September 2018 Target Beauty Boxes – Available Now!

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The September Target Beauty Boxes are available now! (Thanks for the heads up, Heather and Meagan!)

Here are the new boxes:

The Box: Target Facial Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Lumene LAHDE Aerating Gel Mask
  • TRESemme Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask Sachet
  • Acure Brilliantly Brightening Biocellulose Gel Mask
  • Miss Spa Energize Facial Sheet Mask
  • Masque Bar Rose Gold Peel Off Mask


The Box: Target Fall Beauty Box

The Cost: $7

The Products:

  • Weleda Wild Rose Body Wash
  • Olay Facial Cleansing Infusion, Crushed Ginger and Citrus
  • Garnier Rose Mist Spray
  • NIVEA Smooth Daily Moisture Body Lotion
  • Schmidt’s Naturals Charcoal Magnesium Deodorant
  • OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Dry Shampoo
  • L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Primer Base

FYI – these sell out very quickly – make sure to buy soon if you are interested!

And if you are looking for similar boxes, check out the Amazon Sample Boxes – that are free after credit for Prime Members!

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  1. So many people complaining about no make the last few months. A no make up box is more appealing to me since I get make up through my ipsy subscription. I love try all the body washes, face washes and skin care. I also love doing face masks. And I Always use the coupon to buy shave cream, shampoo/conditioner body wash. All the essential. And then when it’s time to buy foundation or powder I use the coupon for that. I get so much make up through ipsy it’s nice to try hair and skin care that’s affordable for me to buy full price.

  2. I ordered 2. I love masks and so do my 2 boys.

  3. I just bought both boxes because the price is great and you never know when you need a travel size item.

  4. I caved and bought the mask one even though ive been complaining how much product I have. I like the price point. I know exactly what I’m getting. I only buy the boxes that are right for me. No subscribe unsubscribe nonsense.

  5. Ordered 2 of the face mask sets; the website wouldn’t let me order more than 2! I’ll go back and try ordering more later. I’ll be unboxing them and sending the contents to my daughter-in-law in NZ. They put really steep tariffs on imports there, so all cosmetics/skin care items are really expensive. Her baby is only 4 months old and not sleeping thru the nights yet, so along with some baby items I’ll add these for her. I’ll be getting some eye masks for my son as well. In the last Skype session we had they both looked like they have been doing a lot of all-nighters, but baby looked happy…

    • Hey Lady! Had a relative who lived in the Caymans…. Wow!!! I do not know how! Target puts out a baby box twice a year. Usually in October ! Might wanna keep an eye out for that one. Walmart does their season beauty boxes as well as baby boxes. Those are $5. It has been quite awhile since I’ve dealt with the Walmart boxes but it certainly wouldn’t hurt.

      • The Walmart ones have really gone downhill. The last one I got was just a few foil packets and a bunch of coupons. The last baby box I got was the same. Not even worth the $5 since the coupons were for obscure products I’d never use. Cancelled and won’t buy from them again.

    • I hope I get a super mother-in-law like you one day, NoAngel.

  6. Anyone know when these typically go on sale if they don’t sell out?

    • I’ve never seen a Target box go on sale. Has anyone else? They are $7

      • I’ve seen a few drop to $5 if they don’t sell out. Before they were a flat $7, the price of the Target Beauty Box varied from month to month depending on what was in it. Sometimes those went on sale too.

        • When they go on “sale” it is usually later so the store coupon has expired, or is close to doing so. The men’s box a few months ago fit in this category.
          They seem to make more of the lower end boxes so that is why they have more leftover. The boxes with special brands seem to go at lightening speed!

      • A couple of times I’ve seen them get reduced from $7 to $5 if there are any remaining towards the end of the month. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them reduced by more than a couple of dollars.

  7. I normally look forward to Target’s beauty boxes but this month is a pass. I must have an overload on these products or I would be more excited.

    • Good thing you past. Got my box today. All the items were smaller then normal. Very sad box.

  8. I love face masks! Can hardly wait! The other one is an easy pass.

  9. Got both, mostly to gift away. A bit disappointing this month. Again.

  10. I’ve changed my mind and I am thinking of getting one now only because I like the box color! Hahahahaaaaaaaaa….

    • Oh my gosh… I didn’t even notice the boxes! I just ordered them & didn’t even notice! haha! They are really pretty!

