Play! By Sephora – Play! Smarts Skincare Boxes – Available Now!

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The Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+ boxes are available now!

This special-edition trio of PLAY! SMARTS boxes will help you master a skincare routine specific to your stage in life. You’ll get access to an in-depth, live-streamed class with your one-time delivery of six trial-size skincare products inside a special-edition beauty bag. Get to know your samples, stream your CRASH COURSE at the date and time specified in your box, and ask our experts any questions you might have.

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+ is $20 and a one-time purchase, not a monthly subscription.

FYI – These spoilers are listed on the Sephora YouTube page but are not 100% confirmed yet

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s will include:

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 40s will include:

Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 50s will include:

Here’s a closer look at the case the samples will arrive in:

How cute is this hardshell case?

Are you going to grab a – Play! Smarts Skincare by Age: 30s, 40s, 50s+ box?

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  1. There is next course scheduled on YouTube for October. It seems that the next Play Smarts box will be about K-Beauty. The description includes the list of products.

  2. Are these kinds of boxes available monthly or are they more like limited edition?

    • These are one-time boxes. I really like mine

  3. Does anyone else feel ripped off by the sizes sent? I went back to check on the Sephora page itseff, and sure enough, no sizes were listed.

    I think it’s the 50s box in which every sample is only 5ml!! One was 15ml, which is decent.

    My other box was the 40s, which someone listed below. In that box, 4 items were 5ml, one was 7ml, and one was 20ml.

    This is truly bait and switch, when they never showed us photos OR gave us sizes! I could walk into the Americana Sephora and get these all for free, and bigger. 🙁

  4. Anyone having issue with Sephora sending the wrong items? I ordered two 40s boxes and a few sleeping masks to get me over to free shipping. When my box arrived I received the free hair care sampler set (which was awesome and on my order) and a bunch of items I didn’t order. Of course my correct order form was in the box, just nothing I paid for with it! This is not the first time I received the wrong order. When I called to get it corrected, I was asked if I wanted to remove any of the items from the order, I said sure – I really only need the one box (they were shipping it for free needless to say). So what do I see in an email as soon as we hung up? They “returned” the masks and the free haircare set, but left me with two boxes. Before I hung up the phone I had just confirmed with the phone rep what was being removed from the order and what should still be coming! When I reached back out via email to say I should only be getting one box I never heard back. Wouldn’t you know I got an email with shipment info for 2 boxes. As much as I love Sephora, two orders in 2 weeks were completely wrong and their customer service isn’t reliable. Am sticking with the store only from now on.

  5. I got mine today! I ordered the 40’s skincare.
    -Tatcha The Water Cream, .17 fl oz
    -Volition Detoxifiying Silt Gelee Mask, .5 fl oz
    -Sunday Riley Luna night oil, .17 fl oz
    -Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid treatment, .17 fl oz
    -Caudalie Premier Cru the eye cream, .16 fl oz
    -Kiehl’s Glow Formula .17 fl oz.

    I am quite happy! This works out to $3.33 per sample without factoring in the bag. I’m excited about the Volition mask and the Tatcha water cream. The Caudalie will be used. Sunday Riley is always good, and I will use the Luna oil as soon as my soon-to-be 2 year old decides she is finally done with nursing. Yeah for both things! 😉

    • Are any of them in boxes?

      • The tatcha, sunday riley luna oil and volition mask were in boxes

        • Thank you Jess!

  6. I bought the 40s because it speaks to me but honestly I was sold on the mint green case. Sucker <—— me.

    • Hahaha….also bought mostly because of the case! SUCKER <========meee tooo!

  7. I don’t think these necessarily made sense to categorize by age but by skin type. It would have worked to just say the 30s box is for oily skin, 40s box is for normal to combo skin and 50s box is for dry skin.

  8. I certainly don’t need anymore products but I ordered. Time for a no buy and stick to it. 😔

    • I’ve been trying for a no-buy…it’s been tough!!! I’ve managed to resist a few, but Ulta and Sephora keep reeling me in with the great deals and the freebies! Dang!!!

      • Lol I declared I’d do a no buy this month but I have 12+ whatever boxes I’ve forgotten coming this month.

      • ulta has so many freebies right now… and i have a 5x points offer.. so tempting..

  9. I would like to know the sizes of these products before I purchase it. I want to get a 50’s box. Does anyone know?

    • I would like to know that also….To me just looking at them …the few by the box they look small. The case is cute though but I can hold myself back on that.

