FREE Boxycharm Box with Summer’s Eve Purchase (Under $4!)

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Now through 10/27, purchase 2 Summer’s Eve products (in-store or online), submit the receipt here, and you’ll get a free Boxycharm box!

And good news, Target sells Summer’s Eve products starting at $1.99 each online, so you can qualify for the free Boxycharm box under $4! (Free ship to store, or free shipping on orders of $25 or more).

If you have questions about this offer, the full FAQ is available here.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone received confirmation that it worked??

    • Nope, today is day 5 too.

      • Yes I got my confirmation today, but I think they took more than 5 days. I submitted mine the day this was posted. Got an email yesterday saying they got my entry and then got an email today saying I was accepted and it gave me ship date in November. Hope that helps. 😉

    • I haven’t either.

    • No I was just thinking about that today; I submitted mine last Monday.

    • I just got this email:
      Congratulations, your application has been approved for one (1) free beauty box from BOXYCHARM!
      Your beauty box will be shipped on or around Friday, November 16th, 2018 to the address you provided on your application form. Please allow an additional 5-14 days for delivery.

      • When did you submitted it?

      • I sent my in on the 3rd and have not received any email response back yet. What day did you submit yours?

      • Hmmm, I just got an email saying that they received my application. Nothing else.

        • That’s what I got too today..although I submitted within an hour of this post…so odd..

        • I wonder if this is a denial email, I cancelled my first purchase and just received this as well. I made another purchased the same day with diff info and got a confirmation i would receive my box.🤔

      • October 1st

      • Do you already receive Boxycharm boxes? I’m still waiting and I was wondering if current Boxycharm subscribers are eligible.

        • I am a BoxyCharm subscriber and I just got the accepted email for the free box. I submitted mine on the 4th of october. I received an email saying they received confirmation of my receipt then three days later received the accepted email,

    • No I havent and I cannot get through to their CS dept on the phone or by email! I submitted mine the day this was posted!

    • I just got a confirmation & I submitted my receipt on 10/3/18.

    • Just got mine submitted the 3rd

    • I received an email from Summer’s Eve today saying that they received my form…Said it would be 5 days…funny thing is…I sent the form in as soon as I saw it appear in MSA…

      • I got the same email today (10/11). The email said said “all applicants will receive notification of application status within 5 business days of submission.”..I submitted my application and receipt about a week ago.

    • Hi! I received a email from them saying I was approved for the free boxy charm and that I should receive it around the 16th of November.

    • Yes just got a confirmation today.

    • I received this on the 11th and I submitted my app I think on the 3rd.
      “Thank you for participating! We are in receipt of your submitted application for the BOXYCHARM promotion.

      Please note that all applicants will receive notification of application status within 5 business days of submission. Please make sure to check your spam mail if you have not received a response within that time. For full Terms and Conditions, please visit http://www.SummersEveBeautyBox(dot)com/terms.

      If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected](dot)com or call us at (201) 754-5522 Monday – Friday 9 AM – 6 PM ET (excluding public holidays).

      Summer’s Eve®”

      • I received the same and replied to the email stating my name full address and order number,i said this order has been completed and i follow the steps to a t, please look into this issue as it has been more than 5 business days. I got a confirmation about an hour later stating i was approved. Not sure if it was because of my email but its worth a shot.

        • Thanks!

    • I haven’t recieved an email either and I filled out the form as soon as this was posted.

    • Yes, I sent my “application” on the 3rd and received confirmation yesterday that it was accepted and the box would be sent by November 16. I bought the products at Target (in-store) and used the Cartwheel app.

    • I recieved my confirmation today that my application was approved and I will be receiving my boxycharm box in November.

    • I submitted my receipt on the 4th October and got the confirmation email yesterday 16th October. So my guess is that you have to wait for at least 12-14 “Business days” in order to receive the confirmation email. Let’s all wait uptil 20-25 November and see which box we all received. 😉

    • I did about 2 days ago.

    • i received an email telling me that my box would be shipped on or around november 16th

    • I still haven’t got my confirmation…anyone?

    • I resubmitted the form since I had not received anything. I originally submitted on Oct 3, resubmitted Oct 8 and received an email today saying it qualifies. Yay! I was worried they would be out of boxes.

    • SPOILER*******Got mine in the mail today. I don’t think it is any items in actual nov box. Happy to trade if anyone gets variations. Got nightingale pretty vulgar eye shadow palette, girlactik moonglow powder, luscious eye shadow primer, violet Voss liquid lipstick and eye shadow brushes. I don’t know any of these brands. Going to keep eye shadow palette and brushes.

