GMA Discover The Deal Box Available Now + Full Spoilers!

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GMA Discover the Deal Box

Good Morning America has a new one-time-purchase box available now – Discover The Deal Box! (Thanks for the heads up, Valerie and Kristi!)

Each box is a mix of 10 TERRIFIC deluxe samples and full-size items

Categories include:


Just three of our favorites alone retail for $100!

The Box: GMA Discover The Deal Box

The Cost: $36.99 + free shipping

The Products:

  • AmazingCosmetics Illuminate Primer and Highlighter Rose
  • dr. brandt skincare PoreDermabrasion
  • Erin Condren Gratitude Journal
  • La Mer Collections Venice Leather Bracelet
  • Musely Hydrogel Eye Mask – Bye Bye Eye Bags
  • Perricone MD Neuropeptide Firming Moisturizer
  • skinnytees Basic Tank
  • SpaLife Hydrating Facial Mask
  • TokyoMilk by Margot Elena Gin & Rosewater No. 12 Parfum
  • TommieCopper Compression Elbow Sleeve

Good to Know: Limit 3 boxes per order.

Will you be getting the Discover The Deal Box?

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  1. Liz, how does one get notified when these boxes are available? Thank you! 😊

  2. The bracelet was surprisingly small. I have small wrists and it barely fits. I’m usually not that picky with perfumes but not a fan of the Gin & Rosewater. 🙁 I’ll have to put it up for swap. The rest of the box was good.

  3. WOW feel like it was a bait and switch box the perfume sinks and the bracelet is a joke ! More like something from the Dollar Tree ! Super small and just cheep ! I got navy blue it fell on the floor and the cat is playing with it at least he’s occupied !

  4. I have loved every box I have received – this one may just be my favorite! The tank, TokyoMilk, Perricone….everything is awesome!!!!!

  5. Just purchased 2 la mer watches for $33, free shipping and no tax. They’re offering 70 percent off sale items so my watches were only $12.50 and $20.50.

    • Where`d you find 70% off sale? I didnt see it on the site unless it ended already 🙁

  6. I have a bunch of La Mer Collections watches which I love. No idea how they can value this bracelet at $78. The circumference may be smaller because the leather part looks shorter than the picture on the website. The Wish bracelet is the same price and much nicer. “Wish” they sent that one.
    The tee will be a change from my cami for Fall. My daughter will appreciate the Gin Tokyomilk which I’ll send to her with the Robb Vices gin box. Her fav drink. How appropriate.
    All told, nice box.

  7. I just opened my box and am pretty happy. I’m wearing the $78 red bracelet now, my wrists are on the smaller side of average, and it fits perfectly. It’s definitely not going to work for ladies with larger wrists, though. The Perricone MD product is 0.5 oz and worth $72.50! Then there’s the full size dr. brandt ($58), the full size tokyomilk ($30), the tank ($34), and the compression sleeve ($29.50). So that’s $302 before I add the 4 lower-priced items, which include the journal, a tiny highlighter, a facial mask, and eye masks. I’m pretty happy with this!

  8. I received my two boxes today and they are VERY NICE!
    There’s no way any of us could buy just the Dr. Brandt and Perricone, M.D. for the price of the box..
    Or the SkinnyTee. Or the Tokyo Milk fragrance spray!

    My boxes are different. One SkinnyTee ( which is basically a mini dress length on me and I’m 5’7” tall) is plain white, and one is from another of the company’s collections and has really pretty tiny clear Swarovski crystals all along the lower edge. It’s the kind of thing I’ll wear over tights and under another top pretty much year round.

    Also, my bracelets are different. 😉 One is a gorgeous turquoise lizard look leather which goes with my Tiffany enameled pieces very well, and the other is brown leather. < I doubt I wear the brown one as I don't like brown in anything, ever.

    As far as the FIT of the bracelets, no. They are a standard 7 inch length bracelet. They are not Euro- sized, which tend to be 6.5 inches. They should fit ANYONE who has a small to medium wrist size. I won't say either is loose on my wrist, but also not too tight at ALL. Just right.

    If you want some of the items from the boxes, I like everything except the neon orange elbow sleeve things. They look like they are for a construction crew with tennis elbow. I won't be wearing mine for any reason, and hubby, who was a highly ranked competitive swimmer and still has lots of arm muscles, couldn't get this over his wrists. They are small with a tight band on each end.

    So, the face mask, the eye gels, the skin care items, the Tokyo Milk perfume spray, the jewelry, the Erin Condon Gratitude Journal, all of the things except the 2 day- glo orange arm things will be used by me for me, and some will be given to our women's homeless shelter as well.

    One thing- If you plan to swap for any of the items to give as gifts, the only items which came in the original packaging are the Dr. Brandt, the Erin Condon journals are in protective plastic, the bracelets are in little organza bags and an inner plastic bag which is not exactly how I give gifts. The other items are not packed into the small-ish cardboard shipper with excess packaging, just protective heat- sealed plastic or no packaging.
    Hope this helps because I looked at everything with both a critical and an experienced eye.

  9. Someone knock me over the head the next time this box becomes available. Do not let me buy it. I really try to stay positive in my every day life but I am definitely dissapointed in this one. Bracelet looks cheesy. Nothing like some of us were expecting. Mine is turquoise. It fits tight. My wrists are average. I don’t have problems with sub box bracelets but this one is definitely for a slender wrist.
    I do like the gratitude journal and the dr. brandt is full size so there is a silver lining.

