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FYI – Luxor Box Billing Update – Action Required

Luxor Box

FYI Luxor box has transitioned to a new website + payment processor, and you may need to update your account. (Thanks, Cathleen, for the heads up!)

I bolded the action item in this email from Luxor Box:

Hello Luxor Family!

The last few months have truly been a whirlwind and we so appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we’ve transitioned to a whole new website and payment processor. As most have already seen, we now have far more payment method flexibility, and everyone will have their own account to log into and manage. This will make everyone’s life easier in managing their own subscriptions and account information with us going forward.

With that said, there’s one, very important, final hurdle that we need everyone’s help with. In the process of migrating payment processors, we discovered that quite a few of you did not have payment methods stored within your accounts. This affects your subscription with us in two ways: #1 the migration process only ported over profiles with an active payment method on file and #2 our system processes the orders for each month we have a box going out based on a payment method stored. If there isn’t one attached to your account, there is nothing to be processed and your order will not go through. This is still the case even if you’re a GILT voucher holder and the “charge” that is pending is $0.00. Our system will still report back an “error in processing your payment” and we will not receive your order.

So in order to avoid any further issues with your subscriptions, we need each of you to head over to our site,, and access your account. If your account is active, please ensure you have a current credit card on file and all of your profile information is current. If your account is not active, you’ll see an error when trying to log in, and all we need you to do is create a new account and add your payment information.

Over the coming weeks, we will be manually updating everyone’s subscription to reflect what they were pre-migration so rest assured your accounts will properly reflect your original subscription including the voucher period should you still have one. So if you log in and see a pending charge and you have a voucher that covers it, please do not worry as we’re re-subbing everyone and having to re-apply the codes as well.

We’d like to thank each of you for your patience and understanding with us as we’ve gone through the growing pains experienced this year. We know it’s been a trying experience, but we’re excited to share the great things we have in store for each of you and we’re thrilled to be on this journey with you all.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

All our best,
The Luxor Team

(Luxor Box is $139 a box). Check out my Luxor box reviews to learn more about this box.

Luxor Box

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (80)

  1. Check your credit card statements if you are part of the Gilt City deal – I was charged $139 on my card even though this should be my second of three prepaid boxes. I e-mailed Luxor box 5 days ago asking them to refund the charge, with no response. In October I followed all of their complicated instructions for the website transition and reluctantly provided my credit card even though I suspected I would be double billed by doing so. It was wrong of Luxor to require a credit card for prepaid subscriptions. Next step will be to dispute directly through the credit card company if I still don’t hear. I am livid!

    • So thankful Luxor didn’t charge my credit card again. Did have to input account info again and card #. Got charged trying to input 2 box Gilt voucher last summer and dealing with getting that credit was frustrating enough.

    • Update: After sending a second e-mail to Luxor box, they did respond with an apology and credited my card for the $139 charge a few days later. The issue is rectified but I urge all of you Gilt City Voucher customers to check your credit card statements to make sure the same thing didn’t happen to you!

  2. I got an email from Luxor with a tracking number. Just a label created so far. My account shows nothing at all. So they seem to be pushing forward without the website updated.

    • Luxor hasn’t actually shipped the box yet. I want to see it leave the warehouse

  3. Just received my tracking number and the label shows created..Looking forward to my box !

  4. I just got an email back from Luxor after asking about my subscription not showing up in my account. They actually responded pretty fast and were very nice. So hopefully everything works out.

    “Hi Darryn – thanks for reaching out and we sincerely apologize for the delay and the inconvenience this has caused! Not to worry here though, you are confirmed for November’s Box as well as the remainder of your voucher 🙂 We are just still in the process of working through the thousands of accounts that needed to be updated and reflective of their subs and promo codes. Once we’ve been able to complete them all, we will send out notification to check your accounts and be sure all looks correct.

    We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding with us as we finally get through this last hurdle. You’re all set for November’s box though and tracking will be sent out as soon as we ship this week. Stay tuned and we hope you enjoy your first box!”

    • They responded quickly when I emailed them as well. I received the email with tracking info for shipment on the 23rd.

  5. For those who have been wondering…Luxor finally got back to me, and confirmed that the Gilt voucher DOES indeed start a subscription! So, assuming you don’t want to pay the full price to continue your subscription after your Gilt deal ends, you will need to cancel. Otherwise, they’ll charge the credit card that we were required to provide…

  6. FYI..Luxor’s website indicates shipping of the November box starts next week and they will be releasing January’s spoiler soon.