  2. If any of you are near a Grocery Outlet, I just picked up 2 Summer’s Eve 2pk douce boxes for $1.19 each. They were next to the maxi pads and tampons.

    They didn’t have any other Summer’s Eve products though.

    • Thank you!

  3. Hey Liz, can you tell us which months’ boxycharm box they’d be sending ? This month (I.e. October) or the one displayed in the picture?

    • I don’t think anyone knows.

    • the november box

    • After submitting my form and receipts, I read on Summers Eve site that they’ll be mailing out Boxycharm boxes on November 15th

    • I’m assuming it’d be a bunch of random boxes that never got sold that SE bought up for a discount to boost their brand so stores will see them as more valuable.
      So everyone won’t get the same box.

    • When I summit it my receipt it said the month of November but now I’m thinking sinces at lot of us are doing it they updated their page and they won’t put a month and we won’t know. I haven’t received nothing from them and it been 5 day sinces I summit my receipt.

    • They will send leftover products that have been sitting in their warehouse. That was the point of this partnering, after all.

  4. I didn’t see the not valid with any other promo text when I skimmed the page… I am hoping I still qualify since I used cartwheel and the summers eve website coupon. Looks like lots of folks did cartwheel but not necessarily the website coupon. Even though I only paid $1.10 total, I’d be really sad to miss out on a free boxycharm. My target has exactly 2 boxes left of the one on sale. I went another town over to grab 2 of the 3 sale boxes for my sister. Unless they have stock in the back no one else will be getting the 40% off lol. I guess I will have to wait to see if they email back my submission acceptance or rejection.

    Side note – hoping it’s not the birthday bash box pictured but I’d be okay with most other past boxes!

  5. Kroger’s has Summers Eve products on sale. I bought 2 boxes of wipes $1.59 each.

  6. I bought my 2 products on Amazon and submitted 2 screenshots of the order invoice and the order page for my receipt. On the Summer’s Eve website, it says the receipt must have both the time and the date of the purchase. I looked everywhere on the Amazon website, and it doesn’t say anywhere what time I made the order (only the date). I hope they don’t deny my application because I don’t have the time…

    • I had this same issue! I am calling tomorrow when they are open.

    • I submitted my receipt from Walmart from my online purchase of 2 Summers Eve products at regular price & online orders DO NOT show the purchase time. I was worried about that so I ordered some from Target online too & that receipt also has NO TIME posted on it. I don’t understand why the date Isnt sufficient, Anyway, I sent in the Walmart receipt & was denied because of ‘insufficient info’ although I sent screenshots of ENTIRE receipt. My screenshot had the time of purchase from my IPad printed on top w the date as well. THEY SHOULDNT TELL U ONLINE PURCHASES ARE OK AND THEN DENY YOUR RECEIPT WHEN ITS THE ONLY PROOF AVAILABLE OF PURCHASE. I emailed customer service, but I am pissed at Summers Eve.

  7. I purchased two boxes of Summers Eve 16 count individually wrap freshen-up wipes at Walmart for $1.72 a piece. That was without any promotions, just everyday pricing.
    With tax the total surprisingly just $3.44!!!!
    That’s by far the best price of any I’ve researched… I really urge you go check it out ladies!!
    Handy things to keep on hand as well as an amazing way to get an extra free box of our Boxy!
    Hope this helps you guys ❤️

  8. I had such a hard time with this offer, I bought products at target and submitted the screenshot, then i realized it didn’t have an order number showing, i then resubmitted another time with the right receipt. Now I got an email from target stating I had until the end of day to pick up items(i live 2 hrs away and will be there for a football game on sat) I called but they said they can’t hold my items longer than 2 days and it will automatically get cancelled:( Now I tried again at walmart but I put diff information even diff address in the hopes that I’m not flagged for getting denied twice and i’m hoping the last one placed at walmart will go through as the first two will get denied due to cancellation:( I can’t believe target only offers you two days to pick up up items while walmart gives you 7..even longer as last time i took about two weeks and they called me to remind me to pick up order. lol this was harder than it needed to be hopefully it will pay off

    • i wouldn’t resubmit. It could disqualify you. Ultimately they don’t care where you purchase your products as long as it’s in the offer window.

