New Subscription Box Alert: Sunday Riley Subscription Box + FULL Spoilers + Coupon!

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Sunday Riley Subscription Box

There’s a new quarterly subscription from Sunday Riley available for pre-order now – Sunday Riley Subscription Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Bev!) The box is $95 per quarter and we have the FULL spoilers for the first box.

The theme for the first box is Wellness.

Our Wellness Box offers a curated assortment of fun, practical, and (ultimately) real tools to achieve physical, mental, and energetic health with more than $300 in retail value.

The Wellness Box includes:

Sunday Riley Wellness Box

The Subscription Box: Sunday Riley Subscription Box

The Cost: $95

Coupon: Use coupon code REFINERY10 to save 10%

Good to know: Shipping on pre-orders begins on 10/1.

What do you think of this new subscription box? Want to see it reviewed?

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  1. Wow, not what I was expecting at all. My wallet squeaked “uh-oh” when I saw this post but we’re both speechless after seeing the spoilers. It’s not necessarily a bad box but not at all what I’d expect from such a coveted brand as Sunday Riley. I mean, anyone and everyone has a lifestyle box but there’s only one Sunday Riley. Why would you not feature at least one full size SR product in your namesake box? If this box featured two to three full size SR products and a couple of smaller samples, the waitlist would be insane.

    On a side note, I’d love to see the Thinx included in another box. I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen it.

  2. I love sunday riley, but this box has $62 worth of the brands products for 95. I like the lactic acid treatment, but I got two sample (equalling the same size) at sephora for 200 points. I’m not a huge fan of the clay slip cleanser which I got in the sephora play box.

    Everything else is borderline ridiculous. A week of supplements, period panties (I have a birth control implant, so I don’t get a period.), crystals? As of right now the total value is at around 200, so the crystals, makeup bag and app somehow equal $100?

    I like the water bottle and towel. But I have hair towels and water bottles. For the price, you’d expect it to have some nice products, like Box of Style or the new Popsugar.

    • I was so excited to see Sunday Riley was having a subscription box I absolutely love there products but $95. Thought they would have a better box at least a full size of there own products but it is there 1st so maybe it will get better but not for me this time around.

  3. Macy’s you can get full size set of SR for cheaper ,so easy pass for me the problem is SR stinks the smell of some of the products make me gag

    • Me too!! It’s gotta be an individual thing. I’ve tried stuff that gets Amazing reviews on the ‘clean, fresh, natural aroma’ (or whatever) and to ME it stinks. Not every SR product, just a couple. Also it seems like the ceramic slip cleanser, and the good genes are in like Every sub box here lately. I’m getting two samples of both of them already (not complaining) this just doesn’t feel like an almost $100 box to me. I wouldn’t use the app, the crystals, feels like the stuff I Don’t want makes up half the value of the box ☹️ I’ll have to pass on this, just not in my budget. I think I see kindof what she’s doing; not making a Sunday Riley brand box; it’s more like the things She loves the most, and that’s cool. I just can’t afford to have that high of taste I guess 😂

  4. So excited when I saw the title. But the box looks disappointing. The price: ridiculous. Easy pass.

  5. i really like the items inside of the box, but i just can’t justify 95.00 for the box right now. new beauty got all of my beauty money this month. if it goes on sale though, i will for sure get one! i’ve wanted to try the thinx for a long while, and i need a new hair towel since my aquis ones are really old.

  6. I went from excited to bummed in the matter of seconds. Where are the Sunday Riley products?!?!?! 😢

    • Agreed!! Zero FOMO here.

    • Agreed! Total dismiss for me.

    • Agree! I use several SR products daily & they are the best, having transformed my skin… but where are they in this box? Too much filler junk & not enough SR! Try again…

  7. Is this a joke?? Horrible box, especially for the price!

  8. I was absolutely excited when I saw the name. Then I saw the price. 1 box every 3 months for that price is unrealistic. I think Sunday Riley should stick to promoting their products in other subscription services. Luna Sleeping oil showed me instant results the next day after my morning cleansing routine. it is pricey but will I purchase it when I run out, yes no doubt about it. I might go for a round of samples before I buy it but ultimately will be doing so. Luna sleep oil is the only non proactive product in my skin care regiment. The company needs to do better promotion. If I knew all of their products worked like the sleep oil I would be sold.