  7. I am really worried about mine. I just checked my account yesterday and it shows no subscriptions. I should be on box 2 of 3 for my Gilt deal, but I’m worried I won’t get one, and of course Luxor won’t respond to my inquires 🙁

    • Try making a comment on their Instagram! This is how I finally got a response…and then they updated my accout so it went from showing NOTHING, to showing that I have a subscription with 2 boxes (Nov and January). If you don’t have Instagram might be worth getting it just to try to get a response…

  8. I logged on to my account and it lists 1 subscription with a start date of 11/10/18 and end date 1/10/19 and their are invoice details. That part is accurate. Unfortunately no information as to shipping date or any tracking for the November box.

  9. Has anyone been able to find anything out about November’s box? Long story short my updated account shows no information now even though I have set up an account twice. I have reached out to Luxor Box and have not heard anything.

    • My account also shows nothing. It shows that I have NO subscriptions, even though I have received only one of the 3 boxes I should be getting on my 6 month Gilt deal. I did the update as they requested. I have also reached out to Luxor and heard nothing. (I first reached out to them for clarifications back in August when I first subscribed; I never got a response from that email, nor to my more recent email)

      This company is THE WORST.

  10. My billing just updated for the next box and as promised it was zero balance. I had the year voucher with Gilt and this would be my 2nd box. I previously had Paypal as my saved credit info and had to update to a regular credit card when I received the email to update my account. So hope it eases some concerns for some people. Now I can relax and look forward to my box.

  11. Liz,
    I would also like for help. I have the Gilt deal with more than 2 months, so November should not be my last box. Everything about this was doublespeak and nonsense when people tried to redeem the offers in July. I don’t know if you (or anyone here) read their facebook page those days, but every time they answered a question, they did not answer the question fully and sometimes the answer wasn’t even close a partial or consistent truth. Clearly, none of us as individuals has any sway over them to offer a truthful, straightforward response. Luxor box may be beyond responding, but if there’s any chance, wouldn’t they be more likely to respond to MSA? That’s a larger volume of customers that they might not want to drive away.

    It’s ridiculous that each of us is wasting so much time and sending so many individual emails, and we get no where. Can you ask them for an explanation for your readers?

    Thank you.

  12. Does anyone’s account actually have any valid information on it? Mine has never had a subscription listed, payment info, or an address. I’m wondering if ANYONE has anything worthwhile listed in their account. I’m on the last box of an annual.

  13. I emailed them back after the second email sent today telling me to re-create my account and asking me to enter CC instead of having PayPal option.

    I told them to do the re-create of the account on their end and honor the Gilt offer or refund the remaining balance because like some said in this post, tye Gilt alone should have been sufficient and it I like it I would ON MY OWN RE-SUB!

    • *the

    • Couldn’t agree more, Linda. I posted the same thing yesterday but I can’t see my post. It’s a breach of contract to try to change the terms of agreement post fact. Our contract is with Guilt, it’s not ethical to put us in a position when we are basically forced to disclose our credit cards information.

    • I wrote to them saying I didn’t see a need to provide my cc and that I hoped they would fulfill their obligation to ship my December box that was prepaid in July and processed September 9. I got a reply that I’m all set to receive December since it was already processed. I’ll get back with them if it doesn’t.

      If you have a voucher that runs longer, keep pushing back that your voucher is your payment method and ask them to figure out how to apply that to the new system on their end. I’m confident they can find a work around.

      • *November box is the one prepaid and processed

  14. I purchased the Gilt deal and wrote back to them after the first email to question it since my November box is already paid for and I stated that I want to receive the Nov. box first before resubbing. I wrote them again today after receiving the second email. They just responded to my first email and I’m sharing part of it with you to allay your sub box fears.
    Luxor customer service wrote back:

    “Per our recent email, any 3 month voucher holder is confirmed for November so you’re all set! Should you decide to resub with us you’ll simply go through the process as you normally would. Thanks for your patience.”

    So no worries if you purchased the 3-month (September and November) deal through GILT.

  15. I don’t feel it’s right and maybe even not quite legal to demand our credit card info whereas our initial contract is with Guilt. It’s basically a breach of contract trying to force us to do something like this post fact.

  16. I just got another update email from them. And yes it is very confusing whatever issues they are having. And i know there have been a lot of issues with this. However, they are a subscription service and as such need a credit card even with free boxes. Any subscription you sign up for a free trial with wants a credit card and you have to be responsible for cancelling in the time frame to not be charged. Every body does this so i don’t see why people think this is shady.

