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Macy’s Beauty Box November 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

We have FULL SPOILERS for the November Macy’s Beauty Box!

macys beauty box

Get ready for the holiday season and all its celebrations with must-haves that’ll level up your beauty game. Think a classic red lip, rich body cream, long lashes and more.

The November box will include:

What do you think of the spoilers for the November 2018 Macy’s Beauty Box?

Macy’s Beauty Box is $15 a month. Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

Check out our Macy’s Beauty Box reviews to learn more about this beauty subscription box!

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Comments (58)

  1. So very disappointed in the product switch. I’m a mascara girl, liquid eyeliner is not my thing. Still love my macys box, just bummed out that we didn’t get what we were promised. 😖🙄🤨

  2. This box was a miss for me. I got the “substitute” eyeliner which I’ll never wear. I also don’t wear red lipstick. I have dry skin so the Clinique won’t work for me nor will the primer. The body cream is fine as is the underwear. Not a fan of the fragrance. I’ll stick with the box because I’m hoping December will be better; if not, I’m out.

    • i received the eyeliner too and have been “gifting” the stuff i don’t use to my nieces who are thrilled. I DO use the $5 off coupons all of the time and love the $10 off coupons when they have them. i will keep getting this because it is so easy to get the product i like after i try them. i also get the allure box but rarely buy the products.

    • I feel the same! I also got the eyeliner and was bummed because I won’t use it and had been wanting to try the mascara. I also don’t wear red lipstick. I tried this one on just for the heck of it and my husband was like “Hmm. Interesting.” lol He wasn’t a fan.

      The other items are just okay. I’m not overly excited about them, but I’ll use them at some point.

  3. Well it was a great deal when the coupon worked on just a $5 item but not any more! I will be canceling.

  4. Hey all! I love Macy’s boxes too. PLEASE REPLY IF YOURE WILLING TO TRADE OR SELL THE PANTIES! you would be doing me a huge favor since I just lost so much weight and am struggling to keep up with clothes. Also I have subscribed to a LOT of boxes for a couple years so I have epic stuff I’m willing to trade, if you would like!!! I also love the lotion so I’d trade for that too

  5. I got the eyeliner rather than the mascara as well. Although I love the body cream and panties, I had to cancel one sub box and it was down to Allue vs. Macy’s. I sub to way to many of these things and one had to go. That crummy black eyeliner was the final straw!! Do we all feel the same about them?☹️ Bye for now, Macy’s!

  6. I got my box with an “oops” notice that I got a substitute item. It cosmetics eyeliner instead of mascara. Another eyeliner 🙁

  7. FYI I resubscribed Oct 26 while their site said next box will be December. However, now my account shows they will be billing up to nov. 5 for November box so yay.

    • Thanks for this comment Julie B! I subscribed the same day and when I checked my account it shows the same as yours – “Estimated billing date for November box is between 10/26/2018 – 11/05/2018.” Woot! I can’t wait to get it.

      • I guess I’m not getting this box. A few days have passed and I don’t see where I have been charged or any orders have been placed. My status did change from pending to subscribed and the estimated billing date for December box is 11/30/2018 – 12/10/2018.

  8. Same here. I feel like if you subscribe before the next month starts you should be able to receive the box but clearly its not the case. I feel like they don’t have a wait list or subscribers like Ipsy or Boxy. They can make more money…..why Macys? Why?

  9. Can anyone confirm that I will receive this box if I sign up today? Never tried the Macy’s box, but want the undies!

    • Oops, nevermind. Missed the discussion regarding that below.
      I have never been tempted to sub to this box before, and am just conflicted with the December box with no spoilers being my first.

  10. I subscribed to try to get the october ‘eye’ bag & contents but i never got it. I guess thos will be my first bag. Im just bummed that i wont get last months? Anyone want to sell theirs?

  11. Best box ever!!! Love Macy’s!!!

  12. Loving Macys dropped Play.

    • same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Every single month I am thrilled to get the Macy’s spoilers before the month even starts BECAUSE the products they put in their GORGEOUS, ALWAYS USEABLE FABULOUS MAKEUP BAGS, I know the products are going to be a home run and Macy’s reminds me why I started doing beauty boxes!!
    I am super stoked about the panties as well bc I just read the reviews so Yeah, and I hate thongs and I am picky ab how panties feel, like I hate socks with large toe seams LOL.

  14. Macy’s is my favorite beauty box. I’ve been wanting to try that mascara and the Wacoal is a lovely surprise!

    • They substituted liner for my mascara😞. I do love the lipstick though.

      • Me too! I don’t wear black eyeliner

      • Me too 🙁

  15. I just resubscribed. Want the panties! I believe last month when the spoiler for the cute “eyes” bag came out, I subscribed even though it said it was past the cutoff date, and I got that bag anyway. So those of us subscribing now, here’s hoping they have enough.

