Allure Beauty Box January 2019 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the spoilers for the January 2019 Allure Beauty Box!

The January box will include:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the November box. And Allure is offering a Versace bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a deluxe mini Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum!

The November 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free mini perfume bottle, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

And the December 2018 box will include:

allure beauty box

Here’s a look at the palette open:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Yay! Looks great Allure!

    • November box isn’t worth it but I love makeup so December box is great and I also love skin care so January box is amazing I love allure beauty box!

  2. I have always loved my Allure boxes. I’ve recieved very few I didn’t like. They’ve had Sunday Riley offerings for months now. With January’s box I will have a full line up of them to start a regimen. As others have stated, Allure is killing it!

    • Does anyone know if that is a new SR item launching? I can’t seem to find reviews for it anywhere.

      • They are both new!

  3. I wonder if the Sunday Riley items will be full size and if we’ll receive either / or. Very exciting box, for sure. 🙂


  5. I am so excited for this box! I just subbed in October and I’m really enjoying the boxes so far! I am really excited for all the products in the January box!

  6. I want to subscribe in December/skip the November box – when should I subscribe so I am too late to get the November box, but not late enough for December.

    Need to lock this subscription in before it’s sold out!

    • Dec 1likely

    • I would see when they post the December box as being available on here or Allures website. It varies month to month depending on if they have sold out of the boxes or not.

  7. I wonder if there will be variations and not both Sunday Riley products in one box???

    • Hard to guess since we got a full size vitamin c serum in January and sample sizes of Good Genes , of a cleanser and Luna oil. Enough product to give us If product benefits.

  8. Looking forward to this box! WOWZA! I might not cancel after all!

  9. Allure has been killing it lately. Easily becoming one of my favorite boxes.

  10. I joined Allure in September thinking it would be my only box, but then this month’s box had some good, practical products I wasn’t getting in other boxes…November is kinda a wash for me because I don’t care that much about masks, but I decided to stick around for December. Now January looks like the best yet. Now that I’ve accumulated my share of makeup products, I really look forward to skincare. I don’t wear lipstick every day, but I put I cleanse and moisturize both morning and night so those products can get used up fast!

    • I was surprised people remembered December as a great box since the Jan 2018 box had a full size Sunday Riley product, I’ve been getting Allure a long time and I’ll definitely stay subscribed (to both my Allure boxes for the next few months) Allure always has the most usable products. I find I buy more products after trying in Allure, so two monthly boxes works out great for me.

      • How do you get two allure boxes ? I want two as well but every time I try they cancel one of Them.

        • Get an additional subscription through Amazon.

        • The easiest way is to sub through Amazon too. Search Allure beauty box.

          • I looked on Amazon and only saw magazine.

        • You can do your regular subscription, then get an additional one on Amazon. I do that when they have a really good box. Plus my Amazon box I always get WAY faster than my regular subscription. Easy to cancel, too.

        • Order from Amazon. You can easily cancel and restart from month to month. They allow multiples.

        • Get one through Amazon.

        • Grab a second subscription through Amazon! 😉

        • Sub through Amazon and Allure. That’s how I got 2 Jan boxes this year

        • You can get a second subscription through Amazon. Canceling is super easy, too. I’ve never had a problem joining for a month where I’ve wanted two boxes, and then canceling immediately after.

          • Awesome , thank you ! Do I have to use a different email / card ?

        • It says in there faq u can get another box if u call them. But not every month, I think it’s like a month to month thing, if u like say November’s box and want 2 of them. I just send one to my house and one to my brothers, and on occasion a third one to my mom’s address. Lol

  11. There is a big to do lately about Sunday Riley forcing employees to write fake reviews on Sephora. She admitted it publicly. . You can google and easliy find this information. I would expect to see Sunday Riley products in a lot of boxes, because she needs to make a comeback from very dishonest business practices.