      • Thanks, the last submission was on a different name and address so I’m hoping that one will go through:)

  9. I didn’t see a ship to store option on Wal-Mart nut it did show free 2 day shipping. Weird.

    • I used the filter to only display items with free store pickup

  10. I don’t typically use these kind of product but to get a chance to receive a free BoxyCharm box, I purchased 2 items (cost about $4.xx). I can always donate the S.E. products to the local food shelf… Win Win for sure!

  11. In case you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you can get two packages of wipes for around 90 cents at Target.

    If you go to Summer’s Eve website you can print out a coupon for $1.50 off 2 products, and you can then stack that with Target’s cartwheel offer for 40% off of Summer’s Eve Blissful Escape line. The total for me came out to 89 cents.

    • Wow, thanks!

    • You are the post hero! I’m going to do that tomorrow when I go grocery shopping. 🙂

      I may also make my sister do it too since I want her to try boxycharm!

  12. I went to Walmart and purchased two. Took a picture of the receipt. When I went to upload it didn’t show me a thumbnail of the picture I sent (like usual). Just a bunch of numbers and letters. Hopefully the picture will show on their end? I did get the “Thank you your application has been submitted” message.

  13. I just submitted my receipts. Hope it’s not too good to be true. 🙂

    • Hello my fellow slightly skeptical sister! I just uploaded my receipts but I can’t help but think the same thing too. Just in case, I’m going to hang onto my receipt and keep the SE products unopened until I at least get confirmation that I’ll be receiving a box. Best believe I’ll be getting my $4.50 back if they renege on the deal. 🙂 It’s the principal of the thing…

      • @Sammee, I’m glad I’m not the only one with that plan! I’ll take them back and buy the Equate equivalent!

        • I’m doing the same. I don’t normally use these so I bought just for the free box offer. Will donate if I receive the box and return if I don’t. I don’t like the way they’re calling the submission an “application”, but we’ll see. Hopefully we get our boxes.

  14. I can’t get the Summer’s Eve page to upload! Anybody else having this problem?

  15. I ordered on to pick-up in store, just printed my email confirmation/receipt, scanned it, so it’s one pdf of two pages, and uploaded that — I THINK. The upload was weird. (I am on a desk top.) I clicked the window for the document, selected the file, and it showed the name of the document. Normally when you do these types of things, you would then click to upload it, but on this, the name of the document disappeared and it opened the window again to select a file to upload. I finally stopped clicking upload… Anyway I got the little confirmation pop-up window, but I am feeling insecure that my receipt is attached. I upload stuff all the time so something didn’t seem right.

    • I’m trying to do this from a laptop and I’m having the same problem: the upload button kicks me back out to the desktop to select a file, but after file selection only the file name appears. I’ve sent an email to the listed email at the end of the FAQs asking for help. I’ll post their response once I hear anything.

    • That’s what happened with me. I was using my phone

    • its totally normal, i submit my receipts to mypoints and it always looks like that but they do get them just fine:)

    • This happened to me as well. I tried both my phone and laptop. I really hope it actually uploaded.

  16. CVS has spend 10 dollars on summer eve products and get 5 dollars extra bucks ! What a deal ! I just picked some up !

  17. I bought 2 items from Wal-Mart, and submitted my receipt as soon as I got into my car! A pop up said they’ll let me know within 5 business days if my application was accepted! I read the fine print on their website, so there’s no reason to not get accepted! I’m a boxy subscriber so I’m definitely pumped about this!

  18. Wow! CVS has a promo “spend $10 on SE, receive $5 extra bucks” + I had additional store coupons for $2 off personal care, $2 off 2 feminine products and 25% off 1 item. Got a pack of wipes and gel wash. So I basically paid $4.38, got $5 extra bucks, thus made 62 cents today 😀

    I hope my receipt works and I can get the BoxyCharm.

    • Wow! That’s an amazing deal! I’m so glad to hear CVS has a deal. I couldn’t find one on the app. I’m relieved now since I was planning to go there tomorrow. I’ve got several coupons (for general purchases I think) I can use as well. That makes it worth spending the $10! Good luck getting your box and thanks for the info!

  19. LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to Walgreens! Summer’s Eve products are buy one, get one at 50% this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow THANKS!!!! 😁

    • I think the Walgreen’s sale brings it to about the exact same price as Target so just pick which ever store’s most convenient!

    • Thanks so much! Walgreens is much closer to me than Target.

  20. I use the Summer’s Eve On The Go for travel. I have been in many a restop with no bathroom tissue.

    I am going to jump on this. I am going to buy mine tonight and see what happens!


