Allure Beauty Box December 2018 FULL SPOILERS UPDATE + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have more info for the spoilers for the December Allure Beauty Box just for MSA readers! We now have size info (lots of full size items!) and one item is a variant.

The December 2018 box will include:

allure beauty box

Here’s a look at the palette open:

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the November box. And Allure is offering a Versace bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a deluxe mini Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum!

The November 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free mini perfume bottle, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have a feeling the products are only going to get worse because they are going to be sending out make up bags with each box. I was so happy the other day when I found out that Ipsy is going to quit sending bags with their boxes. I guess I just can’t get away from them 🙁 I could open a bag store with the inventory I have. Ipsy said that the value of the bag will be going towards better/bigger items. I assume the opposite will be true with Allure.

    • Why do you assume the opposite for Allure? I try not to assume things because I’m usually wrong when I assume things without any facts. So, I just curious why you would say that….

  2. I just called to cancel and they made no offers to keep my subscription. I didn’t want the December box, but hoped they’d try to entice me to stay:(

    • I’ve had an unbelievable number of problems with them so I finally did the same after they messed up my account so bad including changing my email and payment info without my permission (which caused me to miss a box and not be able to get into my account online (which is also attached to my magazine subscription account so that’s awesome.) I reached out via email to customer service numerous times to try and resolve it but they made no effort at all to acknowledge their mistakes or fix them. They pretty much ignored the specifics and sent me canned responses not applicable to the situation. I reiterated all my concerns and experiences when I finally canceled and requested (again) they fix my email for my magazine account since it’s prepaid for years. They didn’t mention that at all and just replied simply stating they processed my cancellation.
      Clearly Allure doesn’t care about customers at all and/or the folks they hire for customer care are not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed. A company like Allure (which is just a branch of the gigantic Conde Nast group) that large having such abominable customer service is crazy.
      As much as I despise them now, their boxes are often so good that I took other MSA readers’ advice and just joined through Amazon. It’s so easy to order when you like the spoilers (even late in the month), then cancel until you decide if you want the next month. The $10 a box subscriber retention deals are great (they offered me 4 months of them a while back) but this way you save almost as much money since you can skip months that don’t wow you, like December’s lame box. 😄

  3. I wish Allure would stop it with the variations in boxes. It would be nice if they didn’t spoil their spoilers as well. I was actually excited about the pallet at first as I do need a good ‘basic bioch’ pallet but then they went and changed it to a mini version?

    • I mean, it’s annoying their spoilers come out so early but you could just…not look at them.

    • I hav the full size of that palette and I can say that the mini has the best shades from it so at least there’s that!

    • Oma how does this palette even condense to a mini version? We get what 3 shades? I agree..annoyed ab that. I love my allure but yeah if I hadnt read your comment when it comes I’d have been wth is this tiny thing? Where is my palette? Lol

      • Hi Jen! I don’t wear eyeshadow like I used to but when the spoiler came out, I got excited! The full size palette is one I would’ve used for sure but then again, Christmas! I still have a teenager at home and a grown but young niece that I share stuff from my subs with. My niece was so excited about the “Basic B!tch”! Then the next day, BOOM! It’s a mini! The mini version has 6 shades. My niece will still take it. But at 1st, when it was the full size pallet (she’s a cosmetologist), she was pretty adamant that I keep it and use it. Now that it’s the mini, nope. I’ll be happy to pass it on. I’ve been getting subs since March of ‘16. Started w/ Ipsy & Birchbox, dumped BB for Play, dumped Play for BB5(no longer in business),dumped BB5 for Allure. I don’t do the Walmart at all anymore. I buy some Target boxes but haven’t in a few months. I’m basically down to Allure & Ipsy + some ipsy offers. Allure isn’t going to stop with the variations unless enough customers continue to CALL and complain. That’s exactly what I was told.

        • You should try Beauty Fix.

      • That shown there IS the mini – 6 shades.

  4. I’m a bit baffled by so many people’s dissatisfaction with the November and December boxes…I think they are crazy great. The value, the curation and brands offered are knock outs, particularly for a $10-$15 box!

    • The retail value for both is actually pretty low, for Allure, which promise $85 worth of products in every box but often delivers much more. But mostly, it’s a YMMV thing. The only product I’m excited about in November is the Glow Recipe mask; I have sensitive skin so the Glamglow is unusable for me, and the rest of the products are nothing special. And I do not care for the December box at all: drug store items, yet another liquid eyeliner and highlighter, a mask with denatured alcohol as a major ingredient? Just a big fail all around, for me. I will probably keep the Ofra highlighter since apparently it can be used as eyeshadow as well (two of the three colors are too dark for my pale skin), and put the rest up for swap.

