Harry Potter Wizarding World Box November 2018 Theme Spoiler + Coupon!

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We have the theme for the November 2018 J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate:

Legends and Lore!

The stories are true… Explore the magical and enchanting history of the Wizarding World™ as we celebrate the dark legends, revered icons, and mystical artifacts that make up its very foundation.



What do you think about the theme spoiler for the next Harry Potter subscription box?

More about this box:

The Box: J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

The Cost: $37.99 plus shipping

COUPON: Use coupon code ADDICTION to save 10% off any length subscription!

The Products:

  • Exclusive and officially licensed
  • 5-7 items in every crate
  • Delivered every 2 months

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Good to know – you get to pick your house when you sign up!

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

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  1. I LOVE Accio box. That being said Accio Box is a box that contains handmade items like you would find on Etsy. If you like that, then it’s perfect.

    Loot crate has just gotten worse and worse in my opinion. When my pre-paid subscription is done I won’t be renewing.

  2. Is anyone else infuriated by the “bonus crate” that was promised during the July 4th promo??

    Not only was it not another month of the subscription (which is how it read online), but it ended up NOT EVEN BEING WIZARDING WORLD MERCHANDISE!!!

    It’s leftover REGULAR loot crate crap!

    This is the last straw. Not only will I NEVER ever buy anything from them again, I’m contacting the BBB as well as telling everyone I know to stay away from this company. False advertising. Decline in product & curation. Total lack of customer service. Poor business practices.


    • I felt the exact same way! I even emailed them and told them that the bonus box looked as though they just threw items into a box.
      I’m done with them too! Why do I feel like they’re getting rid of their extra inventory and will be ending the Wizarding box.

    • i received a box like that in a previous sale with loot crate stuff in it. i’m sorry you misread it but are you really going to waste your energy on this? next time do research on previous sales, this site is great for that

      • I didn’t misread anything on Loot Crate’s advertisement. The language used was misleading because it lacked specificity.

        They should have clarified by saying “a free bonus box- a previous month’s crate from our classic Loot Crate subscription.”

        That’s quite different from the “free loot crate” phrase that was used in Loot Crate’s email ad.

        True, I made an assumption that it would be merchandise from the same subscription. Wizarding World is a sub that is very specific to someone’s interests. Past the HP world, for example, I don’t enjoy or collect any other “fandom/geek” items. It’s similar to me being a fabletics customer and receiving free merchandise from their Kids’ line: I would have no use for either of these “free items offers.”

        In response to another of your comments: I agree that this site can be a good resource to learn about subscriptions. However, if you were to look back through all of the Wizarding World articles, you’ll not find a single reference to bonus boxes received by WW subscribers. I follow (and have read) every post about this sub since it’s debut box in Nov 2016. Your suggestion “next time do research on previous sales” may have been helpful had any info existed. (And also if the search function could search the “comments” as well as the official MSA article.)

        Also, YES: I am going to “waste my energy on this.” Why? So that other subscribers and potential subscribers can have as many facts as possible before they find themselves in a similar situation to mine. When sub boxes are reviewed or commented on, it’s helpful to hear real, unfiltered opinions from different sides.

        My original post was created to give my unfiltered opinion and to share my personal experience, in order to help other readers. It seemed to have a much different purpose than the reply post from you, which appeared to personally question my actions and offer “advice” in somewhat snarky, condescending manner (my interpretation the tone of your post.)

        I have absolutely NO interest in being “right or wrong” or in further discussing this. I just wanted to clarify these points and also defend my statements- in hopes that other readers would not be dissuaded from posting their own experiences and opinions, for fear of similar replies that felt personal and negative.

        We are all entitled to our options and should be respected for sharing them in a kind and helpful way.

        • I don’t think you attacking Loot Crate on the internet is neither kind not respectful. I’ve done the same thing with other boxes a year or so ago and now have to lick my wounds still. Just take a deep breath and chill.

    • I wouldn’t bother messaging the BBB, they are a pay to play organization. As in, you pay them and they give you a high score. You don’t pay them and they lower it. Now did it actually say the bonus box would be wizarding items? Cause if not, then you can’t say they screwed You over. Now everything else I agree with. I canceled my normal loot crate with them because the lack of communication and shipping issues bugged me so much. But this is the only US based wizarding box. So I’m stuck right now.

      • Hey Topher! That’s sad about the BBB, but thanks for the info.

        You’re right; they didn’t “say” it would be items from the same crate that you subscribe to, but I do feel that the lack of specificity on what we would actually receive left it wide open for assumptions. If Loot Crate had a customer service line, I definitely would have called them to clarify 😉

        Have you heard of “Accio Box” and “Gobstone Alley” sub boxes? I just came across them recently. I think they are both US based, but would have to check to be sure. I’m going to keep an eye on the next few months of their curation to see if I’m interested. (Fingers crossed!) 😊

        • Gobstone Alley is based in Poland and shipping to the US is very expensive

        • I LOVE Accio box. That being said Accio Box is a box that contains handmade items like you would find on Etsy. If you like that, then it’s perfect.

          Loot crate has just gotten worse and worse in my opinion. When my pre-paid subscription is done I won’t be renewing.

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