Ipsy October 2018 Spoilers + Glam Bag Reveal!

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Ipsy Glam Bag

We have spoilers for the October 2018 Ipsy glam bag! (Thanks, Heather!)

Here’s our first look at the glam bag:

And here are some of the items being sampled in October:

What do you think of the spoilers?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I got my Ipsy bag preview today, I am getting:

    Bronzer by the Balm

    SLmissglam Blending Brush

    Tarte shape tape concealer

    Glow Jelly in Cosmic

    Murad Cleanser

    4 out of 5 is not bad! I have so many bronzers from the Balm!

    • I’ve updated my payment method and I still have not received a confirmation or my glam bag but the payment has been taken from my bank account… please help me

  2. My September Ipsy still hasn’t even shipped yet…. Ipsy has not been doing well lately.

    • Mine is lost. Dhl dropped it off to USPS on the 12th and according to usps they never recieved it. They dropped it off 4hrs from my house 12 days ago. I contacted Ipsy and they are supposed to be sending me a replacement. I just resubbed and recieved a free bum bum cream. I hope my replacement has it in it. And none of this happened near the hurricane.

    • I would contact them about that. That doesn’t seem right. I know my August bag was late but I’m pretty sure it was due to having ordered it later. It stills hipped by the 14th though. My september bag shipped the 5th!

  3. Ipsy has been around for years and has strong financial status. It is one of the most successful subscription services available.

    Ipsy is growing every month and changing their business model.

    The financing on some of these boxes is very shaky.

    I don’t worry about Ipsy or Popsugar.

    Fab Fit and Fun seems to be doing well.

    I am very careful of what services I use. I listen to a lot of business news and podcasts plus I research the companies online.

    I got ripped off years ago with Go Go Girlfriend. Never again. I check financial backing and growth prior to making a sub box challenge.

    If I were to predict one of the big ones that is shaky it would be Rachel Zoe. I did buy the fall box for $50 since they sent me a code. But I feel unsure about how well the future will be for RZ.

  4. I can understand why you’re disappointed. Our ipsyMatch algorithm aims to match you with the best overall product combination for you, but sometimes you might receive a product you’re not thrilled about.

    I’d be happy to help you handpick at least one of your products for next month to help make up for the trouble. Please know this is a one-time exception and I won’t be able to offer product selection as an option in the future (but I hope it helps this time!).

    I’ve picked out some of our favorite products from October’s Glam Bag selection:

    IBY Eyeshadow in Dance Party
    M·A·C Little Lipglass in Love Child
    MURAD Essential-C Cleanser
    NOMAD COSMETICS Northern Lights Eyeshadow in Norrsken No 3
    ORYZA Lipstick in Opus
    SLMISSGLAM L50 Lilac Sparkle Eye Blender brush
    SOL DE JANEIRO Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
    SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleep Mask
    GRACE & STELLA Blackhead Removal Mask

    I received this email from Ipsy

  5. Aren’t there usually more spoilers up by now? Excited to see what else is going to be in the October bag.

    • I was thinking the same thing

    • Was wondering the same thing.

      • Apparently Ipsy is more focused on the Plus bag this month. Disappointed.

        • Dang, I was hoping that wouldn’t happen…..I was thinking about upgrading but the only thing full sized I like is skin care, I would really hate to get makeup full size I dont use and feel like small samples are okay because it’s not as much, like when I get an ugly lipstick lol. And I don’t wanna waste any more $ on that. But…… I dunno still thinking about it because I would love the full size skin care they offer…..

  6. Hi Liz, are there any spoilers for the October glam bag plus for ipsy?

    • I was thinking the same thing

  7. ipsy, going up tax rate applies now…boo.

    • So is Fabfitfun. Actually I think all boxes are going to start charging taxes.

    • I’m sure tax rate and/or increase applies Only to subscribers living in States that have sales tax. I live in Oregon so No sales tax for me. Sales Tax increase is something that Ipsy would Not have control over at all because it’s a State thing. If your state tells a business to increase sales tax they have to.

  8. I love the glam bag design. I have an account for the regular Ipsy bag and another for my Glam Bag Plus.

    I can’t wait to see the rest of the products!

    • How are you getting the Glam Plus already??? I was told the Glam Plus is not released yet.

      • I guess I got lucky.

        I know Ipsy confirmed my October will be the Glam Bag Plus.

        I just put myself on the wait list. I did not do any of that hoop jumping and spamming people.

  9. Beautiful bag I love lace looking mask emboss. Not sure if I will use as a makeup bag. I might keep for mini purse or goodie bag.

  10. I hope the 10 a month ipsy sticks around! I don’t know what I’d switch to. BB and BB5 weren’t for me because I only want makeup. I am not interested in the 25 a month bag because that’s too much to risk (for me). I love getting my ipsy bag treats, but 10 a month is the most I’m willing to play with. For 25 I’ll choose things I know I will actually use. I give away too much of my ipsy, but I do love half the items.