      • Charlotte: Actually, November’s box had a retail value of approx $65.95 and this December box at $73.50 as close as I can see. And as far as your claim that Allure states their boxes to be a $85 value, well, I have never seen that one at all.

        As a matter of fact, if you check their subscription page this is Allure’s actual claim: “Monthly box featuring beauty picks with a $50-90 value for only $15”. These boxes have a range in final retail and are not locked into one monthly price.

        So if you take October’s box ($65.95) and December’s box ($73.50), I think you can safely say these 2 month’s are at the HIGH end of the spectrum…not the low end as you cite.

        Now not liking the curation of these boxes in one thing and quite understandable as we are all so different in our needs, but let the actual numbers speak to your first objection. Best of luck in the swaps, hope you end up with what you want.

      • Charlotte: So if you take October’s box ($65.95) and December’s box ($73.50), I think you can safely say these 2 month’s are at the HIGH end of the spectrum…not the low end as you cite.

        Now not liking the curation of these boxes in one thing and quite understandable as we are all so different in our needs, but let the actual numbers speak to your first objection. Best of luck in the swaps, hope you end up with what you want.

        • I think it’s Barbara who replied to Charlotte above re the November BB….using full price to rate the box is a bit ridiculous! The November box was almost all sheet masks – total waste for me (and looks like alot of others) since I use sensitive skin masks from Korea. I will never use any of the Nov. box items. I usually like most of the products in my box but this box is a total waste of $15.00.

    • I know right? I adore all my boxes, they are all very thought out.

  5. i hate the way people complain, this is your decision to purchase …save your money on something you might be GRATEFUL for then….

    • I hate the way people complain about people complaining on a REVIEW sight…That’s what this sight is for is opinions on the curation and the products. This is exactly the place to come and praise or complain. If you can’t handle peoples opinions good or bad, maybe a REVIEW sight is not for you.

    • 2 Words. Chronic Malcontents. Why keep buying and complaining? Just say no or bubye but bullying a company does nothing but take up space in the comments. I would like to read about the products and how they do or don’t work for others. Complaints belong in an email or phone call to the company. What good does it do to write them here?

  6. so excited to try this new pallet i have yet to try out the brand yet I see Nikki T useing it all the time

  7. Yay! Allure! What a great way to end a year! Love it!

  8. when would i have to sign up for this box? the 1st?

    • They show their current box on their website, so I’d check the site on Dec 1st just to make sure they’ve switched over and then subscribe. You can also subscribe through Amazon, which is way easier to cancel/resubscribe and generally quicker to ship, but you won’t get the discount.

  9. Feeling great about my decision to cancel.

  10. I might be alone here but a mini eyeshadow pallet really appeals to me as someone who subs to boxycharm, Ipsy plus, and how allure I’m on eyeshadow overload! I like the idea of a small travel pallet that’s wearable. I’m new to allure but to me they’ve been killing it.

    • I agree. This box looks amazing and a purse or handbag sized travel palette would be so great.

  11. Nov and Dec don’t have the same wow factor for me after the Oct box which was nice. Masks are good, but I don’t feel like I get as much when it’s all masks. I like Nikkie, but I’m not impressed with nyx lippie and Neutrogena wipes or bliss products that target carries now and puts in their boxes. Also, peel off masks no thank you. I like the mini Juvia’s palette and love their formula so that will be a great travel palette, very wearable colors.

    • I feel the same…for $15 and how much ALLURE HAS WOWED me for the past year, December is ….sad….the eyeliner may be ok since its waterproof, if i get the balm or eye foils that be ok..but nyx color/quality i will give away, idk ab the mini palette until.i see it,, and the wipes and rest is …sad….of my 10 beauty subs Allure is one of my top 3 but December is..sad…LOL..did i mention sad? LOL…I know Allure isnt too christmas broke like the rest of us lol

  12. Allure is starting to become a disappointment. Not that the box isn’t always a great value, I’m just personally tired of the variations and changing products after the 1st spoiler.

  13. December’s box looks good to me… I like everything BUT the highlighter! We recently just got a full sized highlighter in our Allure box && we get them in so many other subscription boxes!!!! So sick of highlighters! You only use a little bit anyways were one would last forever, & I have literally like 10 already that I don’t use. Will definitely be giving this away! Ugh rant over…. But otherwise I am very happy with this box!!!

