Allure Beauty Box December 2018 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have the FULL spoilers for the December Allure Beauty Box! (Thanks Jess!)

The December 2018 box will include:

allure beauty box

If you subscribe now, your first box will be the November box. And Allure is offering a Versace bonus for new subscribers! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a deluxe mini Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau de Parfum!

The November 2018 box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 and get the free mini perfume bottle, too! (Regularly $15 a box.)

Check out our Allure Beauty Box Reviews + Allure Beauty Box Spoilers to see what you can expect from this beauty subscription box!

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  1. Juvias Place was an indie brand and is now carried by Ulta. You can reviews on Facebook and IG.

  2. Although I am not too jazzed about masks, they will make great Christmas stocking stuffers for my girlfriends. I am super hyped about the December box, though. I am a neutral girl and prefer to let my natural beauty shine through. This will be perfect!

  3. When would i sign up for the december box? I dont want the november box

  4. Are we sure all these items will be in the Dec box and not a variation? Like you get either the highlighter OR the palette??

    • the only variation is the Bliss Peel-Off Mask or REN Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm

  5. I’m here for everything but the eyeliner and lipstick. The palette itself is beyond worth getting the December box though. I’m so excited to get it!

  6. Wow, I honestly hate this box. Highlighter too dark to work with my porcelain skin. Eyeshadow palette that looks identical to other warm-toned neutral palette. Yet another liquid liner. Lipstick I could buy in a drug store. The REN balm is the only item I’m interested in, which means I probably won’t get it. Incredibly disappointed in this selection of items; Allure is better than this. Glad I canceled my Amazon subscription for November; if it wasn’t for the fact that Allure has taken to giving cheaper variations to new subscribers, I’d cancel my original subscription too and resub in Janurary.

    • Right? That’s the ONLY THING keeping me from canceling and resubbing late in December; my position in line lol. My last 3 boxes have been the 1st variations, (the best products imo) I feel like it’s taken me YEARS to get a ‘position’ on their list. I don’t miss boxes anymore, they arrive on schedule, and lately it’s Always the first variation of spoilers. I’d love to get $ off boxes or GWPs but 🤷🏻‍♀️ Feels like if I did cancel I wouldn’t be getting the same stuff and that used to be SO frustrating.

      • Yep im not even sure if its worth it..All sample packets, do u think theyre saving it for Dec? 1 more chance. Bobble is worthless.

  7. Cancelled! Another one bites the dust.

  8. Is it just me or does all that highlighter give that woman the look of plastic, like a plastic babydoll head?

    • No part of her looks real. lol

    • Totally agree with you.

  9. I’m really happy with this box. I always wanted to try a Juivia Place eyeshadow palette and this one seems versatile.

    I’ve also heard great things about the Ofra Everglow highlighter and the NYX Lingerie formula.

  10. What a let down for December Allure! Seriously! A single use Neutrogena makeup wipe?! I get those at hotels ALL THE TIME! They are tiny and useless. You might get your mascara off with that wipe if you’re lucky. Blah colors for the eyeshadow and the cheap lippy. OMG!!! WHAT?! Another black eyeliner?! Lol! Why?! I’m getting very tired of the variations. I can’t stand those peel off masks. In my 20’s, yes! Not now. The only thing I will use in this box will be the othe variation, the sleeping mask. Hopefully this not so well thought out box of whatever shows up before Christmas! All I see is give always.

  11. A SINGLE makeup wipe? Really? Not even a 7-pack that you could throw into a trip suitcase? ULTA sells a pack of 20 singles for 7.99, so that’s a retail value of .40. The palette is on sale for $14 at, so if you want the palette, this box is a great deal. I suppose if you look at that pic of Nikkie and that’s what you want to look like, this is the box for you. I’m turning 59 on Black Friday, and this is not the look I’m striving for. (no offense to Nikkie!) If I hadn’t already purchased my 29 year old niece’s Christmas gift, I might have gotten it.

  12. Not a great box this month for me personally, but only because of pallette, highlight, and lipstick overload currently! If my stash were a bit lower or I was just getting a good stash going? Awesome box.

  13. I still love Allure and I’m not even thinking about canceling, but I’d be lying if I said I was happy with Dec. I can’t with the ugly lip colors anymore. All I ever get is rose, brown or terracotta, all of which look horrible on me. I’m sad about it because those nyx lip lingerie are really nice, I have a few of them. I have been dying to try Juvia’s palettes because of their bright colors, and we get neutrals. Nobody needs another black highlighter. 😫 I’m excited to try the highlighter, I guess that’s something. I was just expecting something a little more impressive for the Holidays. Oh well, you’re still my favorite subscription Allure!

  14. Allure we are breaking up over the December box….

  15. The Juvia palette alone is $20.00 so we’re getting the palette for a discount @ $15.00 and everything else is a bonus! I mean 4 full size products is great for this box! & if your resubbing @ $10.00 even better!

  16. Omg!
    The majority of these comments are complaints !
    This box is $15 , still $10 for most !
    You get what you pay for , some months may suck but omg they do amazing for what they charge us and the value is definitely there!
    Sorry for being rude but I just had to say this .

  17. Was waiting for Dec spoilers. Easy pass for me. No go for Nov as well, didn’t like the 1x use items. Will be waiting for Jan spoilers.

