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CAUSEBOX Winter 2018 Box Spoiler #1 + Coupon!

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The Winter 2018 CAUSEBOX is available for pre-order now. And we have the first spoiler! Each box will include:

A set of three gift wrap sheets designed by Australian artist (and Winter Box designer) Claire Ritchie.

Here is a closer look at each sheet:

What do you think of the first spoiler?

Use coupon code 10WELCOME to save $10 off your subscription! (Regularly $54.95 a season.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. It looks like Mr. Hanky is in the mix?

    • 😂

  2. I’m getting cool frames and framing the wrapping paper to make neat decorative pictures. I think it’ll look cool on my huge statement wall.

  3. I was a little excited about wrapping paper since wrapping presents is my absolute favorite thing to do, and I quite liked the color scheme, but I was worried that I probably wouldn’t receive my box till January if the fall shipping schedule is any indication. Now that I’ve read all your comments, I can’t unsee the “poop” and I’m not sure if I want to use it at all! (> . <)

  4. Yeah…this isn’t actually a ‘spoiler’. It is the ‘special surprise’ released with the artwork reveal. Yes, it is an ‘item’ in the box but it isn’t actually a spoiler. The first spoiler isn’t until Monday. I personally am really excited to be getting this wrapping paper. I love the design and it’s something useful that I can use.

    • I think the paper is beautiful! I’m so excited to use it this season for friends and family gifts, especially for the adults!

  5. What am i supposed to do with this? Keep it in the bathroom for inspiration?

    • LOL you could always frame it hahaha

    • Thank you! To me it looks like a big pile of stretched out doo doo. Hmmmm wonder what Dr Freud would think of me.

  6. Not into the “brown fall leaves” gift wrap. I imagine it will come folded in the box vs rolled, which I personally find unusable. I might be in the minority, but I’d miss the postcard, I’m actually usually excited about those

  7. These are way more useful than the postcard from previous boxes, so I’ll take it! Looking forward to the real spoilers

  8. it seems to me that this box fab fit fun and POPSUGAR are all pretty similar but that fab fit fun seems to have almost cheesy cheap products mixed in with one or two nice items. For this type of bucks which one would you guys really recommend for the price ?

    • I agree that FFF quality is lacking. I got all 3 of these for fall and my favorite was causebox. I’m gifting a few of the FFF items for Christmas, it’s the only reason I purchased. As far as PSMH, it’s quite a bit more expensive, and I’m only using a few things. When it was finally cool enough for a scarf, I reached for the Causebox scarf, the PSMH scarf is still in it’s packaging.

      • Same with me!

    • They’re similar in the sense that they all incorporate a variety of personal care and lifestyle items. Beyond that, I see Causebox as different from the other two because of the fair trade, artisan aspect. Causebox is about empowering artisans who are using their craft to lift themselves out of poverty, or companies that use their profits to do that for others. No celebrity books in a Causebox.

      Whether that makes them better, worse, or indifferent is up to you. I like the whole idea, but I’m not going to throw money at stuff I don’t want because of it. (Fortunately, I’m not – I liked my fall Causebox, and I’m perfectly OK with the tree-themed wrapping paper. Sure looking forward to the real spoilers though!)

    • I’d recommend PSMH. They are a bit more expensive, but the items are almost always high quality. I love the premise behind Causebox, but their shipping issues make me hesitant to buy another. Also, my pretty gray dot tote from the fall box has already broken. One of the straps fell clean off. However, this season I’m most interested in Happy Rebel. At $100, it’s more expensive than the other three, but their winter box offers customization for each item for all subscribers, not just annual.

  9. Is it me, or is Causebox really full of themselves….first the hype over “box design”, then special news about the same design on a sheet of paper….
    Seems like these announcements would be better served at their company Happy Hour or Launch Party.
    This is not what subscribers pay for…oh well. It’s pretty weird if you ask me…just weird.

    Hurray for Causebox!! Thanks for sharing the design on the box that gets recycled and for including some wrapping paper, that will get thrown away also. Are we done yet??

    • It doesn’t seem any more odd to me than other subs announcing “themes” before the actual contents…like PSMH used to. Causebox has done this for years after they started making special box designs. Apparently no one cared much until they became more popular.

      • I don’t mind themes since they heavily hint about the curation…imho 😊

        Can’t wait to see real spoilers!!

    • The big difference is Causebox tends to go with legit artists designing their boxes as opposed to the current employee/free clip art/ etc

    • Lol I feel ya completely…. You made me laugh…

  10. How big are the sheets?

  11. I have seen a lot of complaints about people not getting the fall box yet… will this one even arrive on time to use the wrap for christmas?

    • This. I’ve tried to order their boxes twice, and neither has been timely. The first I finally cancelled, and the second I am still waiting on.

  12. This is a freebie not a spoiler. Current members got this in an email yesterday. Monday the 12th is the first real spoiler.

  13. Seriously, I cant even with this right now as I’m sitting here still waiting on my Fall Box I ordered over a month ago!

  14. That’s nice. I like using unconventional stuff. However, is this ONE sheet? Def a weird spoiler

    • You get one sheet of each colorway, so a total of 3.

