Ipsy October 2018 Spoilers Round #2!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the October 2018 Ipsy glam bag!

Here’s our first look at the glam bag:

And here are some of the items being sampled in October:

New spoilers:

  • MAC Lipglass
  • Morphe Blush
  • Buxom Lipgloss
  • Wander Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Pull Off Mask
  • SSLMISSGLAM L50 Makeup Brush
  • Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
  • Pixi by Petra Eyeshadow Duo
  • Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
  • BLAQ Eye Mask
  • TheBalm Take Home The Bronze Bronzer
  • ittse Eyeshadow
  • Juliette Has a Gun Perfume
  • NatureLab Perfect Repair Treatment Masque
  • Pretty Woman Nail Polish
  • Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow
  • Nomad Eyeshadow
  • Derma-E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum
  • Glamour Dolls Mascara
  • K Voss Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint
  • Sugar Lipstick

More new spoilers:

  • IBY Highlighter
  • Blush Serum Lip & Cheek Cream Color
  • INCredible You Glow Girl
  • Space Case Blush
  • NYX Bright Idea Illuminating Stick
  • TheBalm Take Home The Bronze Bronzer

  • NYX Turnt Up! Lipstick
  • Manna Kadar Liplocked Priming Lip Wand
  • LARITZY Lip Gloss
  • K Voss Lip Balm in Strawberry Peppermint
  • Hard Caked Liquid Lipstick

  • YENSA Pumpkin Tumeric 2-in-1 Radiance Polishing Mask
  • BLAQ Eye Mask
  • Wander Lift Off Purifying and Brightening Pull Off Mask
  • Blackhead Removal Mask Peel Off Mask
  • SOO AE Donkey Milk Soothing Mask

  • Derma-E Advanced Peptides & Collagen Serum
  • 111SKIN Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel
  • Avocado Honey Rich Water Balm Cream
  • Murad Essential-C Cleanser

What do you think of the spoilers? Which items are you hoping for?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Anyone getting the glam bag plus and the regular bag on another account using the same credit card…now there is a billing error for the new account today for the regular glam bag. I keep putting that card in, still says billing error??? I only have one credit card

  2. I’ve had ipsy so long now that I never want any more IBY beauty, no Nomad, no Kokie or NYX so although I still live getting my ipsy bags I won’t use any of these things and it’s a guarantee I’ll keep getting them instead of the more posh brands.

    • I will take them!! I am a new subscriber!!😁

  3. What color is the Mac lipglass ?

    • I want to know it too! Odyssey?

    • Someone on Reddit posted this from Ipsy C.S
      IBY Eyeshadow in Dance Party
      M·A·C Little Lipglass in Love Child
      MURAD Essential-C Cleanser
      NOMAD COSMETICS Northern Lights Eyeshadow in Norrsken No 3
      ORYZA Lipstick in Opus
      SLMISSGLAM L50 Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender brush
      SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
      SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleep Mask
      GRACE & STELLA Blackhead Removal Mask

    • On the Ipsy site it says “ipsters will receive Love Child OR Oh Baby.”

    • I believe it’s “Lovechild”

  4. I would love to receive the Tarte and the bum bum.

  5. October is looking pretty good so far. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be getting! I’m hoping for the Buxom lip gloss, 111 Skin Defense eye gel, Tarte shape tape (really really hoping for this), Missglam brush and Morphe blush. Also wouldn’t mind receiving the Blaq eye masks or INCredible illuminating jelly. If I got any combination of these products I’d be stoked.

    • I got that 111 eye stugf in September. When I have it on my face, not even really close to my eyes, my eyes water endlessly.

      • You got your Sept. bag already?

  6. OMG I think October will be the best month of the whole year. Holy moly at all the stuff. I want it all. I seriously won’t be disappointed by anything I get for October. I want the hard caked liquid lipstick most of all

  7. Wow there are some beautiful fall plummy and wine shades! I love the first new list with all those plums! I would also love the Bum Bum cream!

    • I want the Bum Bum .It leaves my skin sooo soft and smells great

    • I hope it is is a plum or wine color. I hope to heavens it isn’t one of those where Ipsy offers a variation in a hideous pale nude or pink color!

      I am loving that black nail polish too 🙂

  8. Mannnnn…Maybe I should stop looking at these spoilers- last month I saw sooo many things I wanted and only received one of them; the FOMO is intense (but nowhere near as bad as it was when I subbed to Play!, at least I typically still enjoy my Ipsy). I doubt they’d go so skincare heavy on me, but….