  18. This one and the Kat Von D box have been my favorite! Though there are disappointments in this box. I’ve been dying to get this Juvia’s place palette. You can never go wrong with a neutral palette. I’m always am down for a highlighter (let’s ignore I have a million of them and have yet to hit pan on any of them). I’m okay with the NYX lingerie I have 3 shades from when they initially launched, but not a fan of the formula. Easily can trade or gift it. I hope I get the bliss peel off. Absolutely disappointed in the face wipes. I can still trow it in my work bag or travel bag. It’s just the size at least give us the travel sized packs that come with I believe 6 sheets. LA Splash liner is pigmented and fine point just not as long lasting as Kat Von D and Stila

  19. Y’all, how do I cancel?? The website is not happy atm.

  20. Like, really? A black eyeliner, a *BROWN* NYX lippie, and a single makeup remover wipe. NO.

    • There’s more stuff if you scroll down. They’re including a full eyeshadow pallette, a highlighter, and a Bliss mask or Ren balm in addition to the spoilers you listed. So don’t worry, the total box value will be over the $15 it costs.

    • I know right. And besides that we pay $17. Dollars for it

  21. Do we know if any of these are full sized?

  22. Hm. This looks like an ipsy box. Was expecting more.

  23. Just FYI to anyone wanting to buy Allure, I have an absolute horror story from their customer service. Absolutely HORRID. It’s a bit of a long horror story.
    I’ve been with Allure for a very long time. Never really had any problems until I moved. Allure has been one of my favorite beauty boxes that I subscribe to. Although it feels hit and miss lately.
    When I moved I had changed my address a little bit late, which was my bad but I figured I’d ask them if they could send a box to my new address. I did not have access to my old address. They said no, which was fine… A little bit disappointing but whatever it was my mistake. (Ipsy had sent me an extra one they always do in any kinda situation.)
    So I wait patiently till next month. I was particularly excited about this month because it had a powder lippie.
    I had changed my address with them, but when I got my shipping confirmation it had the zip of my old address. I contacted them immediately asking them to fix this and send to my current address. They assured me that my address was changed and I actually had to send a screen shot of the shipping because they didn’t believe me!
    So I sent them the screenshot and the package was undeliverable because of an incomplete address. They apologized and said they would send me a replacement of the box. Ok good because this is a box I was excited about. Spoiler alert, this box never came!
    Next month comes around I updated my payment information because I was in a split up.
    What they told me doesn’t make sense to me. I had two different accounts which was the cause of the misunderstanding. I have never canceled since I started and made no difference to account. It just doesn’t make sense because if that were true I would be getting two boxes. Because they apparently updated both accounts.
    There were issues with the payment because of this mix up so again I miss a box. Still haven’t got a refund on the last because that was still up in the air. I was assured I would get both boxes sent to me because of the mix up and confusion.
    Eventually I contact them again and ask them where the boxes are? Because I had finally received the third months. I was told they had run out of the first box, and I was told that the second box I was never charged for. I said you’re right I was never charged for the second box because of a mix up on your part! I have been offered that box for FREE.
    I pretty much lost it. I said, I have been promised things you aren’t giving me or can’t give me. None of this is my fault so how is this going to be made up to me?
    I always include screen shots of these promises. I keep getting what seems to be automated responses. It seems like they are skimming my replies and just guessing what the issue is.
    I finally tell them I want out. I’m done. Its a special circumstance sure, but they failed miserably and even implied that I was a liar. The funny thing is I am the most patient person in the world. This was over a span of 4 MONTHS. Absolutely horrible customer service. I get that they weren’t being malicious. But it’s their system that needs fixing. I had brought up the multiple account thing later on asking them to delete the others and someone else informed me that I only had one account!
    It was just a cluster f.
    I told them it doesn’t matter if I enjoy your subscription because when you treat people like this you don’t deserve their money. Your problems are not my problems.
    To this they replied offering me 5$ off for four months. I replied, the only way I would stay with you guys is if you gave me four months FREE. No reply. They didn’t value me I guess.

  24. This is sad. I’ve never heard about this woman, the makeup items are cheap and skincare is boring. My last month with Allure.

    • Ummm …Nikki Tuttirials has 11M subscribers…Juvias palettes perform beautifully…

      • Juvia palettes are awesome. Just bought two last month and the colors are pigmented, smooth, just great overall.

      • If you haven’t heard of Nikki Tutorials, PLEASE get on YouTube and search “Nikki Tutorials The Power Of Makeup” and watch any of the videos that pop up. She is deliciously talented, beautiful and knows her stuff more than almost anyone. Cheap products or not, I trust everything she recommends to be amazing! That highlight collab she did with Ofra is worth so much more than $10 or $15 dollars, and you get a Juvia’s Place palette as well! I’d be happy if that was all they included!

  25. I think this is a great value for $15. It seems like longtime subs of multiple boxes have such unrealistic expectations. It’s amazing to me how many people complain and cancel all the time. (And then resub the next time there’s something really special.). My $ are valuable to me but if I was really that concerned about getting only things I wanted I would just buy the stuff and not bother with a sub box.

  26. I was going to buy the Nubian palette the other day. I’m happy I held off. Allure did great this year!

    • I agree….out of all my boxes allure remains my favorite…love that they always include products that are market tested and loved by many…I don’t think I’ve ever received anything in my box that I didn’t love…

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