    • Luna Sleeping oil was super excited to try that and my skin did look better but after a week of use I had those black condones deep under skin and now can’t get rid of them I never had them before but believe the oil may have caused.

  9. Are they for real? Get way better in way cheaper sub’s!

  10. They put full size product into cheaper boxes, but this into their own? When I clicked I thought I might be getting the ME experience…big let down.

  11. Very easy pass for me.

    This would be a nice box general beauty/ self care box for those who don’t already have 6 Bkr bottles, the Smith & Cult nail polish, or 4 hair towels. Or the IGK coconut hair oil sample I got today in 2 Allure boxes.

    However, this is definitely not a well- curated box for SUNDAY RILEY, the brand. It’s everything BUT, with 2 teeny samples thrown in.

    They should have just curated some special kits for those of us who love their products. I got emails about this big thing coming and it’s worth maybe $45-$50 to me, tops.

    • I agree about SR curating special kits with her own products, what a great idea! I’ve purchased two mininkits of hers from Sephora & had nice sizes to try (then fall in love with & buy full sizes of, lol) that way.

    • BB: 6 Bkr bottles? 4 hair towels? What subs do those come in? Although it may be cheaper to buy 1 Bkr bottle and hair towel instead.

  12. $28 for this size from sephora for the Sunday Riley. It’s too much fluff filler I wouldn’t use or care about to justify the inflated price. Imho many of us are unimpressed with new boxes and some current boxes. We have such high standards for quality and the value has to be there before we ever decide to subscribe. It takes work to impress us.

    • Yes, you’re right. Overly saturated market with no real loyal consumers. This is why it’s hard for sub box companies to stay in business.

      • This. I’m still not over how everyone expected palettes on a routine basis in a box that costs less than $15. A quality palette with good product costs $30+ by itself (most 50 or more), let alone with a variety of other products in the box too.

        This is not a sustainable business model, especially when we consider inflation over time. No one wants their box price to go up, but they always expect bigger and better products. It’s just not realistic.

        PopSugar used to be the pinnacle of the subscription box experience, but even they have been declining in quality. People have to temper expectations if they want subs to continue.

  13. I’m like most of you, the price point is way too high. I have zero interest now.

  14. The box looks great a lot of interesting choices, but not for this price.

  15. For that price I’d rather just buy a Sunday Riley product. ILY SUNDAY RILEY, so why toss in so many random things? Give us what we want if we pay $95; your products ❤️

  16. This isn’t a bad box, but not for $100. I know many women and men as well are already subbed to multiple boxes, so to justify spending $100 extra this box has to deliver hard and I don’t see the value. I do love the products, but if they’re asking $95 I’d need to see more SR in there.

  17. My excitement level shot up at the mention of a SR box, then plummeted at the spoilers and price. For that much money, I’d rather just buy my full sized SR products that I currently use. I subscribe to way too many boxes already and have gotten most of that stuff. There’s just no pull for me to pay that price for travel sizes. Bummer, that was a promising idea that wasn’t executed well.

  18. Timeline of me reading this post:
    -No way, a Sunday Riley box!?!? Woo-hoo I’m so in…
    -Whoa $95!!! Whelp, there goes my money. I’ll bet there’s some serious awesomeness in here for $95!
    -Um, wait, only two SR products and they aren’t even full size??? *re-reads post*
    -For $10 LESS I could get a 15ml Good Genes AND a 15ml Luna oil (Sephora, Power Couple Duo)
    -For $56 I could get 16ml Good Genes and double the Ceramic Slip (Sephora, Flash Fix Kit $28 each)
    -Hey, I really like that towel though, maybe it’s not that bad of a deal…
    -No, focus, I could straight up buy that towel and two Flash Fix kits for less than this box. It really IS that bad of a deal.
    -Guess I get to keep my $95 after all. Hey, I just saved $95!!! Wonder what other boxes I could subscribe to with all the money I just saved.