  16. if anyone is interested in selling theirs, i will be more than happy to buy it from ya! let me know, thank you! = )

  17. I do not understand the panties at all. They should have included a coupon for a free pair in the size of your choice. I honestly think this is a huge fail on their part. What size are they going to send? My bet is smalls.

    • It’s a “one size fits all” type of panty. Of course I’d like to see that panty fit my butt.

      • I work in retail clothing, I can attest that “one size fits all” is never true unless it’s a poncho. I’ve never had anything marked “one size” fit a size 0 AND a size 22w. The industry needs to get off this trend

    • I do have a daughter who can use it though 🙂

    • I went from a 16 to a 12 and they fit me each time.

    • Can we trade something for the panties? I have an epic stash from lots of sin boxes!

  18. WOW, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is coming early to our mailboxes! Wacoal panties! YAY!

    I am so stoked to get the very unexpected surprise of high quality brand name panties in a beauty box. Next to the French brands, Wacoal is a staple favorite brand of mine in lingerie. It fits well in my insane band vs. cup size, wears well, and has a lot of features of French lingerie. ( not that $15 OSFA panties will, but still!)

    The other items are OK, but this is a fun thing for them to do.

  19. Ugh. Seriously? Underwear? No. Just no. Macy’s you keep this up and I’m cancelling for sure…this was a loser month for me.

    • Wacoal is probably the best ” major” brand in dept. stores in lingerie until you get to the French brands- if they have any at most stores.

      They aren’t used, you know. They’re new. What’s wrong with bikini panties as an extra? I’m asking because I truly do not know why anyone would object to a fine brand of new undies in a Macy’s bag.

      • Because it’s a beauty box and you can’t wear undies on your face hahaha. Ah, I make myself chuckle

    • Amy if you would like to sell, im interested in purcahsing the whole bag. thank you = )

    • Can we trade something for the panties? Tons of stuff from lots of sub boxes

  20. They just took payment for November for mine, early this month. Kinda wish they were more consistent with it.

    Wondering how 1 size is really gonna fit all.

  21. honestly underwear and makeup is my dream box pairing. I hate buying new underwear.

    • I was thinking the same thing!!! Love getting free undies!!!!!! And I’m getting a robe in my Pusheen box! I’ll be in heaven!!!

  22. I want those underwear so bad!! How can they seriously be taking orders for *December* on October 26?

    • Macy’s is always two months ahead for new subscribers. Unfortunately, they have it set up as to where you can’t wait for spoilers to see if you want that month’s box or if you want to cancel that month’s box because you don’t like the spoilers. For example, they have you sign up for December’s box in October, but once they have December’s spoilers out in late-ish November, people who choose to sub will only be able to get January’s box, and those who choose to cancel because they don’t like the spoilers are still locked into getting December’s box anyways because the cutoff to cancel December’s box was November 10th, well before December’s spoilers are released.

    • Ooooh! I just saw Jamie’s comment below (maybe they’ve lightened up their restrictions), so it might be worth trying to get November’s box? 🙂

      • I did it. YOLO.

  23. Underpants? Wow, that is different. This is something new and fun to get in a box. I’m pleasantly surprised. …of course they would never fit me but they should fit my daughter.

  24. Am I seeing this right? A pair of undies in this Beauty Box? I am super excited to try it and Macy’s has quickly become my favorite of all my beauty box subscriptions (it’s is my 5th one thanks to MSA). I only wish their $5 coupons didn’t have a $10 minimum purchase limit on it.

    • My coupons does not say that. I’ve never spent $10 to use it. Why di you say that?

      • you do not have to spend a min of $10 this is unTRUE

    • When I use the coupon online it is a $10 minimum but it store it doesn’t have a limit. At least at my local Macys.

      • I guess I’ve never tried the coupon within the store. When I try using the coupon online, it won’t ever let me apply the code unless I have a minimum of $10.00. Good to know Lola – Thank you for the info.

  25. A bikini in a beauty sub? Ha, I guess Wacoal wants to increase brand awareness. 😊

    I like the fact that Macy’s has started including men’s cologne, but there isn’t really anything in this box that I am interested in other than maybe the Clinique jelly.

  26. A pair of bottoms? It says 1 size and I’m so curious. That dior for men smells amazing and I want it for my husband lol in really thinking about grabbing this

    • Ahh nm if I sign up now it says I’ll get December box booo lol

      • they say that but it’s not always true.

      • I subscribed. Here’s hoping they are lying.

      • I just resubscribed. Hope it is wrong, too. In any case, maybe December will have a fun Christmas surprise…!! 🙂

      • I am so disappointed that I can’t get this box, since my first box would be December. Boo, hisssss.

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