    • Courtney:
      I usually feel the same way about highlighters…heck I could paint my house with all that I have in my stash. BUT, the OFRA highlighter is truly different and is the single best highlighter I have ever used. Personally, this one is attractive to me since it gives us a trio of colors. Give it a shot, I can attest to the splendor that is the OFRA highlighter.

  14. I am super disappointed – but not at all surprised- to get Nikki “anything for views” Tutorials overpriced $30 highlighter VS the full size $20 Nubian palette.. I hate the cheapness of Ofra’s packaging considering the price tag they put on it.. I have used Ofra highlighters in the past and I’m not impressed AT ALL when compared to the flood of other highlighting products on the market around that price point.. Wet and Wild cosmetics with a high end price tag to line “influencers” pockets – “Well I just scammed my fan base selling a $2 highlighter for $29. I don’t know what to do with this 6 million I just made, guess I’ll just go buy 10 more Cartier bracelets” … Girl, no ma’am, scam the house! I HATE IT SO MAAACH!!

  15. Okay slightly disappointed. Was excited that it was going to be the full size Nubian palette from juvias

    • I was SO close to signing up, mostly because of that palette but then I saw it was on sale at Ulta and decided I had enough subscription boxes and I would just buy the palette. Glad I did, I would have been pretty bummed to find out it was a mini.

  16. I jumped back in with both feet!! I love love love Juvia’s place. I have 2 palettes { not this one though}, a lipstick, and their blush palette and I love them all. Beautiful, pigmented, lasts all day and not drying or chunky. I know I could buy this palette but I have been wanting to come back and this box did it for me.

  17. I’m really excited about this box! I’ve been wanting to try out some Juvia’s Place. Overall, I really like both the November & December boxes.

  18. I think in going to buy a extra box as a gift in Decemeber….this is an adorable box by allure.

  19. I’m not loving this box. Since this was a special edition box I thought it would have more items to wow me like drunk elephant or more Sunday Riley.

    • It’s not just you. Is there a way we can skip a month?

      • Yup you can call them (and maybe email) to skip. I called and was planning on cancelling, but was offered a free gift if I stayed subscribed and allowed to skip until January.

        • I called on 10/30 to cancel and was also offered a free gift to suspend but they told me I could suspend as long as I wanted. I plan to call back to get December. Anyway… i got my free box today! That was super quick and totally unlike the old Allure, so I am excited! It was a last years box which I did already receive, but that’s ok. I got Saint perfume vs Sinner last time.

  20. Deseando que sea diciembre, me encanta!!

  21. Overall, I adore ALLURE as well as BOXYCHARM. I have pretty much cancelled most other sub’s at this point.

  22. Tat: That was a bit rough…she was asking for some help.

    • And she answered…maybe she didn’t have the 800 number memorized, but she told her that it was there to find.

  23. I hope I don’t get the eye masks – not happy about that update . The rest of the box looks good to me

  24. None of this is appealing to me. I’d cancel but I don’t want to lose my spot in “line” for the higher-value variations Allure’s been doing. If January is as disappointing as this, though – bye bye, Allure.

    • Yeah – I’m not feeling the December box either! I need to figure out when my 4 for $10 offer expires. I have so many subs and so much stuff and now after the Target Holiday boxes am pretty set – even though I just sent my daughter a huge box full of skin care, makeup and brushes.

  25. I LOVE this box! 🙂

  26. I had put all beauty boxes on hold for a while. I just started back up with Allure and Ipsy (just in time for Glambag Plus). Allure has been great last two months and both November and December boxes are awesome. I should have paid for a longer subscription.
    All great products! I can never have enough skin care.

  27. I love Nikki Tutorials!! I am super excited about this. Maybe I’ll even start wearing highlighter, who knows?

  28. I’m seriously happy with the December box! I don’t use eyeliner much, but everything else will go to good use. Even if the pallette isn’t full size, it’s still a helluva good deal for $15!

  29. This will be my first Ofra Highlighter! I’ve been wanting one. I’m excited!

  30. I’m loving allure. Cancelled or put on hold all my other boxes besides this one because of overload!

  31. I am liking this box and those shadow colors. Nice.

  32. Allure has the best beauty boxes at a great price. Can’t beat them!

  33. I canceled this week after getting an email describing their makeup brush as “GOD****” luxurious. I dont appreciate language like that and found it totally unnecessary to describe a makeup brush. That name is sacred in my house. While I dont expect everyone else to believe the same, I am sick of the raunchy language used to describe makeup.

