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Ipsy November 2018 Spoilers + Glam Bag Reveal!

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We have spoilers for the November 2018 Ipsy glam bag!

Here’s our first look at the glam bag:


And here are more of the items being sampled in November:


What do you think of the spoilers? Which items are you hoping for?

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  1. I’m hoping for the purple clay mask and the Tarte blush. I love skin care and everything by Tarte. The bag looks so cute and different. I love it.

  2. They added 3 new products to improve glam bag survey.
    KATHERINE COSMETICS Mini Retractable Eyeliner

    MAC Prep & Prime Natural Radiance

    BEAU GACHIS Eye Shader Brush
    I said no to all 3 but might change depending on eyeliner colors.

    • I LOVE Beau Gachis brushes! I have 2 from ipsy and they are my favorite brushes. I also love Luxie brushes, but these are even better. I’m not able to see the survey. Is anyone else that has the annual sub able to see it? I even tried cancelling and it still didn’t give me the survey, it just offered me an item to stay.

  3. Ew, I’m not really crazy about the design, looks a little junior to me.

    I’m hoping for the Glam Glow stuff, I’ve been DYING to try that stuff!! My last glam bags have been a little lacking, so I’m hoping this will be a turn around!!

    • I didn’t see how to reply to this, I hope I am not replying to the person who made a comment ahead of me. Anyway, I don’t want anything they are offering in November except the Pixi lip gloss, the Tarte blush, the Glamglow moisturizer, and the Juice product, I wouldn’t mind the Pistache body butter. I always seem to get stuff I have absolutely no desire or use for though such a bummer. I can’t wait for the Ipsy Glam Plus I wish they would hurry up and offer it to me.

  4. Is anyone having consistent shipping issues with DHL? It’s taken nearly 2 weeks for my bag to get to me every month since DHL started handling it. There are delays every time it stops at a new location of a day or 2 and when it gets sent to USPS there’s a 3 day delay. Anyone know if Ipsy has another shipping option?

    • Pretty sure the recent hurricanes are part of the issue but as for USPS I have the same issue. I just think it takes them awhile to accept the package and get it into their system etc or they just like to take their sweet time. My September bag took forever to get to me, Sept. 19th, but I got my October bag on the 13th. I think people that had add ons are going to be a bit delayed as well.

    • The use FedEx too. Mine were being sent via FedEx then USPS there for awhile and I didn’t have any issues. Now that it’s back to DHL, there’s been delays on my Glambags and ipsy offer purchases. Every Glambag for the last 4 months has arrived damaged and 2 out of ipsy offers have arrived damaged. Then they turn around and send replacements via DHL and it takes another 2 weeks to get the replacement. Had a replacement powder show up smashed up worse than the 1st one. Ipsycare basically told so sorry about the bad luck. What? No, I paid for that! Ended up with a completely different product in the end. 😂 I don’t understand why they keep using DHL

    • YES!! I thought I was the only one! Even if I have no problem with my payment, it still takes forever and the track is always inaccurate. Or it will give me a later date and arrive earlier.

    • Yes, I’ve been having the same issue since DHL started shipping. It’s pretty ridiculous.

    • My Ipsy bag sat in Raleigh, NC for 4 days before the tracking picked up that it was being moved to my post office. This has been happening every single month for about 3 or 4 months. 4 days! Nothing. Just sitting there.

    • I had a problem with DHL this month. I sent Ipsy an email trying to explain to them that DHL has made smaller box businesses go bankrupt because of not delivering or delays. They said there was nothing they could do to switch me to another carrier. I wasn’t even asking for that. I was asking for them to get ahold for DHL to find out where my box was. Because DHL said they had delivered it to USPS and 4 days later it still hadn’t been accepted into USPS’s delivery system. So USPS had to open a case. I finally did get my box but what a hassle.

    • Yes!! I have missed two bags ever since they changed their carrier. Also, I get my bags a lot later and usually damaged!