  21. Thanks! I hope its the box in the photo– could use the brushes.

  22. Fingers crossed😍! I’m already subbed but since there are variations if I get one hopefully it will be a different variation and anything I don’t like can be Xmas presents!

  23. I took a screen shot of my order from Target. Fingers crossed!

  24. I just got this email through Influenster! Such a great deal!

  25. Target has a cartwheel deal for 40% off Summer Eve Blissful Escape

    • I just used the cartwheel and got them for 1.18 each 💖💖 can’t beat that

      • Did you submit it and it worked? The rules say no other promotion or discount to he combined and I was actually going to use the cartwheel too.

        • I actually called Summer’s Eve about that and was told that the deal would be honored even if you got the items on sale.

  26. Thanks Liz! This is a great deal!! If it works, I’ll freak w joy!

  27. Hopefully we won’t be getting more Laura lee palettes!! 🤣😂

  28. I’m assuming this won’t be the November box I have a feeling it will be a bunch of left overs from previous boxes, either way I’m happy I submitted everything and got an email yesterday confirming (submitted on 9/30)

    • So you got an official confirmation that you will be getting the box? Did you do any sort of promotions like a coupon or cartwheel?


  29. Also there us a $1.50/2 Summers Eve Wipes coupon from the sunday paper, making it an even cheaper deal!

  30. This is an amazing deal, but… lady parts are self regulating! Be really careful with products like summers eve. They say they are doctor approved and all, but theres a difference between “least likely to really mess up your ph balance” and “actively good for you and a good idea”

    I also find it disturbing the summers eve website doesn’t list ingredients on their products online.

    Fair do, I’ll probably buy some powder and scent less wipes, but won’t necessarily use them in the area they are meant for.

    • I just want to second all of this!

  31. I bought 2 products on Amazon so that I wouldn’t have to pay shipping or do in-store pickup. I submitted 2 different pages of the online order as my receipt, but nowhere on them does it have the time of my order (only the date). Summer’s Eve’s terms and conditions state the receipt must have both the time and the date, but I looked everywhere and no where on the Amazon website can I find a place where it tells me what exact time I submitted the order (only the date). Hopefully Summer’s Eve won’t reject my application without it…

  32. Liz, thank you so very much…this is a great gift for whomever during holidays!

  33. I just want to point something out…I see people wondering what box it will be? I am looking at it through Boxys eyes and if you think about it, they had to have enough boxes to cover all of their regular subs when Luxe came out. Then so many upgraded, so these boxes may just be left over promo boxes from that time. I am not saying it’s definite, and it’s still an awesome deal either way!!!

    • I am just referring to the products that were only in the regular box

    • I have the exact box (although maybe a different lip) so I kinda hope it’s not this box.

  34. When I try to submit the application online it says to, ‘Please come back beginning Sunday 9/30 to redeem.’ I can’t tell if I’m doing something wrong or maybe there is just too much traffic. Did anyone get a confirmation message?

    • When I submitted mine I received a pop up window that said I would be notified via email in 5 days if I was accepted.

    • I also got a pop up saying I would receive confirmation email within 5 days and I submitted about 2am central time.

      • Thank you both for the feedback. I ended up installing Firefox and it went right through and with the pop-up confirmation window. I had been trying and trying on Chrome and it wouldn’t work, I have no idea why. Happy I finally got it to go through!

  35. I feel goofy asking this but I ordered my stuff online and took 4 screenshots (because Target online receipts show pictures that take up space) and I’m not sure how to upload them. I went to where it says to upload and submitted a screenshot but it only shows a row of numbers so how do you know what they got? In addition it only has two places to upload but I have 4 that I need to send. Help, I’m technologically inept and my teen is already asleep so he can’t help. Lol.

    • I got a bunch of numbers too when I posted my screenshot so I’m assuming that’s correct (I hope)

    • You can submit a pdf. Paste 2 each in a word doc and save as a pdf file. :).

    • I purchased online with Target also but instead of my email receipt I went to my “orders” page which allowed me to only need 2 screenshots. I only had a row of numbers when I did upload also but it gave me a confirmation after I hit the final submit button so I’m hoping it works 🙂

    • Try screen shotting your email reciept.

  36. I got this email on the first and didn’t manage to get in and pick up the products until tonight. I hope they didn’t have some kind of seriously low availability that was reached already, seeing as this offer was listed on so many ‘freebie’ sites.
    Good luck to everyone on getting one.