  19. This is such a terrible disappointment. I was so hopeful that this would be a true SR box, chocked full of their wonderful skin care products. Two sample sizes ONLY, in their own box? The stated value is over $300.00? How in the world, or should I say where in the world did they pull that number out of? Certainly not worth $95.00, especially in comparison to other quarterly boxes like FFF or ME, both of which are half the cost of this disaster. Wow, just wow.

    • This.

  20. Oi vey. What a roller coaster ride of emotions (excitement—>disappointment) before and after clicking on this link. Sunday Riley, I adore you so, but not at this price.

  21. Way too expensive for what you get in the box. I would rather buy one drunk elephant full size product.

  22. It feels like they got too caught up in the theme. They should have had the two Sunday Riley products and one non-brand item (like the hair towel) at a lower price point.

  23. Got excited when I saw the title, but this is not what I expected. I’d be interested if it had more actual Sunday Riley products in it and was priced lower.

    • Ditto.

  24. uh… where are the actual sunday riley products??? o_0…

  25. This box looks good, but not for $95! FFF, ME, Causebox are seasonal at much less offering much more in return. I love SR and would love to try more of their products, but what this box offers has already been received in other subs and probably in same size for way less. I would love to see this box reviewed though and will keep an eye on how it is doing, but my money are that SR will either need to step up with products included in boxes or reduce the price; otherwise it will just not survive.

    • What does ME stand for?

      • I’m pretty sure she’s referencing Margot Elena. 🙂

      • Margot Elena

        • Thanks, it was killing me on the inside lol

  26. Has anyone tried the WelleCo SUPER ELIXIR Greens? Right now, I use the HUM Nutrition packets received in other subscription boxes and like their flavors (chocolate mint and vanilla berry). Wondering if this has a flavor. Don’t see any mention of it on their website.

    Really want to try the THINX!

    Trying to justify spending $85.50 (with the coupon)…

    • Not in a million years at my house, sorry.

    • I’m curious what it tastes like too! I have two large packs I’ve received in boxes that I’m about to dig into, so it’s always nice to know what I’m in for with these supplement powders.

    • i never used the welleco but i do use the hum and before that i used amazing grass for many years. the hum powder you mention and amazing grass are pretty much the same type of product. flavored greens. they all taste similar to me. but i’ve been chugging down vitamins, protein powders, and supps my entire life, i’ve had some really terrible stuff. i don’t go by taste since i just chug it anyway.

    • Just buy the Thinx. They are great! I think you can probably find a discount code somewhere.

  27. Bullet dodged

  28. I too am disappointed by the spoilers and price tag. One doesn’t justify the other. I adore Sunday Riley products and have found they work so well on my skin so I was very excited to see this. But at this price point and to be sporting the Sunday Riley name they had some big shoes to fill and this box does nothing to entice me.

    I only hope the teams who assemble these boxes listen to the feedback of those who post on this site (positive and negative!). I think the commentators’ views are a tremendous asset to a business to get an idea of what the public will buy.

  29. Love everything in this box (except the “travel makeup bag”), but not for this price. 🙁

  30. Interesting but way too expensive. However I do like the way the photo is labeled with the items.

  31. I agree with others comments- I was all ready to sign up- and then to see so few Sunday Riley products, with such a high price tag, just nope. Other items are just filler it seems that we can or have gotten in many other boxes- I was hoping for a truly brand new box, especially at that price point.

  32. The app product and crystal stuff is kinda odd. I am going to try the box for a year. The only problem with 10 % off and free shipping is most of the 10 % gets tacked right back on with taxes. I will use the towel/ Thinx and the supplement as well as the skincare.

  33. I was excited ….until I seen the spoilers.
    For the price point I would want way more Sunday Riley products …..or at least some full size.

