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Sugarfina Trick or Treat Mystery Bag – Available Now!

Sugarfina has launched a Trick or Treat Mystery Bag!

The Box: Sugarfina Trick or Treat Mystery Bag

The Cost: $40

The Products: We LOVE a sweet surprise, don’t you? We’re so excited it’s Halloween and we can surprise you with Sugarfina treats this season. This $40 grab bag contains $75 worth of Sugarfina sweets. Grab one before they’re all gone!

Full Details: Only available while supplies last, all goods are final sale with no returns, exchanges or refunds. The total value of the grab bag listed will be considered minimum value, with products inside valued at full-price retail equivalent. Trick-or-Treat Bags may not be identical, may contain different numbers of items and/or items of different retail values. Customers may not open Trick or Treat Bags before purchase; as such, by purchasing a Trick-or-Treat Bag a customer is accepting and acknowledging that the purchased Bag may contain items with allergens, and may not contain items that the customer wants or prefers.

Are you going to grab a box?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (67)

  1. I too got the Champagne Bubbles (L), Apple Frogs (L), Dark Choc Sea Salt Caramels (L), Champagne Bears (S), PB&J Caramels (S) and Princess Pearls (S). I thought that they’d maybe include a Halloween or seasonal flavor, but I still like what they sent me. Retail was $77.50 for what I received.

    Shipping it out took quite a bit of time, but when I realized they were sending it from my own city I would’ve volunteered to go pick them up I was so impatient for my goodies to arrive!! 😝

  2. I got mine today as well. I received a full refund. I paid through PayPal and was going to get my money back one way or the other if they balked.

    I’m sure I have what the rest of you have except my caramels are sea salt. I have something other than PB and J caramels.

    Those Apple Frogs are totally FREAKING my two small and rather smart dogs out. It’s way past hilarious.
    Worth some of the hassle to see them jump and paw at the frogs.

    Would I buy a ” deal” from this company again? Not if I was starving and it was the only food left on the planet.
    They are untruthful to their customers, and haughty with their lies, like they don’t know we can compare ” stories” here. I used to buy champagne bears all the time and they were nice and prompt. Now, they are neither.

    I know a lot of people asked for this company to be reviewed, but I’d like to go on record as saying they deserve NO positive publicity after holding our orders for ransom the way they did. If they didn’t have the merchandise, they should have substituted something and gotten it to us by Halloween. Period.

    It’s not like we ordered specific gruesome things such as gummy worms, spiders and fangs. THEY chose the products, then they sat on our orders and money way past Halloween.
    This is not acceptable in any way for any reason to me. It IS good candy, of course, we all knew that going in, I’d say. But holding it for ransom is despicable, IMO.

    • You got a full refund AND the candy, but you’re still bashing the company? Entitlement issue? The deal was posted on October 27. How were you expecting these to arrive before Halloween?

  3. Ordered Oct 27. Used chat feature on website to contact CS to ask about my order on Nov 5. CS gave me a “free shipping upgrade” (no other compensation offered). Received a tracking email from Sugarfina on the 6th, estimated arrival Nov 7, but my package did not even go out until late, late on the 7th or early on the 8th. FINALLY received package afternoon of the 8th.

    I received: large gummy frogs, large champagne bubbles, medium dark chocolate sea salt caramels, small pb&j caramels, small princess pearls, small champagne bears.

  4. Received mine today. They issued me a refund and still sent my order. I received L Apple Frogs, L Parisan Pineapple, L Champagne Bubbles. Also 3 small cubes. PB&J Caramels, Princess Pearls and Champagne Bears! 🙂

  5. I finally got mine yesterday. It had the 3 large cubes of champagne bubbles, apple frogs, and Parisian pineapples. And then 3 small cubes of PB&J caramels, champagne bears, and princess pearls.

    • I got the exact same things.

      • I got mine yesterday as well. I got the same thing as you both! I was a little sad to see the top corner of the lid for my Apple Frogs had a crack. Other than that, I am happy with what I received! It seems like we got the most popular variation. I want to know what others received. VERY happy they included Champagne Bears <3

  6. Hi everyone, I ordered mine on the 30th….heard nothing for days, finally emailed them and received the candy yesterday. I got


    champagne bubbles
    apple frogs
    parisian pineapples


    pb and j caramels
    champagne bears
    princess pearls

    So it looks like everyone got pretty much the same stuff. Hope this was helpful!

  7. @Liz and @MSA can you list the mystery bags on swaps? I received $75 worth of candy that I won’t eat after waiting almost 2 weeks for it. Doh!

  8. My order is supposed to get here today according to the tracking…will update with contents once it arrives

  9. I had never gotten a response to email, which is why I chatted this morning. I wasn’t offered any bonuses or refunds. I still have no idea when mine is shipping. I’ll get back with them tomorrow if I don’t hear something

    • I also had to reach out through email but I did get a respond each time. Though, I was not offered any bonuses or refunds for a week delay. But from the time of ordering till time of arrival was a total of about 6 business days which is not out of the norm for online ordering. Hope you hear a response soon.