      • Yes! WTH DHL?! How is this company still in business?! Ipsy seems to have contracts with FedEx and DHL. I was so happy to have FedEx for a few months but now that I’ve had DHL for a few months, it’s been bs ever since. Glambags and ipsy offers have arrived late and damaged. I just got my October Glambag and even though it took awhile to get here, nothing was broken this month! I’m shocked! June, July, August and September all had broken items and so did 4/5 ipsy offers. Even though I explained that this doesn’t happen with FedEx and USPS, please use them and not DHL. They might as well have given me the finger. Every replacement product, if available, was sent DHL. 🙄 That Luna by Luna translucent powder? Smashed in the Glambag. Replacement smashed so they sent me a banana powder that I’ve gotten before and rated a 1 because it’s yellow toned. I was basically told tough $#!+ on that. But I’m definitely not of with broken ipsy offers and not getting replacements because they don’t have any. That’s when I expect a full refund! If they think a tiny tube of hand cream added to my Glambag makes up for 4 months of bs and a broken BKR bottle…. uuuummmm…. NO!!! Give me the unbroken bottle or my money back. Ipsycare has gotten snotty. Yes, you’re so right! I smashed a glass water bottle! Another suggested I cancel if I’m not happy? What?!!! Does that mean I get my entire prepaid year refunded too?! Ipsy was my 1st sub and it’s so worth the money! They’ve grown so big! The products they get are promotional. They can afford better shipping. Sorry about the rant

    • I still dont have my October bag!! my september bag never got delivered so they sent me a replacement. On top of that, 4 of my ipsy offers never arrived though it said delivered (that might be a USPS problem).

    • Same! I’ve been getting my bag later and later to the point that I e-mailed them to say that the later I get it, the harder it is for me to review in time in order to ensure that they take that into consideration when creating my next bag. They said

      ” We’re constantly working to improve your experience, and when selecting our shipping partners, we take both delivery time and customer satisfaction into account.

      I’ve passed your feedback along to our shipping team to help them evaluate our current partnership. We’re working hard to ensure quick delivery for all of our members, and we appreciate your feedback. ”

      I don’t anything will improve. -.-

  5. I want the sponge! I swear if I get more of the Marc Anthony garbage with the Wal-Mart advertising sticker on thebooboibottom I’ll cancel!

  6. Gosh I hope I get that juno and co sponge. That’s the one that everybody on YouTube has been talking about and I would love to try it

    • Me too Girly!!

  7. Is anyone else still waiting for their october bag to ship? I usually have mine by now but it still hasn’t shipped

    • Mine shipped the 5th and it hasn’t moved since the 9th. I emailed them yesterday and they said if I don’t have it by the 19th to let them know. uggggh It has NEVER taken this long. This does NOT help my opinion of them especially after this crappy bag we got compared to the influencers bag.

    • Mine hasn’t shipped either. I think the plus bag slowed down the regular bag.

    • Mine is really late this month too. I thought perhaps the add-ons may have caused the delay.

      • My bag was a little slow, but my add-on didn’t make it. I alerted customer service and they said they’d send a replacement,

        The bag was taped shut, which was not usual. Everything else arrived okay though.

        The “Better Call Salmon” shade essentially matched my lips, which is NOT something I look for in a lipstick.

        Would love the Skyn Iceland. Their stuff is nice.

    • Mine is as well. I normally have mine on the 13th. I should have mine tomorrow.

      • I got mine late last week. I did not order add on’s. If anyone is in FL, shipping is delayed from the hurricane damage. I don’t think it’s Plus, but the add on’s might have something to do with it. Seems Ipsy took on a lot, unrolling the Plus in the same month they offer purchase of extra products.

      • Mine was supposed to be here on the 13th but DHL said they were awaiting processing for a week. It was finally processed yesterday and now is supposed to be here by the 20th. I don’t know if it is DHL or maybe Ipsy didn’t get it out as quickly because I added on products? I’m excited and wish it would get here though! Had another amazing bag this month.

    • Mine just shipped the other day finally it’s supposed to be here Friday. I thought maybe it was being held up since I added on a Morphe highlighter.

    • Mine hasn’t either 😒😒

  8. If I would like to receive this bag when is the best time to sign up? I don’t want the october bag. thank you.

    • Hi Jade. I just signed up on Thursday. When I signed up it said I would get the November box, but then I checked my account the next day and it said I was getting the October and gave me spoilers. I was happy, because I liked the October bag and actually was happy to start with that one. I’m not sure if you would want to wait until after November 1st, but I think it would be easiest just to call their customer service and ask. I’m sure they would be able to tell you when to sign up. Good luck!