    Nature Lab Repair Masque
    SOO AE sleep mask
    111skin eye gel
    Sundays polish
    Sslmissglam brush

    =my perfect bag from this selection

    IDKW I feel the need to tell strangers what I want….I guess bc part of me always hopes some undercover Ipsy employee will see it, care, somehow know who I am, deactivate the algorithm and personally curate my bag 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • I like to know what other people want as opposed to what I want, that’s why I read these comments, so please keep it up 😂😂😃😃

  9. If that is the bag, it is just right for October & chic enough to be used.

  10. I absolutely love the spoilers. I am hoping to get Juliette Has a Gun Perfume, NatureLab Perfect Repair Treatment Masque, LARITZY Lip Gloss, 111SKIN Space Defense Bright Eye Lift Gel, and the bum bum cream. I have so many eye shadows that I don’t use. I can’t wait for my bag!!

  11. It says morphe blush, nomad eyeshadow, and sugar lipstick but not what shade they are in. Does this mean that the shades are not set and can vary based on your beauty profile?

  12. Check your email if you’re on the Glam Bag Plus waitlist. I just got one saying I’m off the waitlist.

    • Me too! I’m so excited!

  13. I have skipped October bag. The products I would like is the Tarte Shape, Itsse eye-shadow and bum bum cream, but the 10 product that appear on improve my Glambag were none of those.

    • Have you ever received any of the items you selected on the survey?

      • Last month 4 out of my 5 products were ones that I had chosen on my survey and None were items I declined. I’m hoping for the same this month.

      • How do you access the survey? Is it emailed to you, or do you need to download the app?

        • It is on app and computer IF you have it. You go under account then edit account settings then MEMBERSHIP then improve glam bag. Choose reason you are not happy and survey will appear. If you see Subscription instead of membership you don’t have survey.

        • It should be in your account, Click edit account settings, then membership, scroll down and it will say improve glam bag products, that’s the link to the survey. But i guess only some people have it.

        • You dont need the app or the computer….you can also just go through your browser on your phone. Thats what i do.

  14. I hope I get the Tarte concealer and the 111Skin eye gel. I had the eye gel before and it worked great! I wouldn’t mind the Derma E serum either. I love skin products but seem to get more highlighter and bronze eyeshadows alot which I cannot use.

  15. It seems odd that it’s already the 25th of September and there are no spoilers for Glam Bag Plus, no communications about it, and no one seems to have moved off the wait list. Is it just not coming out in October?

    • Agree! I was thinking the same thing. Last wk of September here, and no word on Plus at all. I bet they couldnt get their inventory together, and all the Plus “variants they” had talked about probably sucks big time. If they revealed all the variants ppl would lose interest bc the value is not there compared to the Plus bag theyve been showcasing. At least BoxyLuxe was consistent with spoilers up until the release (eventho the Luxe items didnt interest me), BC actually had products to show:P

      • I received an email a week or two ago saying I would be moved to an Ipsy Plus account later this month. I’m waiting until October 1st to see how I’m charged. But I think you’re making some wild assumptions here, all because we haven’t been shown what’s going to be in the October bag(s). Maybe we could just wait and find out?

        • Just conversating about possible issues ipsy maybe having. Im entitled to my opinion and you yours. Besides everyone received the same email, email them and you’ll get the same generic reply. Good luck- hope u get off the waitlist.

          • Opinions are great. But it just sounded needlessly insulting, assuming they couldn’t get things together and that what we end up getting will suck. I’m really not that worried about it. I’ll get mine whenever I get mine.

        • Just got a notice I am off the waitlist. I’m kinda excited but now I am anxious because I took the survey in my account and loved some of the October items. My daughter gets a regular bag so we will probably be swip-swapping anyway. Did we find out if there are variances for the Ipsy Plus?

    • I just got my enail

  16. Definitely skipping October, same brands over and over with odd colors!!

  17. I’m thinking my bag won’t have any of these items

  18. I want that black nail polish!

  19. I just bought the Tarte Shape Tape foundation from Ulta at 40% off and I love it! Idk if that is the concealer or the foundation Ipsy is sampling, but I would love to try the concealer with my foundation! Then again, if they ever take us off of the wait list for Plus like the email promised, I won’t be getting a regular bag this month. I would love to see some spoilers for the Plus!! I am disappointed we won’t be getting the Plus bags they gave out for PR. I really wanted those products, but I will give Plus a chance for a couple of months to see if they will be all they are hyped up to be. I am sure the 1st couple months are going to be good so they get people to sign up. Also, I should mention, I got the 111 Skin eye serum last month and gave it to my bf for his dark circles, and he likes it. He did say that he likes the Sunday Riley serum I gave him better though.

    • Which SR serum was that?

