I’m excited about my selections.

  7. I just went to order a set and all the good shades and products are out of stock! Hrmp!

  8. I am skipping this. I used to love Tarte, but for some reason it just doesn’t work for me like it used to. Right now I am all about Kristofer Buckle. His makeup does miracles for me. Next week who knows😂

  9. So tempting, but I decided against once I made up a bag. The hydrating foundation is what I want the most, but they didn’t have the concealer option I wanted in a shade I could wear. I love Lights, Camera, Lashes but don’t need another mascara since I just got Lifted in the Birthday bag (which worked great for me) and have a Lights, Camera, Lashes I am still working through. The hydrating lipstick didn’t come in a shade I would wear, so I would have needed to get another liquid lip – which are nice, but I already have a bunch and just want a regular lipstick. The eyeshadows are pretty but I don’t particularly ‘need’ any of them. I’d love to get another full size Tarte blush – but I do have one full size and several deluxe tarte blushes already, plus a zillion from sub boxes. And so forth.

    If they had a few more options (like sub out the mascara for a skin care item or get a discount for a category you don’t want) or shade options I might have bit!

    • I did the same thing. Built the bag, went to check out then went through each item and turned out that I really want and needed foundation, which I can buy separately for $31. Deleted the bag from card and went with my day feeling good.

    • I also built a bag but was disappointed that they didn’t have any of my shade of concealer, so decided not to proceed. A shame!

  10. Geez, was late to this one apparently. Most of what I wanted was sold out. Any chance they will restock?

    • I don’t think so, however, they may add items that weren’t there before so you may want to check back and be sure to scroll through all the arrows. Good luck!

  11. That cute flamingo bag was calling out to me! I am trying the hydrating foundation, the setting powder, an eyeshadow, the crayon lip, statement mascara, blush. There was a face brush for $10 offer when I checked out. I almost wish I could get a second bag with my second choice picks.

  12. I bought this last time and loved it. I really love the Amazonian Clay Airbrush Foundation so I restocked it. I also have the Shape Tape Hydrating Foundation and love that as well. They both look great. I get tons of complements on the Airbrush foundation every time I wear it. I have a drawer full of Tarte products including Shape Tape so that I don’t run out. This is a great deal.

  13. I told myself I wouldn’t…but I apparently lied lol.

  14. Why didn’t my comments post?

    • Welcome! Happens to me almost every time I comment. I made a comment on here around 8:30 and it still has not posted. And when it does it will go in order by when I originally posted it. So towards the bottom and many people don’t scroll through all the comments they look at the top few. So yeah, welcome to this world.

      • I tried replying to you earlier, it has yet to post. smh 🙂

      • I think if you use certain keywords in your comments, it has to be approved by a mod. If they don’t like what you said, they won’t approve it and it will never show up.

        • I posted a very positive comment about Tarte and some of the products in this offer that probably could have promoted sales and I still don’t see my comment. I wonder why? This was hours ago.

          • Mine was in no way negative. I posted what I had in my cart and the struggle not to buy (I caved anyways). I am not sure if it’s our IP address, Name, and/or email address, but I am pretty sure some of us are being flagged. I confronted MSA about a a couple times via email and they said they weren’t. Not a big deal. I created another account and they seem to go through ok so far. It just stinks when you put a lot of time and thought into what you are typing and it gets banned for no reason.

        • We’re the next day and my previous comments and replies still haven’t posted.

      • I wish the delayed posts would post at the top. I still scroll through “old” comments but more to see if there’s a new reply to the old comment, so I tend to skip what appear to me to be the older numbered comments. I’ve caught a few that posted late, but I know I tend to miss out on a lot of comments that post at a later time thinking I’ve already read them since I just glance at, but not really read, all of the older numbered comments.

        • Agree!

        • Same

    • Some weeks mine do then I will go through a week where none of my comments post. Who knows how it works because I sure don’t .

  15. Wishful thinking but after my order, it asked why I ordered and I gave feedback that it’s a great deal but I’d like to see them add some travel/full sized skincare options next year. Basically the travel bottle of Maracuja oil or one of the Rainforest of the Sea serums/moisturizers/cleansers would be a guaranteed sale for me. Granted I know they really like pushing items that aren’t selling to their expectations beyond the foundation, so it probably won’t happen. Maybe if more people gave that type of feedback…

  16. I skipped this time. I mean, I would need a foundation in a three-four months when I use up the ones I currently have, but I don’t want to pay extra $20 for the rest of the things I don’t need or already have. If they added the shape tape concealer as another choice then I’d be in, but as of now- no fomo.

    • I got all the way to the checkout and then skipped. It’s not that it isn’t a good deal…but I’m so spoiled by subscription boxes. I found myself going, “OK, but I *need* foundation/setting powder/concealer, but the rest is just going to go in the pile of things I haven’t used yet.” Plus the concealer and setting powder were in the same category. If I could have skipped highlighter or mascara and gotten both of the things I really need, I might have pulled the trigger. I just have so many highlighters/eyeshadows/eyeliners/mascaras that I only want to buy things if I know it probably won’t be in a box in a month or two.

  17. Sucker for a good deal, I picked a kit up. Flamingo bag, ST Hydrating foundation, Radiance Drops, Blush & Glow compact in Peach, Color Splash lipstick in the 2nd shade option (midtone mauvey berry), round Tarteist metallic eyeshadow in a deep plum, LCL mascara. I love the ST Hydrating foundation and my close friend told me that the Light Neutral shade I picked up last time is the best looking foundation I’ve worn (finish & color match). The only time of year it doesn’t work for me is monsoon season in Arizona when I get oily and no foundation is immune to separating or not fully setting.

  18. I wasn’t going to get one, but I have been having just the most annoying couple days and I do need foundation for the winter, and paaarty is my favorite blush shade, so I said, eff it, I’m getting one.

    • LOL. Shopping is good therapy until the credit card statement comes then it’s full circle again.

      • Haha you’re exactly right!

  19. I skipped this time as well. I still have most of the products left over from last time. My guess is they cant give that foundation away so it’s probably going to be the one included every time for awhile.

    • I think I am the only person in the world who LOVES the ST hydrating foundation. It matches my skin color exactly, so I am hoarding it for when they inevitably discontinue it. 🙂

      • Haha. I got the old version hydrating (gel?) foundation in one of these build your own bags a few years ago on a whim eventhough I have oily skin and I actually really liked it! Especially in the winter months. Then they changed it to this kind and I’ve tried the matte version (it’s OK but not my holy grail) but haven’t tried this hydrating one.

        • Oooh yes I love that hydrating gel foundation that came in a jar. Still have it from over a year ago. I’m disappointed in Tarte and their CS and just the direction the brand has gone in the past few years and I just don’t see myself buying their stuff anymore. I’ve found better foundations that work for me. But I still love that damn hybrid gel foundation. I will be sad when I finish it.

  20. Disappointed that it doesn’t include a brush.

    • Blush is one of the options.

      • TOTALLY misread that. Sorry, ignore my first comment.

    • Me too. I would’ve probably bought if they did even though Tarte is not a brand I particularly like.

    • Me too. I was hoping to get the Kabuki brush since I’m always missing out on it.

      • I have the giant swirl brush up for swap, if that’s the one you mean. New in box. 🙂

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