  9. If the 10 dollar bag is this great I have really high hopes that The Glam bag Plus is going to Be Excellent too.

  10. Don’t understand the theme for this bag??? It’s ok but doesn’t scream fall at all…. I would really like to try the velvet lip ink!

    • I agree! That does NOT scream fall to me!! The October bag didn’t either, disappointing.

  11. I love the bag. It’s kind of Louis Vuitton looking, and I really love the colors.

  12. Glad I got a reg bag too. I’m liking everything but that mascara but I did mark no thanks on that in the questionnaire but would love anything else this far

  13. Just curious to know how many Ipsters still get the $10 Glam bag along with the new Glam bag plus? <3

    • I am getting the Plus and signed uo for a new regular account too. The October regular bag was too good to pass up.

    • I get both – I won’t cancel my 10.00 bag:)

    • I just can’t quit!

    • I get plus, regular, regular for my daughter & 1 boxy (Ipsy way better than boxy IMO)

    • I get both! Got them both for october

    • I’m only getting regular. I’m not interested in Plus. I hope they keep the regular ipsy or I’ll have to find something else like it.

    • I get both. I’m giving the upgrade a couple of months too see if I’m going to keep the upgrade subscription.

  14. TBH, I don’t think I will do ipsy plus. The Glam Bag is where it’s at. There is something beyond magical about their blind bag goodie bag that comes every month in a mailer pretty mjuch made in space.

    It’s a twist of us (human intelligence) co-existing with ipsyMatch (beauty intelligence system).

    I just wish I would get a mascara. Never have. =) And I mean I tried many times.

    Putting a ipsy bag on hold — not on my watch! =)

  15. I think the bag is ok but not crazy about it for the fall. Was hoping for something more fitting with the season.

    • I agree

  16. SO happy with the spoilers already! I really really want the Tarte blush! I think I would be happy with every single other item too though. I’d prefer not getting the hair stuff, mascara, or blender sponge. But really wouldn’t be incredibly disappointed if I did. I wonder what else they will be offering? I see it being difficult to refuse add ons again if they are offered… Still waiting on my September bag! I can’t wait to get it.

  17. I’m so glad I didn’t upgrade to Ipsy plus. I might go in for a second regular Ipsy subscription, though. Hoping for the Peripera lippie and that sponge.

  18. I like the November bag. It speaks to my Scorpio self. Ipsy has been hitting it out of the park for me in variety for the last several months. (Hoping I didn’t just jinx myself). I truly do look forward to my Ipsy.

  19. Yeah, not crazy about the bag for November. I was hoping for something more traditional to put in my purse for fall- maybe a nice brown or tan color. But, the items look awesome. Can’t wait for those.

  20. I like the bag! Thouh I’m not much of a winter holiday person. And I’ve gotten a blush from them the last 3 months, hopefully that trend continues!

    • I agree, I like the bag a lot. I don’t want something with turkeys or Christmas trees on it…I’d rather have a generic bag that isn’t tied to a holiday. For example, I like the October bag…it works for a Halloween theme but doesn’t have ghosts or pumpkins all over it!

  21. Bag is cute, but will probably go to my niece. Hoping for the eye serum, mascara and Juno sponge.

  22. I’m trying to figure out the shade of the tarte blush from the case color. Maybe Blissful? (bright rose.) I love tarte blushes (even though I have a number of them!) so I am tweaking my profile in favor of the tarte blush, the pistache body lotion, and the Glamglow moisturizer. (The last two are in the 10-product survey as well.)

  23. I think the bag is cute and I see alot of things I would like to try.

  24. That’s kind of an odd bag for November. Dark purple with black hearts? Ipsy seems to be pretty political and doesn’t seem to have a problem giving certain things a nod. Like the rainbow bags, Valentine’s Day , Halloween, etc., but never anything like July themes, Christmas, Easter, etc. I’m not saying I expect a specific thing like a U.S. flag for July but even fireworks would work. Easter, don’t expect a Christian themed bag but bunnies and chicks or just pastel flowers for spring. Last year’s November bag was a night sky w/ constellations in cosmetic shapes was better than this bag. They really could have done something for autumn. This bag would have been better saved for February. Had they left it as just a plain purple bag, it would be fine. Oh well, it’s just a bag and I need to replace one under the sink anyway.