    • I’m still keeping my sub because I really like their boxes but I thought that language was in poor taste and sounded quite immature and unprofessional.

    • I’m confused?? Is the word luxurious raunchy?

      • The word was like grod am. In poor taste and unprofessional.

      • Seriously. I’m more offended by the extensive plastic surgery and Botox on that chic they’re using in the ad than I am the email. I like Allure’s boxes, but their magazine is one of the most egregious perpetrators of unrealistic body and beauty standards out there.

      • I think she objected to the word they used in front of luxurious.

    • Seriously?! I agree, no need for that!

    • Wow! Who sent email. Juveas Place sent this about a brush.??

      • Allure sent out the email, not Juvia’s. I think it was Nov 5th.

    • Michele, I understand your preferences in language, but is the marketing department really going to alienate you from getting a great beauty box>

      • You obviously don’t understand because it has nothing to do with getting a good box. It has to do with taking the lords name in vain. I agree, that’s very shocking and disrespectful. I’ve actually had my eye on this sub, not so much now.

    • I wrote a post on their Facebook page and to their customer service about how it was classless and offensive. I cancelled one of my 2 boxes because of it. I would of cancelled the other but I really love the box. I also unsubscribed from all emails from them.

    • Thank you, Michele! I couldn’t agree more! God Bless you!

    • I’m not even religious and I found it gratuitous and offensive. It’s getting ridiculous these days. And, quite frankly, marketing departments should do better. The dictionary is pretty large. No need for language like that. It’s alienating and unnecessary. And yes, people cancel for uses of language. Happens all the time.

    • Hey Michele,

      I totally agree with you about the makeup brush description. We see and hear enough foul language in our day to day lives. I thought it was very distasteful and uncalled for. The Allure magazine has gone downhill in the last few years. It used to be classy IMO.

    • Wow, that got through? In a reeeeaaallly religious country (okay, my part – bible belt represent yo!) you’d think they’d know better? I know they’re marketing to a group without strong religious ties (under 35), but yeah, someone in marketing should have grabbed a thesaurus. There’s a huge segment of the population that would have been more comfortable with outright swearing than what to them is blasphemy?

    • I agree. I just emailed to cancel as well and referenced that email (I think it was Nov 5th?) Makeup is fun but it is not an essential part of life. Admittedly I doubt the box curators have much to do with those marketing the magazine, but it is the same company.

    • Michele,

      Thank you for making people aware of that email that didn’t receive it (like me). I cancelled online via subscription management a few months ago. There are truly thousands of ways to describe a brush that is luxurious and get the point across of exactly how luxurious it is without bringing any religion into it, whatsoever (any deity, for that matter). I agree with voting with my dollars and making it clear where I draw a line. I wouldn’t tolerate them using any religion’s deity or any “hot buttons” to be edgy and cool. I’m standing with you on remaining unsubscribed.

      • I found it offensive as well!!! It shocked me to be seriously? If they used another offensive word that everyone freaks out ab and rightly so Allure would be apologizing publicly! But nobody says anything if its ab God. Are they that dumb and careless? They really do not care who is offended bc its religious related. They would never use another racial slur…but God apparently isnt important

  34. I knew the palette would be mini. The prices did not match up for full size . Oh well still happy with it as I am on palette overload and I did not need a full palette of neutral colors.

  35. I LOVE those bliss eye masks! That’s what I’m hoping for now!

  36. Interesting. I called and canceled today. They offered me a free mystery box valued at 50 dollars to stay.

    • What number did you call?
      Did you cancel Nov and Dec or only cancel Dec?

      • I canceled period. The 1 800 number is on the web site.

      • callmeinge: The number for ALLURE is:

        • @Barbara: Thanks.
          Just cancelled, they didn’t offer me free mystery box, but 3 months sub for $12

          • Callmeinge: Good for you! LOL, maybe I should try that too 😉

    • I’ve never been offered anything when I canceled!
      Anyway, NYX does not excite me at all, gonna wait for a box I like before I resub.

      • Taren: Don’t know if this will have any impact on your decision to subscribe or not, BUT if you stick it out…ALLURE send you very nice gifts throughout the year. They appreciate the “loyalty” I suppose and they show it. Just a thought…since their gifts have been VERY nice!

        • I’ve been subbed for almost 3 years and have never gotten a gift….I must be unlucky….or not special. LOL.

          • LB and Emily: That’s odd that you haven’t gotten gifts as it seems like it is their policy to reward loyalty. This year alone I’ve gotten 4 or 5 gifts…just got a Spongelle’s Body Buffer in my mail, which was one of the cheaper gifts received. Earlier this year I got 2 skin care items that were actually valued at around a total of $70.