    • Because there was nothing on the voucher or terms of service stating that purchase of a voucher would start a reoccurring subscription unless or until cancelled by the buyer. If that was their intention then it should have been specifically stated. For Luxor to change or add to the agreement after the fact is shady. I hope that Let’sSwap above is correct and that this is not the case.

    • So then shame on them for not making sure that they collected that info before their “website upgrade”. This company continues to make mistakes, tell lies, and backtrack over their own customer base. When was the last time a major retailer called you and said “we forgot how to run a credit card when you ordered online so we need your info again – don’t worry, you won’t be charged”. Riiiiiiight. If they thought just ONE thing through – EVER – then they wouldn’t be in this mess.

    • This is shady because as everyone has said, we made our purchase with Gilt City, not Luxor directly. We have no outstanding balance so why suddenly do they need our credit card numbers? I purchased this way intentionally so I didn’t need to worry about yet another sub renewing.

  17. Did anyone with a normal subscription (not Gilt) receive the email?

    Seems only the Gilt voucher holders are getting this email.

    • I didn’t get the email and I got the gilt deal. I’m wondering why some are and some aren’t?

      • I am a Gilt person and also didn’t get an email.
        So I sent THEM and email, Lol.

    • No, I did not receive the email. I just emailed CS to get my account details, as I don’t want to lose my current pricing. Currently, I don’t seem to have any account on their new system at all.

  18. Hmmm.. I didn’t get this email. My payment method with them is via Paypal, box to box.

    I am not interested in creating an account just for this. I figure if I don’t get this email, then it should not impact.

  19. I emailed them that I am getting one more box through Gilt and have no intention of adding a credit card until after that box. If I love it (and I didn’t love the September), then I will put in a credit card and continue. If I don’t, I don’t want the hassle of having to cancel.

    • I said pretty much the same thing yesterday and I think that they had a lot of signups through the GILT deal and I’m sure I’m not the only person who was not happy with the first box we received. The fact that they will not address this and only sent out an action required new email speaks volumes.

  20. I just went on the website and when i access my account it says this at the bottom:
    We’re currently performing site upgrades, account access is limited or unavailable for right now.

    That’s fine but i don’t understand the email that tells you to update your account but then when you try they say this about account access. Very frustrating.

    • That happened to me. I was able to access my account by changing my password. HTH

      My issue is that I just signed on with the Gilt offer and I do not want to enter a credit card as I don’t plan to continue the subscription. Anyone else?

      • Agreed! There is no chance I am entering my card. While waiting for my shipment with the Gilt credit they tried to charge me three times for the November box but couldn’t because I had no card attached to my account. That was so shady to me.

      • Omg i have to go to the bank and check this out. I don’t get why they have such a strange system compared to all other subscriptions I get. I have had to email them probably 10 times since June about my account and why it wants to charge me and why my account doesn’t say anything about my subscription. I can’t wait until i get my boxes (i pray) and I will never ever get another subscription because there account and payment scares me. Going to bank tomorrow.

  21. I have a Gilt voucher with Nov box being the last one. I cancelled my subscription after my Nov box ‘payment’ was confirmed.

    So based on the email, I can’t log into the website any more. I need a new account with credit card information. Let’s put aside how ridiculous that is. Even if I do all that, how would they know that I have paid with my Gilt voucher?

    I think this is almost boarder line scam….

  22. I also pay through paypal every other month and have been a member since the beginning. I got charged for the November box and have not received the email.

    • This makes me think it’s directly related to the gilt voucher folks. They better not try to charge ppl for their prepaid boxes now that gilt got bought out.

  23. I haven’t received this email yet. I’ve always paid via PayPal and dont plan on renewing at this time.

  24. Has any gilt vouchers received their September box or tracking?! I haven’t and now it’s November and now this?!??!?

    • Yes received sept box

    • I received mine a couple of weeks ago.

    • Yep, I got mine a few weeks ago.

    • Beccaox, I also received my first Gilt voucher box at least two weeks ago.

      Luxor infuriates me because for years they didn’t provide the ability to create a user account and now all of a sudden they want us to provide CC info. The way things stand I have no intention of re-subbing to this company once my voucher deal is up. There’s absolutely no reason for them to have our info. We’ve already paid in full!

  25. I started a credit card dispute– nothing about my Gilt City transaction indicated that I’d need to provide my credit card number to a company which I redeemed a prepaid voucher at…

  26. I’d get a prepaid Visa with a balance on it and then once Luxor approves it just spend the balance. F these guys.

    • I have never been able to use a prepaid VISA for online purchasing, how do you get it to work?