    • What is BB5?

      • Beauty Box 5 – they took my money (and many others) and closed up shop.

    • BB5 has been out of business for some months now.

  11. The shadow, lipstick, and polish look stunning! I would love all 3! So happy for some cool colors.

  12. The only thing I’d want out of those so far is the Shape Tape and that’s if it’s the right color.

    Saw these items will be coming up in the next few months in the “improve glam bag products” quiz:
    It Cosmetics Mascara
    Superhero Mascara

    SAND & SKY
    Australian Pink Clay- Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

    Renewing Eye Cream

    Glitter Fip Transforming Glitter Liquid Lipstick

    Dead Sea Mud Mask

    Rainbow Crystals Liquid Mineral Strobe

    Scalp and Body Scrub

    H2O Oasis Hydrating Treatment – Water Gel Moisturizer

    Facial Radiance Pads

  13. Ipsy! For the love of god, no more dry shampoo or nail polish — it’s getting ridiculous LOL

    • Don’t say that…I LOVE getting nail polish.

    • You have to go in and adjust your beaty profile. I was feeling that’s way about black eyeliner so I turned it off. I don’t paint my nails so I never selected nail polish.

  14. I wonder how many different shades of Shape Tape they are going to give. That particular product seems very specific to a person (I know it is for me) and I can’t imagine they are going to take the time to tailor the shades individually to each Ipster getting it.

  15. Im pretty happy with my bag, altho the bag pictured is the “ultimate dream OCT bag”- lol. Im getting:

    WW brush:-) (only marked makeup tools in questionaire, wanted this but thought it was going to be the big one pictured???)
    Tres lippie (marked yes in “improve bag” survey)
    Trust fund nail polish (marked yes in survey)
    Hemp body cream (yes in survey)
    M&M eyeshadow in gunmetal (i picked plums in questionarie.. but still wearable)

    • ah sorry. posted wrong place. this is sept bag.

    • We are bag twins, I also picked Plums in my profile, I would have preferred the Winky Lux shadow, but i guess i will try to up my smokey eye skills instead lol

  16. Ugh.. I forgot to completely opt out of blush and bronzer on my second Ipsy. I ended up getting a hoola bronzer tgat I’m sure someone else would have loved. I also got a nude nail polish that I will never, ever wear. Sigh…how does Ipsy even expect ppl to want to hand over $25 for plus, when they are already proven to ignore something as simple as shade preferences? Would anyone here like to become trade buddies with me? I have several items in addition to this months hoola and nail polish that need a new home. I would love to trade some of it out for something I’ll use.

    • Yes, I would. 🙂

    • Wow! I would love to own that hoola bronzer and that nail polish!

    • Ladies, I’m so sorry. I completely forgot to come back and check on this. If either of you are still hanging around or if anyone else wants to trade, my email is tetreau.nicole at yahoo, feel free to contact me. 😊 I still have the hoola, but also have the tarte lashes and glue from this month’s Allure, thrive mascara and a full size cream highlighter, I can send a list if you’re interested.

      • Hi,
        I am interested in the Thrive Mascara and some of your other stuff.
        I am on the Swap site as Opal.

        • Hi Opal, I have tried several times to join the swap site and can’t seem to get on there. I would be happy to work a trade out via email, but I understand if that’s something you might not be comfortable with. If you are though, you can email me at tetreau.nicole at yahoo. I really wish I could get on that swap site, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out the best way to trade with people.

  17. They might fix it again but right now Ipsy is letting you share and view your glam bag. However they did this Saturday too and fixed it pretty quick. Not before I saw mine though 🙂

    • I posted what my items are. Of course the post is not showing.

    • Thanks! I just saw mine. I didn’t get anything pictured but it still looks pretty good.

  18. I truly hope the items listed in my glam bag were a mistake.

    The Creme shop cleanser (will not use)
    DLS bronzer (awful color)
    Harley Quinn makeup brush (hoped for WW brush)
    Steve Laurant rose blush (Will not use. Color is too cool.)
    Bella Pierre matte lipstick in Incognito (Will not use. Color is too cool.

    I’ll keep the brush. Everything else is going to my local YWCA like last month!

  19. This bag is very fitting for halloween and the peoducts andnthe colors are gorgeous

  20. What a cute bag!

  21. Exactly what is pictured in the photo is EXACTLY what I’d love to receive! Those colors are GORGEOUS! But, unfortunately I won’t get them. That red bagis very pretty too!

  22. I didn’t get the smashbox concealer or the Huda lippie…which I wanted badly! I need to get the Shape Tape! Like IGOTTAHAVEIT! C’mon ipsy, show me some love in October!!