    • Forgot to mention the tank top. It’s awesome. So I did get my money’s worth.

    • Oh no! Now I’m a little worried about this bracelet. I hope everything else is good. I had high hopes for this box

    • Ya I pretty much only bought it for the dr Brandt, Tokyo milk and to try the tank so I’m ok. But mehhhh.

  10. I just got my box and although I’m still content I foresee a lot of people upset about the bracelet. It’s oddly small. It fits on my wrist on the last link but I have a small wrist. Mine is red…ehhh… but it’s cute.

  11. I just received my shipping notification. I’m kind of shocked because it’s shipping fron an area that has been affected by hurricane Florence. But, here’s hoping I’ll get it soon. Excited about this one!

  12. I caved and bought it. I need to stay off of here because I spend all my money and I have enough products to last me the next 10 years. Bahahahahahaha. With that being said I cant wait and I’m so excited for this box.

  13. Thanks for sharing this: got one! I’ve tried many subs and have parred it down to one: Allure at $10 – for the next 3 months anyway! The items and value of this one was too good to ignore!

  14. Sold out! 🙁 missed this one; normally on top of these email notification; but yesterday, I slept on this one! So bad I missed this was such a great box! Normally it’s hit and miss but I could have used everything in this one! Bummer for me but congrats to those who got it!

    • I missed out on buying it too. Too bad since it looks like a great box! But at least that’s more money saved for the holidays.

  15. I caved and bought this! I love that perfume (it smells so much like gin and tonic but I dig it, just not enough to pay full price) and the Dr Brandt and journal I can send to my sister. If I can’t make the elbow sleeve work for my knee, I’ll pass it on to a friend with tennis elbow.

    I’m excited to try some ridiculously expensive moisturizer too, even if it’s a wee tiny sample.

  16. I went back thinking I might get another but itvis SOLD OUT! Better for my budget. Lol
    But I am excited about this one!

  17. OMG, this box has a mixture of ALL the things I love in the sub box world! I may have to order 2 or 3.

    A Skinnytee, a La Mer leather bracelet! , Tokyo Milk fragrance in a rose scent ( YAY)!.

    I LOVE all the skincare except another Dr. Brandt exfoliant but it’s insanely popular.

    Dr. Perricone? OH YES!!!

    Only thing I will likely not use is the copper elbow sleeve.

    I hope the people involved, and much less importantly, the merch. will be safe during the hurricane.

    Thank you for letting us know about such a FUN and well- curated box. 😉

  18. The tank alone is worth the price of the box as is the bracelet, if it is the same style as online it retails for 78. First time I have e ordered. I am a sucker for tanks and bracelets.

  19. I’m really curious as to the size of the perricone! The 2 oz version retails for $290!! Even if it is 5mL (the smallest skincare sample I’ve seen out there that isn’t a foil packet); that would be worth 25$

  20. I got one ! Good stuff great price !

  21. I had to get it looks like a pretty good deal for $36 ! That’s probably the price of just one item 😁 The bracelet and perfume are what I’m most excited about and I have wanted to try the perricone skincare!

  22. I bought this one pretty immediately. Great value, products I want to try, and other things make great gifts.

  23. I believe I will be buying this, they’re such good value and their customer service is the BEST. I don’t swap, but I guess I’ll have to sell the perfume, though, as I can’t wear perfume. If anyone is interested let me know.

    • I did buy this box. There was a note that they are shipping from a location affected by Hurricane Florence, so it will be at least a week before it ships. Just a heads up.

  24. I am a sucker for these boxes.

  25. Dang. I need to start tipping the UPS driver so he’ll stash my boxes on the side of the house and bring them in when hubby isn’t looking.
    Caved and bought it. Justifying by making Christmas gifts out of anything extra. 😋

  26. I wish the perfume was a different scent – Gin & Rosewater is the only Margot Elena perfume I’ve disliked so far (swapped away.) I like the style of the La Mer Venice leather bracelet on their website though, and in the picture it looks like it might come in a gorgeous dark blue. Still, I might pass on this one just because I’ve picked up similar products so don’t really need anything from it.

  27. Do we know how big the Perricone is? I’m assuming not full size, but the pic is kind of confusing.

  28. I’d really like to see the La Mer bracelet; is it the blue strip in the upper R? The one I found online retails for $78; I’m tempted to get this, just for that! If that’s what it is!

  29. Got one. The Tee probably won’t be small enough but I’ll gift that to one of my kids. I couldn’t resist

  30. Easy pass for me.. I’d rather another NewBeauty box instead.

  31. I got one too. Looks much better than the previous box.

  32. Got one!!! Couldnt

  33. Do we know what size the tank is? Hopefully it’s at least a medium or something but my luck it’ll be an extra small since that’s one of the items I’m really interested in😭

    • I believe these are OS and fit XS to XL. I usually buy the beloved brand from evereve and that’s how they work too.

      • Yea! Thank you! I’ve been eyeing them awhile now and I love that they are the form fitting longer kind of tanks as opposed to the cotton thicker kind. Excited to finally try it!

  34. This is the best value from this box yet.

  35. I definitely don’t need more “stuff.” And I definitely don’t need more Dr. Brandt exfoliator since I still have 3 bottles stashed…but I like it and I bought it. Plus, I’m a sucker for the TokyoMilk perfumes and that’s almost worth the cost of the box anyways.

    • SAME! 😊

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