      Im using the 111skin eye gel, and i feel like it doesnt work as well as my other one that ipsy sent (the dr. Lili fan probiotic eye repair cream). Ive been using it day and night. Skincare works so differently for everyone, so i try not to read reviews and give everything i use a fair shot.

  20. All I can hope for from ipsy in October is a Glambag with more than 1 item that matches and unbroken products would be nice. September was the 3rd month in a row with smashed products. All 3 months, it’s taken a week to get a response and then another week to get a shipping email. Finally got my replacement bag and products from ipsy this month but they didn’t replace the smashed Luna by Luna setting powder with the Luna by Luna. It’s a repeat from a couple of months ago that I rated extremely low. It’s a banana powder, yellow. I’m red undertoned. Seems like ipsy is focused on their new product. Their CS has gone down hill this year and it’s just getting worse. Why would I give them $25 a month to be ignored? I remember being able to have an email conversation with an ipsycare rep. Now it’s a corrective pissy response 5-7 days after the original email, not 24-48 hours. Then, if you do write back, it’s going to be a week or more before you hear back again if you hear back at all. Ipsy is really dropping the ball on customer service this year.

    • Sounds like something you need to take up with your post office, I highly doubt they are sending them out smashed, i’ve never had a broken product from any sub, thankfully.

      • It happens when it’s shipped via DHL. Have not had an issue when they’ve used FedEx. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to someone else.

        • DHL is the worst! They lost my September bag. It actually had everything I loved in it. Even the brush! Now I’m waiting on a replacement bag to be sent. Trying to be positive, but it’s unlikely it will have the same items in it. I only have problems when DHL is the carrier. I’ve had other packages delivered that had been ripped open. They are awful!

          • Same here! My last update was on the 10th in Raleigh, NC then claimed they alerted Hebron, KY USPS that it was on its way. It never showed up there. I was so disappointed! Hoping the replacement items are actually decent :/

          • So true! I hate DHL! Every time I order something online and DHL pops up on the tracking I know it’s going to be delayed as much as 2 weeks due to all the “rest stops” the package sits at for days and days. I wish Ipsy (and everyone else 😄) would stop using them!

          • I honestly don’t get it. Even from a business point of view. If it is costing a company money in product, shipping, business relations, business to business relations and CS relations (at the very least), why do they continue to use them? There have been times that they use Fedex and I have yet to have a damaged item when FedEx and USPS are used. I’ve lost count in the last 3 years of how many Glambags and ipsy offers have arrived damaged in some way or another. Last months Glambag, an ipsy offer last month and this months Glambag. The replacement isn’t even the right powder. Not even the same brand. Can’t get a response on that? After 3 years? This years their CS has simply been aloud to go downhill. I can’t blame them for not having a phone number to call! 🤣

        • Never been a fan of DHL.

          They use the Post Office for what’s called the “last mile” delivery, so when DHL says your package will be delivered by a certain date, they mean to the Post Office, so it will be another 2-3 days before it gets to your door.

    • My Luna setting powder came smashed too. I was pretty happy about how quickly they got back with me though.

    • You are so right. They used to be great! So fast to respond with friendly, personalized emails. But now , like you said, it takes several days and they send canned responses that don’t answer your question specifically, and if you reply asking for clarification, it takes a week or so. In my case I think they only responded at all to my reply is that I did that little survey where you rate the rep’s response. She mentioned that fact in her response but STILL didn’t answer my question. And it’s not like it was a hard or complicated question. I’m hoping they will improve after they get the Glam Plus bag completely set up. Or perhaps just hiring more reps would help.

  21. My hopes are for the Nomad eyeshadow (any of them), Space Case blush, Tarte Shape Tape, MAC Lipglass, and the turmeric mask.

  22. I have a general question, as IPSY keeps giving me the same products to either say ” Like” or ” Dislike” to. Is the brand ” Wander” considered to be a good brand of cosmetics ( not skin care, but cosmetics)?

    I can’t really find out.. I want foundations to try and their CS offered me a trial size of a Wander cream foundation in a push up stick type applicator.
    Thanks for input! 🙂

    • I think wander is newer, I know they debuted in Birchbox a few months back, I think the company is owned by 2 women, haven’t tried any of their products yet though. But everything is worth trying once.

    • and a push up type concealer would be nice in my opinion because even if the shades were slightly darker or lighter than your skintone, then you can always blend them in as contour..

    • I don’t know about the concealer, but there was a Wander mascara in my Boxy a while back, and it is now my favorite mascara of countless subscription mascaras. I would definitely give the concealer a try!

      • I agree, that Wander mascara is now one of my favorites.

    • Wander is an up and coming brand. The couple of products I have tried so far have impressed me. Have also heard great things about their lipsticks. I’d definitely try the stick foundation if they offered it to me. 😀

      • Have tried the Wander Beauty mascara, lipstick and powder foundation samples and love them all! Would love to get more from Ipsy.