    Either way I love love love this Glam Bag! Looks like the best Glam Bag yet since I first subscribed 16 months ago!

    • Christine if you change your settings in your beauty profile and do your product reviews, you will start to see a change in the products you get from ipsy. I always tell them that i would like a nail pilllolish instead of an eyeliner and a lip gloss instead of a mascara. That works better.

      • Christine if you change your settings in your beauty profile and do your product reviews, you will start to see a change in the products you get from ipsy. I always tell them that i would like a nail polish instead of an eyeliner and a lip gloss instead of a mascara. That works better.

  23. Love this months bag!!! Best bag in a longgggg time!

  24. I hope I get the shape tape! P

  25. The masquerade mask is a very pretty design. Love Ipsy:)

  26. This is the first sample ipsy bag that I have ever been like, “Give me this exact bag!” I love it all!

  27. Oryza, I’ve never heard of this brand and I love the packaging. Would love if they offered another color in October’s bag

  28. that bag is nice!!! Might resub for October.

  29. This bag is giving me some serious Persona 5 vibes

    • Love that game!

  30. Nice bag! Thanks for the info about the survey!

  31. Finally, a pretty bag after months of hideous bags! Glad I re-activated my account. ipsy is still the best beauty deal around!

  32. This bag is gorgeous! What fun!

  33. I got a little Nomad eyeshadow last year in Ipsy, and I am really impressed with its quality. Usually I end up tossing these little sample shadows, but not that one. I hope I get another.

    • Donating to your local women’s shelter is a great way to upcycle products that don’t interest you.

    • I love Nomad as well. I have a gorgeous highlighter, and the shadows are so pigmented even though I gave them away for the shades.

  34. I finally got the improve your bag thing on my account & I remember 4 of these items from that quiz. The 1 I don’t remember being on it was the lipstick.

  35. The eyeshadow or lip color would be cool, but if I get one more hair styling product or dry shampoo I’m canceling.

  36. Love the bag! I took the survey every month for 6 months and said I wanted the Huda liquid lip. Never got it. Said I wanted the Laura Mercier setting powder. Never got it.
    I still look forward to getting my bag every month, but I never hope to get the products they tease anymore.

    • How do you take the survey?

    • I feel so bad to say this, but i got both of those, the huda and laura mercier powder…I also put that i wanted them in the survey but also I really think the reason i got them both was because i never ever rate anything 5 stars and the only things i ever had rated that high were a bold liquid lip and a setting powder, so according to my profile those were 5 star items for me…

      • Me too, I got the Huda lippie and cannot stop wearing it, she must have improved the formula. But prior to receiving the Smashbox concealer and Huda lippie, I rated Ipsy barely a 2 star because i got really awful colours like brown lippies and eyeshadows in blues and greens. And I used to update my profile frequently. I wish that they had given this Huda lippie to all subscribers, not fair.


  37. How did y’all take the survey? I am an active subscriber, but I have not seen anything…

    • not everyone has the survey, if you do it would be in your account then under “General” click “Edit account settings” and then above the eye colors there are 3 options, click “Membership” and then scroll down to “Improve glam bag products” It will ask you a reason you are unhappy, pick any one and the survey pops up. If you do not have the “Membership” option and instead it says “Subscription” then unfortunately you don’t have the survey option. Hope this helps, good luck.

      • *Click “General” not under.

      • Well I’m stupid…I had the survey and didn’t know it!! I wanted it to come out and bite me I didnt realize I had to search for it! Thanks for the info!! I ended up not doing it my bags have been pretty good lately I will see how this next one is…did you notice a difference in your bag after taking the survey?? It’s funny cuz I thought my bags got better after the surveys came out and I didn’t even take one maybe because I had one and didn’t take it???

    • Jamiebthere is a survey on your account page if im not mistaken. Ipsy ask what would you like to see in your bag over the next 3 months. Also you can change your ipsy beauty profile to fit your request and you can also tell them what you like when you review the products in your monthly ipsy bag. I hope that i helped you.

  38. You know, I had ipsy last year and decided to stop my subscription after a full year. I’m with boxycharm now and after my 4th month, I wish I didn’t sign up for a full year and pay upfront already. They’re not very inclusive. Products/brands are ok with boxycharm, but the crowd that runs with them…my gah… petty and mean and they try to make ppl feel like boxy is doing them a favor even if we are the ones paying for the service! That’s like telling cellphone users that they better be grateful to get phone service from their provider even if they’re paying for the phone and the service. (Also, I’ve seen boxy’s response to these types of comments- “Okay, if you’d like to cancel, here is how…” Way to utilize any type of customer service skills!) I would already have cancelled if you could somehow get your money back, but with them, they just stop from billing you next year and continue to send you boxes and no money back. I’ve kept following Ipsy because I wanted to keep an eye on their products/brands and honestly, I see you Ipsy… steppin’ up your game!