    • So now my box has been upgraded to overnight. The only problem is they haven’t handed it over to FedEx for 2 days. It should have arrived Tuesday, and then Wednesday, and it’s still sitting at sugarfina. How long can a girl go without her champagne bears?

  10. I got notice on Thursday that it was shipped and it is out for delivery today. I will post the contents once I get it. Good luck to everyone waiting on their orders!

  11. They emailed that they’re sending my candy overnight and refunding me as well.
    But, I STILL don’t have a tracking number. i give up.

  12. This WAS a very good, reliable, gourmet candy company. Like others, I ordered on the 27th.
    I received an order number.

    Now, their chat is not working, their phone CS says ” Chatting with another customer” so I had to send a darned email.

    It’s really sad when the level of product service is sub-par, then the CS dept. won’t or can’t answer customer inquiries.

    BYW, second email to them. First one got 0 reply.

    • Lily, I chatted with them earlier (my comment below) and just checked again and Chat is working…maybe try again? The first time I emailed I received a response in 4 hours.

  13. I ordered on the 27th as well and have not gotten a shipment notification. I just chatted with them on the website, and they are shipping it overnight to me in addition to including a bonus (they didn’t say what this will be) for the delay. Definitely reach out if you haven’t gotten a shipment notification!

    • The same. I contacted them on their website and they’re shipping mine overnight – it should be here tomorrow.

      I think maybe a mistake was made and they’re trying to fix it – I appreciate that level of service.

  14. I chatted with cs. I was told one of the items for the mystery bag had been oos causing the delay. It is now in stock and will ship soon. Hope everyone receives their candy soon!

    • I just chatted with CS. My order was also placed on the 27th and as of yesterday still had not received shipping. They told me I should receive mine on Wednesday. They gave me a $10 refund…I thought that was SO generous!

      Funny that the CS person told you that one of the items was OOS, you’d think they would just replace with something else instead of delay shipment. Obviously from some of the comments here, not every bag is the same.

      Regardless, I think their customer service is fantastic and I am impressed.

      • For sure. It’s a mystery bag they can send whatever!

  15. Big:
    Champagne bubbles
    Apple flogs
    Parisian pineapples

    Princess pearls
    Pb&j caramels
    Champagne bears

    • Oh wow, got the same bag!

  16. Does anyone know how long Sugarfina generally takes to ship? This is my first online order with them. I ordered on the 27th, shortly after this blog post was published, and my order still says “processing”. I want me candy!!

    • I ordered on the 27th too and haven’t gotten any shipping notice. I emailed Sugarfina yesterday but haven’t heard back yet either. It’s a little bit irritating now if it hasnt even shipped

      • Caitlin, I did the live chat on the website today and a representative looked into it. Not sure why there was a delay in the first place, but she expedited shipping for me, so hopefully will receive early next week.

      • I ordered on the 27th too and haven’t received tracking yet. I did see on the website that their Standard Shipping is 2-7 business days…so that means it could be up until Tues/Wed next week! But I would have thought we’d have a tracking number by now.

        Anya, when you chatted with the rep did they mention anything about the above timeline?

      • Lien, the rep mentioned for standard shipping, it is usually 2 business days until it ships. I believe the 2-7 business days timeline references how long ground shipping generally takes. Since she upgraded my shipping, I’m hoping that means I won’t have to wait long until alllll the candy is mine! I didn’t buy any candy for Halloween and need my fix 🙂

      • I also ordered on the 27th – still says processing. On the 31st, I sent a question about it through the website’s contact us form. Still no response. On the 1st, chatted with someone who said it would go out that day and arrive Monday – they would upgrade the shipping for me (for the record, when we ordered it said 2-5 business days. Now it says 2-7). I also asked the person I chatted with to unsubscribe me from emails and she said she would – ridiculous getting 2-3 emails a day from them! Yesterday, my order still said processing. Chatted with someone again. They said it was packed and awaiting pick up and would be picked up yesterday. She offered a 20% refund. Today it still says processing. First and last time I order from them!

  17. I will receive mine today 🎉🎉🎉
    (I will give an update of what I receive)

  18. Anyone get their box today? I got one large cube of Parisan pineapples, large cube of apple frogs, small champagne bears, small pbj caramels, small sweet heart caramel, small princess pearls, and small chocolate sparkles. Not bad for $40.

    • Wow!!! This sounds like an amazing score. I haven’t received anything from them yet. Did it just show up or did you get a tracking number?

      • I got a tracking number.

  19. Now I realize why people complain about comments not posting, ugh…

    • Mine finally popped up and now I look like a crazy person on here! LOL

  20. I tried both codes, neither worked, lol. I gonna pass on this, it seems $40 of this candy that’s “worth” $75, still might not be that much candy.