  34. I would at least need an expensive purse to be included with this box in order to purchase it and at least 3 full sized products, allure gives us 2 fullsized products each month and some deluxe sized samples for $15. And some are sunday rileys products. Why not stick with them instead of upgrading to this box. Hope their box will rethink the price point or add a very expensive item to their box.

  35. No to the tenth power.

    • Yeah, I’m honestly not sure where this lost me but it definitely lost me:

      *Sunday Riley products (they hurt my skin)
      *crystals (I’m not into them because they don’t actually do anything)
      *period panties (had a hysterectomy)
      *one month app subscription (don’t really use apps and if you don’t cancel do you get charged?)
      *etc., etc.

      I actually think it would be difficult to design a box less targeted towards me unless you swapped the red nail polish (which I do like) for some neutral beige.

  36. Wow! The absolute most I would pay would be either $45 or $50 with free shipping for a seasonal sub. I got so excited and then saw the price and then I was like wtf? If they lower the price point or include larger sized items or more items it could be really successful.

  37. A Sunday Riley box that’s only 30% Sunday Riley. Right, like we’d fall for this at this price. And that IGK hair gel needs to croak already and disappear from sub boxes.

  38. When I saw this on the blog home page my first thought “uh oh” since I’m trying to cut down on subs and actually cancelled 4 out of 5 of them last week. Partially so I can continue to buy Good Genes. But after seeing the spoilers, I quickly started breathing easy again. Not enough value for the price point imo.

    • This is my daily mantra “trying to cut down on subs”..and sometimes I do get the strength to cancel subs; alas there are others tempting enough to take their place.

      • Preacher, meet choir. This isn’t the first time I’ve cancelled most of my subs only to have a whole new set crop up and take their place over a few months. My intentions are good though, so I give myself credit for that 🙂

        • Also Sammee, the money you spend on new subs was already being spent on the old subs so technically you’re not spending new money!

        • I could have written your exact post! It’s so refreshing to see I’m not the only one who does that. 🙂

  39. Umm no. I love the idea of a Sunday Riley box, but at that price point? No! There isn’t even a a full sized item or a gift card to their website or something to offset the price. Yes, Sunday Riley is a a high end skincare line that WORKS, but really?!!?!?! Even Sisley Paris doesn’t do this crap.

  40. I love the idea of a Sunday Riley box, but I would rather it feature more of the Sunday Riley products and less other random stuff.

    • Yes – This is pretty SR light. Odd

    • I started to order without even thinking and then I read the spoilers. I would love a box with more of her products but the rest of the staff no thanks and it’s just not worth the price.

  41. I think going over the $50 price point for a quarterly box is a failure waiting to happen.

    I’m only willing to do that for a one time purchase, and even then, the retail value needs to be at least 4-5x what you pay for the value tho be there – especially considering this is what ALL the other subs do…

  42. I actually use Sunday Riley Good Genes and several other Sunday Riley products . . . and I’d rather buy them separately from this box in full size.

  43. I’m not saying it’s a bad deal…but when I saw that it was a “Sunday Riley” box, I was DEFINITELY expecting more than just two small samples of their own brand. This isn’t worth the $95 for me, sadly. I got too excited and was thinking this would be a box of some of their FS products. Wishful thinking, hehe 😀

  44. No full size products? No thank you!

  45. Umm. For $95 there should be MULTIPLE FULL SIZED sunday riley products in there…

  46. $95 seems a little steep for what’s in the box.

  47. $95? Surely you mean $25….

  48. I like several of the items, but really— they can’t even include a full size of one of their own products in a $95 box?

    • That’s what I’m saying. How does Allure do it at $15, but SR themselves can’t??

  49. Liz, since we have full spoilers can you do a value breakdown/assessment of the box? Thank you!

    • Just added prices to the items I could find. Hope that helps!

  50. Omg, I got so excited for this but then I saw the cost. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

    • Agreed. This is underwhelming.

      BTW – I love the thinx period underwear and would happily get another hip hugger at full price, but even accounting for being willing to pay $34 for that item alone, I don’t think I’d pay $61 for the rest of the box.

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