      • You just have to register the card online. There should be instructions on the gift card envelope or even on the back of the card to tell you how to do that.

  27. When I bought their boxes, the only payment method they accepted was PayPal. They had NO way to contact them directly about any problems with items in a box or with a billing issue at all.

    Tracking numbers came from PayPal as well!
    Now, they are fussing about wanting stored credit card numbers?

    This isn’t right for the people with the Gilt pre-paid boxes. I’d buy a debit card not connected to any other account, put $10 on it, and they can deal with that or not.
    I was badly burned by this company (nothing to do with vouchers for vacations, I was long gone before then) and I don’t trust them.

    Several sub boxes changed payment systems and websites and shipping partners, etc. just before they went out of business because they had huge balances due with the systems they’d used. I hope this isn’t the case, but it’s happened before.

    Best of luck to all involved with this. I hope you’ll consider my suggestion, as it’s based on how I finally got Glossybox to stop charging a closed account, and a few other snafus in the years I’ve subscribed to boxes everywhere.

    • That’s a great idea. Thank you. I’m going to get a $10 prepaid visa tomorrow. I would cancel but I got the Gilt deal and subbed for 6 boxes. They dang well better not screw people over this. You’re right, it feels super shady. Never heard of anything like this.

    • This is brilliant, I’ll be taking your advice. Thank you!!!

  28. I tried logging in and wasn’t able to, then tried the lost password link but says my email address wasn’t found. Sure I can create a new account but I’d like to know how they’re going to associate my gilt city order to my new account. Sent that question to support but still no word back.

    • The same happened to me. I couldn’t sign into my account and when I tried lost password it said that my e-mail address wasn’t associated with an account. This sounds really fishy.

      • Same exact scenario here.

      • Same here

    • Yep, same here.

    • Same thing happened to me !!

    • I’m dealing with the same problem. Still no word from them and of course no pick up on phone number.

  29. I was going to wait until after the Nov box to see if it was better than Sept before I decided to cancel but this seemed hinky to me so I just sent a notice for them to cancel me. I already paid for Nov so I better get it but going on the Sept box I would never pay full price for this.

  30. Would they accept prepaid as a fill in only. I don’t trust these jokers with my info

  31. Their website hasn’t bern working all day to access accounts. Pretty dumb to email everyone telling them to go to their accounts then their website doesn’t even work properly.

  32. Just put in a fake credit card number. I did that before for another box that required a number but for which I used a Gilt voucher.

    • It won’t accept a fake

      • Make sure the fake number starts with a 4 (meaning it’s a Visa card) or a 5 1 or 52 (MC). 🙂

      • Hmm. It gave me an error to please enter a valid number, but it saved the first one.

  33. Well it won’t let you log in either!

    • Select “forgot password “. You will get an email with a link. You can reset your password to your old password. Then you can login. I entered my shipping address, which is ridiculous that Luxor didn’t do this. I’m not giving them a credit card. Luxor will just have to fulfill our orders as agreed upon.

  34. My November box payment was processed on September 9. Shorty afterwards I cancelled, opting to not renew. I was assured I was all set to receive my November box.

    There is no excuse whatsoever for Luxor to hold my box hostage until I give them a credit card. My voucher from Gilt is my payment method and it has been processed already.

  35. Is it just me, or does this seem like a sneaky way for Luxor to get credit card numbers from those who are on GILT vouchers, so that they can charge us down the line for future purchases? Call me skeptical…but I’ve had enough issues with Luxor that I just really don’t trust them…

    • Agree. Super sketchy. Unsubscribed once they started going downhill last year. I feel bad for all the people struggling with them

    • Sounds very sketchy to me too. They are putting the onus on the customer to ensure that they get what they paid for. It should be Luxor’s responsibility to make 100% certain they port over all the necessary information.

      I also wonder if they will blame people not getting their boxes on them “not updating their information”.

      I am very glad that I cancelled my sub for this box last year. It seems to be on a downhill slide. Just my $0.02.

    • Liz – Can you clarify what this means for people who have a prepaid annual (aka – the suckers who paid full price BEFORE the gilt deal). If I paid, I should not have to enter new information. Why would the pre-paid boxes not just ship accordingly? You have my name and address, and you know that I pre-paid for 6 boxes. It’s not rocket science.

      • I’m one of those suckers sadly, so yes I would love to know the answer. I have a prepaid annual with PayPal payment and I didn’t receive this email from Luxor.

      • Same here. One of the suckers too…
        Didn’t get the email either

      • I think only Gilt subscribers may have gotten it? It seems so, but I could be wrong.

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