            You may want to contact them and actually ask them why you haven’t gotten anything since you have heard others do. Just a thought…

            BTW, their number is 800-274-1603. Good luck!

          • What? Seriously? Not trying to be sarcastic or nasty. Just seriously curious. I’ve been subscribed for almost 2 years. I got the doucce eyeshadow pallet after I signed up but I had to call several times to get that. Took about 3 months to get it and me threatening to cancel. I heard some subscribers got free baublebar earrings in their boxes one month over the summer. Please do tell…

          • Barbara thank you for this information; I’ve heard from other subscribers that they got loyalty gifts or ‘just a little thank you for being a continued subscriber’ but had no Idea what those Gifts were! I will definitely call them and attempt to find out if they have a policy, if so what it is. I’d Love to get a surprise spongelle buffer in the mail! I shouldn’t be so quick to judge their customer service either as it’s a job I’ve never done personally. Also the problems I’ve had with Allures customer service has Almost Always been because someone didn’t know what they were doing promised me something that wa s unattainable. Im sure they have a TON more issues with things like this now too that more of us talk together. Maybe it’s hard on Their side figuring everything out; they give deals to certain people when they threaten to cancel and others they just say Buh Bye to. Again thanks for the info and I will be calling this week and will calmly inquire about ‘loyalty benefits’ for being an annual subscriber/continuous subscriber for years.

          • The free gift I was promised for sub’ing never came..6 months later and 5 rude emails layer they sent a cheap ass cloth useless Allure tote bag in replace of yhe beautiful black leather tote bag that finally pushed me into signing up. I lovey Allure boxes but i get the most rude lazy customer service reps, EVEN WHEN I CALL. Of all my subs anytime i have questions issues it is very promptly and NICELY rectified EXCEPT by Allure. But i do love my boxes, nothing i can do ab their employees bc Allure doesnt do anything NOTICEABLE to correct their staff.
            On that note….I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY FOOT MASK!! ALL THE MASKS! I MASK EVERY SINGLE SINGLE NIGHT LOL. Some people drink wine, i mask LOL

        • Yeah I’ve been subbed for 4 years now and have only ever recieved 2 gifts for being a member. One was a Marc Jacobs lipgloss set as a ‘surprise gift’ (they were really light, couldn’t even be used as toppers cuz there just wasn’t any pigment; felt like stuff they couldn’t sell) and I got a perfume as a ‘birthday gift’ but later found out everybody recieved the same perfume. Wish they’d offer special boxes or something for annual members; with all these ‘$off first box and GWP’ offers I feel like I’m getting ripped off kindof. 🤷🏻‍♀️

          • Emily Jane: You’re most welcome and good luck with them sending you some surprises! 🤞

    • Just called, they just said – alright bye. Haha November and December very disappointing.

      • Lol

      • Allure is SO RANDOM about this! I’ve been told “k, bye” When I cancelled for a while in the past, and then last time I went to cancel I was offered 4 months for $10! I have no idea why – it doesn’t even seem to matter how long you’ve subscribed with them either.

        • They are; it’s all about WHO you talk to as a CS representative. I’ve had to call on my regular beauty box many times. One box I got a bad eyeliner; I called, the super sweet rep sent me out two Drunk Elephant samples. Maybe a year later (after we moved across town, not far) I was charged for 3 boxes and didn’t recieve a single one. When I called all I got was “we can refund the money to your account” ☹️ I tried to explain I didn’t want the money I wanted the boxes; got transferred to a supervisor, given the same answer, and treated like I was trying to scam them. When I had the Same Problems with the old Allure Beauty Thrills box though; they sent me 2 extra boxes for free. My box was almost two months late on delivery, I’d only called to make sure I was going to get it. I called them back to let them know they’d sent me the extra Beauty Thrills boxes, they said it wasn’t a mistake; they sent them to make up for the shipping delay. This was early this year, between January and February of 2018. Allure is SO random with customer service,

    • I called the end of October because I didn’t want the November box. They offered to let me skip November and start back in December with the next 4 months at 12.00. I thought it was a good deal, but 50.00 freebies sounds good too. I guess it is random if they offer you anything.

      • Last month I emailed them to cancel and they responded with an offer for 4 months at $10 each, so I got suckered back in! I’m pretty happy with November and December at $10 though!

        • I also got 4 months at $10 thru email cancellation. But Nov and Dec didn’t excite me. Hopefully they’ll still honor the promo in later months.

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