  11. Funny story:

    Yesterday I asked on Target’s Facebook page when their beauty box for this month would be released, and their reply “we don’t have an exact date yet of when this month’s box will be released”. That response was posted about 2 hours after the Beauty Box had been added to their website…

    Ugh….guess that’s the last time I ask a question on their facebook page…

  12. I’m a bit lost. How does Target call it a “beauty box”, when it contains everything but beauty products? One primer hardly qualifies as a beauty box. I’ve never purchased one of these boxes yet. Either it’s filled with random products like this box or it’s filled with products that are highly allergic (to me), due to the smell, such as soap and glory.

    Target has some amazing cosmetic lines available, such as makeup geek, violet voss and lip bar. Why aren’t they utilizing those brands in these boxes to draw in cosmetics sales?

    • Makeup isn’t the only type of beauty item. Skincare and haircare also fall under this umbrella.

      • I appreciate the varied nature of the target beauty box, as I have found some of my favorite skin care and hair care items from it over the past year or so. They have been light on the makeup in recent boxes but they do include it sometimes, including a “wakeup and makeup” box this spring, and a Boots themed box earlier that had a mini sleek palette. I just don’t think a $7 box is going to include much makeup, and when they do, they have to bump it up to a $10 box, which normally kicks off a whole other round of complaints.

    • I have to agree with this. They boxes have been VERY skincare/haircare heavy for months (two of my faves! But even I’m getting tired of it!). The last time we had a good amount of makeup items was the make-up and wake-up box back in April.

      The thing is, as far as I can tell, Target IS trying to promote their cosmetic sales (not just skin and hair). So they really SHOULD be adding more make-up items. And what they should NOT be doing is including repeats – especially as their main/most pricey item (OGX dry shampoo, anyone?). Even the excessive amounts of deodorants in these boxes is irritating. There’s one almost every month! Same with the dry shampoos! Even last month’s lame box was more original than this months’ two boxes combined.

      I’m wondering if they’re steering clear of shipping make-up like blush, eye shadow or highlighter/pressed powder because of shipping SNAFUS? Remember the March box? Or are they simply cheaping out because the box is no longer cost effective (or maybe never really has been)?

      Whatever the case, if they’re at all interested in promoting their cosmetics section of the store, it’s time for them to get back to the variety they used to have and to stop with the spa boxes!

      • Regarding my previous comment on packaging: I just watched a YouTube video of an unboxing, and every single liquid product was double-taped! AH-HA! That does mean that the whole shipping leaking/powder everywhere fiascos are definitely on their radar!

        I wonder if this means we’ll be seeing more masks and foil packets because it’s so laborious to double-tape everything!? Or maybe they will just be doing this in the months with extreme heat and cold?

    • “Toiletry box” doesn’t sound good.

    • I see a lot of Dermalogica at my Target, so I’m hoping someday they’ll start including samples of the more expensive brands they carry.

  13. I picked up both! $7.00! Totally worth it!

    • So did I!!

  14. Nice! I’m looking forward to both boxes!
    I LOVE facemasks (as my Instagram page shows!), so the mask box is a dream!! And I can’t wait to try the products in the regular box.
    More makeup would be nice, as there has been a lack, but it’s still a good box and totally worth the $7.00!!

  15. I see stocking stuffers! Well, teenagers Christmas makeup bag! Lol! Buying the Fall box.

  16. C’mon Target, you can do so much better. I’m skipping both this month. I haven’t bought one since the Mothers Day box in May and only 3 total for this year. Put some make up in these, like you used to! I rarely skipped a month until this year.

  17. I love face masks and bought 2 boxes. The Acure mask alone is $5.99, so it practically makes the rest of the masks $1.

  18. In a month with two boxes, how did they manage to make *both* so unappealing? Will not be buying either one.

    • Ha ha. I know. That must take some real talent!!!

  19. Caved in and got both boxes. I love doing masks and even though I have a ton of masks from Ipsy offers I couldn’t resist. And as far as the other box goes I can use most and gift the rest to coworker as we do a Christmas sock exchange every year and fill up the socks with goodies.

  20. i dont do face mask i swap all of mine, so I did get the other box for $7.00 you really cany beat it and if your not liking the contents you can always gift them,

  21. The target email notification for these boxes that I signed up for recently still hasn’t been sent to my inbox yet, so it’s apparently not that reliable. I also had to get customer service to remove shipping for me via chat when I ordered these last night but it looks like they have fixed that error already.

  22. Wasn’t the dry shampoo featured in a the most recent box? I guess that’s awesome if you loved the product, but that doesn’t make me want to buy it.