  23. I’d for the Morphe blush and Tarte Shape Tape!!! How do you get more makeup on your bag? My upcoming survey was all moisturizers and facial products.

    • You can contact them to have yourself removed from skin care and nails so you only get makeup.

      • OOh…I did not know you could do that! I will have to try that. I love makeup, but I think I have been happier lately with more skin care. I always get weird eyeshadow colors and dry shampoo..or clear brow gel (does anyone use that last one?)

        • Yep I emailed them and opted out of skin care. They can not opt you out of all skin care only 2 categories. I opted out of exfoliators and moisturizer because that is what it sent the most. In the 2 yrs I have been a member besides masks which I am ok with I just got lili fan eye cream which I gave very low reviews for but that’s it.

  24. Has anyone else noticed that the Improve your glam bag survey is now down to 10 items instead of 30.

    • Yes! September’s was 30, I went in the other day and it was down to 10.

    • Weird… I had just checked it earlier today and it had all 30. Mines down to 10 now too.

      • That’s because it is now only showing items for the upcoming month rather than the next 3 months like it used to. So the 10 products seen on the quiz now is going to be featured in October. The quiz will change in October to show the 10 products going to be selected in the November bag, etc. It used to be 30 items for the upcoming 3 months, but that has changed. Hope that helps, but it is what I noticed when I went to check it out! Hope you get a good bag! 🙂

    • How do you get to that survey?

      • I’ve seen several people say that it’s only available for specific people, though I’ve made new accounts and they always had the survey right away.
        From the app (I believe the mobile site is the same but not sure about desktop.)
        Navigate to,
        Then scroll down till you see
        Improve glam bag products<
        Just select any reason why you’re not happy with you’re current personalization, and that’s it.

        • Thank you! I’m sick of getting nudes and pinks. I like more glam and vampy makeup. Hopefully this will help.

        • Maybe I don’t get the survey since I have an annual sub.

    • That’s because it is now only showing items for the upcoming month rather than the next 3 months like it used to. So the 10 products seen on the quiz now is going to be featured in October. The quiz will change in October to show the 10 products going to be selected in the November bag, etc. It used to be 30 items for the upcoming 3 months, but that has changed. Instead of wondering WHEN we’ll see certain products in the upcoming bags, now we know the products on the quiz will be for the upcoming bag. Hope that helps, but it is what I noticed when I went to check it out! Hope you get a good bag! 🙂

  25. So many variations!! I picked the oribe, brush, purple nomad shadow, Sunday nail polish in the improve my bag. Last month I got 3 I picked;-)

  26. I’m going to have to add nail polish to my profile.

  27. Any news on Ipsy glam bag Plus? I too, think it would SUCK to get the perfume sample.

    • Right?! It’d be great to get some spoilers for the Plus box. And it would be nice if they would take us off the waitlist already.

    • I’ve gotten that perfume in a previous bag a year or so ago and it was a nice size and lasted a couple of months with daily use… it scent is concentrated so I didn’t need to spray much. I wish they’d send it to me again because I love that fragrance!

    • I want the perfume sample 😃 I always want the perfume samples and I have never received any of them.

    • I see now it has a spray top, I thought it was one of the smaller samples 🙄

    • I’m not usually a fan of perfume but I think I would actually like to get that one if it is a larger sample. The single note base scent intrigues me. There are so many other amazing things I would love too though. I think it would be difficult for me to get a bad bag this month.

  28. They can’t actually be trying to pass off one of those teenie tiny purfume samples as one of the 5 bag items can they? Please tell me that’s a bonus. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • That looks more like a larger sample bottle I’ve gotten before from them. I think it’s about twice the size of the small ones you get as a bonus from Sephora.

    • The perfume is pretty big I actually requested it back when we were allowed to do that. It is 5 ml which is same size as some of the skin care they send.

    • I’ve received perfume samples in mine before and they are larger than the Sephora samples.

  29. Since I finally got the “improve your glam bag” option & many of these were on that mini quiz I’m hoping to get the best bag ever!

    • My bags have gotten a lot better by consistently reviewing products and doing the “improve your glam bag” quiz. I actually get items I like and will use.

  30. I am loving these spoilers

  31. Lots of yummy fall shades
    I’m excited!

  32. Those Nomad eyeshadow colors tho! So many products I’d like to have — I need 4 or 5 subscriptions!

  33. I wonder if we will see Glam Bag Plus spoilers too?

    • My thought exactly! I’d love it if our October bag was the same thing they sent out to all the blogs/influencers/etc for September — those were fabulous products!

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