  15. Seems VERY fall to me and not winter. I’m not enticed to buy this box so far.

    • Dose not read holiday or winter to me, either.

    • Save it for next fall then or use it for other types of gifts. Not everyone celebrates Christmas anyway.

  16. Lol these comments are hilarious. Maybe I’m the minority but I really like these. I like that it’s not red or green because this can be used to wrap fall birthday presents or Christmas presents.
    But I will say that this isn’t what I’d choose as a first “spoiler” more like a bonus item I think…

    • I’m with you. I love the wrapping paper.

    • I love the usefulness of this item and design too. I see how the leaves and browns seem more fall but I know I have 100 year old oak trees in my back yard that won’t be losing their brown leaves until at least January this year. LOL. Also, this is not really a first spoiler. It’s the “surprise” and subscribers got this email yesterday. The real spoiler is not until Monday. This is similar to how they released the postcard design for the summer box first since it was related to the box design.

    • I like them, too! The design looks Scandinavian to me.

  17. Mr. Hanky!!

    • 😂😂

  18. I noticed that her signature is at the bottom right corner of each piece maybe (depending on presentation and quality) this is something you keep and in the event she becomes super famous you have them. I don’t know if I’d use these.

  19. Very pretty, but not something to draw people in. Hopefully the rest of the items are A LOT better than this.

  20. I’m not a fan. What occasion is brownish paper with unappealing lumps appropriate for? 🤔

    • You guys are cracking me up with these comments. But aren’t these leaves? I mean maybe not, but that’s how I first saw them and thought it was kind of cute, but now I think I’d be hesitant to use it with all this negative feedback, lol.
      Very true though, brown isn’t something I’d ever pick in wrapping paper, especially since by the time we get this it will be full-on Winter!!

      • I used brown wrapping paper last Christmas was Christmas trees on it. Part of my family is huge into the environment so, this was hit.

  21. I love this design! It will go well with colourful ribbons and my hand made tags!!

    Now… does anyone know what size the sheets are?

  22. Brown lumpy elongated forms are unfortunate.

    • I can’t unsee this haha

    • 😂

  23. Well that’s not gonna make me jump for joy ! Nor will it tempted me to buy it. So far a pretty box to recycle and some more paper to recycle. Really ?

  24. Whoopie

  25. So does this make the “special surprise” that is supposed to have come out tomorrow non-existent? Is the paper the surprise?

  26. Wasn’t this “spoiler” revealed in the email that was sent yesterday? The “real” first spoiler is supposed to come out tomorrow

    • Monday, according to their schedule– not tomorrow

      • Right. Tomorrow we get the story behind the box designer, since box design is a big deal at Causebox. The gift wrap was a sneak peak yesterday, and (my guess) replaces the art print that often comes as a bonus in these boxes. This isn’t a spoiler, it’s just a little bonus that accompanies the hype around the box design.

        • It’s almost as bad as Emma&Chloe sending a full bio of their designers w/out a spoiler…then a 10 page booklet that prob costs as much to create/print as the piece itself…

  27. Oh come on, ive been waiting for a good spoiler to get me to join!
    …wrapping papper sheets is not about to do get me to sign on
    Its nice wrapping paper and all but, as a first spoiler its a let down for me.
    Hope the next spoiler is impressive or they’ve lost me

  28. I’m wondering if MSA just called this a spoiler as opposed to Causebox saying it’s a spoiler, because according to the spoiler schedule the first spoiler doesn’t come out until tomorrow.

    • Yesterday, I received an email from Causebox showing the wrapping papers. The email stated that it was “a member’s only reveal before any spoilers.” So, I think Causebox does think of it as a spoiler.

    • Sorry, 1st spoiler was scheduled for Monday. The artist story and surprise was tomorrow.

  29. i’m fatigued with traditional christmas red and green so i’m loving these colorways! i’ll definitely use this paper to wrap my girlfriends’ gifts this year.

  30. I feel like this will be unpopular, but I’m actually really excited by this! I know it will get used up, especially during this season! I love the warm neutral colors of this box–so different than most of the other Christmas wrapping paper I have at my home. I’m all about items in the different boxes that actually get used!

  31. Interesting that they would lead with this.

    • They always lead with the box designs and items related to the box design (like the bonus postcards that come in boxes). It’s all related to the designer and story and supposed to give you “clues” to the contents either via colorways or items. It’s like how Popsugar used to release themes with random words first…

  32. My first thought was that those looked like really interestingly shaped sex toys. And that color palette is not very pleasing…

    • Me too! Sex toys or poo…haha!

      • I saw poop as well. 100%.

  33. Gift wrap??? I’m not thrilled. That feels more like a bonus item than part of the box.

    • wondering if this is in place of the standard postcard. i may be in the minority, but i love it!

      • I’m definitely with you in the potential minority. I have some of the postcards that I find appealing framed and hanging around the house but this would be much more useful and appreciated as the bonus item!

    • Yep

    • I’m pretty sure it is a bonus item. They have their actual first spoiler listed as coming out on Monday. And I got an email yesterday showing the box and indicated that the wrapping was a “special surprise”…

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