  10. I really want to get these but I have to save any extra money in case I have to evacuate for hurricane Florence. Coastal SC here 🙁

    • Oh no! I’m in upstate SC… hope you stay safe

    • Stay safe

  11. Oh, man. I can’t believe these sold out already…I factored it into my budget for next week. That 50’s box had a lot of stuff I’d been wanting to try. I kind of wish they’d limit these boxes to one per person so everyone got a chance. But, hey, I understand capitalism. If someone is rich enough to throw down a bunch of $$$ on several boxes it wouldn’t be good business to deny them. (Sigh) Maybe next time! They all looked like great boxes.

    • I don’t think any are sold out, I was able to add all three to my cart.
      You should check again. 🙂

    • I just checked and as far as I can tell all three of them are still available. When you click on the link there is a slight lag before the Add To Basket option shows up. Maybe you need to wait on that or try opening it in a different browser.

    • I am showing these still available to order.

  12. Grabbed two of the 40s! Woot!! It’s like the magical little SR fairy knows to come deliver me box deals JUST when I’m about to run out. Between Curology and using SR nightly my skin has reversed aging by at least 5 years in the last 4 months. Both products I discovered through MSA. Thank you Liz and team! You’ve made me feel younger and enjoy taking care of myself after I’d given up all hope of defying the evils of aging!

    • Ps please don’t tell my husband and maybe he won’t notice the extra Sephora charge on his credit card…right?!

  13. The age thing is an unnecessary gimmick. I would get one to try out some products but adding tax and shipping cancels out the value for me.

  14. I got 3 40s !

    • Same!!😊

    • The 40s box was definitely the best! I’ve been wanting to try the Tatcha water cream – sooo expensive!

  15. It’s a shame to see how many of you ladies are still falling for the Sunday Riley hype, even though her products contain terrible ingredients that will actually destroy and age your skin…But i guess since it’s popular lol….

    • What bad ingredient does it have?

      • Okay…so unless it’s certified organic or something, a lot of beauty and skincare products contain trace amounts of toxins like carcinogens, formaldehyde, etc. Substances that can cause cancer if taken in large amounts over time. A good example would be someone who gets cancer after years of smoking. I don’t know where the above poster got her information, but there’s an app called Think Dirty that’s been gaining steam over the past few years that rates products on their level of toxicity. It’s a good concept, but the problem is that it will rate a product as highly toxic regardless of how much or how little toxins it contains. For most people, if they threw out all of their skin and body care items that contain trace levels of toxins, there probably wouldn’t be much of anything left. So when you hear things like, such and such is bad for you, my suggestion is to take it with a grain of salt and do your own research.

        • I completely agree!! Take the Martian toner for example, says she created it for her daughter yet the second ingredient is Denatured Alcohol…(Grain alcohol) Which destroys the barrier on the skin and causes premature aging. And most of her products contain large amounts of alcohol. If she knew anything about the skin she would never let her daughter touch it (and probably doesn’t) The Luna oil is full of artificial dyes that clog pores and does god knows what else to the skin. She never said toxic or non-organic ingredients she said “Terrible” Ingredients for the skin and she is right. I’ve been wondering when the Sunday Riley hype will die myself.

        • Most her products are bad for the skin, I won’t use them. I wouldn’t take it with a grain of salt either.But i care about my skin.

    • Thank goodness there are many sites where you can have skin care ingredients deciphered so you can make a choice to use it on your skin. I recommend using several to avoid bias. Most provide information about ingredients without condescension or judgement. I won’t name any particular site because the Search box is our friend.

    • Honestly thats 95% of skincare sold at Sephora, most of is it is really bad for your skin & a gimmick. Very few skin brands sold at Sephora are truly good skin care.

      • Agree!

    • Yes, it’s overhyped and overpriced, but destroying? How? What brand do you suggest for skin care?

    • I used to break out all the time, but my skin has never looked better (no breakouts in months!) since adding luna oil and good genes to my routine. I’d love to hear which ingredients are bad and destroying my skin.

    • Jessica,

      If your going to make these claims you should cite your sources.

      • Funny none of my comments are posting…My “sources” are the list of ingredients themselves. Take the martian toner for example, the second ingredient is denatured alcohol (which is usually used as camping fuel) and IS destroying to the protective barrier of the skin Or the Luna oil containing artificial dyes the will clog pores destroying the skins texture. I’ve posted several replies none of which are posting. These aren’t crazy assumptions, these are known bad ingredients.

        • Sorry all your comments should be visible now. I believe since two of your comments were made with different first names or email addresses, your IP got flagged in admin. Sorry again!

          • Yeah usually that way the seem to pop up.

    • So what are the terrible ingredients in Sunday Riley, why should we avoid them and what skincare products do you recommend?

      I am not a big Sunday Riley user but it seems to work with some people. I find that ingredients that people swear by affect my skin (aloe irritates my skin). As far as I’m concerned, people should use things that work for them.