    Thanks to your sneak peeks, MSA, I want to go back to Ipsy and try BeautyFix!

    • I understand what you mean completely.

      It is a great service, I believe. I love most of the stuff I get…but you are allowed to feel unhappy as well, if you do not love the stuff that you are receiving. If people want to complain because they got a purple lipstick for the millionth time? I would too, theres no reason that people cant. It’s unbelievable with their communities, I either see people being very nice, or downright mean to other people.

      I also want to add, with the LUXE fiasco….Yosef made a live video, and a lot of people came running to his defense “forget the haters” and other childish things they were saying. I personally believe the situation made them out to look shady. They lied about 2 things, ATLEAST, about the luxe.

      Also, remember that headband Yosef was asking people monnnths ago if they wanted in the regular boxycharm? I’m 99.9% sure that it is going to be in the LUXE box. People didnt even want it in their $21 a month box, let along a $49.99 box. I only say that this is probably in there, because on the upgrade email they had all of the spoilers….or so it appeared? Annnd, people are already saying that they thought there would be more luxury type items. I for one, when I seen the headband on the upgrade email, stopped trying for the luxe. I was not impressed.

      Anyways, I do honestly hope that boxycharm can blow your mind (in a good way) atleast once in the next few months of you still having the subscription 🙂

      • Up until a month or so ago I was very die hard for Boxy, but I’ve started feeling let down. I didn’t mind a iffy boxy or getting a color I wasn’t big on when I knew ahead of time. It let me adjust my expectations and also cancel for the month if I really, really hated it. I didn’t mind the brown lip products every couple months, because hey, everything else caters to white women, so I’m not going to raise a fuss when I get left out every now and then. But adding all these variations before they created any sort of customization system is a mistake. August’s boxy was a let down for me (and I’m actually someone who liked the palette!). The fact that I sort of got my hopes up for a Becca primer and a Smashbox lipstick color that suited me (woulld have loved the metallic red or one of the bright pinks) made getting lashes and another brown lipstick much worse.

        I’m very tempted to drop boxy and just make a second ipsy account instead, since it looks like their plus sized box will actually take preference into consideration.

      • Perfection right there. Your absolutely right about BC and thats why I cancelled. Thst whole business is a fiasco

    • I agree! That fiasco is the exact same thing that happened with the LE Box and the shady way he went about gaining new customers (first they had to be signed up by August, then by September – and all if this was put out by all the YouTube influencers for weeks prior) when there wasn’t even enough to supply his long time subscribers coupled with that identical apology that so many jumped to his defense over makes me wonder just what is going on there! Why did I get a computer crash at 8:00, get told they were sold out at 8:09, and then get told they were wait listing at 8:15 (all CST) just to find out later that many were able to sign up much later than those times??? And to be waitlisted you have to pay now for a December shipment?? Not I, I am prepaid until the end of October, but I’ve unsubscribed and my payment information is gone from their site. I don’t trust people who make promises, fail, then apologize only to repeat the same thing over again. I hope Ipsy comes through for all of us.

  39. Love the shape tape assuming it’s actually in the right shade. Don’t want the nail polish, I can’t wear it due to work. And I don’t really use regular lipsticks. Meh about the other stuff.

  40. I said no to dry shampoo and nail polish and yes to Nomad. I would be happy with everything else . This month I am only getting one item from all the spoilers shown for Sept. Ipsy glitched Saturday and showed me my bag.

    • It’s actually not dry shampoo it’s texturing spray and it’s BOMB. Just spray a little in your hair and you have major volume.

      • I would not use that my hair already has too much volume.

  41. Ohhhh, I love the bag. Very sultry. The nomad shadow, tarte tape, and sundays polish look amazing. I chose a Nomad shadow and Sundays polish in my survey so fingers crossed!!

  42. Ooh, I would love that eyeshadow!

  43. I’m excited!! Really like this big and products shown. 😊

  44. Well… Ipsy sucked me back in with a free bum bum cream if I resubbed and by the looks of the samples I am happy they did. I have been wanting to try that shape tape forever and I love that oribe product. I have paid full price for it.

    • I am willing to be sucked back in with a bum bum cream ^.^ ;oP

  45. Nice bag.

  46. Fingers crossed for the shape tape and oribe!!

  47. When can I sign up for glam bag plus????

    • They are supposed to be emailing people as spots open up on the waitlist is what I heard. I haven’t gotten an email myself though.

    • I still wish they would allow us to keep the regular ipsy and upgrade. I really like this bag and hope for the shape tape. I’ve been getting good items lately from ipsy and it took time to get there with reviews, etc. If I start a new account I don’t know that I’ll still get as good items.

    • I got my email today….

  48. Like it!

  49. I want it!!!!

  50. Cool bag.

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