    • Thank You very much for sharing this info. I do enjoy reading facts and I personally have used SR products they do not impress me they are way overpriced they way I will get any is if I get them in a cheap beauty box like Allure.
      I think most of the products have a weird gross smell, JMO

      • I feel the same way; I KNEW somebody was either getting paid/ or was somebody from inside the company, to write such positive reviews about certain SR products. I have had luck with some products but they in No Way Wowed me like I was expecting after reading all these amazing reviews. I even thought it was just me till I started talking to friends and relatives who were having the same issues. Hopefully this stuff will be useable!

    • I was so disappointed when I found out. I bet that’s why they’re doing so many subscription boxes…

      • Beauty is big business. It’s up to the consumer to really research . It is disheartening.

  12. TWO Sunday Riley products I have not yet tried?! Oh, yassss Allure! I’m so glad I finally signed up for this sub in October.


  14. I would pay for a full size product box from allure. Their curation is always the best.

    • GENIUS! Like Ipsy Plus meets Allure, yessssss! Take my moneeeeeyyyyyy!!

  15. Now I’m just waiting for a Black Friday or Better Than Black Friday deal 🙂

    • Good call! I think that’s what I’m going to do too. 🙂 I’m hoping they at least have some sort of discounted 3-month deal like they did earlier this year.

      • I’m already subbing and was hoping for a box less stellar as I am one box away from skin care overload but Joyously waits to open Pearlesque box. Last year Allure and Beautyfix were amazing with a full sized item in January. I doubt Allure will offer me a deal if i “threaten” to cancel. Lol

        • They offered me 4 months for $12 a month. I have no interest in the December box, so I canceled. I’ll reup for January though.

    • Same! Last year’s Black Friday deal for Allure was so so good. I’m holding out until next week to see!

  16. Are these NEW SundayRiley products? When I search them I can’t find them any where online??

    • I am wondering the same thing – can’t find anything on either product! 🧐

  17. As always, Allure has yet again curated an awesome box. What a great way to start 2019. I’m so happy with this subscription. Not every item is a perfect fit for my taste. However, for the most part, they keep me happy.

  18. Wow out of all the boxes I get Allure has quickly become my favorite…they’re killing it…I’m liking this better than boxycharm!

  19. I was going to cancel this box because I find the December spoilers completely useless for me…. but seeing the January spoilers I changed my mind!

    • Same here Diane. I”m glad we got the spoilers, because I was going to cancel too.

    • I’ve been meaning to cancel too, but now I’ve seen the January spoilers I’m staying. It’s nice to get these spoilers so soon.

    • I’m wondering if they released January box spoilers so soon because a lot of people were canceling after the December box was revealed.

      • The crazy thing is that I definitely wouldn’t cancel and resub because sometimes the new influx of subscribers means variants and if you’re still subbed you get the original citation.

        • Curation autocorrect isn’t my friend

        • That’s so true. That’s why I’m staying for a crummy (for me) December box so I can get January’s.

          • I was along those same lines but just emailed them and asked to skip December…as I didn’t want to cancel altogether. The skip is in the works and January looks amazing!!

          • I didn’t know you could do that. I’m going to try to skip too. Thanks!

          • Just be cautious, I skipped a month and they cancelled without my knowledge. When your skipped month is over call CS right away to confirm you are getting that month. The good part for me is that they are sending me a new subscriber gift lol.

  20. Am I seriously considering cancelling Boxycharm for this? Allure has the worst customer service out of ANY sub box I’ve tried, but I rarely wear eyeshadow. And I love Ofra highlighters…I’m tempted!

    • You can subscribe through Amazon you’ll get the new subscriber gift but you don’t get the $10 first box discount. If you subscribe through Amazon your shipping updates in your amazon order info and if you decide to cancel etc there’s no need to email their CS.

    • Amazon it arrives faster easy to skip a month too

    • If you sub through amazon the CS is a lot better, the shipping times are as well.

  21. Love masks, love Juvia’s Place, LOVE Sunday Riley!!! Allure is making me love them!

  22. Oh wow! Now that is a BOX! Against popular opinion, I LOVE November. I Lannister cancelled since December is SO disappointing for me personally. But wow January is killing it! So glad they traded this early as I am now 100% staying. Great job Allure! (Side note- apparently the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. And the way to a woman’s is though her skin….especially if you come bearing Sunday Riley!!