    • I mean, I’m Jewish. The non-themed bags are fine. Like, really. lol

    • Maybe it’s purple with hearts to show that Dems (traditionally represented as blue) and Repubs (traditionally represented as red) should show more kindness and love to one another (from our little black tribalist hearts). Or maybe we’re just reading too much into it. I’ve been subscribed for a long time and I’ve never gotten a rainbow bag. I’ve also only ever gotten one Halloween-y Halloween bag and that was a tie-in with an artist who has a noticeable slant towards that type of look.

    • I see deep blue on my screen. I agree, it is unusual for fall, but if I reach it kind of looks like a pretty dark night sky. I kind of like it.

    • Hmmm. I’m kind of the opposite, I guess. It’s not like I swap out the makeup bag in my purse for different holidays, so I like getting generic bags that I can give away to friends if I don’t like the design. Actually, I’d rather Ipsy just do away with their bags altogether and give us a bonus sample or something. I see never-used Ipsy bags everywhere at thrift stores like Goodwill. It takes a lot of energy and materials to produce these cheap little makeup bags that a lot of people just stockpile and donate or (worse) throw away. A lot of these things will just end up in landfills at some point after leaving more carbon footprints on the planet. I worry about the waste a lot more than I do about the bag designs.

  25. I receive something from the tool category every month and I haven’t seen any brushes spoiled yet so I hope I get the Juno sponge. Wouldn’t mind the Skyn eye serum or the Juice Beauty cleanser either. And I agree with others about the purple bag, an odd color choice for November and it would have been better without the hearts all over it.

  26. I’m not a fan of the bag. I loved Oxtober’s sampling and bag. I’m not too sure about September’s, but hopefully some better spoilers will be released.

  27. I’m not loving November’s bag design. I was hoping for something more fall oriented, even the deep purples ok but the all over heart print is what gets me. At least my daughter will love it.

    • That’s what I was thinking – an Eggplant or deep purple bag would be nice (especially since Aubergine and Burgandy seem to be popular colors this fall vs. the usual orange/brown fall tones,) but why the black heart print all over? It’s a strange vibe for November and the dark on dark on a texture just doesn’t really work for clarity. But then, the bags are freebie bonuses so it will probably be stashed in my closet somewhere anyway. I’ve collected quite a few – they are great for gifting or taking some makeup on the go.

  28. The body butter and eye serum would be fantastic!

  29. I want the pistaché body butter!

  30. I just skipped too.

  31. I want that drama sponge to see if Nikkie totorials acted good enough for being payed enough

    • I ordered one after watching the Nikkie video. I’ve only used it once…but it felt way to dry and stiff for me (even after wetting it). Maybe I’ll try it again, but I didn’t love it.

  32. Pausing my sub. Ewww on the bag.

    • If my basis of subbing was based on the bag design, I’d never end up with one. My bags either go to my daughter or one of her friends, or straight into a box. This month’s is iffy to me, though I like the shape and possibly material. Looks sturdy.

      • With all these comments, it’s like I’m the only one who likes the bag. Lol! I don’t understand the hate. It looks like a classic bag that can travel and like you said, the shape and material looks good, sturdy. I hate the square flat bags they usually send no matter the print.

  33. In love with the bag!!!

  34. Liz-
    Those of us who have the Ipsy Plus, I know we only get the bag every 3 months, but on the ‘off’ months will we receive the normal bag or no bag at all??

    Thank you!

    • You will still get “Plus” (full size items) but the items will ship in a box without a bag. I just opened a second account (you have to use a separate email) to receive regular $10 Ipsy.

    • We won’t get any bag on those off months. I wrote in and asked. I was hoping for the regular bag on those months too!

  35. Maybe this is why Juno hasn’t been able to get their orders out in a timely manner recently? Kinda hope I get one. Been wanting to try one.

    • Me to I have heard really great things about this sponge.

      • I have that sponge, I redeemed some of my ipsy points for it awhile back. I love it. It is so soft and doesnt pull at my skin. My makeup looks flawless when I use it.

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