    • My comments a couple days ago did not post…not sure why. Lol

      I got the mystery bag, a small cube each of the Bourbon Bears and Maple Bourbon Caramels, and the 2 free samples. Total came to $56 and I was able to use the FALLSWEETS coupon code. I think someone else commented it has to be above $55.

      I looked at some review from their Jan bag and most people got at least (6) small cubes and (1) big cube and 2-3 taster packets. I saw some people got even (7) small cubes. That seems like a good deal to me. Hopefully this special is similar.

  21. I ordered one mystery bag along with a few other things to get free shipping and also used coupon code FALLSWEETS to get a free small cube of Peanut Butter Toffee. Coupon good for orders over $55.

  22. INSIDERPERKS gets you free shipping on any order $35 and up. 😊 Just in case you don’t want to spend more than the mystery bag!!!

    • Did you try this code? I tried and it wouldn’t work.

      I tried to comment on this post twice but it’s not showing up…I used code FALLSWEETS for a free small cube of peanut butter toffee. I ordered a few more things to get to $50 but I thinks it’s worth it. Fingers Crossed!

      • Yes, I used it right before posting the comment. 😕 Maybe they read my comment. 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • Darn it! Oh well! Hopefully we get some good stuff. I checked out some reviews online from when they did a similar thing in Jan of this year and it seems like people got good stuff.

      • I love almost anything Sugarfina. Especially the Kyoto Blossoms, which are always sold out! ☹️ And their packaging?! I LOVE the experience!

  23. With tax it will be $50 so no thanks!

  24. I got one plus a few tasting packs of various candies so I could get the free shipping. I’m so excited! I’ve actually never tried their candy before because normally I wouldn’t spend $50 at once on candy. But this was a great deal and a chance to try more of their products. And I am choosing to think of it as my Halloween treat since I’m not going out or getting to pass out candy this year.

  25. I ordered a bag and used coupon code FALLSWEETS to get a free small cube of Peanut Butter Toffee.

  26. port

  27. Let me try again:

    I did a quick google search and it looks like in January they had a similar mystery bag ($35 for $70 worth or $50 for $100) and it seems like a good deal. I tried every coupon code I came across but the only one that worked was FALLSWEETS which is for a FREE Peanut Butter Toffee in Small size worth $7.50! I got the mystery bag, a small Maple Bourbon Caramel, a small Bourbon Bears, the free PB Toffee and 2 free samples for $56! Unfortunately they won’t ship the alcoholic ones to IN so I missed out on those.

  28. Where’d my comment go??

  29. I did a quick google search and it looks like in January they had a similar mystery bag ($35 for $70 worth or $50 for $100) and it seems like a good deal. I tried every coupon code I came across but the only one that worked was FALLSWEETS which is for a FREE Peanut Butter Toffee in Small size worth $7.50! I got the mystery bag, a small Maple Bourbon Caramel, a small Bourbon Bears, the free PB Toffee and 2 free samples for $56! Unfortunately they won’t ship the alcoholic ones to IN so I missed out on those.

  30. Got one! Excited to see (and eat) my surprise goodies 🙂 I normally would not spend $50 on candy…but I love me a good value, well priced mystery bag!

  31. I would like to see a review of this as well. Also I think it would be interested if people posted what they received so we can see the different varieties.

  32. I got one. I’m hoping to get some of the Halloween raspberry sugar skulls in my bag.

    Since shipping was $10.95 for me or free with a $50 purchase, I also got a cube of Limoncello Cordials & a taster pack of Maple Bourbon Caramels.

  33. Caved so fast the walls shook!

    • LOL! That’s a good one.

    • Lol!

  34. Please review this!

    • I’d love to see a review of this, as well!

  35. I’ve always wanted to try their champagne gummies – plus I feel like it’s a win, how can you go wrong with candy.
    Thanks Liz!

    • Oh, gah, they are SO good. I like everything except the ice cream cones, which are just a bit too much for me.. but they are very popular.

      I ordered some champagne gummies to go with my Halloween mystery bag just in case they load the mystery bag up with licorice, which I can’t tolerate.

      Well, it COULD happen. 😉

      • Lol. I despise licorice 🤢 – I added the champagne gummies too and chocolate. Im looking forward to trying everything- even the ice cream, that sounds goo too.
        Now I wonder what wine goes with candy? 🤔

      • port

      • Thanks!

  36. Love these ! Does anyone know if it’s available in stores as well? Thank you .

    • I called my local store in San Diego and they don’t have them currently. The person I talked to doesn’t know if they plans on having then in store then or not. I thought for sure they would have because in the email discripiton it mentions you can’t open in before purchase. I was thinking that has to be because it’s in store because how you open the mystery bag before purchase online?

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