    • I’m with you love November and January, not a fan of December!

  23. IS there a coupon for 3/$10 each floating around anywhere?

  24. Skipping November signing back up for December then I might cancel for January have not decided yet. Luckily I have plenty of time!

  25. Wow, worth sticking it out through Decembers box. Decembers just isn’t for me.

    • Same!

  26. Was hoping to try both of the new SR products and both of those lip products, but I think a lot of comments are correct about these likely turning out to be variations. She has also reformulated her Good Genes, in addition to her Ceramic Slip. It is available in the UK, but I don’t know if I can get it here yet.

    • The mally is an eyeshadow stick. I hope we get both Sunday Riley products. You reminded me that I just started using the Good Genes that came in the Best of Dermstore box and it smells MUCH more lovely than the samples I had gotten previously. More lemony. I wondered if there wasn’t a change….or maybe there is just alot of variation??

      • Thank you, LB. I’m giggling about that being an eye shadow stick. I just saw what looked like two lip stick products and immediately jumped to the assumption of more variations coming our way every day.

        If you got a smell of lemons from Good Genes, then you hit the jackpot of batches, haha. That would be lovely if the reformulation just added a few drops of lemon oil or something to cover up THAT smell. Fingers crossed that we get both!

        • Lol. I actually got pretty used to Good Genes but I use the Martian toner too since I struggle with adult acne and it smells like vomit!! I still hold my breath…but also still use it daily…haha.

          • It’s funny I can tolerate the good genes just fine. But like you said the Martian toner is gross. I also despise the smell of the Luna

          • I got used to the smell of Luna pretty quick too, but unfortunately my skin didn’t. I think it breaks me out! I’ve tried twice now and that seems to be the common thread. That bums me out. But Good Genes and the Martian toner have done WONDERS for my skin. I can’t wait to try this turmeric oil.

          • Wow.. Sunday Riley website .. maybe I reached mobile version and that’s why I can’t find product information.

      • Wasn’t that Best of Dermastore box amazing? Such a good deal!

        • Yes. I can’t believe how that tiny samplenof Allure box Good Genes is lasting. I stopped using it when BF holiday box arrived. However, I will check on Sunday Riley website as my face does seem a smite tender as I have been more generous usage.

        • Yes! I bought one from Target and as soon as I had it in my hands I bought another one from Dermstore too. For some reason it was shipped priority so I just ran to go pick it up at the post office so I could sign for it and have it in my hands too!!!

        • It was and I am heartbroken because Target and Dermstore sold out before I could get one. I just started a trial of Good Genes but the tube is so tiny, I wanted at least one more good sample/deluxe size to give it a chance before committing to the expensive full size. Target let me buy 2 for store pickup, then emailed to tell me my delivery method (store pickup.) But after logging into my account it wasn’t even available at my store for regular in store purchase and wasn’t available for in store or pickup at ANY Target within 100 miles, and of course still not available for shipping. I knew Target would sell out fast but I was surprised how Dermstore sold out just as fast. Oh well. Hope everyone that was smart enough to buy immediately enjoys it!

          • I clicked on the I want this button to be notified if it restocks. I have tried ever item except maybe eye cream.

          • Go the Dermstore site, search beautyfix under brands, and you will see that they have the same box “coming soon” and it looks like it comes with a different(nicer) bag.

          • I’ve been trying to catch it when it restocks, but it sells out fast. I really wish they had quantity limited it or something so more customers got a chance.

          • Search for best of holiday set on Dermstore. There is another version with wet bag available.

          • Birchbox has a Sunday Riley discovery kit for $20 & you don’t have to be a subscriber to purchase it! I believe it comes with 4 products & good genes is one of them.

    • If u are referring to Caroline Hirons video on Good Genes, I think that’s just for EU. We have original formula here in states. I have to admit several other C serums are way better than CEO but Good Genes is a game changer. I’m okay with Luna oil and certainly am game for the A. Way to move forward Sunday.

    • I know that she had to reformulate the Good Genes to sell in the UK because there is an illegal amount of Lactic Acid in it for the UK. I *think* it has glycolic acid in the UK version, not positive, though.