  37. I just did it! $5.47 @ target pick it up tomorrow!! Sush an amazing deal!!! Thank you so much!🌹💕🌹💕🌹

    • Hi, how did you manage to get your items specified in your target receipt? I’m assuming you bought online like me, but my order just says “2 items” and can’t find a way to make them visible in the description.
      The Terms and Conditions also say that the receipt must show time and date of purchase, along with the detail of the qualifying items and amount of purchase. I’m getting a bit frustrated thinking I should have gone to the actual store instead.

      • If you ordered online from Target, once you pick the item up you will get a receipt in your online account that shows the items/cost/method of payment, date, etc. My 2 items took less than one page in this receipt form. There’s also a more detailed version available that can be downloaded. My problem, tho, is the submission form. Its just looping when I try to upload a jpeg of my receipt. I’ve sent an email asking what I’m doing wrong or if there’s a problem with the site, using the email provided in the FAQ.

  38. Ordered 2 items from Walmart to pickup for 3.44 amazing deal, if it is stuff I already have it will make a great Christmas gift for my BFF in PA she never buys for herself. Single mom with 2 special needs kids so this would be an awesome treat for her. Thanks for the heads up on the info.

  39. I got this email yesterday. And bought two last night at CVS. It was spend $10, get $5 ECB. I submitted my receipt today so hopefully I get one! This has already been shared on couponin sites too.

    • couponing* sites and freebie sites.

  40. For what it’s worth, Cartwheel (from Target) also has a coupon for 40% off (in store only) the $1.99 wipes, so people can use that coupon and save quite a bit and get the box for next to nothing!

    • The caution with that is that the terms of use do say “not valid with any other promo” – I’m not sure if they would be that nitpicky or not though!

  41. Wow!! I just did it! I bought two products from Walmart for $5, and I will pick them up in store when I go this Saturday. They are products I already use and had to buy anyways. Took two screenshots of my receipt and uploaded them to the application. Easy as pie! Thank you so much for letting us know about this!!! I already get BoxyCharm, but hey….I can always use another one!

  42. Hmm if I buy a kit off of amazon I wonder if that will count?

  43. The terms and conditions lay out the info like when it ships:
    Within five (5) business days of the Application Form submission, Customer will receive an email indicating that he/she will receive one (1) free beauty box from BOXYCHARM, to be shipped on or around 11/16/18. Once Reward is shipped, Customer should expect to receive the Reward between five (5) and fourteen (14) additional days later at the shipping address provided in the Application Form

  44. Does anyone know if it’s this month’s box, or more of a pieced together promo box? Either way its a great deal, I love the summer’s eve wipes and will definitely be doing it!

    • It says shipped around 11/16

      • I submitted my receipts on oct 2 but didn’t get any confirmation email. Has anyone received an email from them?

  45. Thanks for letting us know about this, Liz! Just bought two SE products for in-store pickup tomorrow; hopefully the BoxyCharm supplies last!

  46. I just bought 3 SE products today and the I see this! And was able to dig my receipt out of the trash to receive a free Boxycharm box!! Best deal ever! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this! My trash runs tomorrow so I would have missed out if I didn’t see this tonight!

    • Phew! Good timing 🙂

  47. Ordered my 2 items from Wal-Mart and shipped to store, and paid $3.67. This is so exciting!

    • Nice!

  48. Ordered my 2 items from Wal-Mart and shipped to store, and paid $3.67. This is so exciting!

  49. Ooooh, sounds neat!

    • Because the Summer Eve products have the two day shipping, I think minimum order is actually $35. At least, I had to get to $35 before it dropped shipping charges.

      • You couldn’t do the pick up in store option? I go every Saturday anyways to pickup household items, so I just did that and took screenshots of the online receipt.

        • I can’t drive (medical), so I had to go with the shipping option. :S I didn’t see anything that would let me ship to store either from Target, but I might have missed it. I should have thought to check Walmart.

        • I received order confirmation from target but not the receipt. Do I need to wait until I received the receipt? Or the screenshot of the order detail will also work?

  50. Do you qualify for this is you have previously had a boxycharm subscription?

    • I see no mention of being a boxycharm subscriber as a disqualifier. I believe this free box will be completely separate from Boxycharm accounts/subscriptions. Hope that helps!

      • I was curious about that too,since I am a subscriber already how getting this free box works. Definitely going to try it though!

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