    • You’re not the only one who has read Beautypedia. Paula isn’t the skincare god, she is just sorting through conflicting research just like everybody else. In the opinion of many experts and amateurs (you can google them), her claims about the dangers of essential oils are exaggerated.

      • (I do respect her reviews and I have used her products but good genes is a must for me, Paula’s opinion notwithstanding.)

    • I just happened to read the bad reviews about the luna oil on sephora website after I saw this thread. Many people mention it has chemical dye that gives the blue color to the product (CI 61565 (Green 6), CI 60725 (Violet 2).). Some others mention that citrus extracts irritate the skin too much so that they experienced some major breakouts. Unfortunately before I read these reviews I had ordered the 40’s. Because there are also very good reviews about the product I guess I will still give it a try starting with only a tiny amount of the oil. Hope nothing goes bad.

      • I’ve been using it for weeks without issue. I think it’s helped my pores and the texture of my skin. Everyone’s skin reacts differently.

    • I don’t like sunday Riley at all! Any product i have used has irritated my skin and caused breakouts. My favorite brands are Farmacy, IT, Liz Earl, Drunk Elephant & Tatcha!

      • I havn’t tried the drunk elephant yet, what do you think…is it all hype or actually a good line?

    • I really wish that people would stop insulting those of us for whom a product truly works by telling us we’re falling for something.

      • bunnygirlbrem

        It’s like saying “Of course you dullards bought itsince you can’t think for yourselves”
        I use products that work for my skin some on the low end of the price spectrum and some on the higher end, I don’t buy them because of their names but because they work for me.

        I also think that spreading disinformation should be discouraged, your opinion should be labeled an opinion not as fact.

    • Oh please Jessica. Cite the sources – I have yet to see a study making those claims. Chemistry is very complex; much like medications that treat one thing but can’t be used in conjecture with another medication, even though they both are advantageous on their own. Seeing an ingredient on a list without taking into consideration other ingredients and the chemical reactions makes its clear you lack understanding of chemistry. You are not a scientist, so stop regurgitating what you read on a website. The biggest problem is that SR products are outrageously priced for what they are. That’s what you should be upset about.

  16. I got one of each because addicted

  17. I bought the 40’s, being in my 40’s, plus I am still not done with a previous sample of the SR Luna oil and I love it. All of the products look great. I have a skin care product problem. May need a support group.

    • I’m here for any skin care support group. And apparently one for eye shadow palettes.

      • Same!

        • Birchbox just came out with a serum box. Must. Not. Purchase.

  18. I got the 40s and the 50s with the hair samples bonus. About half of the items are for my travel bag since I use them regularly.

  19. I just turned 30 a few weeks ago, but the 30s box doesn’t appeal to me and is so much lower in value. So I picked up the 40s and 50s ones instead.

    • I’m 38 and much more interested in the 40s box as well.

  20. Are these foil packet samples or more deluxe sample sizes?

  21. I got two 40th and one 50. I don’t need all three but added third box to get free shipping. Also added pro code drinkup that get me bunch of hair samples. Ok I am happy

    • I only grabbed 1 40s and 1 50s.
      Why don’t you go with the flash shipping?
      It’s 10 or 15 a year and you don’t have to worry about how much you spend anymore.

      • I just don’t shop at Sephora that much. This is my second order this year.

  22. I got the 50’s one, even though I am 38. I like the composition best.

  23. I’m 45, so got the 40’s one, it was my favorite anyway. Love Sunday Riley and bonus it was the highest value! I also used 100 of my points for a SR Tidal water cream!

  24. I’m got the 40’s box (despite being in my 30’s) because I hoard Sunday Riley’s good genes. It’s just magical. I own a full-sized but still feel the need to stockpile it. The other items are great too. I use Luna a couple times a week and that mask has great reviews. I’ve been very pleased with other Voilition products I’ve sampled.

    • Lol, I’m the same with good genes and the luna. Its so expensive that I have to buy it whenever I can get it at a discount.

  25. I picked up 2 of the 50s (my sister turns 50 this year, so there’s that) and 1 40s. I like and use the Luna Sleeping oil.

  26. The 30s box has a $47 retail value.
    The 40s box has a $92 retail value.
    The 50s+ box has an $85 retail value.

    I went with the 40s box because I was most interested in those products. I would have also gotten the 30s box if the values had been a little more even.

  27. I bought the 40s kit, they have added the brands to the details now too.

  28. I ended up grabbing one of each… apparently, i have a shopping problem : ) I do like the case, but i won’t need 3 of them. hopefully i can swap my extras to a good home..

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