    • i believe SR reformulated, at least Good Genes, because she HAD to to sell in the UK (maybe Europe in general???) so we may not get the new version of Good Genes in the US. She had to change acids. The current one we can get is the one I would want, not the new UK version anyways…my opinion anyway!!

  27. Can ANYONE confirm that BOTH Sunday Riley items are included??? Terribly excited for this box! LOVE Sunday Riley!!! Thanks SO much Allure!

  28. Okay, this box totally makes up for the lackluster November and December boxes for me. Hoping the Sunday Rileys are decent sizes and there aren’t a bunch of color variations for the lip crayon and eyeshadow.

  29. I’m sorry but allure is seriously killing it like no other. Keep it up thx Liz for the heads up as always dear 😉

  30. I find the picture of the woman, presumably “Nikki”, with the December box to be a turnoff. She looks so fake, like she’s had too much plastic surgery. That’s an ad against highlighter and over drawn eyebrows. I’m out for Nov and Dec but will be back in January.

    • Yeah, I see what you mean.

    • It’s definitely not a style of makeup that appeals to me. Both she and the items she curated feel like an odd match for the Allure box, which (to me) has always been about skin care and new and innovative beauty products, not heavy makeup. December’s box feels more like a BoxyCharm box than an Allure box.

    • Lol! Nowthat i see it, i can’t unsee it!

    • I had the same reaction, Barb. I’m pretty happy with the December box items, but that picture is a horrible selling point.

  31. Oh, no! I can’t unsubscribe. I just a girl. I can’t…)))

  32. Was going to cancel for December but I like January so I might hold off

    • Same! I’m kind of happily annoyed by how good this box is lately. Makes it hard to walk away.

  33. Cancelled but I will be back for January!

    • DItto…
      November and December weren’t appealing to me but I’ve been sucked back in for January!

  34. See y’all in January!

  35. This is a great box! It will help make up for the November fail. the Amika conditioner is my favorite hair product so I’m exited to see a full size in this box. The lipstick looks like a pretty winter color

  36. oh, allure all these boxes are great ..except. nov. however, I love sunday riley, and give me all the mally you can…love you allure…

  37. I guess I’ll be back in January 😊

  38. Wow!! Allure is killing it! Love this box!

  39. Wow! I hope we get both Sunday Riley items, though I would understand if it was a variation! Thee lip crayon looks pretty – overall a nice box even if we don’t have specifics on sizes/variations yet.

  40. I am over the moon!!! I signed back up late in October. I really don’t want more products but I can’t say not to these boxes. I have also had my tracking for my Oct box for over a week without it being sent.

  41. I wonder if the Sunday Riley are variations since there’s two of them.

  42. Allure has been amazing lately! Those sunday riley products must be new. Excited to try

  43. Love it!

  44. Is the CEO Glow new? I can’t find info on it. Turmeric is supposed to be good for breakouts so I’m hoping it’ll be another great match for my skin!!

    • Yes! I’m pretty sure both of these are brand new! I’ve been using SR for years before they were in all the sub boxes and I’ve loved almost everything! I was hoping January was a dud but I just can’t quit you Allure.

  45. Okay, 1) What is with everyone giving outAmika gair masks? O.o

    2) Not that I’m complaining (Though a wee bit disappointed for no more anticipation and suspense 🙁 ) Why are we receiving previews and spoilers months ahead?

    3) And lastly, I’m very much excited about this box! Lol, didn’t think I was now, didja? 😉

  46. This looks great! Hope they have a good Black Friday deal so I can sign up for a few months!

  47. Stop it Allure!!!! Just stop it .. you know we need to break up for a bit … don’t play with me like this. You ain’t right, you don’t play fair. You are wrong for this. You know how I feel about a retinoid. And yet you send these spoilers. In November. Mmnnhmmn. K. I see you.

  48. another great box!!

  49. What sizes are the two Sunday railey items?

    • Probably deluxe size, given other items are noted as full size..

  50. Wow! That is an awesome box! I can’t wait to try the Sunday Riley mask!

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