  23. I only ordered the Fall box. Not the mask box, and only because I have literally about 100 sheet and gel masks already in a box that I have to use up. After I ordered it, I looked at the spoilers again, and I am really hoping that the face “spray” is not a foil packet!! that really would not make any sense at all lol…A face mist should be able to be applied by misting from a bottle. I probably should of just passed this month, but hey…’s $7.00 so wth? I am sure I will use the dry shampoo on those emergency days when I don’t have time to wash and blow out my hair, and I love Olay products, and I have never used an eyelash primer before so I guess it’s not too bad of a deal.

    • I was confused by the facial mist too. I’m thinking maybe it’s a foldover card with a small sprayer inside like some perfume samples?!?! At least that’s what I hope or else it doesn’t make much sense like you said…

      • I’ve received that sample before, and it is a tiny sprayer in the card. It’s so small that there’s actually no branding on it, and I had to write on it that it was a face mist (I like to take my products out of their packaging to save space).

        • Oh darn I ordered the box because of the facial mist and the dry shampoo. I’ve been wanting to try both. Otherwise I would’ve passed.

  24. I was waiting and waiting for this month’s box. Excited when I saw two. Excitement quickly died when I saw contents of both. Nothing I really want to try this month so I am passing on both. Sigh.

    • exactly this!

      not mad though, i blew my money on the QVC Tarte special yesterday and need to reign it in lol.

      • All day yesterday I had that Tarte special I had it in my cart and didn’t pull the trigger. Such a great deal. Love that palette.

        • It’s the second time QVC has run that Tarte deal in like a week, so if you decide to go for it, I bet you’ll get another opportunity soon : )

          I was on the fence all yesterday, myself, and decided yes at the last minute before bedtime lol.

    • Agreed. Both boxes are lame. What a letdown! And the fact that we JUST had that dry shampoo in a box only a few months ago tells me Target isn’t even trying anymore.!

      This is the second month in a row that has nothing that interests me. And the sales (or lack thereof) speak for themselves: these boxes used to sell out almost instantly. For the past few months they stick around for weeks until they have a sale or you can use your $3 beauty coupon. No point in staying awake to post a notification, Liz!

      You know there’s a problem when all of a sudden the $5 Walmart boxes are becoming more useful…

      • I woke up at 4 AM on Monday + on Tuesday thinking it would either launch on Monday like usual, or Tuesday because of Labor Day. Nope! Wednesday! 🙂

        • Oh no!

          I did a little statistical analysis on when their box would release this month on their facebook page while chatting with another gal. I thought for sure it would be next Monday since it didn’t get released on Tuesday morning! I think a Wednesday release is a first!

          Perhaps the IT guy just got back from vacation yesterday! Or perhaps they like keeping us on our toes! 😉

          • I know, I was thinking next Monday as well because of the holiday. I checked on Monday and Tuesday- nothing. It’s a good thing that I read MSA almost hourly, otherwise I would have missed the boxes.

            Most of it will go to stocking stuffers though.

            I’ve tried the deodorant and was allergic to it. Did anyone else have a reaction to it (redness, itchy skin)?

          • For me, I’ve found that with any natural deodorant I start to get irritated skin after using it consistently for 1.5 to 2 weeks. I’d switch back to a conventional deodorant, let the skin heal, then try a different natural one, but I’d get skin irritation in the same amount of time. After torturing myself 3x, I decided to use conventional deodorant during workdays, and natural on non-work days, because I really do like the idea of using natural deodorants, but unfortunately I have to use them sparingly.

          • Hey, Luna, you know what else works as a deodorant? AHAs. I use the glycolic acid toner from The Ordinary because the size is generous and it’s inexpensive, and as a bonus it’s beneficial for your skin, and I have some hyperpigmentation in my armpits.

            I only use it when I am at home and not planning to go out though, because while it works well as a deodorant, it’s not an anti-perspirant.

  25. I ordered the face mask box. I do masks twice a week so this is a definite must order for me! The other one was an easy pass.

  26. I will pass this month. Nothing here that I am dying to try.

  27. Easy Pass

  28. No FOMO here. I’m good and thankful for that. On serious product overload right now.

    • Ditto

    • Never mind I lied I order one of each. I am going to gift them to my oldest. She’s in college and these are nice size. So I still don’t have to find a place for them, but at the same time I get the satisfaction of buying it. I don’t have a problem or anything…

      • Haha! I also buy stuff to give away 🙂

    • Same!

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