CAUSEBOX Winter 2018 Box Spoiler #2 + Coupon!

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The Winter 2018 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now. And we have a new spoiler! (Thanks for the heads up, Svetlana!)

Each box will include:

causebox causebox causebox

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

A set of three gift wrap sheets designed by Australian artist (and Winter Box designer) Claire Ritchie.

Here is a closer look at each sheet:

What do you think of the spoilers?

Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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  1. Not sure why my posts aren’t showing up, but the next spoiler is out – choice between a necklace & earrings! Also customization is open!

  2. The latest spoiler is out – earrings or necklace! Customization is open, too!

    • can we only customize the poncho and the necklace/earrings?

  3. I subscribed the other day and I went to the causebox website and it allowed me to customize two items, one being the wrap. I picked the cranberry color.

  4. I totally love the wrapping paper, wish it was sold separately somewhere.
    Cannot see myself wearing a poncho – I am too short!- but it looks lovely on other people.
    I think I have read about 3-4 reviews for this box in the past few months and they always seem to include good quality products. Adding to my wishlist.

  5. Anyone know if paypal credit is accepted as a form of payment and how to use more than 1 promo code for the swell bottle and $10 off?

    • Yes PayPal credit is accepted and I do not know about using more than one promo code. They replaced the cheese boards with the S’well bottle so it a great deal for the price! I love the hair mask which was included in my Fall box. The Winter box has some nice choices too. It is definitely worth the price for the value and you are introduced to new items you may not have tried. Give it a try.

      • Ugh I really wish these other boxes such as happy rebel and Popsugar accepted PayPal credit or at least let us pay with PayPal! I think Causebox is the only sub box ( that I know of) that does….

  6. I finally got my Fall Box…TODAY after 2 months of waiting. This Winter box better be on time and on point or Im out!

  7. Wow, a rug to sit on while you wrap your gifts lol. They think of everything.

  8. I had a lot of CS problems with this box and they did not ship for two months after I paid…it seems like others had a better experience than I did but I cancelled my sub for that reason. Too bad, ‘cuz it’s a cute spoiler and a good cause.

    • They had a problem with one of the fall items that arrived damaged and had to find a replacement, so everything was backed up. Those items were coming from Africa. A lot of what Causebox does is created out of the country by women who have jobs and can do things like send their kids to school, buy medicine and proper food and clean water because of the businesses Causebox works with. Working with countries like that and small, ethical businesses means you can have a supply/delivery problem. Their hearts are so in the right place! SO, do give them another chance if you like the box. (Speaking as a long time subscriber whose first box was a bit late because the purses in it were made in area where there was.war going on – this is so much outside any of our experiences. These jobs really matter to these women).

  9. How heavyweight is this wrap? Wondering if it would be okay on “cool” nights or too hot?

  10. Does Causebox do a Black Friday deal? Thank you😊

    • They did last year!

  11. Does anyone know if thematerial is machine washable? Will it shrink?

  12. All three are gorgeous! And I love the sustainability aspect of the plant-based fabric. I have a sweater made from Lenzing viscose and it is SO soft.

    • Thank you for commenting on how soft the fabric is, I was wondering. I subbed to Happy Rebel, so I’m not sure this box is in the running anymore, but I’m still keeping an eye on it.

      • It’s the softest sweater I own! This spoiler sold me on Causebox this quarter 🙂

        • Does anyone else wish the pink sweater the model is wearing was also part of the box? It looks super soft and cozy and goes great with the cream wrap. They could offer it in coordinating colors with the other wraps…..

  13. I wish I had enough money to be an annual member so that I could choose the color of the poncho wrap. Knowing my luck, I will get the cranberry, which isn’t my style or the charcoal as I already have a charcoal wrap from the FFF winter 2017 box. I suppose I can trade or gift it if I do. Still love what Causebox does & have been liking majority of the products in the past 3 seasonal boxes!

  14. Just signed up for my first box, really excited by this spoiler! I love all 3!!

  15. Meh

  16. I seriously might sign up because of the poop wrapping paper. It would be amazing to wrap my sister’s gifts in it. Does anyone know what the fabric feels like? I’m not a wool lover (and realize this isn’t wool) but is it scratchy?

  17. I am annual so I’m definitely going for the cranberry. I love wraps and I’m interested in trying another plant-derived fiber. Nicely done, Causebox!

  18. I just looked it up viscose is neither a natural nor an unnatural fabric whatever that means, but I still hate ponchos scarves and wraps in boxes. An easy miss

  19. Not really a scarf, fortunately, and I wouldn’t call it a poncho since it doesn’t go over your head. More of a wrap, . Cream, I think!

  20. Love the poncho, I’m in! Still a quarterly subscriber, but really considering going annual.

    • It’s nice being able to choose colors, but sometimes it’s hard to choose! This is actually spoiler #1 as the gift wrap is a bonus, but regardless I can’t wait to see more spoilers and hopefully more things to customize.

  21. I need the cranberry wrap in my life. I live in wraps three months out of the year.

    • Yes please!

  22. I’m not in love. I’m super short, so that will probably come down to my ankles, lol. Still waiting for a great spoiler.

  23. Guess I’m the only one who is sick of ponchos? was looking forward to this box, guess I’m getting the popsugar

    • You’re not the only one. I am SO sick of ponchos and scarves!

    • Same here. They never end up being flattering on me. You might want to keep an eye on Happy Rebel. So far the only spoiler is a candle, but they are also allowing customization for every item in the box, which has me very intrigued.

      • Just released another spoiler and I am considering Happy Rebel for the first time. I am very intrigued by that box. And to be honest I love real leather and look… 🙂

        • I know! I saw it just after submitting that post! I’m in love with that box. The candle alone is really nice, but a real leather bag?! This is awesome. Now i just have to pick which one…

      • Happy Rebel is $100 per box isn’t it? Do you know if they have coupons or specials?

    • I hate them, as well.

    • Ive been considering PopSugar for a while, something keeps me from pulling the trigger…perhaps its the other 4 sub boxes I belong to…hmmm…

    • Pfft. I’m sick of face creams, serums and other various things. I could open a face goop store if I wanted. Great stocking stuffers though!

  24. Oh wow. I really like this. And all styles are cool. I wouldn’t mind any of the 3. Which is good because I’m seasonal. Sooooo YAE!

  25. Yeah! A synthetic poncho – no fomo for me. I can spend my money elsewhere.

    • It isn’t synthetic. It’s even biodegradable.

    • Viscose, a fabric. Made from harvested tree fibers. Not synthetic.
      Like bamboo, a plant that is made into a rayon, a fabric, for bedding.
      Plant origins.

  26. I am so in love with the cranberry!

  27. Ooooh yes! I actually like all three, so wouldn’t mind getting any of them.

  28. Ohh, cream looks so pretty!

  29. I love the cream one…glad I’m an annual and will get to choose (at least I hope I get to)

  30. Uh oh another scarf lol! I actually really like the cranberry and the cream is nice too. But I just don’t need another scarf right now so 💰 saved ! 😁

  31. Does anyone know when customization starts. I am leaving for vacation this week, but dont want to miss customization.

    • You should email them and explain your situation…I imagine they’d accommodate you. They have good CS.

  32. Yes!! I love ponchos!

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